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Narrative essays hold the captivating power to transport readers into the depths of personal experiences and emotions, transforming words into vivid images and compelling stories. Delving into the art of storytelling, we find ourselves immersed in a sea of narratives. As a powerful tool for expressing our thoughts, emotions, and...

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Social Issues

Forgiveness Narrative Essay

Forgiveness Is the Remedy—and a Relief for Depression Chapter 7 at a Glance Having learned that toxic emotions—anger, guilt, and fear—are serious obstacles on the road to lasting freedom from depression, it's easy to wonder, What next? What can be done to deal with such formidable opponents? Thankfully, there is a proven antidote to toxic emotions—and a powerful tonic for regaining control over your health and well-being. However, like everything else on the road to healing depression for good, it's...
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Narrative Essay on Trauma

More than fifty-eight percent of Americans, both old and young, have experienced trauma related to gun violence. Firearms kill more people in the US as compared to the other nations of the world. Just as more people are killed, many of them also survive gunshot wounds. This violence may affect the lives of the victims as well as those of the people around them. Gunshot-related trauma takes many forms, which include physical trauma, emotional trauma, and psychological trauma. In this...
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Narrative Essay on Postpartum Depression

A 30-year-old mother of two in West Lafayette, Indiana states, 'It felt like a fog that descended on me, and I thought it would never leave,' The debilitating disease of Postpartum Depression causes the new mother to feel detached from their newborn child. During the first week of childbirth, mothers encounter symptoms such as intense irritability, insomnia, loss of appetite, and difficulting bonding with the newborn. A prevalent cure for downheartedness in the 19th century was an ineffective cure called...
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Narrative Essay about Body Image

Contemporary consumer culture has experienced a shift from bodies-producing commodities to commodities-producing bodies. Men feel the pressure to get bigger and stronger. Women feel the need to get smaller and thinner. Individuals consistently disregard their physical and mental health to achieve their ideal body image. As these idealizations have become more of a priority in our lives, the fitness industry has continued to grow. The industry uses these aspirations to spark consumerism. According to a 2018 IHRSA report, total fitness...
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Divorce Narrative Essay

I have heard many compliments from “You're doing a good job” “You're amazing when you put your mind to things” and of course “You're going to do great things when you get older.” I have always minimized my achievements and never took pride in any of my accomplishments. Deep down I felt I didn’t deserve any admiration no matter what I accomplished. I took Dual Enrollment and AP courses while achieving Honor roll, and being the most active volunteer in...
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Narrative Essay about Loyalty

Dystopia can be seen in everyday life throughout society, as citizens are under constant surveillance and are in fear of the outside world. Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel, Brave New World, was published in 1932. Inspired by the social and political changes from the Industrial Revolution, Huxley describes a future society controlled to seem perfect and pain-free but meaningless. 1984, by George Orwell, was released in 1984 and shows the way the government attains control over reality. The higher powers in...
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Narrative Essay about Motivating Yourself about a Course I Failed

Facing failure can be disheartening, but it's in these moments that our resilience and determination are truly tested. One such challenge I encountered was failing a course that I had invested time and effort in. However, instead of letting this setback define me, I chose to transform it into a catalyst for growth and motivation. This narrative essay chronicles my journey of motivating myself after failing a course, discovering the power of perseverance, self-reflection, and a renewed commitment to my...
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Narrative Essay about a Classmate's Experience Living in a Foreign Country

Life is a constant journey of exploration and self-discovery. For my classmate Sarah, this journey took an extraordinary turn when she decided to embark on an adventure that would lead her to live in a foreign country. Through her experiences, challenges, and triumphs, she unearthed layers of herself she never knew existed, reshaping her perspectives and broadening her horizons. New Beginnings Sarah's decision to live in a foreign country was fueled by a desire for new experiences and personal growth....
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‘A 12 Year Old’ Narrative Essay about Decisions Making

At the tender age of 12, life may seem like a simple and carefree adventure, but for me, it has been a journey of learning, growth, and the often puzzling art of decision-making. As I navigate the challenges of being a pre-teen, I have come to realize that decisions, big or small, play a significant role in shaping who I am becoming. The Candy Conundrum One sunny afternoon, while walking home from school, I faced a dilemma that would forever...
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World War 2: Narrative Essay

