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Online platforms have become powerful components for the emergence of social movements in the new millennium. It is believed that social media has assisted social movements to ‘scale up’, which is described as the procedure that diversifies the influence of the movement and helps to bring social change (Mundt, Ross ...

& Burnett 2018). Moreover, modern activist movements like the Black Lives Matter movement are differentiated from the previous movements as they use modern technology as a tool which is considered a prominent aspect in resolving racial inequality concerns. In this context, Habermas’s Public Sphere theory is used to provide a broad paradigm of social media in the expansion of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Virtual communication is indeed a platform where social movements spread their propaganda, express their ideas and provide the viewer with a context (Ince, Rojas & Davis 2017). The critical role of the internet as a forum for a contemporary discourse of racial injustice and police brutality entails reviewing the conventional sociological theory in the pursuit of contemporary technology (Carney 2016). The Public Sphere theory by Habermas offers a valuable context for understanding the debate regarding the Black Lives Matter movement on digital platforms since the propaganda used throughout the public sphere offers an analysis of societal and governmental conflicts in which younger generations of different ethnicities participate actively (cited in Carney 2016). Some sociologists suggest that social media is a ‘weak public’ because it does not have the potential to transform the governmental rules in the country (Carney 2016, p.183). However, skeptics argue that social networking acts as both a ‘weak public’ wherein the individuals articulate their views and a ‘strong public’ that urges the government to change its policies by promoting consciousness and holding rallies (Carney 2016, p.184). In previous eras, people had to book a time slot for getting together and participating in socio-political discussions about race and inequality to organize a social movement. Nevertheless, people in the contemporary world can access the web anywhere at any time to view and conceptualize the perceptions of different people across the globe, which has especially enabled the young generation to incorporate their engagement in the Black Lives Matter movement. For Example, online platforms are readily available without the compulsion of registering or showing up at conference meetings, thus, Black Lives Matter communities can easily generate and join a massive number of audiences which in turn helps them to gain popularity in a short time (Mundt, Ross & Burnett 2018). Additionally, Black Lives Matter group leaders use social media for establishing connections and unions with other organizations in the campaign to promote collective strategies (Mundt, Ross & Burnett 2018). Therefore, social media proved to be a powerful weapon for bolstering the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement in society.

In conclusion, social media acts as a medium to broaden the influence of the Black Lives Matter movement as compared to the previous anti-racist movements that lacked popularity due to the absence of the internet. Furthermore, technology has provided incentives for engagement in the Black Lives Matter movement like increasing the number of participants in the protests and forming strong relationships and coalitions with other people and groups which in turn maximizes activism and contributes to optimizing campaign strategies.


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Essay on Black Lives Matter

Online platforms have become powerful components for the emergence of social movements in the new millennium. It is believed that social media has assisted social movements to ‘scale up’, which is described as the procedure that diversifies the influence of the movement and helps to bring social change (Mundt, Ross & Burnett 2018). Moreover, modern activist movements like the Black Lives Matter movement are differentiated from the previous movements as they use modern technology as a tool which is considered...
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Black Lives Matter Argumentative Essay

Last year, the American black teenager Michael Brown has been shot dead by a white police officer. Ten days, after Brown was shot, a young black man was shot by a police officer again. It leads in 2018, some demonstrations against the rights of black people, and the freedom of life broke out. And all these issues, causing these all from Black Lives Matter — which is a big problem in America for a very long time. Meaning of BML,...
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The Purpose of the Black Lives Matter Movement and Its Importance to Modern Society

I want to start this essay talking on this subject with my understanding and how I view it. I think and feel that people misconstrue and don’t understand when this agenda is pushed and protested for. It’s being pushed to a racist category when its nothing like that at all. To say that any life matters whether its human or animal means that at one-point people had to notice that the life in question as a whole is threatened and...
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Analytical Essay on Black Lives Matter Movement: Background and Main Purpose

