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Discrimination is defined as the unfair or discriminatory treatment of individuals and groups based on traits such as race, gender, age, or sexual orientation (Discrimination: What is it and how to cope 2021). In this essay, I will first lay out different types of discrimination and how they affect people. ...

I will also talk about what makes people discriminate against each other. Therefore, even by laying out all these factors, we will be able to see that, it is highly impossible to overcome discrimination. Even when people are taught to treat each other with respect, change is still hard to in still.

Discrimination is a big problem in all parts of the world. Many of us have faced discrimination. Some people who face discrimination against them also face bullying, which some of these people say leads them to have low self-confidence and crucial depression because of this. There are many forms in which people are discriminated against. I will just mention a few. The poem ‘Still I Rise’ talks about how the black nation in the United States of America will still rise against all odds. Looking at how black people were treated years ago in America, it is quite sad. They are being killed by police because of their skin color. There is still a lot of discrimination. Looking into South Africa and gender discrimination, people like Charlotte Maxeke fought against the unequal treatment of women. Looking at our country today, women are still suppressed. Even though women do occupy the corporate world, in most occupations they do not get equal pay as men. There are still places that believe that they cannot hire women because they are not as strong as men. With age discrimination even though the laws and constitution in our country we can see that they are not being followed in some workplaces they believe that they cannot hear a person who has reached herhis 30’s because they are not able enough also in our constitution it said that a woman who is 60 must retire and a man who is 65 must retire but we see in our parliament government there are people who are above that age how is that fair our government discriminating their people based on their age saying they will not be capable enough in that age but we see them working in that same age. Looking into social orientation we see that we find people who are homophobic even though there is an LGBTQ organization that teaches people about gays, lesbians, etc. we see that they are still hated by people they are even killed by people because they find them disgusting. We can try all ways to fight discrimination it will never work because they will all always be those people who are not willing to understand and compromise with others

Our parents or elderly people play a significant role in our lives. Most of the things we are taught by them as children. You take what you are taught at home and use it in the community, whether it is harmful or not. Just because it is what you have been taught at home, you will always believe it is right. For example, they say that no one is born a racist, but there are parents that teach their kids to treat other kids differently because of their skin color. As we have different beliefs, whether it is religion or culture, as people, we tend to be so blind and believe that our particular beliefs are better and the only way to go. Not trying to understand that I should try to understand and respect other people’s beliefs, regardless of whether they do not go along with my own. People turn to look down on each other. They do not value each other. There is a saying which says that not everyone will like you. This statement alone is proof that there will always be discrimination amongst us no matter what. Since we have a brain to think with, and feelings to feel whatever feelings we have, whether good or bad, we can say that something is good for us, but we can also say that something is bad for us. If people were created in one dynamic, we wouldn’t have such a thing as discrimination. Since people have different values, it makes them be judgemental because they believe that their values are more important than other values. People’s economic status makes people the targets of discrimination. There are many things that the poor are deprived of doing, not because they lack knowledge, but because there are people who can twist things or get what they want because of their economic status. As we can see, discrimination is very problematic in every form of life.

In conclusion, with what I have mentioned above, it is highly impossible to overcome discrimination since people have different values, beliefs, and cultures. That is what can cause a big wall of discrimination to be overcome. Even if we can say that we can teach people how to value each other and respect each other, it will never work. We will always have different opinions as people, whether good or bad, and our different backgrounds and ways of teaching will always be the root of discrimination.

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Physical Appearance Discrimination Among Employers as an Ethical Issue

Physical attractiveness means how beautiful someone’s physical traits, such as their nose, eyes, lips, height and weight are. Physical attractiveness is mostly always subjective and varies from one person to another. Some people are generally more physically attractive but that should not be a reason to choose them over someone who is not as good looking, especially in a professional setting. However, many employers fail to follow this rule and occasionally, unintentionally incline towards selecting someone who is more physically...
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Migration-Related Racism in Australia and the Fight Against It

Migration-related violence is when people seeking for a better future are mistreated physically and emotionally by other people. Further, the issues discussed earlier usually affect immigrants, people of different races. Up to this day, this topic is extremely important because even though it’s not as divided as in the 1900, there are still large amounts of people being discriminated against for being different from the others. “In 2019, there were over 7.5 million migrants living in Australia” (‘Australia’s Population by...
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Self-Observation in the Midst of Prejudice in The Souls of Black Folk: Analytical Essay

