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This paper is going to explain the concept of ethical dilemma through a case study. It would explain the process on how to handle a dilemma through good communication and critical thinking. By the end of this paper, one would be able to understand the values and ethics of social ...

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Ethical Dilemma Essay

Every day, we are faced with ethical dilemmas in our personal and professional lives. But when it comes to business decisions, an ethical dilemma can have far-reaching implications for both the company and its stakeholders. As a business professional or decision-maker, it’s important to understand what ethical dilemmas are, why they arise, and how to handle them responsibly. In this essay I would like to take a closer look at ethical dilemmas. What is an Ethical Dilemma? An ethical dilemma...
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Essay on Personal Ethical Dilemma

Stakeholder Analysis I have experienced and witnessed many ethical dilemmas which have made impacted my own ethical decision-making in life. An ethical dilemma is best defined as a “decision-making problem between two possible moral imperatives”. One dilemma in particular that I would like to share involves my aunt facing a serious ethical decision in her workplace. My aunt is a social worker and a fundamental part of her job is ethical awareness. As we know social workers are supposed to...
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Ethical Dilemmas Of Modern Society

Ethical dilemmas are in our everyday lives and affect society whether someone has a christian worldview or not. Some dilemmas that are in effect in today’s society are the following: Pornography, Abortion, Performance Enhancing Drugs, Religious Tolerance, etc. A case study with a man named Tj comes to the picture, his ethical dilemma being addiction to pornography. He believes he is in no way of harming anyone while in the act of masturbating and secretly enjoying pornography behind closed doors....
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Ethical Dilemmas: End Of Life Care

The healthcare profession is a fluid industry. Advances and the expanse of knowledge are continuously changing interventions and treatments. The medical advances created by research and technological growth have increased the lifespan of individuals. These advances have also created new ways of prolonging life even when the most traumatic events occur to the body. In the healthcare industry, ethical dilemmas arise daily. When do we stop medically intervening to prolong life and let nature take its course? This challenges medical...
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The Ethical Dilemma Of Using Euthanasia

Introduction to Euthanasia and Ethical Dilemmas Today, there are various opinions on what should be considered ethical and/or unethical. At an early age, many people learn the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, but we all tend to develop our own ideas of why something is right or wrong and/or good or bad. Although we learn these concepts early in life and develop our own opinions rather quickly, there are some situations in life that may cause individuals...
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Ethical And Legal Dilemma For Nurses

Throughout nursing professions, nurses face many legal or ethical dilemmas. Every nurse is required to know the ethical and legal aspects of health care. Nurses must understand these codes to practice safely and protect their patients. Although understanding the difference between law and ethics is important for nurses. Ethics respect moral values and actions. Such values include autonomy, utilitarianism, confidentiality, and much more. On the other hand, laws are the rules of conduct that are required. Nurses must comply with...
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Essay on Ethical Dilemma of Police Corruption

Police corruption can begin by innocent gestures like accepting free food which can prompt activities, for example, criminal behavior. As indicated by Pollock, a moral difficulty is the point at which a person must settle on what to do. Either the decision is unclear, or the correct decision will be troublesome in view of the cost included or the correct decision of activity conveys some negative outcomes (Pollock, p.3). Cops must settle on the correct decision in not accepting anything...
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Ethical Dilemma In Sally’s Case

This paper will be exploring the provided scenario Sally’s case based on the Principle-Based Decision-Making Models introduced by Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) Code of Ethics (2007) consists of six steps which will be go through in details in this case study. The case description Client Sally, who deemed to be ‘mature minor’ during her first visit with me, a new therapist. Sally disclosed that the considerable domestic violence within her family that her father usually carries out violent...
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Ethical Dilemma: Definition And Main Characteristics

Definition: An ethical Dilemma is a situation where an organization faces a dilemma in responding to a situation. The company has many options but no process will be resolving the issue then this situation is called an ethical dilemma. Summary: Ethical dilemma is nothing but choosing an option over the other if there are multiple options are available to choose. Ethical issues are different from ethical dilemmas. Concerning the difference between ethical issues and ethical dilemmas, this is especially important...
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Ethical Dilemma: Choice Of Abortion Should Only Affect The Individual In Position

An ethical dilemma is when the best course of action is unclear, and when there are adequate and compelling moral reasons supporting each position (Keatings, 2020). There have been ethical dilemmas in various areas of topics, the field, biomedical ethics is associated with healthcare ethics and dilemmas. The topic of abortion has and is currently known as an ethical dilemma. The medical definition for abortion is the premature exit of the products of conception; the fetus, fetal membranes, and placenta...
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Legal And Ethical Dilemmas Of Nurses