Since the beginning of time people have been exercising their social media skills without even being aware of it. Referencing, telling stories, creating an identity for themselves and simply sharing information are all things that eventually escalated into the social media platforms we all know and love today. The first social media site ever created was called Six Degrees, it was created in 1997. It filled all the criteria of social media such as allowing people to create a personal...
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Reflective Essay on Idea and Activity of Black Lives Matter

Anyone who hears the lyrics “Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation” automatically thinks about Knowles (Beyoncé Giselle Knowles), especially if you are known to be a part of the Beehive (Knowles fanbase). “Formation” was one of the trendiest songs of the year 2016, many women around the world were singing and recreating the choreography to this song. Knowles is known for many things throughout the years, from singer, songwriter to record producer and actress. The meaning behind the song...
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Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter Essay

Introduction Black lives matter is a large organization that helps incidents of lives being taken by police and all violence against black people. My main focus on this essay is going to include police brutality, Racism against African-Americans, and as a whole, the movement of Black Lives Matter. I’m also going to talk about how saying All Lives Matter instead of Black Lives Matter can be bad. Black Lives Matter started in 2013 as a Hashtag after Trayvon Martins Murder...
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The Black Lives Movement as a Way to Protest Against Racial Injustice Among the Black Community

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, ‘A riot is the language of the unheard. And what is America failing to hear?’ When you hear someone say ‘black lives matter,’ what is the first thing you think about? Some might argue that all lives matter, not only those of black people. Others might argue that it is something they have been fighting for and will continue to do so until there is change. There have been countless protests around the world...
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Black Lives Should Matter

African Americans struggle daily with racism or racial slurs. Black lives should be respected and not taken as a joke or being harm by other races. By the color, of their skin, etc. African Americans are being attacked everyday by police or sociality. It should not happen because we are all equal. It does not matter by the race or region or who they support. When people think black lives do matter, they thought or think of how African Americans...
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Racism and Resistance: Analysis of the Activity of Black Lives Matter Movement

While white people may not be able to detect racism all the time, some encounter it and still do not act. Bell hooks recalls an interaction in her book, Killing Rage, when her friend is forced to move her seat after the plane had overbooked the flight. The white man who took her seat apologizes and claims that it was not his fault (hooks). While this may be true, hooks says in response that “it was an occasion for [him]...
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Analytical Essay on Critics of Black Lives Matter Movement

#BlackLivesMatter is a movement that fights for the freedom and justice of black people in a world where these basic rights weren’t afforded to all. This movement was in response to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer, George Zimmerman. It’s an ideological and political movement in a world where Black lives are systematically and intentionally targeted – a declaration of Black folks’ humanity and resilience in the face of deadly oppression. This campaign has existed as inspiration for countless black...
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Importance of The Black Lives Matter Development: Analytical Essay

Police brutality (particularly against African Americans) is definitely not the a new topic in the United States, yet the ongoing shootings of youthful people of color by cops in urban areas around the US has transformed it into an intriguing issue later than when it started. There have been various protests and destruction because of cops not getting the fair judgement for slaughtering unarmed people of color, and with these fights another social development was shaped that began as a...
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Black Lives Matter's Importance for Fighting Racial Profiling

It is likely that you have heard or read the phrase ‘black lives matter’. Everyone observes it differently. Some people who are not African-American might want to say, ‘all lives matter’. Some read the phrase and realize that there are problems with how society views African-Americans. The United States has a problem with labeling people based on their skin tone and young African-American men are carrying more weight on their shoulders because of societies racism than ever before. Racial profiling...
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Analyzing the Effectiveness of Black Lives Matter's Protest Marches

The protest group black lives matter was founded on july 13th 2013 subsequent to when the young 17 year old, trayvon martin was shot and killed by a local police officer, Geroge Zimmerman on february 26th 2012. There are based on the majority of us, because America is where most black people police related deaths are located. The statistics show that 7.13 million people out of the 18.26 million people that were killed wrongfully by the police were black in...
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The American Civil War and the Black Lives Matter: Analytical Essay

