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Essay on Picasso 'Weeping Woman'

The Weeping Woman is an amazingly successful artwork created on 26th October 1937 by a famous Spanish artist called Pablo Picasso. Pablo Picasso was born on 25th October in Malaga, Spain, and sadly died in Mougins, France on 8th April 1973. The artwork shows her misfortune and distress through angles, lines, and colors. Pablo Picasso included many different elements of art and demonstrated other techniques in The Weeping Woman which makes the painting successful. The subjective frame in the artwork...
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Self-Concept Reflection Essay

Self-concept is who we think we are, the picture we have of ourselves plus the picture we think others have of us. Self-concept plays an important part in our overall wellness. It affects the ways we look at our body, how we express ourselves and interact with our friends and it even influences how we make decisions. Self-esteem A major reason why self-concept might be unrealistic is that you may be believing what others tell you. Criticism doesn't just hurt...
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Essay on 'Bless Me Ultima' Dialectical Journal

 Chapter 1 (summary/ important events) Throughout these pages, he dreams about his birth and in that dream he had specific people in it. Later on, he asked his mom if the people he had in his dream were actually there. His mom said yes, but was a concern in why he was asking so many questions This dream kinda made me believe that he has some kind of gift. Maybe a gift of remembering things from the past by using...
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Exploratory Essay with Body Image

Primarily, in this essay, I will be looking at the concept of childhood, body image, and contemporary society, and how they are projected in today's society. Michel Foucault's ideas of biopower will help us understand the connections between today's society and childhood body image. I will be focusing on how Foucault's perception of biopower is relevant and how it can help us understand the pressure of society on body image by girls and boys. I will then discuss my research...
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Rene Descartes Concept of Self Essay

It's my first time watching this movie, and I can truly say that it helped me discover new things and come to even more new conclusions. At first, I was perplexed, and I could not figure out what was going on, but as the film went on, somehow everything seemed clearer to me. This film has many plot twists, a cliffhanger finale, and also several unanswered questions and theories. It's one of the best films I have seen so far...
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Marilyn Frye Oppression Summary

Introduction: In this essay, I will answer the question:” Outline and critically examine Frye’s account of oppression”. Firstly, outline all the opinions of Marilyn Frye and then discuss those opinions which I think can be challenged or extended. Secondly, Discuss them separately and each paragraph includes one opinion. Finally, I will write a conclusion. Main body: Definition: The definition of oppression is that: Oppression is a systematic network of forces and barriers. (Frye, M.1983)Oppression names “an enclosing structure of forces...
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Essay on 'Five Faces of Oppression' by Iris Young Summary

In her article Five Faces of Oppression, Iris Young provides an explanation of the term oppression as used by new left social movements in the United States, and consequently, its meaning. In this paper, I will summarize exploitation as one of five faces of oppression that Young uses to comprehensively and universally define whether a social group is oppressed or not. I will also summarize one of her exploitation arguments regarding women's oppression. I will discuss an objection that could...
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Essay on 'The Bluest Eye'

After reading the novel, The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, I believe that the author's intended message is to express the effects of imposing whiteness as an ideal beauty standard on black people. At the beginning of the book, Pecola Breedlove, a young black girl has a deep desire to obtain blue eyes to feel accepted, beautiful, and loved by her family and white dominant society. However, she lives in a society where people of her race are marginalized and...
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Essay on Forrest Gump Summary

Intro The themes of racism, gender inequality and social influence is explored in the novel The Help written by Kathryn Stockett and the film Forrest Gump directed by Robert Zemeckis. Stockett explores the idea of a social influence on a narrow minded society through the three main protagonists Aibileen, Skeeter, and Minny who take turns narrating the story. Zemeckis highlights that history is what has shaped the modern world. Both pieces are of a historical context, The Help’s context is...
4 Pages 1980 Words

Essay on Freud and Marx Views on Human Nature

Karl Marx, John Mill, and Sigmund Freud are some of the most iconic philosophers and writers who focused their works on human nature. Each individual had a different view on human nature and progress, but religion ties into and is a key point in their work. In Karl Marx’s Early Writings, he refers to religion as “the opium of the people”, and is a strong critic of the relationship between religion and the human race. In The Future of an...
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Plato Concept of Self Essay

