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After World War II, tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union escalated and world hegemony became a superpower. The United States represents the capitalist countries, while the Soviet Union and Russia represent communism. Therefore, there has always been competition between the two great countries. This confrontation is called ...

the Cold War because it triggered diplomacy rather than war. 

These differences eventually led to the Cold War that began in 1945. Germany became a hot spot during the Cold War. During this period, the United States and the Soviet Union worked hard to find the political and economic system most suitable for the new international order. From the end of World War II to the establishment of the Berlin Wall, countless events in Germany helped to illustrate the new international order in Europe during the Cold War. 

The agreement reached at the Yalta Conference in 1945 was that Germany can be divided into four categories. Most of the time yesterday was Russia, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The Russian army surrounded the capital. The German capital, Berlin, is divided into four regions. However, in 1961, all the capitalist sectors united to form an independent country called Germany, and all the capitalist regions of Berlin united to form Berlin. Berlin and Russia are also considered East Berlin. This is because an independent state called the German Democratic Republic was established in the Russian region. When Hitler invaded Russia, President Roosevelt was providing ammunition. The relationship between the United States and Russia began to deteriorate. When did Stalin want to attack Germany and promote communism? There have always been problems between the West and Russia. Then I started catching a cold. 

The United States cannot accept the concept of Russian communism. Until now, neither the Soviet Union nor Russia allowed the United States to control other European countries. The Cold War created fear and suspicion between Russia and the United States. Support the current tensions between countries. There are several alliances that can enhance your strength. The cold war required unnecessary military spending. The deterioration of people’s living conditions is a cause of poverty. This is a senseless war that changes the world. The cold disturbed world peace. There are still problems between the two countries and their supporters. It also establishes clear boundaries with the first, second, and third worlds. It caused the division of mankind, partly because of the lack of permanent peace. 

The most accepted is that they are not exactly the same as those that appear on the surface. Every psychological event in life can be identified and explained in different ways. This applies to all parties involved. It applies to everyone. This exacerbated the illusion that neighboring countries called themselves communists during the Cold War. Crazy, according to politics, these delusions swept the country during the Cold War. The Cold War lasted for decades in the 20th century and was divided into different stages. It not only undermines the exchange and friendship between the United States and the Soviet Union but also undermines the exchange and friendship between all countries that support them. This is a step against the unity of humanity. The United States carried out many diplomatic activities and indirectly supported the demise of the Soviet Union. In return, Soviet Russia used its veto power to oppose everything the United States said. There were many phases of the Cold War, which lasted for decades. 

The Cold War divided the world into three parts: first-world countries, second-world countries, and third-world countries. This is a humane situation. Create division and suspicion between countries. World peace is difficult to achieve, partly because of the Cold War and its exaggerated results. The legacy of the Cold War continues to influence world affairs today. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the post-Cold War world was generally regarded as a unipolar world, and the United States was the only superpower. The Cold War defined the political role of the United States in the post-World War II world. The Cold War also institutionalized global funding for huge permanent military-industrial complexes and large-scale military science in peacetime. After the end of the Cold War, Russia slashed military spending. The adjustment is painful because the military-industrial sector previously employed a fifth of Soviet adults. 

The disintegration of the former Soviet Union caused hundreds of millions of people to lose their jobs. Financial obligations include those necessary to avoid further chaos when the environment changes from wartime to peaceful time. National military institutions and alliances must be reconfigured. The highly dependent institutional framework will be reorganized, and countries that have experienced a confrontation between East and West will assume new obligations. After the end of the Cold War, free nations or newly formed nations inherited their unprepared expenditures, commitments, and resources. The successor country also faces contemporary national security burdens and a series of legacy environmental pollution problems, all of which require funding and must establish a new or revised citizen economy. 

