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In this paper, we explore the concept of a personal narrative essay, a unique form of expressive writing that centers around the writer’s personal experiences. We delve into its definition, structure, and the steps necessary to write one effectively, with the aim of providing a comprehensive guide for those looking...

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Social Issues

Honesty Is the Best Policy: Personal Narrative Essay

First of all, the peers in this story will be kept anonymous for privacy reasons. So, I learned that honesty is the best policy, and here is how an incident in 7th grade and almost going to trial got me to learn that honesty can get you out of bad situations. It was 2nd period, me and my buddies, as we will call them, were in music. I did not expect anything of this to happen until suddenly one of...
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My Transition from High School to College: Personal Narrative Essay

It was the second week of March when I started my college journey. That week I was introduced to Blackboard (an application for online learning and teaching). Firstly, I thought it would be simple to use it, that was my high school mentality as I passed grade 12 with a bachelor and I thought everything would be simple. As I thought passing grade 12 with a bachelor made me ‘Mr know it all’, but things turned another way around. The...
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My Immigration Experience: Personal Narrative Essay

Transitions are never an easy thing to defeat. It is sometimes stressful and difficult to adapt to a new environment. I originally came from Lagos, Nigeria in Africa to start a new life and get a meliorate education. My journey all began on August 1st when I stepped into the land of freedom, also known as the United States. I was only twelve years old when we immigrated and I was excited to celebrate my thirteen-year-old birthday in the United...
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How Do Words Change the World We Live In: Personal Narrative Essay

Have you ever thought about how powerful the words we speak are? As for me, I firmly believe that the words we speak have the power to make or break. Undoubtedly, they can fundamentally change the world in which we live, both at the level of society and at the level of an individual. And my experience, which I am going to share further, only confirms this truth. In my elementary school, one of the things I wish I had...
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Dangers of Speeding: Personal Narrative Essay

My friend David has a motorcycle. This one is not very big, but it can reach a very dangerous speed. Just to remind those who like to speed, if you do it on the road, it is dangerous for you and other road users. One night when I was sitting in the back seat of David's motorcycle, I learned this in a very painful lesson. One night, we were on our way home after seeing a movie at a cinema...
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Injustice Anywhere Is a Threat to Justice Everywhere: Personal Narrative Essay

Hating segregation, Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t fight against discrimination of blacks alone, he fought depravity without prejudice. He was solid, a brilliant gem who was willing to sacrifice himself for freedom. His phrase “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality; tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly”. Society is in grave need of an understanding of each thing he uttered. Perhaps our...
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Why Am I in College: Personal Narrative Essay

Entering college is a frightening and daunting experience for most students. It’s one of those times where the fear of the unknown is the most frightening of all fears. We’re not sure whether we’ll be able to adapt to a situation in which every student must stand on their own two feet and take responsibility for their education and future. This is the most critical change of our lives, from high school to college. Unfortunately, some college students feel that...
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Personal Narrative Essay on the Importance of Struggle in Life

Talking about myself, I consider myself a 20-year-old university student who is still on her journey, figuring out where she really belongs. I was born and raised in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, until I was 8 years old. Being raised by supportive parents who tried their hardest to allow me and my brother to experience a better world, we were given the best of everything. I enjoyed the 'Saturday Picnic' with my family in the park nearby, and...
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My First Day At Sea: Personal Narrative Essay

From a far distance, the pale blue sky is a smooth white blanket, widespread into the atmosphere. As the gloomy fog passed by the sleeping green giant, the clouds that had been wispy and white that morning were now more dark and dense. There was no sky that day, only a rough woolen blanket of mottled grey to cover us all and block out the sun. A boundless layer of white blend with silver hung heavily over the hills, it...
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My Experience of Overcoming Adversity: Personal Narrative Essay

When I was in first grade, I would often go to I used to go to a family friend’s house every week and play with their sons who were a few years younger than me. I found our games fun, but I could tell that the older boy was a bit rowdier and his mother had difficulty handling him. I remember one time when my mom came to pick me up from their house and she brought my dog along....
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How I Overcame My Fear of Public Speaking: Personal Narrative Essay