I am writing this paper over the ethical dilemma of chemical impaired nurses on duty. This subject is an ongoing problem is the nursing profession today that can and has changed a patient’s quality of life, due to mistakes made by a nurse while under the influence. Nurses have access to countless amounts of medications and are trusted to disperse them accordingly. When a nurse violates this code, they are not only taking away from the hospital, but they are...
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Ethical Dilemmas At The Workplace

Ethical dilemmas in the workplace are exceptionally typical, and they’re not for each situation easy to answer. The thoughts are clear, be that as it may, the test is in the execution. Regardless, when affiliations have unimaginable courses of action and procedures and stick to the laws and rules, there’s up ’til now a high peril of untrustworthy lead. Ethical Dilemmas is a ethic condition where a choice must be made between two correspondingly undesirable different alternatives. Dilemmas may arise...
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Ethical Dilemmas In The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games starts with an ethical dilemma in the first chapter. Katniss discusses going hunting outside the district even though if she gets caught it could result in death. I feel that she chooses to hunt despite the consequences because she didn’t want to see her little sister or mom starve. I believe she uses the virtues approach in her choice. She is demonstrating compassion, love, and generosity by being willing to risk her life to provide for her...
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Ethical Issues And Dilemmas In Healthcare

Healthcare professionals are obligated to avail care to ailing patients by minimizing any form of suffering as well as alleviating pain. Because of this, every action taken by healthcare personnel or physician constitutes both a moral and ethical dimension. These dimensions are supposed to be in alignment with a set of ethical principles that aim at enhancing the quality of care. The ethical principles also play a significant role in the identification as well as the attempt to resolve issues...
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Ethical Issues And Dilemmas In Business

A Toxic leadership triangle includes the three aspects of the management which are the leaders who are destructive in their nature, the followers who are vulnerable and the environment which is very much conducive. All these together combine to form the destructive kind of a result. It can, therefore, be said that if the leader practices toxic kind of leadership then their workers tend to become very much unhappy with the organization in which they work this will ultimately lead...
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Moral Dilemmas of Self-Driving Cars

In this article on the ethics of self-driving cars, the author explains the moral issues and effects of self-driving cars. When creating a self-driving car, the programmer has control over the car to make moral decisions when the car faces a collision. The passenger of the self-driving car has no control over how the car responds to accidents; they must depend on the car and its programmers. The programmer’s control whose lives are prioritized when they decide who should live...
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Ethical and Moral Dilemmas Faced by Characters of 'The Dark Knight'

Film as a visual culture (especially in today’s world) has multiple purpose and aims to educate the viewer while also entertaining them and giving them the chance ponder over the human experiences throughout. Naturally not every film manages to obtain the goals previously mentioned, in fact many don’t even attempt to. Films that manage to entertain and provoke discussion are handy projects that can be used for education. When attempting to create a piece of work that tackles the tricky...
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Ethical Dilemmas Of Enron Company

Honesty & Integrity Enron was extremely competitive. A company which was known for its perfection and achieving success in a cut throat competitive environment. Enron’s work culture created an environment of deception. Employees of Enron had to perform well and if they did not they would be fired. The company hid information from its investors. It tried to project an image that the company was running smoothly and faced no financial problems. Whereas the reality was a far cry from...
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The Physician Assisted Suicide Dilemma

Abstract Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS) is when a physician provides a lethal medication that is used to end life. With an ever-increasing responsiveness of physician assisted suicide across the world, it is important to understand the beliefs and reasoning for those for and against PAS. There has been a long debate regarding the ethics surrounding these issues. PAS has a long history and there are many laws in place across the world that either ban, or have legalized, PAS. The...
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Ethical Dilemma: Case Study of Johnson and Johnson’s and Its Major Competitor

Introduction Johnson and Johnson`s is one of the well-known companies in the world. It is developed in 1886 by three brothers, Robert wood Johnson, James Wood Johnson, and Edward Mead Johnson. It is a fortune 500 Pharmaceutical and consumers packaged goods manufactured multinational company. It has more than 265 operating companies in more than 60 countries approximately 126500 peoplesss. Moreover, company launched number of products among them Johnson baby powder was most prominent in market. Its success leads to the...
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Philosophy Versus Ethical Dilemmas: Analysis of the Ideas of Immanuel Kant, Jeremy Bentham, and Peter Singer

