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Social Issues

The Most Influential Person in My Life: Personal Narrative

Each person has their own personality, but the way one acts today might be the result of what that person learned while growing up. One person can change another’s life in a variety of ways; a simple sentence from someone important to you can change your worldview completely. Other people’s influence is forever present in our daily lives, but only one is the most influential person in my life: my dad. Since the first moment I came into this world,...
1 Page 418 Words

Short, but Not Sweet: My Camping Experience

Whenever I ask my husband if he wants to go on a camping trip for the weekend, I get this concerned look from him that says ‘please not again’. Then he very quickly reminds me of the may long weekend about four years ago, when he totally wanted to grab me by the neck and squeeze the life out of me. It was late Thursday afternoon and my only job was to gather the basics supplies, while he finished seeding...
2 Pages 908 Words

Personal Narrative: My Lovely Grandma

People can be compared to seasons, they are born, they bloom, then they ebb away. Like spring, summer, and autumn they cannot stay. My grandmother was due to a much greater life than the one that was given to her. She was a fighter, a survivor, and the most gorgeous person I knew. She emitted poise, sophistication, and grace. I consider her not only the most influential individual in my childhood, but of my entire life so far. My parents...
2 Pages 877 Words

My Story as a Black Woman and the Piano

As I cleaned every corner of the room, I came across a piano. It was rather filthy and dusty, so I began my duty of cleaning, turning the keys pure white. Back in Africa, the white people dumped all their trash near our homes and while I looked through their piles of trash, I spotted a piano. The piano was rusty and small, but that didn’t stop me from playing it. From that day on I would go to the...
1 Page 591 Words

My Life in the Mustard Fields

Flying across with the wind, letting it carry me across the vast greenery. The vivid green mustard plants set ablaze with hypnotizing yellow-colored petals from its flowers. I run across the dirt, slipping and having reality smacking me with awake from the daydream, in which I flew with the wind, as I held on to my friend for dear life. We did not stop. We ran and ran, but we could only see the beautiful scenery of green and yellow...
1 Page 491 Words

Essay about Rain

Hey, do you remember our first meeting? The first meeting you had in mind is probably different from mine. My first meeting with you was on that rainy day in April. You remember that I love the rain but I never told you the reason behind it. I didn’t have a particular fondness for rain, it just seems so gloomy, so dark. For some reason, that day, I just wanted to look outside of the window. So the 10 years...
2 Pages 859 Words

Essay on Taormina: The Town That Made My Dreams Come True and Changed My Life Forever

Perhaps the most fulfilling human emotion is that of liberty. In a society burdened by the monotonous droning of everyday life, a sense of freedom might be the most empowering feeling in existence. Every urbanized city I’ve lived in, from grand Toronto to unimposing Champaign, has left me with the opposite; a constricting claustrophobic feeling. Even aspects of my life that are almost unanimously considered for the better of society never satisfied me, namely technology. Unlike my colleagues, as I’ve...
3 Pages 1464 Words

Me and My Story

Writing an essay describing yourself and your story is very intimidating. Coming up with a topic can be challenging. So, I asked my mom, and she said: “Write about your art or your love of animals!”. I found that cute, I thought it would describe me as a girl that likes to draw all day long and spend all my time playing around with animals. My dad said: “Write about a business degree and how it can lead to success”....
1 Page 596 Words

My Timeline Essay

I was born on September 13, 2003, in Jacksonville, Florida. I was born prematurely, by 75 days. I was a very tiny baby, I weighed 3 lbs 1 ounce and was able to lay on my dad’s hand with my legs hanging off. I was in the hospital until October 24, 2003. During my time in the hospital, one of the nurses left an IV in my right wrist for too long, and it burnt my wrist. When the burn...
3 Pages 1568 Words

Essay on How Does an Optimistic Mindset Change My Tomorrow

Optimism is the hope and desire for the future and the belief the outcome is going to be successful. Optimism is key to success and the accomplishment of dreams. Think of someone you look up to that is successful. Think about everything that it took for them to be able to achieve their goals and dreams. Imagine if they would have been pessimistic. If they would have doubted themselves. If they had not been positive and believed in their own...
2 Pages 750 Words