November 1st, 2019. It’s that time of year: the mock trial is in session! That means case reports, witness statements, exhibits, and everything else we need to form our case in chief. I’ve been doing mock trials for 4 years now, and it’s become more than just some club I do. It’s home. But things weren’t always this way. Public speaking wasn’t always my strong suit. Before high school, I was a very shy kid. I would avoid interaction with...
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Personal Narrative Essay about Camping

I spent the winter break of my freshman year in college. We were at their friend’s house one night, drinking in her basement with some other girls and it was late, like 3 AM. I was falling asleep so I decided to walk home. They live in a desolate area, with lots of snow and it gets really cold, especially at night, but the houses aren’t too far apart, and when the moon is out it seems light out. The...
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Personal Narrative Essay about My Colour

Being an African American woman in the workplace means always having to walk a thin line, stabilizing your feelings and emotions with the judgments and motives of others, providing comfort, and being approachable versus uncomfortable and anxious in the process. Throughout my work history, I have noticed that the majority of my jobs surprised me by how few women there were who resembled me. Yes, I know that in the workplace, you're not supposed to look and reflect on race,...
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Personal Narrative Essay about Parenting Struggles

Actress Bette Davis once said, “If you have never been hated by your child, you have never been a parent” (Forbes). Davis recognized that as a parent there are situations where you must enforce the rules and Cathy Gulli acknowledges this in the essay “The Collapse of Parenting”. She describes how authoritative parenting has declined over recent years and the consequences of this deterioration. The essay was published in Maclean’s magazine, a slightly left-leaning publication that is known to use...
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The Alchemist' Personal Narrative Essay

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is a turning multi-measurement story. It is generally a journey trail. Assuming the single instance of a Spanish shepherd kid, it extrapolates and expands upon the mind-boggling endeavors of life, decisions and outcomes, bargaining, change, predetermination, and the makings of an amazing plan of things. This book is about a youngster from Spain named Santiago, who resisted his parent's desires of turning into a cleric, to turn into a free wandering shepherd as he loved...
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Personal Narrative Essay on Technology

I undoubtedly believe that advancements in technology are necessary for our future. A famous writer/inventor named Arthur C. Clarke once said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” The fantasies have turned into reality, and what used to be impossible has become possible all because of windows of opportunities created by technology, could you imagine a society of cavemen? Right now, you are reading this on a smartphone, tablet, etc. Now think how often you use any sort of...
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Personal Narrative Essay about Yourself and Education

What is a nontraditional college student means? To be considered a nontraditional undergraduate, you: Do not immediately continue your education after you graduate from high school. In this research paper, I will talk about my own experience as a nontraditional college student. I will talk about my life as a nontraditional college student and the reason why I wanted to come back to school and continue my education. I will also write about the reasons why I didn’t continue my...
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Personal Narrative Essay about Education

Education: My educational experience has had a drastic influence on not only who I am as a person but has also done much to shape my goals and aspirations for the future. Although there have been some rough spots in my academic career, the knowledge that I have attained throughout my education has proved to be crucial in forming my passion for learning and my interest in developing my abilities and using them to make a difference in my community...
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Personal Narrative Essay about Teenage Moms

Underage Moms or Good Moms Based on research, there has been a mixture of perspectives on whether or not there is a huge difference between children born from teenage mothers to children born from mature mothers (ages 21 and above). According to statistics, written by Cost and Henshaw’s article entitled Facts about Teenage Pregnancy, 3 in 10 teen American girls will get pregnant at least once before age 20. That's nearly 750,000 teen pregnancies every year. Less than 2% of...
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Personal Narrative Essay about Moving to America

“Do you remember me, Cheena?” Growing up, I would hear this phrase constantly. Family is the most important thing to Filipinos, thus I had many, many relatives. Most of which, I did not remember their names. My nickname, Cheena, was born because I looked very Chinese when I was a baby. This may be because I have a little bit of Chinese blood. My dad and his dad are both named Confucius after all. However, I am fully Filipino. Growing...
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Personal Narrative Essay about Education Award Winning

