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Going through the process of getting into college can be scary, but having a secret weapon can make all the difference. That ace? A stellar example of application essay is not just about showcasing your achievements. It’s your chance to invite the admissions committee into your world, narrating your journey ...

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Social Issues

Prefect Application Letter Essay

Writing a perfect application letter can be challenging, but by following some key recommendations, you can create a standout letter that will impress potential employers. Before you start writing your letter, research the company and the position you're applying for. This will help you tailor your letter to the specific job and company, and show that you've done your homework. Your application letter should be professional and courteous in tone. Avoid slang or overly familiar language, and focus on presenting...
1 Page 388 Words

Application of the SMART Method to Achieve the Goal: Critical Essay

Goals are part of our daily work in life. They give a sense of motivation. By setting goals, we ensure their achievement. We have many personal and professional goals in our lives, and every day we strive to achieve them. Getting a degree, getting married, opening my own business - these are the general goals in my life. But how do I achieve them? I decided to use the SMART method to reach my goals. SMART is an acronym of...
1 Page 405 Words

Potential Application of Essential Oils as Antimicrobial Preservatives in Bread

Food safety is a global priority and one of the major objectives of the food industry due to high incidence of spoilage microorganisms that cause a risk after consumption. The food industry continues to examine ways to reduce the use of traditional chemical preservatives, some of which have been not linked with microbial resistance and health risks, while improving quality and food safety by controlling the growth of pathogens and spoilage microorganisms. Several studies demonstrated the preservative action of species...
4 Pages 1824 Words

Summer Program Application Essay

Summer Institute Application 1) Why would you like to participate in this leadership and International cooperation program? How does conflict among people affect your world, your country, and your community? I am particularly concerned about the conflict in the healthcare space in Nigeria which has an adverse effect on productivity, morale, and patient care resulting in high employee turnover impeding efficiency and certainly limiting staff contribution. Conflict at my University teaching hospital is a product of those who feel they...
3 Pages 1557 Words

Nursing School Application Essay

Nursing is such a diverse, challenging, and worthwhile career that I really feel it is the right course for me. It is a vocation for people who are practical, conscientious, and reliable, and who find it easy quickly to establish good, trusting relationships with new people. I have these skills and a genuine desire to help people when they need it most. The role of the nurse is changing in the NHS, with more opportunities for nurses to take greater...
2 Pages 690 Words

Narrative Essay on Job Application

Dear Mr. Scanlon, As a city planning student, I would like to express my interest in the Junior Planning position at Parker Scanlon Pty Ltd. This role sparked my interest as I have a very keen interest in legislation and as I’ve seen through your projects such as the work you’ve done on the Port Stephens Council, they focus regards the works of statutory planning. I would be very excited to be a part of your planning team to contribute...
1 Page 357 Words

Statesmanship and Reform Analysis: Application by Wilberforce, Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, and Martin Luther King Jr.

Introduction The United States was intended to be and has been successful at remaining one of the countries in the world with the most liberties. Citizens have many freedoms and are afforded the opportunity to fulfill their dreams, be successful, and live happy life. Regrettably, many individuals throughout history had to fight extra hard for their freedom and their rights as Americans. These citizens were battered, troubled, ignored, and demoralized, and were they afforded the same opportunities as others. As...
6 Pages 2680 Words

Essay on Application of Radiology in Medicine

Radiology is a science term that refers to different types of tests that gives you a result in a picture for any part of the human body. Those tests provide the doctors with images that help them to see the body from the inside. Various imaging techniques are considered as a 'part of radiology including x-ray, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound and more' (History of radiology, 2017). 'When X-rays pass through human tissue, the energy imparted can...
2 Pages 826 Words

Essay on Application of Political Ideology to Climate Change

Introduction Using the political ideology behind climate change as a cultural element, this essay will explore how globalization, cultural diffusion, adaptation, and adoption have consequences for the future cultural geography of places and their species. I will explore the definition and history of cultural geography and show how climate change has moved from a science-based concept to a cultural phenomenon. The impact of culture on climate change is more prevalent than ever before and the need to change political ideology...
4 Pages 1855 Words

Application of Uncertainty Reduction Theory to Online Dating

Rationale Communication has undoubtedly acquired a foundational role in relationship building for as long as humans have recognized the urge to form social and romantic relationships. It serves to bridge the gap between all phases of interpersonal relations, from incipience to maintenance. Relationships can be viewed as systems of information exchange and interaction in order to survive (Redmond, 2015). A key construct in the relational initiation process as emphasized by Berger and Calabrese (1975) is the motivation to primarily reduce...
6 Pages 2709 Words