Many social inequalities persist whether it be manifested through culture, sexuality, finance, or race. In many of these instances, there is a group that has an advantage. Pizan wrote The Book of the City of Ladies as an attempt to enlighten readers and free readers as well as herself from the bondage of sexual prejudices held against women. The main character of the story Christine, grew up to hate her female self because men were the dominant group at the...
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Segregation and Discrimination of Mexican Americans in the United States: Analytical Essay

Brownness as a Flaw Mexican Americans have encountered segregation and discrimination of their civil rights in the United States in the 19th century. At that time, whiteness was a huge social structure that meant more than the color of skin, and white people had the upper hand to be rewarded, through American citizenship, a packaged system of privileges and opportunities. However, this social construction was challenged and proved otherwise, with a series of court cases – verifying the efficacy of...
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Discrimination as a Serious Problem in Mexico

Discrimination has always been a big issue around the world and two of these types are racism and colorism. According to Ware, “Racism involves discrimination against individuals based on their racial category. Colorism, in contrast, involves discrimination against dark-complexioned people on the basis of their color”. According to Statista, Mexico is 62% mestizo, 28% mostly or entirely Amerindian, and 10% other races (mostly European). If Mexico is a place with diversity, then why are Mexicans discriminating against each other? Mexico...
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Discrimination of Women in Art History: Argumentative Essay

While art history gives insight into how artists created their work, it is a skewed impression of art history. Many people who were keeping records of art never included women artists into their records. Women were challenged by the record-keeping of art, but also had difficulty in finding training, selling their artwork, and gaining recognition for their skills. Despite the challenges, some women still became prominent in art history with their artistic creativity and ability to commission artwork. Lavinia Fontana,...
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Diversity Problem Within the Company

Diversity is an everlasting factor of society. Diversity within a company is more than just hiring diverse people. Diversity raises important ethical and social responsibility issues that most individuals do not think about on a day to day basis. Diversity can be defined as: dissimilarities of differences among people due to age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, education, experience, physical appearance, capabilities/disabilities, and any other characteristic that is used to distinguish between people. Managers must learn to...
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Essay on Employment Discrimination

Employment law is composed of both federal and state laws to ensure that they provide legal protection to employees and employers. It is set up to ensure that legal guidelines and standards are met by preventing discrimination, promote health and safety, establish a minimum for economic support and to prevent work disputes between labor and management. While I was researching about employment law and reviewing the subtopics along with it the one that stuck out the most to me was...
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Reasoning for the Need to Abolish the Jury System

Are you guilty of making judgments of off initial appearance? Maybe it’s an unconscious bias, but this discrimination in a court case can cause the defendants an undeserved sentence or in some cases death! 4% of death row inmates are likely innocent and over 1,500 people have died being wrongfully executed. Systemic Racism and Implicit Bias is one of the main causes of wrongful convictions in court, and mainly come from the uneducated members of the jury. The extremely high...
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Racial Themes Concept of Discrimination in the Novels of Richard Wright: Analytical Essay

Richard Wright is an African American author whose literature typically concerns racial themes. His literature especially relates to the plight of African Americans who suffered discrimination and racism during the 19th to mid-20th century. Through his novel, Native Son, Richard Wright is able to reveal the destructive nature of society as a whole. Wright suggests that one’s position in society can play a larger and more important role in a person’s decision making then we expect, giving us only partial...
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Physical Appearance Discrimination in the Professional World

The word discrimination is widely used to criticize actions that disadvantage groups of people because of certain traits such as sex, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, but also disability, weight, age or genetic constitution (Heinrichs, 2012). In this basic sense, to discriminate against someone is to treat her disadvantageously relative to others because she has or is believed to have some particular feature that those others do not have. In short, discrimination against someone simply is disadvantageous differential treatment. The term...
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Essay on Racism Against Asians in Canada Due to the Coronavirus

The article I chose for this essay is about the racism that is happening to Asian people in Canada due to the coronavirus. Amy Go who is the national president of the Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice in Toronto, explained that many of her friends and family have experienced xenophobia and racism due to the coronavirus. She spoke about how her friends and family have witnessed racist acts and remarks towards Asian people, from people moving away from...
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Essay on Aboriginal Racism in Canada