Who I Am: Essay

I am an ordinary Filipino girl. I grew up without a father, because my parents divorced when I was a child. I spent my entire childhood with my mother. She raised me well having discipline and respect to others well. I’m the luckiest daughter to have a mom like her, a brave person and hard-working one. She’s been my inspiration on everything. Who am I? I’m just a typical kid who loved being in church growing up. I was a...
2 Pages 790 Words

Who I Am and What Has Shaped My Personality: Reflection Paper

‘Who am I?’ is a question that runs through my mind as I reflect on the person I am – my strengths and vulnerabilities, my natural inclinations and aversions, and what gives me fulfilment. As I step into social work, a helping profession, clarity regarding how my character has been shaped by my past and the system of beliefs that have emerged through the years is necessary. In particular, self-awareness is critical for workers in helping professions, in order to...
3 Pages 1467 Words

When I Discovered My Bravery

Most people don’t know what it means to have real courage until they are faced with a situation that requires them to be courageous. For me, it wasn’t until eighth grade that I found out how courageous I could be. My family had just moved from a small town in Arizona to its biggest city, Phoenix, and it was my first time attending a new school. Before moving, I had lived in the same house my whole life, and many...
2 Pages 817 Words

Searching for My Purpose

What is the purpose of my life? What am I interested in and what do I want from life? What are the things I truly value and not just do to please or impress others? Purpose is a word with many different meanings and definitions. Each person understands something different under what is meant by finding one’s true purpose in life. For some finding a purpose seems to be an easy task and for others as they take longer or...
8 Pages 3449 Words

My Trip to New York

Last year before my Grade 6 school year started, my family and I took a trip to the U.S.A. It was a trip my parents planned to give me before I entered middle school. Being from Dubai, I have exposed to aspects of a large city all my life, but Manhattan was a whole new story. It was like discovering an entirely new way of life that I had previously only watched in my favorite TV shows and movies. It...
1 Page 526 Words

My Story as an Early Year’s Practitioner

When you imagine storytelling, it is most likely that you will reminisce in your story from your childhood, as do I. This essay will explore my role as an early year’s practitioner and reflect on my practice, values and beliefs. It is my story. I am a 19-year-old British Kosovan female student living in London. I have grown up with my parents and one sibling, a younger sister. She has been my motivation as to why I wish to pursue...
2 Pages 1124 Words

My Story about Myself

My story talks about life in my home country, consisting of what I do when I visit and what it’s like there. I talk about my favorite hobbies, food and what I do on vacation. Lastly, I was able to talk about my studies at Lindenwood and why I chose to go there. As I grew up, I realized that I am a force to be reckoned with. Everything that surrounds me from family, friends, and activities has shaped me...
2 Pages 684 Words

My Career Story: What Attracted Me to Financial Services

Like many women in this industry, my path to finding this profession was long and rather indirect. My background and degree were in social work and my initial career was that of a counselor to young people in the Chicago suburbs. I honed my listening and organizational skills in my college courses and early career. As most things do early in life, career paths change, and I found myself working as a typist and receptionist in a life insurance brokerage...
1 Page 582 Words

Essay on My Best Trip

In 2015, I had the best trip of my life. It was a trip, I can never forget. It was in the summer. This trip made me so happy because I went to states I have not been in before. In the trip, I met new people and went to new places and saw new things. I never expected the trip to be so nice, but it ended up being my best trip ever in my life so far. Why...
1 Page 538 Words

It's My Life and My Mental Illness

Imagine if our society blamed people for being raped and claimed that it was their own life choices that had led them to such a horrific experience. Now, envision putting that shame, on someone who is fighting for their life, someone who is experiencing depression or anxiety. This happens every day, not just to rape victims, but also to the victims of mental illness. I think about this constantly as it’s everywhere I look. People keep getting blamed for having...
1 Page 645 Words