The American Civil War stands at the central spot of American history and defines a pivotal movement that would change the course of the nation’s politics and economy. The war, which started in 1861, split America into two factions (Kingseed 3). The central element of the American Civil War was slavery. As slavery flourished in the South, it gradually died out in the North. The then-President Thomas Jefferson condemned slavery as an inhumane act (Kingseed 4). Even though he was...
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African American Experience of Criminalization in Debates Surrounding the Black Lives Matter Movement: Annotated Bibliography

Issue- Explore how the African American experience of criminalization is discussed in debates surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement. Quote- “Between me and the other world there is ever an unasked question… How does it feel to be a problem?” (3) Annotated Bibliography Golash-Boza, Tanya. “Structural Racism, Criminalization, and Pathways to Deportation for Dominican and Jamaican Men in the United States.” Social Justice, vol. 44, no. 2-3 (148), 2017, pp. 137–162. JSTOR, Accessed 4 May 2020. Tanya Golash-Boza, a...
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Shackled by Liberalism: Reflection on the Impact of Black Lives Matter Have on Society

It was a bright day in June, and the clocks were striking thirteen. The Ministry of Truth had spoken, and all things that did not kneel before The Party, or fit with the ‘new truth’, were to be discarded. Statues of historical importance, books, and monuments to The Glorious Dead; nothing was safe if they no longer met the ideals approved by the new Thinkpol, Black Lives Matter (BLM), the militant and thuggish arm of the ‘liberal left’. What had...
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Police Brutality In America: Activity of Black Lives Matter

Police brutality has been around since the 1900s towards all races, however recently minorities have been targeted by the police, especially black men who are “strikingly vulnerable,” (Khan). This is now a rising problem that has affected many states across the United States. This involves unnecessary and unjustified violence towards people by the police; in disregard, if they are breaking the law or not. Over recent years this issue has become more prevalent due to social media broadcasting these injustices....
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The Influence of the Media on the Perception of BLM's Demonstrations

Blacks is a reflection of lawlessness and engagement in crime. The nexus between such a view and the reflection of the blacks as criminals is reflected in the following contexts. Dukes and Gaither (2017) indicate that persons of color are often reflected in the media as criminals. The prevailing social stereotype is that blacks are inclined to crimes. Since such stereotypes are socially constructed, they need a system that perpetuates them. Dukes and Gaither (2017) reflect that a biased reflection...
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Key Issues Within the Black Lives Matter Organization

On the evening of May 25th, 2020, George Perry Floyd Jr., an African American man, was brought under police custody for allegedly using a $20 counterfeit bill in Minneapolis. Derek Chauvin, a white police officer, pinned Floyd down and used his knee to apply pressure on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes and forty-six seconds, ultimately killing him. Floyd’s final minutes are caught on camera by security footage and witnesses’ phone cameras, where the videos were posted on social media. The...
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Analysis of Satire Campaigns to Represent Black Lives Matter Movement

In 2017, a US Teen was accepted into Stanford University after writing #BlackLivesMatter 100 times on his University application, with the university stating that they were inspired by the sheer passion, determination and courage shown by him. Black lives Matter (BLM) is an international activist movement campaigning against the ill-treatment of African-Americans and was founded following the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer, George Zimmerman. Boasting both heavy approval and criticism, many satirical images and videos flowed around the internet reaching...
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Essay on Black Lives Matter Organization: Critical Analysis of Discourse Community

A discourse community is a group of people who share a set of goals, which are basic values and assumptions, and ways of communicating about those goals. The ability to communicate is very important to a discourse community. It is important because without communication the community would not be able to convey information to each other, and they wouldn’t have the knowledge they need to do their jobs. An example of this would be the Black Lives Matter organization. I...
3 Pages 1222 Words

Use of John Swales’ Six Criteria to Analyze Discourse Community of Black Lives Matter

When learning about a discourse community, I found out that it is a group of people who share the same values and goals. They have their way of communicating about these goals. The reason this is important is because, without communication, these communities would not be able to relay information to each other. This would lead to them not being able to convey the knowledge that is needed to fulfill their purpose as a group. An example of a discourse...
2 Pages 886 Words