There is no arguing that there is and was discrimination towards Aboriginal people and their families in Canadian society. It is a serious social issue. There is no excuse Aboriginals should be treated this way in society. Factors such as: historical barriers, present barriers, racism, victimization and equality are all things that have affected Aboriginals in our society. Canada is one of the richest countries in the world, and yet the original people of this land experience disproportionate rates of...
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Same-Sex Marriage and Discrimination Against Same-Sex Couples in Canada: An Essay

Today, there are many developed countries in the world that still do not accept gay marriages and think it’s inappropriate. In those developed countries, gay/lesbian couples are denied their rights to marry even if they’re a citizen. A couple whom is gay/lesbian also pay their fair share of taxes, follows the law and serves their community well. In Canada, same-sex marriages were legalized in Canada in July of 2005. Accordingly, to census data from Statistics Canada same-sex married couples have...
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Immigration Discrimination In Canada: An Essay

Housing remains a prominent issue for immigrants when trying to settle in an area. Vulnerable immigrant groups such as low-income, visible minority groups rely heavily on government and non-government organizations that provide funding and resources for attaining housing. Another major aspect in the process of immigration is the integration into the host community. “Integration refers to the long-term process through which immigrants come to participate fully in their new society” (Hoernig and Zhuang, 2010, 156). Some aspects that hinder the...
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Anti-Black Prejudice and Discrimination in 'The Hate U Give': Movie Essay

The movie I chose to review on is entitled ‘The Hate U Give’. I chose this movie because for me, it portrays discrimination towards black people being Starr, her family, Ofrah and her childhood crush Khalil Harris. The title or headline I chose for this movie is the acronym ‘Thug Life’ because that is what is mainly portrayed in the movie. Basically, this movie is based through a lifetime event of Starr Carter, a sixteen-year-old who witnessed two tragic deaths...
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Stigma and Discrimination against People with Mental Illness in Australia

The mental health of a person decides the behavioral patterns, feelings and their relationships with others. A broad spectrum of disorders is included in mental illness (‘Mental Health’). About one-quarter of Australian people are experiencing mental health problems in their lives especially between aged 16-85. The affective disorders like depression, anxiety and substance use disorders such as alcohol use are common. Additionally, women are more likely to have anxiety and depression than men (‘Mental Health’). Some people negatively see others...
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It's My Life and My Mental Illness

Imagine if our society blamed people for being raped and claimed that it was their own life choices that had led them to such a horrific experience. Now, envision putting that shame, on someone who is fighting for their life, someone who is experiencing depression or anxiety. This happens every day, not just to rape victims, but also to the victims of mental illness. I think about this constantly as it’s everywhere I look. People keep getting blamed for having...
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Comparative Study of Racial Discrimination in Novels: 'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett and 'Beloved' by Toni Morrison

This dissertation entitled Comparative study of racial discrimination in the novels: The Help by Kathryn Stockett and Beloved by Toni Morrison is an attempt to compare and analyze the relationship between Blacks and Whites in the chosen novels using the theory of internalized racism by Karen D Pyke. This tries to focus on how black people suffered for reconstructing their identity and overcoming racial discrimination in the novels: The Help by Kathryn Stockett and Beloved by Toni Morrison. These novels...
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Theme of Discrimination in Andrew Niccol’s ‘Gattaca’ and Aliette de Bodard’s ‘Immersion’

Science fiction utilize textual forms and features to speculate possible futures and critique modern day values. The futuristic aspect of this genre allows readers to view current societal issues such as discrimination and social conditioning through different perspectives. Andrew Niccol’s ‘Gattaca’ (1997) and Aliette De Bodard’s ‘Immersion’ (2012) explore the unreasonable discrimination against those who refuse to conform to the society causing the audience to reconsider the validity of social norms that repress people into behaving a certain way. Science...
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Issues of Racial Discrimination in Ballet: Argumentative Essay

