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Have you ever delved into a subject, unsure what you’re looking for, and learned more than expected? That’s the journey an exploratory essay takes you on. It’s not only about finding definite answers but exploring different viewpoints. We dive into exploratory essay examples to understand this unique approach to writing.

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Exploratory Essay on Psychological Outcome

Introduction Being a young adult can be a confusing moment. Not only is it a period of physical and psychological growth and development but also marks transition from puberty to adulthood. Adolescents face multiple demands from their parents, peers, school work, and social media life, and try to meet all these demands while still trying to maintain their autonomy. During this period, adolescents can battle a number of emotions which when coupled with their lack of knowledge, and identity crisis...
4 Pages 1824 Words

Exploratory Essay on Lithium Chloride Influence on Rats in an Open-Field

Abstract Previous findings suggest that Lithium Chloride (LiCl) treats the Manic episodes of Bipolar disorder by alleviating risk-taking behavior. To alter the risk-taking behavior, Lithium chloride (LiCl) is administered and then regulated by Sodium Chloride (NaCl) intake. This experiment was conducted on rats to observe the effect of LiCl consumption on their movements. The rats were given lithium chloride and then later released into the open field apparatus, and then monitored their behaviors by direct observation. Rats administered with LiCl...
3 Pages 1411 Words

Exploratory Essay on Behavioral Changes in Adolescents

An analysis to understand the behavioral changes an adolescent goes through in his teenage years and how parents, peers, and the community play a huge role in it. Parents are the first ones who have direct and indirect control. Previous research has found that parents have a great influence on adolescent’s behavior through their parenting techniques. It leaves an impact on the child and is one of the factors affecting a child’s behavior. Parental support is the largest influence on...
3 Pages 1364 Words

Exploratory Essay: Does Grit Help to Education

I have no grit with my studies these weeks. If you don’t have strong self-control, it is a very challenging thing to choose to have online courses during the summer. I was always thinking about the holidays and rest and didn’t study hard. Rest took up a lot of my time every day, which caused me not to spend much time on my studies. Many unnecessary trifles always attract my attention and prevent me from studying wholeheartedly. Sometimes it takes...
3 Pages 1226 Words

Exploratory Essay: How to Deal with and Live Life as an Ileostomate

If your large intestine is removed or resting, you’ll need an opening for the stool to pass through. This is an ileostomy. Ileostomy surgery is a life-saving surgery. This surgery redirects the intestines to the outside of the body. It is performed when a person’s quality of life is so poor it offers relief. An ileostomy is necessary for many reasons including birth defects, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulitis, incontinence, etc. Some of the terms related to this topic include...
5 Pages 2195 Words

Exploratory Essay on Digitization in India

As we know, In today’s modern world new and rapidly improving technologies are in the process of transforming India’s higher education system. With the help of technology like ICT, we can enhance the learning experience of the students and teachers in a cost-effective manner. Initiatives like SWAYAM and SWAYAM PRABHA, Shodhganga, Shodhgangotri, Open Journal Access System, and Virtual Labs have made knowledge accessible to all across the nation. The Massive Open Online Courses work as digital learning platforms to meet...
5 Pages 2249 Words

Exploratory Essay on Fine Arts and STEM Education

There are many variations you might’ve heard over time about the importance of art and where the importance of the subject stands. From relatives who claim it to be pointless, educators who believe it’s inessential and the school boards who say that it’s a waste of time and money. Whereas subjects like science and math take the spotlight for its advancement of humanity, such as its progress in engineering, technology, and medicine. Because of this, schools are beginning to cut...
5 Pages 2312 Words

Exploratory Essay on Public Service Motivation and Morality

Public Service Motivation and Police Public Service Motivation (hereafter: PSM) is crucial to any governmental institution. (Borst & Lako, 2017; Leisink & Steijn, 2009; Schott, Neumann, Baertschi, & Ritz, 2019) According to Perry and Wise (Perry & Wise, 1990), PSM refers to public servants being motivated by their willingness to benefit others rather than their own when performing public services. This would distinguish them from private sector employees. As such, PSM is comprised of three dimensions. First, the rational component...
4 Pages 1619 Words

Exploratory Essay on Fascism

What was fascism and why did it happen? How did it affect the city of Florence? Fascism and its Effects on the City of Florence Fascism refers to the form of government whereby one party exercises dictatorship and forcefully suppresses the opposing party. Fascism is against democracy and puts one nation or state above the others. Fascist governments are often militaristic and racist regimes headed by a dictator. This type of government rose to prominence in the early 20th century...
2 Pages 999 Words

Suicides in India: Exploratory Essay

Abstract Suicides are in the top 3 leading causes of death worldwide. The purpose of this study was to identify the most vulnerable group of people who commit suicide. The present study is based on data from the Government of India made available at It analyses the number of suicides among individuals involved with different professions. The analysis is based on the data available for various states viz. Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu over a period of...
4 Pages 1920 Words

Exploratory Research Paper on Obesity: Literature Review

The word Obesity in a dictionary is defined as having excess body fat. Obesity many times is overlooked or joked about due to people not researching how obesity is a very important health issue that is only increasing. Obesity to me is more than a word. During High School and Middle School, everybody always joked about obesity and other health issues. But one day I and my friends saw a kid get bullied because of his weight, and nobody except...
3 Pages 1320 Words

An Exploratory Study On Importance Of Digital Education: Its Opportunity & Challenges

Abstract Modern society is moving from an information society to a knowledge society. This research has shown the students opinion regarding the outer world and their creativity depending upon the factors of digital education. The aim of this study is to find out the importance of digital studies in education systems which aid to have the creativity among the students. We all are living in the world of globalization were the use of digital education has become the witnessing for...
4 Pages 1860 Words

Multitasking Information Behavior And Information Task Switching: An Exploratory Study

Objectives The aim of this study is knowing the nature of an information seeker’s multitasking information behavior and information task switching. The researcher wants to scrutinize the way information seeker carry out multitasking information behavior, to look into the model of multitasking information behavior and information task switching, to check the mix techniques of data collection such as observation, diary, and interview. Design A Qualitative, exploratory study using observational, diary and interview Setting: 1 Public library (2 visits) Subjects/Participants: A...
3 Pages 1256 Words
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