Twitter's Influence on the Black Lives Matter Movement

I would like you all to think about the question I am about to ask, what’s social media? Is it a news outlet? A way to attach yourself with friends? Well, both answers that were stated aren’t really wrong; however, it can most definitely be defined as an influence to our society thanks to its ability to attach people across the world. Studies show that in 2019, there have been 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, and growing, which equates...
3 Pages 1427 Words

Analytical Essay on Black Lives Matter Movement: Analysis of Advertising Campaign of Pepsi in 2017

For our advertising campaign I chose to compare it to the 2017 Pepsi campaign featuring Kendall Jenner as the leading lady. I chose this advert to use as a guideline on what not to do, in my opinion this Pepsi campaign embodies everything advertisement should avoid, due to the plethora of moral issues. There was so much backlash surrounding the commercial that Pepsi was forced to remove it from viewing platforms. During two thousand and seventeen, participating in activism progressively...
3 Pages 1369 Words

Reflective Essay on Analysis of The Black Lives Matter Homepage

The purpose of the Black Lives Matter website is to campaign to seek justice and working vigorously for freedom for Black people and by extension, all people to have. The Black lives matter Campaign also strives for freedom and world acceptance of Black lives matter, regardless of actual or supposed sexual identity, gender identity, gender representation, economic status, religious disbeliefs, disability, immigration status, ability, or location and police brutality. The organisation bases the website on their mission statement ’We affirm...
4 Pages 1795 Words

Social Network Analysis Methodology Paper: Case Study of Black Lives Matter Movement

Short history & key studies where it is used The social network analysis method for research began as an analytical tool to describe relationships within a community by structural anthropologists and sociologists, but is now an extremely useful tool for so many other social (and even nonsocial) sciences due to its versatile and relatively accessible nature. Social network analysis has become increasingly popular in studying social movements, where the collective mobilization of the group quite literally depends on/grows out of...
3 Pages 1539 Words

Analysis of Analogy for the Climate Change Movement with the Black Lives Matter Movement

Speaker: I’m qualified to speak about this issue because I’m passionate about learning history. I think it’s crucial to draw ties between similar social movements because you might be able to prevent repeating history. Purpose: The purpose of this letter is to inspire those in the Climate Change movement to learn from their opponents and not view the incoming hate as necessarily detrimental. Audience: My audience is the Climate Change movement. I chose this movement because they have recently come...
2 Pages 1134 Words

Critical Analysis of The Message of Black Lives Matter

The subject of black lives matter can be very touchy for the people affected by violence on black lives. Ignited by the acquittal of Trayvon martin’s murderer, George Zimmerman. There are always two sides of the spectrum on a matter and although some may believe the theme of black lives matter is just a shrouded message as an excuse to stage protest are dreadfully wrong. We all know in America you don’t need an excuse to stage protest. America was...
3 Pages 1159 Words

Critical Essay on The Black Lives Matter Movement: Use of Digital and Non-digital Methods of Campaigning

Question: Select an activist or activist organisation from the list below, describe their agenda and evaluate how their digital and non-digital methods of campaigning contribute to identifiable social change. During the reading of “The Tipping Point” – How little Things Can Make a Big Difference, Gladwell depicts how to look at social change. “any number of the other mysterious changes that mark everyday life is to think of them as epidemics. Ideas and products and messages and behaviours spread just...
2 Pages 964 Words

The Concept of 'Invisible People' and the Problem of Adequate Perception of the Individual

In our society, people often become “invisible” due to their race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, or social class. A person’s identity is shaped by others’ perceptions, without others’ perceptions of who he or she is, they will feel invisible. In other words, one must discover oneself and not seek for approval because of social expectations and gender roles. ‘Girls at War’ by Chinua Achebe, a Nigerian novelist, poet, professor and critic tells the story about the main character Reginald Nwankwo...
4 Pages 1626 Words
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