Engineers are the creators of our future. I find it a captivating feat how over the past century, the world we live in has drastically changed due to the rapid technological advancement in engineering. To become one of the leading engineers of our future and to design a sustainable world for future generations is a fulfilling challenge I aim to achieve. My deep-rooted interest in Science started from a young age when I read ‘The time for Kids Science Almanac’...
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Personal Narrative Essay on Fun with Family

I was just hanging out on my sister's couch watching my family act crazy and having fun it kind of looked like I was watching wild animals have fun but I love my family and I would just glance at those presents wanting to open them Also sometimes I would get a little annoyed because sometimes they would yell a little too loud and then the kids would go crazy trying to open gifts that why opening gifts goes along...
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Personal Narrative Essay on Hunting

Since an early age, I have enjoyed the outdoors, especially hunting like many other outdoor enthusiasts. It is a hobby that I have gotten to enjoy with many of the men in my family. According to the author,” in 2017 more than 15 million people participated in hunting in the USA and there were 15 million paid hunting license holders in the USA” (Lock, 2018). My interest in hunting has always had me wondering how and why deer act and...
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Personal Narrative Essay about Being Bullied

Over the years, bullying has become commonplace in high school and other institutions of learning. Currently, cases of bullying have been witnessed through the internet in what is commonly known as cyberbullying. Bullying refers to the repeated inhumane acts that are directed at an individual or groups of people who are disadvantaged than those who attack or harass them (Martocci, 2019). I have been a direct victim of bullying as an adolescent in high school. Indeed, I was bullied by...
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Personal Narrative Essay about Losing Your Sister

In reading “The Wind Cave” by Haruki Murakami, readers can visualize characters and their unique personalities through Murakami’s distinct writing style. As he writes, Murakami uses clear and simple ways to understand the story easier. His melancholy writing style shows that each character, despite their intense feelings, is in control of his or her feelings and conscience. The protagonist, who remains unnamed, recalls some memories of his little sister. The time they visit the cave together evokes many emotions such...
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Personal Narrative Essay about Favourite Movie

Violence changes your social power in society. Once Coretta Scott King said that ‘Revenge and retaliation always perpetuate the cycle of anger, fear, and violence.’ It wrecks and shortens lives, causes suffering and pain, and it’s often part of rapid social change. Some people use violence for revenge, and some (as a way to release their pain) achieve what they want. I chose the movie Joker to answer my essay question because this movie and how director Todd Philips represented...
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Personal Narrative Essay about Going on a Beach Trip

Beauty And The Beach Traveling has always been an outburst of joy for me. Over the years I have seen and encountered so many wondrous experiences while traveling. Traveling begets I kind of happiness in me. Yet, over the years one major challenge has taken shape. Due to my extensive traveling expeditions, it is increasingly becoming hard for me to find new and exciting places that I haven’t been to before. This time around too I was wallowing in this...
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Personal Narrative Essay about Not Having Self Confidence

Self-confidence is not something that holds me back, in fact, I appreciate the level of confidence I enjoy and feel that I can make the choices and decisions I want without a feeling of concern or overriding fear. That is not to say that I am always successful, but I realize that even by trying I am moving closer to a higher level of confidence. I did not always have a high level of self-confidence. When I was younger, I...
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Personal Narrative Essay Based on McAdams Life Story

An award-winning Canadian actress with a signature smile, Rachel Mcadams is widely known for her roles in high-school comedies such as Mean Girls and Mean Girls. She is also known for playing exceptionally in Spotlight and Game Night. While many stars had it easy with fame, Rachel's journey to prominence was a long, winding one that started from her engagement in competitive skating and fascination for sports at a very young age. Her confidence which resulted from those areas soon...
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Personal Narrative Essay about Language

Introduction Human beings can communicate with each other using language. We can share knowledge, beliefs, opinions, and feelings through the use of language. Language is a unique trait for human beings. Humans can acquire either monolingualism or bilingualism through learning, observation, and practice. In Brunei Darussalam, the people usually communicate by using their official language which is Brunei Malay, and sometimes, English. Ozog (1996; as cited in Noorazam, McLellan & Deterding) observed that, for Bruneians, English is the language of...
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