I will be mindful of developing through the years, and I used to be usually taught that as soon as you die, your soul would drift up to heave and that's how you would live the relaxation of your days. This used to be my theory of the self; you would live out your days on earth but ascend to heaven as soon as it was your time. Plato's thought of the self is exceptional from mine and is very...
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Argumentative Essay on Compulsive Shopping

As systematic reviews have been conducted for psychotherapy for Shopping Addiction/ Compulsive buying, the evidence base is more credible and established compared to that for Pharmacological interventions which are more commonly based on single case studies. For instance, a systematic review of multiple treatments for Compulsive buying has found that the most effective Psychotherapy is the 12 session group therapy CBT (Leite, Pereira, Nardi, & Silva, 2014). This 12-session CBT, encompasses thought restructuring, self-esteem, stress management, relapse prevention, and more....
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Essay on Oprah Winfrey Vision

While watching a single TV show can be tedious, people still find solace in it. One show that has successfully managed to impact people positively is The Oprah Winfrey Show, an American talk show hosted by Oprah Winfrey. TVs were initially intended to inform without focusing much on the viewers' engagement. Notably, Oprah Winfrey Show changed this perspective as content was extended from merely new reporting to telling shows that reflected people’s lives, making viewers feel part of the televising....
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Window Shopping Essay

The song entitled ES-EM by Yano is a song that describes some cultures of Filipinos. We can assume that it is about Filipinos because it is written by a Filipino songwriter, and the character in the song portrays Filipino culture. The song is entitled ES-EM which indicates the SM mall. SM is a place where you can do and find everything. In there, you can shop for everything, watch movies, eat different kinds of food, enjoy the world of fun,...
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Michael Jackson Song 'Billie Jean' Essay

The song I have chosen to analyze and rearrange is ‘Billie Jean’ composed and produced by iconic artist and performer Michael Jackson. Co-produced by Quincy Jones. Both Jackson and Jones did not agree on the fundamental elements of this piece, yet built the bridge in which ‘Billie Jean’ was created for the classic song that it is. In 1983 ‘Billie Jean’ was released by Epic Records, which was placed in ‘Thriller’ Jackson’s sixth studio album. According to reports, Quincy Jones...
3 Pages 1268 Words

Michael Jackson 'We Are the World' Essay

“We Are the World” was written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. Quincy Jones produced the song in 1985. This song is about a widespread famine that was going on at the time. The USA Africa is a nonprofit organization that was going through a famine at the time Jackson recorded the song and video. Proceeds from the song and video were then used to feed and relieve people enduring the famine. The song shows the importance of diverse backgrounds...
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Essay on 'Seated Bather' by Pablo Picasso

Krauss’s “In the Name of Picasso” starts by presenting Picasso’s Seated Bather, 1930, and Picasso’s Bather with Beach Ball, 1932. The two pieces share a similar style of painting, however, they express different moods. Picasso’s attraction to surrealism played a role in his artwork, in that both of his paintings resemble sculptural experiences of their separate forms. The change in the feeling of Picasso’s art, disregarding his cubist style, was based on his biography and the intimate relationships that he...
1 Page 483 Words

Essay on Propaganda Devices

”Propaganda is indifferent to truth and truthfulness, knowledge, and understanding; it is a form of strategic communication that uses any means to accomplish its ends” -Walter Cunningham Propaganda is primarily used in today's newspapers, television, and most common social media. However, propaganda has been used in the past at major historical events, such as WW1. Aside from today's technology, we can notice how propaganda was used in art, music, and posters. It is the same thought, the same idea, and...
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Essay on Tybalt in 'Romeo and Juliet'

The optimistic tone of Act II, which graces the union between Romeo and Juliet through their marriage, significantly changes at the beginning of Act III due to the fight that breaks out between the families of Capulet and Montague. These few lines dramatically shift the play into a tragedy, a juxtaposition from what it was before, a romantic comedy. The previous night, which embodied peace and love is overshadowed by the great violence and scorching temper that ultimately results in...
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Essay on 'The Bluest Eye' Book Review

Summary This book takes place at the end of the Great Depression, and nine-year-old Claudia and ten-year-old Frieda MacTeer live with their parents in Lorain, Ohio. The two girls’ parents are more concerned with their problems than paying attention to their children, but there's an undercurrent of affection and security in their household. Henry Washington and a little girl Pecola are taken in by the MacTeers as boarders since Pecola's father tries to burn down his family's home. Claudia and...
4 Pages 1625 Words