The specific legacy of the Cold War revolves around three elements: nuclear weapons and related arms control and non-proliferation treaties; local conflicts with long-term consequences; and international institutions that continue to play a key role today. Although the Cold War had many negative effects on global society, the Cold War also produced many positive results. Subsequently, due to the military strengthening caused by the Cold War, the world economic situation has improved a lot. The implementation of the United States ‘Marshall Plan’ and the communist ‘Molotov Plan’, the nuclear arms race, the space race, and the enhancement of global military power have contributed to global political stability and economic prosperity. This led to many head-on conflicts between the United States and the Soviet Union. The United States also created small technologies that are still important today. In short, the Cold War left a huge economic and military legacy for the world. It has left many U.S. military bases around the world. The economic legacy of the Cold War may not be as large as the military legacy, but the pace of rebuilding Europe has been slow.

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Was the Cold War Inevitable? Essay

Gaddis started off with stating that before the 20th century, the relationship between Russian-soviet and US were mutiny acknowledged tradition of non-interference. So, after the development of transportation and communication it was hard for both countries to put up which each other, as well as the US questioning whether it was normal to associate with a government that was so cruel its own people. Gaddis began with how the ideologies came about in WW2 as there were fundamental challenges to...
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Essay on Cold War

After World War II, tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union escalated and world hegemony became a superpower. The United States represents the capitalist countries, while the Soviet Union and Russia represent communism. Therefore, there has always been competition between the two great countries. This confrontation is called the Cold War because it triggered diplomacy rather than war. These differences eventually led to the Cold War that began in 1945. Germany became a hot spot during the Cold...
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The Origins of the Cold War

The Cold War was a state of political hostility between the West and the USSR which was formed through a number of economical tensions, geographical tensions and propaganda between the two nations. Over the years, the concept of the origins of The Cold War have been heavily debated amongst historians thus resulting in different schools of thoughts gradually emerging. The post-revisionist school of thought, although drifts slightly to one side of the argument, mostly offers a balanced view and opinion...
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How did Military Spending Influence the End of the Cold War? Essay

He focuses on what Reagan endured and sacrificed in order to reach the end of the Cold War therefore conveying it is the life and soul given to the cause that matters. It is evident that Reagan invested his time and life in and out of office to this cause according to Schweizer. ‘Ronald Reagan is impossible to understand outside his forty-year battle against communism… it consumed more of his attention than any other endeavour and touch the very centre...
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The Impact of the Cold War on American Culture

The Cold War was, at it’s core, a conflict of good versus evil, showcasing a clear death-match between the forces representing freedom, and the forces representing totalitarianism. Lasting from 1947-1991, the Cold War’s countless costs such as lives, money, pride and national security still take a heavy toll on the world we live in today. There are a multitude of economic, political and social legacies that would not exist without the Cold War, each entailing positive or negative traits that...
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What Led to the Cold War? Essay

There were a series of events that led to the inevitable Cold War. Prior to the Cold War the United States and USSR fought together against a common enemy, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis of Germany. USSR were stricken, and arguably still struggle, with the notion that they cannot trust anything or anyone that is not Russian. Some would argue that the actions of all parties involved in the events lead to the Cold War. On the conquest to power...
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How Did the Cold War Affect Domestic Policy? Essay

Often, new wars follow closely behind old wars. This was the case with the 1947-1991 “Cold War.” This war was not characterized by thousands of deaths due to bloody battles but by long-term tension between the Soviet Union and the United States with their allies. Starting almost directly after World War II, the Cold War involved numerous countries and several smaller conflicts. During World War II, America and the Soviet Union worked together towards a common goal: defeat Hitler. However,...
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How Did the Cold War Affect the Growth of Technology in the United States? Essay

The cold war resulted in very many results. Little is appreciated of all the spy movies, great novels independence movements among other things that came about as a result of the cold war. The one thing that people know for sure about the cold war was that it gave us a greater understanding and awareness that the greatest threat to humans is ourselves. The cold war changed the way people imagined the world and what role humanity played in it....
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Korean War and Vietnam War Compare and Contrast

The Cold War The Cold War was the political tension between the USSR and its states known as the Eastern bloc, and the USA and its allies known as the Western bloc in the mid to late 20th century. The reason for it being called the Cold War is due to the lack of direct military actions between the USSR and USA. However, the opposition would always to demolish the other’s economy. This passive aggressive behaviour continued for nearly five...
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Lasting Effects of the Cold War

