The Purpose of the Black Lives Matter Movement and Its Importance to Modern Society

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I want to start this essay talking on this subject with my understanding and how I view it. I think and feel that people misconstrue and don’t understand when this agenda is pushed and protested for. It's being pushed to a racist category when its nothing like that at all. To say that any life matters whether its human or animal means that at one-point people had to notice that the life in question as a whole is threatened and people thought it didn’t matter. when people say blue lives matter or white lives matter it infers that somewhere in history people have acted as though that life did not matter. When people including me say something like black lives matter it's not degrading any other life it's just that historically it’s a fact that people have acted as though black lives did not matter. It's hard to believe that people cannot see or understand this concept. That in fact this movement needs to be stood up for because there was a time that black lives did not matter. And still today black people are stripped of their basic rights at times. We see it every day but still are oblivious to this fact because statistics cover it up by saying more white people are killed than black people yearly. When looking at the numbers of course this is a fact but let me give an example. In this example I'm going to use 500 black people and 1,000 white people. In a year say that 300 died. That’s 30%. But say in that same year 250 black people died out of the 500. Yes, the numbers say that more white people died but which group suffered the most. This is the base of what people cannot see or begin to understand. They say that “All men are created equal” we coined this phrase hundreds of years ago but do you know who was not included in that? They were not talking about black men when they said this, they definitely weren't talking about black women or even women in general, but they still said that all men are created equal right. So that makes you think whose life actually matters. this movement is based not on racism or anything like that it’s the fact that we as a people and the black community want to specify that black lives in fact do matter because last time someone said all mean are created equal, they were not talking about black men or women. Explaining this I would hope people could see that the movement is not based on anything but wanting fundamental rights and opportunity. The question that arises is “is this possible” my answer is no. People are not able to be equal nor will they ever be. It’s a human fact. One race will always feel superior to the next. If “white” people weren't on top then black people would dominate and everyone would be yelling white lives matter.

So, in fact, black lives do matter. For decades black Americans and minorities have been treated as animals, looked at as if they are monsters and should only exist at the hand of a white man, and killed like flies in a person's house. Actions like police brutality and racism was the final tipping point and established this new wave of Black Lives Matter. The making of the Black Lives Matter movement was a response by the black community to give a voice to black Americans affected by the increase of wrongful deaths that were caused by the law enforcements that were supposed to serve and protect and vigilante groups across the country. This has been going on for so long that it seems like we are stuck in the past. For years, even decades black and minority Americans have had to live the struggle of not being equal and not receiving equal opportunity or pay. Even when things are going well and we think that maybe we finally have the same rights and are moving in the correct direction, something happens to change that. It is time to shed a light on the real purpose of Black Lives Matter and why they are important to today's society.

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Reading a excerpt written by David Marcus in June of this year he explains that Black lives matter or BLM began as nothing more than the hashtag “BlackLivesMatter” back in 2013 in the wake of the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin. That earliest loop or repetition of the term was the general statement of support. Very quickly BLM became the umbrella name for a network of loose tied activist groups with a very far left set of objectives and goals in mind. Just Like any other left-wing activist groups such as Anonymous, and Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the organization, is very decentralized and therefore hard to pin down. This is by design. One product of this decentralization is that it is very hard to know exactly what BLM wants. Reading this gives the other side of the story one would say. Seeing both sides of this is the first step to understanding it and being able to make a better future for the next generation to come. I feel that the wants of the black lives matter movement are not at all hard to pin down or know. But I see where people can be confused because of these protests turning to violent riots and breaking into stores it is in fact hard to see exactly what this movement is wanting. Sometimes it is defunding the police, sometimes it is demilitarizing the police, sometimes it is end capitalism and sometimes it is greater capital investment in black communities. This week Shaun King, an activist journalist associated with BLM suggested that statues depicting Jesus as white should be taken down. It really runs the gamut and with no strict leadership one cannot say they support the organization Black Lives Matter without also supporting some rather off-the-wall stuff, hence Pence’s demurring. Seeing it from a different perspective shows that it can be a little difficult to see just what the black lives matter movement is going for.

The Black Lives Matter movement or BLM activists have held small and large influential protests in cities across the United States as well as internationally. A decentralized grassroots movement, Black Lives Matter is led by activists in local chapters who organize their own campaigns and programs. Meaning most of the people leading thsese movements are nothing more than local people that are passionate about the movement and want change for the future.

The movement we see here in 2020 was caused by a lot of things but the tipping point was when a man named George Floyd, who was a unarmed Black man, was pronounced dead after a white Minneapolis police officer knelled on Floyd’s neck for several minutes, having many officers around that only stood watching and despite Floyd’s repeated protests that he could not breathe. Wide circulation of many of the bystander’s videos of Floyd’s desperate and horrifying last minutes triggered massive explosions of emotion and fury in cities throughout the United States and across the globe. The tragedy swayed U.S. public opinion in favor of the Black Lives Matter movement while drawing wide attention to the problem of entrenched racism in American society. Black Lives Matter protests peaked on June 6, when half a million people turned out in nearly 550 places across the United States. That was a single day in more than a month of protests that still continue to today.

A 2017 phone poll done by conducted nationally showed A 55% majority of Americans say they either strongly support or at least somewhat support the Black Lives Matter movement in some way, while 34% were oppose to the movement. That figure rose to 67% at the height of protests in June. More white people than ever recorded before including 37% of white Republicans showed or responded that they supported the black lives matter movement at least somewhat. But both of those figures fell in Pew’s most recent survey, which was released in the month of September.

Support among whites drastically fell to 45%, and as low as 16% among white Republicans which in the las survey was 37 percent. Support among Latinos also declined by 11 percent. Support in every area seemed to fall but Support among Black respondents rose to 87% — adding one percentage point since June.

Decades of economics have chained minority American families to living from paycheck to paycheck. Not having any kind security, healthcare, or even having access to fair wages and opportunity. Black people in America even have trouble finding good schools for their kids. while the country’s wealth was transferred to the likes of the Kushner family undeservedly. There are billionaires who have made their money overnight selling out our economy and Destroying the rule of law along with institutions. But those people aren't caught or punished. That’s why Americans of all ages and backgrounds have come to understand Black discrimination. It’s why we all need to stand together. Yes I said that we can never be one but I mean we cannot be one in the state that we are. There is so much hate in the world that could be solved with understanding one another. It is why they’re demanding fundamental structural change. Private equity, or private banking must be regulated and pay up reparations for having destroyed and offshored companies and industries. Leaving the everyday people to struggle to pay taxes while these big named people are moving money around and not paying anything close to what everyone else is paying. It’s why the movement has expanded beyond the U.S.

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