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Discrimination is defined as the unfair or discriminatory treatment of individuals and groups based on traits such as race, gender, age, or sexual orientation (Discrimination: What is it and how to cope 2021). In this essay, I will first lay out different types of discrimination and how they affect people. I will also talk about what makes people discriminate against each other. Therefore, even by laying out all these factors, we will be able to see that, it is highly impossible to overcome discrimination. Even when people are taught to treat each other with respect, change is still hard to in still.

Discrimination is a big problem in all parts of the world. Many of us have faced discrimination. Some people who face discrimination against them also face bullying, which some of these people say leads them to have low self-confidence and crucial depression because of this. There are many forms in which people are discriminated against. I will just mention a few. The poem ‘Still I Rise’ talks about how the black nation in the United States of America will still rise against all odds. Looking at how black people were treated years ago in America, it is quite sad. They are being killed by police because of their skin color. There is still a lot of discrimination. Looking into South Africa and gender discrimination, people like Charlotte Maxeke fought against the unequal treatment of women. Looking at our country today, women are still suppressed. Even though women do occupy the corporate world, in most occupations they do not get equal pay as men. There are still places that believe that they cannot hire women because they are not as strong as men. With age discrimination even though the laws and constitution in our country we can see that they are not being followed in some workplaces they believe that they cannot hear a person who has reached herhis 30’s because they are not able enough also in our constitution it said that a woman who is 60 must retire and a man who is 65 must retire but we see in our parliament government there are people who are above that age how is that fair our government discriminating their people based on their age saying they will not be capable enough in that age but we see them working in that same age. Looking into social orientation we see that we find people who are homophobic even though there is an LGBTQ organization that teaches people about gays, lesbians, etc. we see that they are still hated by people they are even killed by people because they find them disgusting. We can try all ways to fight discrimination it will never work because they will all always be those people who are not willing to understand and compromise with others

Our parents or elderly people play a significant role in our lives. Most of the things we are taught by them as children. You take what you are taught at home and use it in the community, whether it is harmful or not. Just because it is what you have been taught at home, you will always believe it is right. For example, they say that no one is born a racist, but there are parents that teach their kids to treat other kids differently because of their skin color. As we have different beliefs, whether it is religion or culture, as people, we tend to be so blind and believe that our particular beliefs are better and the only way to go. Not trying to understand that I should try to understand and respect other people’s beliefs, regardless of whether they do not go along with my own. People turn to look down on each other. They do not value each other. There is a saying which says that not everyone will like you. This statement alone is proof that there will always be discrimination amongst us no matter what. Since we have a brain to think with, and feelings to feel whatever feelings we have, whether good or bad, we can say that something is good for us, but we can also say that something is bad for us. If people were created in one dynamic, we wouldn’t have such a thing as discrimination. Since people have different values, it makes them be judgemental because they believe that their values are more important than other values. People’s economic status makes people the targets of discrimination. There are many things that the poor are deprived of doing, not because they lack knowledge, but because there are people who can twist things or get what they want because of their economic status. As we can see, discrimination is very problematic in every form of life.

In conclusion, with what I have mentioned above, it is highly impossible to overcome discrimination since people have different values, beliefs, and cultures. That is what can cause a big wall of discrimination to be overcome. Even if we can say that we can teach people how to value each other and respect each other, it will never work. We will always have different opinions as people, whether good or bad, and our different backgrounds and ways of teaching will always be the root of discrimination.

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