Ronald Reagan once said,“We seek the total elimination one day of nuclear weapons from the face of the Earth,” but that was in 1985 and there is no sign of the complete destruction of nuclear weapons ( This is exemplified in the ongoing War on Terror in Iraq and Syria. For quite some time, Americans have been debating whether or not to use nuclear force as a deterrent on ISIS and other terrorist organizations. This is all due to the...
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The Cold Wars Effects on Modern Day Wars and Relations

Throughout history, there have been multiple causes of war and volatile relationships between countries. One of the most prevalent causes of war being communism. Starting in 1945 and coming to an “end” in 1991 the Cold War made its presence known. Threats of missiles and war were constant on not only government officials minds but rather all citizens whos homelands were involved in the conflict between the United States and its allies against Eastern European Countries The most well known...
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How Did Competing Ideologies During the Cold War Affect Guatemala? Essay

While portrayed by the Soviets as a simple trade deal, transactions such as these amount to something far more sinister. Repaying a loan in raw materials and the purchase of Soviet finished goods only cemented the dynamic between the two countries. Brazil’s position as a less developed producer nation with an agricultural focused economy was strengthened as was the USSR’s role as both its chief technological provider and distributor of manufactured goods. Brazil was not the only nation exploited by...
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The Cold War: Russian and American Competition Over Power

Russia and America had competition over power which started the Cold War, both affecting the world socially, politically, and the economy. Both Russia’s and America’s society were affected from their competition of power and advancement in technology. Both nations tried to assert dominance over one another through political means, they showed it through bombs and new technology that was astounding. Most of their economy was now focused on them proving who was more powerful, Russia and America focused their resources...
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Evaluate the Causes of the Beginning of the Cold War

Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr, an Orthodox historian, predominantly holds Russia responsible for the cause of The Cold War. When measuring the causes, he argues that it is vital to highlight Russia’s sense of insecurity which led to an aggressive adherence to Leninist ideology and a troublesome view of world order that involved sharp contradictions. The Russian leaders stubbornly held the sphere of influence view, in which each great power would be assured by the other powers of an acknowledged predominance...
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Essay on Who Started the Cold War

After the Second World War, the United States of America (U.SA.) and Soviet Russia (U.S.S.R.) became two great powers of the world. The entire world got divided into two power blocs. This led to the emergence of a Cold War between the western powers of the U.S.A. and the communist bloc of Russia. The term “Cold War” was first used by Bernard Baruch, an American statesman. In a speech on 16th April 1947, he said “Let us not be deceived...
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Sino-Soviet Relations During the Cold War

If one was to think of the Cold War, what would first come to mind? For the vast majority of Western people, notions and tales of American and Russian conflict and tension and all related events spring to mind. Yet, Vietnam and the Korean Peninsula were far from the only regions in the Far East to be affected by the Cold War. The Sino-Soviet relations post World War 2 are fascinating both in their ideological diversities as well as the...
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Did America Win the Cold War? Essay

Introduction For nearly half of the 20th century, the United States and the Soviet Union were embroiled in an ideological and diplomatic conflict known as the Cold War. By definition, a Cold War falls short of open warfare however threats and propaganda contribute to a state of political hostility between nations. Despite disagreements between historians, the Cold War is often believed to have begun with the Truman Doctrine in March 1947 and ended with the Dissolution of the Soviet Unio...
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Who Won the Cold War? Essay

The Cold War A hot war has physical fighting. In a cold war, there is not. The Cold War refers to the time after WW2 when there were tensions between the USA and its allies and the USSR and their allies. USA Capitalism vs USSR Communism The Soviet Union and the USA had different ideologies (a system of ideas and ideals). The Soviet Union was Communist after the Russian Revolution of 1917 (a forcible overthrow of government in favour of...
2 Pages 719 Words

