Dangers of Speeding: Personal Narrative Essay

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My friend David has a motorcycle. This one is not very big, but it can reach a very dangerous speed. Just to remind those who like to speed, if you do it on the road, it is dangerous for you and other road users. One night when I was sitting in the back seat of David's motorcycle, I learned this in a very painful lesson.

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One night, we were on our way home after seeing a movie at a cinema a few kilometers from my house, but when we returned, the traffic on the road was very heavy. Traveling by motorcycle is a benefit for us because we can choose our way between cars and other motorcycles, but once we are on the main road, we can navigate freely. It may be because we were driving on the highway too smoothly, which I found very boring, but David didn't seem to feel that way, so I decided to tease him to speed up. He didn't answer me in words, but I could feel the motorcycle start to accelerate. The cool breeze passed over my face, and the faster the lamppost, scenery, and everything crossed the background, it made me more excited. Out of curiosity, I put my head on David's shoulder and glanced at the speedometer. What excites me is that the pointer is shaking at around 100 km! This is my fastest experience in a moving vehicle! I'm really excited to sit in the back seat of David's motorcycle! Suddenly, David slammed on the brakes, quickly turned left, and left the road to continue our journey. But when turning, I heard a loud noise coming from the back of the motorcycle. David lost control of his bike and dragged both of us a long way. The motorcycle dragged me, head on the ground helplessly. Everything happened in just a few seconds. I looked around in despair. My goodness! David lay on his back, moaning softly. I managed to stand up and rescue David from the wrecked motorcycle. I looked around to see what had just happened, but all I could see was a car with a broken right headlight and a curved bumper that fell to the ground. David suddenly turned me around, took a closer look at my left forehead, and then told me that a fairly deep wound on my left forehead was bleeding. I raised my left arm and tried to wipe off the blood, only to find that my left arm was seriously injured and still bleeding. I started to feel very dizzy. Suddenly, a strong light blinded me. I heard anxious conversations and rapid footsteps. Other road users have come to the place and come to help us. The next half hour I was stunned, and I vaguely remember being taken to a van. He was too scared to resist. I heard people keep saying that I was okay, but before I could move my body, my legs were suddenly paralyzed, I fell to my knees and lost consciousness. After waking up, I slept on a bed with white pillowcases and white blankets. The surroundings were almost white. It didn't take long for me to realize that I was in a hospital bed. I looked for David everywhere, but I couldn't find him anywhere. I started to worry, but my parents walked in and seemed very happy to see me awake. My first thought was definitely to ask about David's condition. My mother replied that David's condition was not as serious as mine, except that there were some bruises and scratches around his body. I was relieved. In the end, we recovered from the painful accident in a month.

This incident made us aware of the dangers of speeding and the terrible consequences we must endure for our mistakes. The price paid was too much and too painful. I always thought that accidents would only happen to others, but this is not the case. After this accident, I will never forget it for the rest of my life. Remember that your life is very precious, and think about those who care about you.

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