Essay on 'Run Forrest, Run' Meaning

Forrest Gump. The true example of what it means for someone to prosper and grow with adversity constantly by his side. I guess what makes him so likeable to millions around the world including me, is his sense of acceptance to whatever comes his way. There is no doubt or worry in the back of his mind of what the future may hold for him. He treats every situation with the same amount of love and compassion and lets faith...
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Michael Jackson: Essay on Childhood

Michael Jackson rose to stardom because of his compulsion to make music, his commitment to perfection of his dance moves and singing, and his relatable messages to the world through his music. One of the best and most controversial icons of the twentieth century, Michael Jackson was omnipresent in our pop cognizance from the second he first lined up on stage beside his brothers, to the 24-hour rolling news coverage of his ‘brutish’ death. Every note he sang, every step...
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Body Image Cause and Effect Essay

Body image is defined by health professional Carla Rice as, “an individual's experience of his or her body. It refers to the mental picture a person had of his or her body as well as the individual’s associated thoughts, feelings, judgments, sensations, awareness, and behavior” (“Body Image”). Body image is developed through interactions with people and the social world. It alters across lifespans in response to adjusting feedback from the environment. Body image in young teens is greatly influenced by...
2 Pages 894 Words

Western and Eastern Concept of Self Essay

A study has demonstrated that self-oriented behavior in the mirror, after being surreptitiously marked on the face, which is representing an explicit index of self-concept, the objectified and identified sense of the embodied self (Amsterdam et al., 1972, as cited in Broesch et al.,2011,p.1018). As a benchmark of self-concept, numerous studies suggest that children reach this milestone by 18-24 months of age (Amsterdam et al., 1972, as cited in Broesch et al.,2011,p.1018) The rationale behind the mark test is that...
2 Pages 800 Words

Body Image Sociology Essay

Social media use has swiftly become a normal part of daily life activities and a means of communication for many people, both young and old. It exposes people to lots of images and sets societal body shape standards, which may be unrealistic and affect body images of people, especially women (Behan, 2015). Also, Poorma and Vijaybanu (2016) reported that these body shape standards seen on social media influence healthy eating habits and weight loss journey of people. This study was...
3 Pages 1390 Words

How Does Body Image Influence Mental Health: Essay

Throughout history, women have dealt with body image in a sense of violence trying to be the perfect figure that society portrays to be the “ideal woman”. Women who deal with serious conditions like breast cancer develop a negative perspective toward their body image due to the drawbacks of chemotherapy. This can be a form of violence for themselves trying to keep up their image and fight a deadly condition. Even within different cultures, women tend to have issues with...
5 Pages 2484 Words

Persuasive Essay on Media and Body Image

Abstract High beauty standards and food disorders have always been a concern for many generations. Numerous studies have examined how the traditional media has impacted the body images of many populations for a long time. Recently, that research has focused on the effects of Social Media and its contributions to body image. Research and analysis of various variables can help in the study and understanding of how social media platforms impact the daily lives of individuals. Data collection was achieved...
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Essay on Dimensions of Self Concept

The world we live in is vast. Our plant is home to approximately 7.7 billion individuals.1 While humans as a species share general traits, people belonging to different cultures and nationalities differ from one to the next. Beliefs and customs differ. Fairy tales are told differently depending on how your parents told you them as a child, and how their parents told them these same stories. It is hard to imagine that every one of us is unique from one...
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Essay on Support for Postpartum Depression

Abstract In the US, postpartum depression (PPD) is an intricate and multiple factor that affects a mother, her child, and her family. Depression in the postpartum period has been linked to poor parental bonding, child abuse, and neglect. Furthermore, poor bonding has been found consistently with more cesarean births than vaginal. For years, researchers have been searching for a correlation between obstetric method of delivery and incidence of PPD. Many theoretical research questions have arrived such as: how does the...
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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime' Essay on Isolation

The problems society might face daily could be the cause of people coming together to understand other situations and relate to them. Empathy has many aspects on how it can be shown towards others. Being an empathetic person means you can understand the way another person might be feeling, and why they might feel that way. Texts such as “Night” and “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time' help build empathy toward situations that are different than their...
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