Reasons Why Cold War was Not a War

18 years ago, in 1991, it was the year that the Cold war had ended. More than four decades of the geopolitical tension between two superpower nations – the Unites States and the Soviet Union, however, there are still a lot of debates going on whether was it really ended as now there is a new economically form of Cold War between China and America emerged or whether was it really a war or not. This essay will be discussed...
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Who Was More Responsible for the Cold War? Essay

Engerman claims that… which, to some extent, is similar to J.L Gaddis’ core argument – it was the differing ideas of security and with that the building of two very different empires that caused the Cold War- , as both are post-revisionist. However J. L Gaddis reveals a strong anti-communist rhetoric throughout due to his political affiliations… Issues of national security rose for both the USSR and the USA during the Second World War that led to a crucial pursuit...
3 Pages 1209 Words

American Propaganda during the Cold War

Introduction During the years of World War 2, the relationship between the Soviet Union and USA was tense, nonetheless, they were both fighting together against the Axis powers. USA had however been long wary of Soviet Communism and their leader, Stalin. After the war this long dispute began to unravel. Both America and Britain were anxious of the Soviet Union because of the potential threat of them occupying the whole of eastern Europe, and furthermore removing the democratic governments and...
2 Pages 945 Words

Positive Effects of the Cold War

Cold War Advancement War is not necessarily bad, it also has its good sides. There is such a war in history. It has no flames and no soldiers died. That is the Cold War, a game between the two great powers of the United States and the Soviet Union. The two great powers have raised human technology to unprecedented heights in the competition. The beginning of competition A discovery by nuclear physicists in a laboratory in Berlin, Germany, in 1938...
4 Pages 1622 Words

Who is to Blame for the Cold War? Essay

To try place blame on someone is as human as breathing. We always tend to look for a specific cause to any sort of problem, be it in everyday life, historical events, or politics. However, trying to assign the moral responsibility of an event as complex as the Cold War is no easy task; in fact, this issue has historically triggered several discrepancies. The orthodox (or traditionalist) historical point of view placed all the fault on Stalin’s expansionist ambitions. Later...
4 Pages 1688 Words

Sould the Sold War Have Been Avoided? Essay

Imagine both of the most powerful countries being jealous of each other due to political, economical, and warfare standing. Well it happened in 1947, after World War II a rivalry developed between both the Soviet Union and the United States. During World War II, the United States and the Soviet Union battled together as partners against the Axis powers. Be that as it may, the connection between the two countries was a strained one. Americans had for quite some time...
3 Pages 1349 Words

Pros and Cons of the Cold War

Have you ever wondered how we live in the world that we live in today? What made it become what it is now. Sadly war played a large effect on how America is today and the Cold War is one of them. It had many causes and also many long and short-term effects. Let’s start with what the Cold War was and then move on to the causes and effects. Well, the Cold War is the result of the end...
3 Pages 1227 Words

How Did the War Influence American Domestic Policy

Throughout the 1970s the nation was going through the Cold War and beginning the start of an economic crisis. In 1971, the nation was hit with Stagflation due to the rise of unemployment and inflation. Johnson’s policy to fund the war and social programs through deficit spending caused high inflation. Also, in 1973, the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries cut off oil from the United States making oil prices quadruple in 1974 adding to inflation. President Nixon left the...
3 Pages 1257 Words

America as a Beacon of Democracy and Freedom

During the Cold War, Democracy and Freedom were some major factors at play during this time. The US pushed and supported Democracy spread around the world, while Freedom was still a big issue. As much as the US was viewed as a beacon of democracy, back home there were still movements/groups protesting for civil rights. During this time the US funded and created Organization/Programs that would help prevent the spread of communism. For Example, Truman on March 12, 1947, declared...
2 Pages 897 Words

What Were the Cold War Fears of the American? Essay

In early 2018, in the idyllic southern English city of Salisbury, two Russian citizens Sergei Skripal, and his daughter Yulia fell dangerously ill. After extensive investigation, the British government accused Russia of using a type of Novichok, which it said was developed by the Soviet Union, to poison the Skripals. Russia has vehemently denied these allegations and claimed that the Novichok agent could have originated in other European countries. With what may have seemed like the introduction to a 1960’s...
3 Pages 1270 Words
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