World War II was a global conflict that engulfed the world from 1939 to 1945. It was a time of great turmoil and suffering, but it was also a period that showcased the resilience and bravery of countless individuals. In this narrative essay, I will recount a personal story that reflects the impact and experiences of World War II. I grew up in a small town in England during the 1930s. As a child, I was sheltered from the horrors...
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What Is Personal Investment: Narrative Essay

Introduction In today's fast-paced world, personal investment has become an essential aspect of individuals' financial well-being and long-term stability. It is a journey that goes beyond simply saving money and delves into the realm of making informed financial decisions and taking calculated risks. Join me on a narrative exploration of personal investment as we navigate through the ups and downs, the triumphs and setbacks, and the ultimate empowerment that comes from taking control of our financial future. The Seed of...
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What If World War 1 Never Happened: Narrative Essay

Introduction The year is 1914, and tensions are running high among the major powers of Europe. The world stands on the brink of a catastrophic conflict that would come to be known as World War I. But what if, in an alternate reality, this devastating war never took place? What would the world look like if the events leading to World War I had unfolded differently? Let us embark on a narrative journey through this alternate timeline and explore the...
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Narrative Essay about LGBT

Introduction Growing up, I always felt different. I struggled to fit into society's expectations, grappling with my identity and the complex emotions that accompanied it. Little did I know that my journey would lead me to the vibrant and diverse community of LGBT individuals, where I would find acceptance, love, and the courage to embrace my true self. Body As a teenager, I navigated a world that seemed binary, divided into categories that never quite captured the depth of human...
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Animal Abuse Narrative Essay

Before the start, here are some useful tips for those who are afraid of animals, especially dogs. If you don’t touch them first, I’m sure they’re not going to hit back. I suggest that you take a few steps away and then watch them, not challenging. The second tip is don’t touch them from behind! As they have very narrow eyesight, they might feel like someone attacks them, which leads them to attack you. The reason why I gave those...
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Narrative Essay on Childhood Memories

At first, the house was sinister. Tall oaks loomed over the house, brushing the house in the wind, giving nightmares of creatures scratching the walls to the children. The long, shady meandering drive travelled through the forest, which the house away. The eerie half-renovated basement with one singular lightbulb that cast long disquieting moving shadows on the walls. The steps that would squeak when no one was there, the windows that would slam when no one had touched them, the...
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Vietnam War and the Media: Narrative Essay

Some historians argue that the broadcasting of the Vietnam War and the effect that that had on the American people was the reason for the Americans losing the war. Daniel Hallin, Professor of Communications asserts, 'What was the effect of television on the development and outcome of the war? The conventional wisdom has generally been that for better or worse it was an anti-war influence: The argument has often been made that any war reported in an unrestricted way by...
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How Volunteering Changed My Life Essay

Community service and volunteering improves society and a person’s general wellbeing. Volunteering builds strong communities and ties a various group of people together. I started volunteering once I entered high school to satisfy my schools requirements of forty-eight volunteer hours per year. initially, I saw volunteering as a hassle despite my mom's dedication to community service and selflessness. Most of the activities I had been participating in held little significance to me. I babysat and helped my neighbors to earn...
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Drug Addiction: Narrative Essay

The Spread the News assignment was a fantastic way to get my issues across to a wider audience and I thoroughly enjoyed taking the time to alter my traditional way of learning; switching from writing essays and assignments to making interesting and interactive projects that involve social media and an increased amount of classmate interaction. My choosing to focus on drug addiction stemmed from my current place of employment, which deals with members of the public taking public transit. What...
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Narrative Essay about Loneliness

How many times in my own experience has this chilling killing feeling of loneliness come to strangle me as well? I can't get away from it no matter what I do. Sundays, or long evenings, can be the loneliest times since everyone is busy with something else. How could I not feel angry, miserable, and forlorn, since options for socialization are limited by a physical disability? Even if someone is not hindered by a disability, he may find himself in...
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Narrative Essay about Volunteering