Philosophy vs. Ethical Dilemmas Introduction The Dictionary defines ethics as “a moral philosophy or a code of morals practiced by a person or a group of people, but how can ethics be described within Philosophy? Well, philosophical ethics is the analysis of morals using a logical method that focuses on human welfare. Within philosophy, there are three sections of ethics: normative ethics, meta-ethics, and applied ethics. Normative ethics is the study of moral expectation that has us distinguish our behaviors...
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Ethical Dilemmas within Lessons in Middle School HPE Classes: Analytical Essay

Introduction A recent study about the levels of integrity and fair play within the middle school HPE classes at Palm Beach Currumbin State High School (PBC) has been researched and analysed with the help of a survey. The survey conducted has been used to gather primary data on student engagement within the Middle School HPE classes at Palm Beach Currumbin State High School with an objective to recognise ethical issues that impacts the integrity and fair play of students. The...
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Ethical Dilemma Of Abortion: The Christian Beliefs

Our daily lives consist of a never-ending battle within ourselves, a talk with the voice in our heads that tells us “do it” or “don’t do it”. It is rational to think that the voice in our heads tells us all the same thing – do right or do wrong. In reality, what dictates that voice is our own subconscious, that, is shaped by our worldviews. The ability for someone to make the right decision depends on the level of...
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Ethical Dilemma: Sonflict Between Laws Values And Policies

During my as a social work student, I got chance to get involved in different aspects of people lives, which include their family relations, financial relations, ill health, drug dependency, homelessness, home modification, a crime such as abuse, and how all these aspects are affecting client’s day to day life. The more social worker involved in these aspects, the more they can do best for them, but there is always a risk of causing harm (Bell. J,2018). While I am...
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Ethical Dilemma Faced by Self-driving Cars: Argumentative Essay

Abstract The application of artificial intelligence technology will soon permit large-scale deployment of self-driving cars for human daily lives. Self-driving cars are assumed to be safer than manually driven cars, but car collisions are sometimes unavoidable. It’s necessary to consider during the occurrence of a car accident, the ethical algorithms for different stages of the accident, which are the responsibilities and backward-looking responsibilities. Along with interests that are held by various stakeholders, seek forward-looking dilemma is produced. In other words,...
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Essay on Ethical Dilemma: Terri Schiavo Ethics

What gives us the right to decide when is someone’s time to live or die? Do we have that power? Is it a paper that gives us that power? Is it a verbal message that someone once expressed, and we are following their wishes? Ethics are moral principles, and is it moral to let someone stay in a vegetative state with no quality of life, just because we want them around and we are having that hope that they might...
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Whistleblower: An Ethical Dilemma

Dr. Jeffrey Wigand made a moral and ethical decision to expose safety concerns with Brown and Williamson tobacco industry, where he was a director of research (Feldman, 2016). He did provide information and proof that his company was adding more additives to make their product more addictive and he exposed them for it (Feldman, 2016). How Dr. Jeffry Wigand showed moral intelligence is by taking a stand for what’s wrong and right, he risked his carrier and his life due...
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Ethical Dilemma In Autonomous Vehicles (AV)

INTRODUCTION Autonomous vehicles also known as self-driving cars are highly popular around the world to advance smart mobility and sustainable cities (Lim and Taeihagh, 2019). However, at some point in the near future when something has gone wrong on the road, it has to choose between two options to make a maneuver of whether to save the passenger inside the car while putting the pedestrians at risk or to save pedestrians on the road and put its own passengers at...
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Jim’s Ethical Dilemma In Utilitarian, Kantian, And Aristotle Virtue Ethical Standpoints

Imagine, if you were able to go on a botanical expedition to South America, something that has been a lifelong dream. Now, imagine ending up in the square in this very small town while on this expedition, and realizing you have just been confronted by your worst nightmare. In front of you stands twenty natives, bound and tied to a wall, all terrified, pleading for their lives. After speaking to a captain and explaining that you were not a part...
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Ethical Dilemma In Consideration To Consequentialism, Deontology, And Virtuism

Shades of grey do not exist in all situations despite the laws dictating what is considered wrong or right. That results in the emergence of ethical dilemmas that are resolved through ethics, morals, and regulations that become the background for guiding a person’s actions. Notably, an individual’s actions are guided by personal judgment. Among the issues result in an ethical dilemma is the potential use of the government-run automated facial recognition systems on citizens. The ethical dilemma is due to...
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