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In today’s society if we want to be successful in the classroom the student has to show the teacher that we’re ready to learn from them and that we’re going to treat them with the respect they deserve when we’re in the classroom. When you think of a student, you think of someone who attends school, when you think of a student you should think of someone who possesses certain characteristics that make them a student. The characteristics that would best describe a student are respect, reliability, motivation, and that they have a growth mindset these are the types of characteristics that will distinguish you from other students in the classroom. I will be using Adrienne Rich’s “Claiming an Education,” which was cited from a magazine in it she talks about what students need to do to be in control of their education. Another one of my sources is Paulo Freire’s “The Banking Concept of Education,” which was cited from a book in which he talks about how banking and education are similar. I will also be using Susan A. Stearns’ “Motivating Students to Offer Their Best: Evidence-Based Effective Course Design” as my source which is an article about how having motivation in your life will be beneficial to you. The last source I used was Mengyuan Wu’s “A Growth Mindset” which is an article about how having a growth mindset can change your perspective on life. When it comes to your education to be successful as a student you’re going to have to develop characteristics that will be beneficial to you when you’re in the classroom.

Even though teachers can be intimidating, students should try to cultivate respectful relationships with their teachers, so the teacher would see the student is putting effort into having a professional relationship with them. For a student to be successful in the classroom, they need to have the teacher showing them the way. They need to have a relationship where if the student has a question they know it will be answered by the teacher. In Adrienne Rich’s “Claiming an Education”, she elaborates on how students should be seen as equals with the teacher when she says “I have said that the contract on the student’s part involves that you demand to be taken seriously so that you can also go on taking your-self seriously”(87). In other words, students expect teachers to respect them and not insult them when they’re in the classroom. This is important to a student’s self-esteem if they feel that the teacher doesn’t care about them then they’re not going to try in the classroom. When I was in high school, I was new to this one class, so I would always ask the teacher for help, I lost respect for the teacher when after two weeks of being in his class which was computer animation he stopped answering my questions and started ignoring me, this lead to me ditching his class. When a student is in the classroom they expect they will be treated with the same respect that the teacher treats everyone else, they don’t anticipate the teacher to give up on them, students expect teachers to be reliable, and they shouldn’t have to worry about if the teacher will answer the question or not.

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Additionally, When in the classroom teachers tend to look for reliable students, they choose them knowing they’ll have the answer to the question. In the classroom students should aim to be someone the teacher can always rely on in case they do groups and the teacher needs someone to be the leader. In Paulo Freire’s “The Banking Concept of Education”, he goes into detail on what role the teacher has with the student “The teacher’s task is to organize a process which already occurs spontaneously, to fill the students by making deposits of information which he of she considers to constitute true knowledge”(32). In other words, he is talking about how in a banking concept students rely on teachers to fill them with the knowledge they need to be successful in life. It is important to note that reliable people are setting the standard on what people should be demonstrating when they’re in the classroom. In my experience being reliable is not only beneficial in the classroom but outside as well because people know that they can count on you when they need help. This is a characteristic that we should be able to demonstrate that we possess as students that we’re reliable and that we’re also productive when we’re in the classroom.

Furthermore, as a student, I know that when a teacher sees a student they want to see someone that is motivated to be successful in the classroom. It shows that we’re here to learn and that we’re interested in what she is teaching us. It’s the people who are motivated that the teacher recommends other students try to imitate when they’re in the classroom. In school, you’re expected to be productive in the classroom, teachers want to see that you’re motivated because it shows that their teaching has an impact on you in the classroom. In Susan A. Stearns’ “Motivating Students to Offer Their Best: Evidence-Based Effective Course Design”, she details how her research on students being motivated impacts their grades in the classroom “In both instances, this design offers me the opportunity to further assist these students from early in the term while also offering motivation, via a higher score which greatly impacts their final grade and a reward for those exhibiting excellence”(128).In other words, she is talking about how if students feel they are going to be rewarded for doing something then they’re going to give more effort into that assignment. This is important because If you’re in school and you’re not motivated to get an education, then the only person’s time you’re wasting is yours. In my own experiences, I didn’t become motivated to work hard in school until I found out in the summer what I truly wanted to do in life, that’s when I became motivated to go to school and work hard towards getting my education. If students want to claim their education they have to have the motivation to do it, you can say you’re going to do something but if there’s no motivation behind it, then you won’t do everything in your power to accomplish it.

Moreover, the most important characteristic that students should have is a growth mindset, instead of saying you can’t do it you should say I can’t do it yet. When you have a growth mindset it will be easier for you to adapt to new environments and try new things, you’ll look forward to learning and improving. If you can have a growth mindset it will help gain the potential you have in you and the reason why you’re continuing your education. In Mengyuan Wu’s “A Growth Mindset” she talks about how coming from a traditional Chinese culture influenced her to have a fixed mindset and how when she went abroad is when her mindset changed and this is the phrase that changed her mindset “What matters is what you learn and get out of it, not how high your score is”(5). In other words, she is saying how the experiences you will get from trying new stuff or learning something new will overshadow the grade you might get. This is important because the point she is making is that just because you get a bad grade don’t let it define the experience you had taking the class. In my experience having a growth mindset has been beneficial, I was failing my biology class and Instead of dropping the class, I decided to go to tutoring and now my grade is starting to improve in the class. In the classroom having a growth mindset is what will propel you to be successful in the classroom, it will give you the motivation you need to achieve your goals.

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