Ballet originated in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century. Noblemen and women were treated to lavish events, especially wedding celebrations, where dancing and music created an elaborate spectacle. Dancing masters taught the steps to the nobility, and the court participated in the performances. Terms like ballet and ball stem from the Italian word ‘ballare,’ which means ‘to dance.’ By 1661, a dance academy had opened in Paris, and in 1681 ballet moved from the courts to the stage....
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Essay on Discrimination in 'Zootopia'

Zootopia makes use of the distinction between female and male animals in the movie to replicate the trouble of sexism in society, particularly in the job field. Although girl animals have the equal job as males, they are constantly underestimated and fail to be dealt with fairly. This truth was once used in the movie to exhibit how gender biases have an effect on how ladies are evaluated and treated. The plot of the film concluded with Judy being well-known...
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Themes of Stereotypes and Discrimination in Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson: Analytical Essay

A stereotype is a perception that an individual within a certain social setting shares common characteristics. In other words, it is a belief about a person that is based on the perception of the cultural values of the society they come from. Indeed, the concept of stereotype in which people are judged primarily on the traits associated with their origin is well ingrained in American society. The idea uses statistical discrimination in which a previous set of statistical data associated...
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Analytical Essay: Ideas of Deterrence and Discrimination in Don't Shoot, Just Mercy, The Caging of America

Kennedy focused on the idea of deterrence in his book Don’t Shoot. His intended goal was to stop the killings that was happening in the African American communities. The killings stemmed from guns and drugs. There was not a lot of attention that was given to these communities and people just let it happen. Kennedy decided that it was time for him to do something about the situation and that is exactly what he did. I strongly believe that this...
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Racism and Prejudice Against Chinese People

In 1776 Australia was colonised by British citizens who set out to find new land. Despite this action, there were many humans that had inhabited the Australian land long before it was colonised. These people were aboriginal beings that had been on Australian soil 60,000 years prior to colonisation. The aborigines land was taken from them by the Europeans through a process known as terra nullius. Terra meaning land and nullius meaning nothing. The justification of this action towards the...
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Don't Close Your Eyes to the Racial Discrimination of Modern Society

I’ve been interested to see a flurry of activity and debate over the past few weeks within our local community regarding Black Lives Matter and racism in general. I have contributed my opinions and debated with people, been pleased that so many are actively discussing issues and ways to eradicate racism and equally dismayed to realise that some people are opposed to the fight against racism. Once again, I have been told “f you don’t like this country, why don’t...
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Racial Injustice and Discrimination towards Blacks in the Novels of Harper Lee

Introduction In the research paper titled, ‘The Power of Being Color Blind’, Faeze Rezazade and Esmaeil Zohdi, from The Department of English Literature, Faculty of Humanities, Vali-e-Asr University, Kerman, Iran, analyze and highlight the racial injustice and discrimination towards Blacks in the novel. The Power of Being Color-Blind was published in International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, in July 2016. The novel was first published in 1960. It became enormously popular, and was later translated in 40 languages. Harper...
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Understanding On Prejudice And Discrimination Targets

Throughout the evolution of time and history it has been obvious the conflicts that have been formed by certain beings beliefs that not only discriminate others but are racist and also prejudice. They have been able to cause such mass division between races and ethnicities when at the end of it all; us individuals are skin and bones. To understand the most common form of prejudice, being racism, and to be able to comprehend why people act in such ways...
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Prejudice, Discrimination and Stereotyping: Analysis of Theoretical Sources

Be it race, religion, gender, faith, sexual orientation and many other facets of life; prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping has existed in one form or another for much of/throughout history – within, amongst and against society, groups and individuals within them. Myers (2013) described prejudice as “an intergroup phenomenon that involves a preconceived negative attitude towards a group and its individual members.” Prejudice itself is an attitude whilst discrimination is the actual behaviour displayed as a result of this attitude. This...
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Analytical Essay on Prejudice, and Discrimination in Our Society

Generally, people have hopeful beliefs and feelings towards others, and our relations with the community as a whole, that are generally friendly and positive. Notwithstanding, there is potential for pessimistic relations, and in rare cases, hostility and cruelty. In the present, the rise in immigration and globalization are leading to more culturally diverse occupants in many countries. These changes will generate rewards for society and for the people within it. Gender, cultural, sexual orientation, and ethnic diversity can enhance innovation...
5 Pages 2221 Words
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