How Did I Come to Help Others? Essay

I still remember the day of this incident. I was thirteen years’ old then. It was pouring heavily, and I had to go to a nearby store to purchase medicines for my grandmother. As it was raining, I pulled on an overcoat and went out. When I reached the main road, the traffic was heavy, and almost every vehicle is moving bumper-to-bumper. At the zebra crossing, I stood for the lights to go, so that I can cross the road....
1 Page 521 Words

Grand Rapids, Michigan: Urban Escape with Small-Town Charm

I recently spent a few days in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a unique destination with a wonderful combination of urban sophistication and small-town charm. And in this essay, I want to share my experience. With great art, shopping, restaurants, lively nightlife and cultural attractions, Grand Rapids is the perfect holiday destination. It is not surprising that people travel hundreds of kilometers to enjoy this energetic and lively town, as it offers many attractions for visitors. Lonely Planet agrees named Grand Rapids...
1 Page 538 Words

Essay on My Trip to Dubai

In this work, I would like to tell you about my trip to Dubai, where I spent a very short but very relaxing vacation. I had a 24-hour layover in Dubai on the way home. I was very irritated about it considering I was traveling in June. The peak of summer in Dubai. Let’s face it, summer is Dubai is definitely the best Dubai weather to visit the city. I could stay put and find something to do in the...
1 Page 610 Words

Dreams Do Come True

They say that nothing worth having comes easy. We all have our own dreams which we want to fulfil in our lifetime. Everybody dreams big and why not? The bigger, the better! Chasing your dreams is a journey in itself. Dreams are the substructure that acts as conduit for a meaningful life. A roller coaster ride which has its ups and down, however, as much as we have our heart in our mouth through and through, it’s all worth it...
1 Page 495 Words

Cultural Influences on Who I Am

Our idea of self is powerfully influenced by the environment in which we grow up. We are born with good abilities to arrange information, feelings, thoughts including knowledge about our age, gender, race or ethnicity, occupation, social roles, talents, etc. Who am I? I grew up in China and Canada. My experiences in both countries ultimately shaped who I am and how I perceive the world. I am still constantly struggling in Canadian and Chinese different conflicting perspectives on social...
2 Pages 915 Words

Essay on My Dream Destination - Disneyland

I could name a million presents that have been unfathomably significant to me: an electronic gadget given by my parents, a book given by my best friends, or even a couple of Nike sneakers from my great cousin. However, the present that has had the most significant meaning to me and in my cherished memory was my trip to Disneyland in Hong Kong, China when I was seven years of age. Have you at any point been to Disneyland? Truly,...
2 Pages 1133 Words

Essay About My School Trip to Portland

For my third block English class, we voted to go to Portland Oregon merely a two-hour flight away. Arriving at the airport I knew this would be a trip I would remember for a good while and I was thrilled to be there. Although I did not go to these places myself a lot of my other classmates went to extravagant restaurants, coffee shops, sandwich shops, donut shops, and outside food carts despite the bitter cold. I had heard from...
1 Page 443 Words

My Trip to Mexico: An Essay

It was the winter of 2013 and it was the last day of school before Christmas break, the weather was cold and grey as usual this time of year. I was excited for Christmas break but mostly nervous because my dad and I planned a trip to Mexico for the next two weeks. I had never been to Mexico or even thought of going because it was unfamiliar to me even though my whole family was from there. As a...
3 Pages 1561 Words

My Trip to the China’s Border: An Essay

In this essay I’m going to talk about my trip to the China’s border about five years ago with my friends. So, we departed from Lahore at midnight and reached Islamabad next morning. In Islamabad we enjoyed a delighted breakfast then we departed towards Abbotabad via Muree and Nathia Gali, we enjoyed the most famous dish of NathiaGali that is fried Chilli Chicken and the unforgetable and most adventurous moment was Patriata Chair Lift then we headed towards Abotabad which...
5 Pages 2092 Words

The Trip That Made New York My Favorite City: An Essay

My mom and I have always been super close. We do almost everything together, from going to the movies, out to eat, and to the gym. One of my favorite memories of us, however, was on her 50th birthday, when we spent an entire day exploring one of her favorite places together: New York City. Most people would consider us lucky, being that we’re from Long Island and that we live only two hours away from one of the most...
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