My consumer Allen has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder type one. According to the Mayo Clinic, bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that causes extreme fluctuations in mood. Bipolar disorder type one is when the manic episode is more recent or the most extreme for the individual. The mood swings include having a low mood (depression) and extremely high moods which can be mania or hypomania (Mayo Clinic). These symptoms can be rare, or the person may experience them...
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Personal Best Leadership Experience Essay

Introduction Leadership is the ability of a personal or a gaggle of people to effect and lead supporters or alternative members of a corporation. Leaders are needed in most areas, such as business, politics, regions, and community organizations. This report will talk about my best leadership experience, an inspirational leader for me, two group activities this semester, values, beliefs, and assumptions about leadership, and my leadership philosophy. Critical reflection Best personal leadership experience When I was in high school, our...
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Allegory of the Cave' Personal Experience Essay

The other major factor in this story is when the prisoner is released from the shackles and can venture out. The prisoners are “set free from their chains and cured of their lack of insight” (Plato). This line also entails that releasing the prisoner is like a teacher teaching. They must push a vast amount of information out, for the students to understand the truth. Another line that supports this example is “If someone, using force, were to pull him...
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Growth Mindset Narrative Essay

In today’s society if we want to be successful in the classroom the student has to show the teacher that we’re ready to learn from them and that we’re going to treat them with the respect they deserve when we’re in the classroom. When you think of a student, you think of someone who attends school, when you think of a student you should think of someone who possesses certain characteristics that make them a student. The characteristics that would...
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School Shooting Narrative Essay

The U.S. has witnessed nearly 40,000 deaths, due to gun violence in the past year, the highest level it’s been since the 1990s. This rating of deaths is very formidable making this nation a place of terror and lack of safety. Many homicides and suicides have been caused because of the lack of gun control. The political debate of gun control laws changing to a stronger base has been going on for years now, and people are still waiting for...
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Narrative Essay about Depression

So, I have depression. Didn’t think you were going to hear that as an opening statement, did you? I have suffered from depression since I was 15 years old, however was only formally diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder this year. Like many people in the world, my symptoms got worse over the year due to the isolation and huge changes that occurred during the COVID pandemic however they started to come about again just after the Christmas period. 1999 and...
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Narrative Essay about Teenage Pregnancy

Introduction I was the product of a teenage pregnancy; my mom had me at the young age of 17 years old. She struggled in school and with the help of her teachers and school district she was able to do her junior and senior years together to be able to graduate. There isn’t a day that goes by that my mom doesn’t mention how hard it was to be a young mother, her childhood went out the window the moment...
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Cultural Identity: Narrative Essay

'As far as I know, it takes effect immediately, without delay'. These famous words from Günter Schabowski ended the many years of separation between East and West Germany on 9 November 1989. In the following months, more and more people moved from East Berlin to the West and vice versa. Thus, step by step, the products of the West were also adopted in the East, while large parts of the culture of the GDR, the German Democratic Republic, disappeared. Some...
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Narrative Essay: Personal Interview about IEP Process

Questionnaire Interview 1. How did you learn that Braylin has a disability? (Who was present? When did this happen?) If you were giving advice to professionals who need to explain to a parent that his/her child has a special need, what would that advice be? 'We were at, I was working at Shelly's (Welsh's Pre-K day school), and I noticed that Braylin was not playing with the other kids. Braylin was three at the time. He always played with his...
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Narrative Essay about Volleyball

As the youngest and only daughter in my home, of course, I would dip into everyone’s closets and dressers, especially my mom’s. It doesn’t help that we wear the same size in literally everything. I am notorious in my household for being a thief, and since before I could remember I would borrow, without permission, anything I found cute and that I thought she hadn’t worn in a while. I am also notorious, according to my mom, for losing and...
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My Neighbour and Her Life Story: Narrative Essay

Many experts say that we're all just a product of our environments - the sum total of our experiences. Yet there seem to be people who rise above their beginnings, people untouched by the things going on around them. These people are remarkable. Elsa was such a person. She survived deprivation most of us can't imagine, lived among some of the most despicable villains in history, and emerged untouched. I didn't know her well and I know I can't do...
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