Student Council Application Essay

As most of you know my name is Clark Kien Landau and today, I want to tell you something about me that you might not know. I`m not really student council material (though you guys already know this) but I want to help the school become a better place and enhance my skills and that`s why I decided to run for the student council secretary. From the time I was three years old or four maybe, I've learned to write....
1 Page 421 Words

Possibility of Application of Natural Treatments for ADHD instead of Drug-based Approach: Analytical Essay

This combined with the fact that the companies that provide these types of medication, essentially that they all have a significant amount of resources to invest into research, both meaning that the information around medication is very clear and well understood universally. Therefore, people can make educated decisions with the breadth of knowledge that is available to them and there is not going to be any confusion that could cause patients to experience any problems. Another positive of medication in...
6 Pages 2548 Words

Notion of Autonomy and Its Application within Medicine: Analytical Essay

Written by Scott Y.H. Kim, this academic article concentrates on bioethics and the particular ethical philosophies that are prominent within the provision of healthcare. The article was written for the philosophy, psychiatry and psychology journal published by John Hopkins University Press in 2013. Through this article, Kim expands on the notion of autonomy and its application within medicine. The presence of autonomy in healthcare stems from the principlism theory, most famously advocated for by Beauchamp and Childress. This dominant approach...
2 Pages 860 Words

Application of Virtual Reality for Interior Design Modelling: Analytical Essay

Abstract: Virtual Reality technology refers to a computer simulation system, which provides users with fully immersive in-depth feeling of the environment in which the user is simulated to. In Interior Designing domain it is challenging to convince the customer about the design without the look and feel of the design. This paper proposes virtual reality-based designing framework that helps the interior design engineers to design according to their customer requirements, were they can experience it by being part of it...
4 Pages 1865 Words

Controversies in Application of Plastic Surgery

Across the world, the practice of plastic surgery has surpassed its primary function: to alleviate any prominent physical impairments, whether the result of an accident or birth deformity. Instead, plastic surgery has largely become a means to modify the appearance of an individual to their personal preference. These predilections originate from society's dynamic definition of beauty, which is contingent on the influence of social media. However, the pervasiveness of social media greatly affects those who obsessively focus on their self-perceived...
5 Pages 2271 Words

Concept of Media Ethics and Its Application in Nigerian Media Practice

Introduction In this report, I plan to delve into the concept of media ethics, and its application in Nigerian media practice. After that, I would then proceed to place judgment on the level of ethical practices in Nigeria. Let me start by describing what I mean by media, and then I will describe what ethics are and how they are swiftly molding our online interactions and our communities. The word media describes any channel of communication. These are the channels...
4 Pages 1652 Words

Clinical Application of Polysomnography: Analysis of Narcolepsy

Clinical application of polysomnography: Polysomnography began as a tool of discovery, but its primary use quickly evolved into a clinical procedure for diagnosing sleep disorders. (Hirshkowitz, 2016) 1- Hypersomnia: defined as Sleepiness not explained by volitional sleep deprivation. It is almost due to an underlying sleep disorder, most commonly obstructive sleep apnea or narcolepsy. A- Obstructive sleep apnea: apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) will be used as a marker of sleep-related breathing disorder (SRBD) severity in children, which will be graded as...
1 Page 464 Words

Impact of Computer Application in Industrial and Engineering Field

The impact of computer application in industrial and engineering field has both positive and negative side. Whereas engineering field can be defined as scientific field too. Computers plays big major roles in this field to build things to solve the problem. In today's era, many engineers rely on computer software to ensure the accuracy of their work. Today, engineers rely on the computer to perform most of the steps they need to perform. This is because they can create products,...
1 Page 476 Words

Educational Philosophies and Their Application to My Teaching Future

Philosophy of education provides a framework for thinking about educational issues and also can guide our actions as a teacher. The four philosophies are perennialism, progressivism, essentialism, and social reconstructionism. The knowledge gained about the philosophy of education helped me to develop a certain framework that I can use in my classroom. It helped me answer questions like ‘What do I teach my students?’ and ‘How do they study?’. I feel personally connected to each of the four philosophies, each...
2 Pages 1010 Words

Application of Technology in Dentistry

Technology in dentistry and medicine has both risks and benefits, but the benefits outweigh the risks that are carried for the patient. Diagnosing and treating in healthcare has evolved dramatically since the adoption of technology. Decades ago, visiting the dentist wasn’t something a person desired to do or had a positive experience with. Technology has had a big impact in how both dentistry and medicine are practiced. Technology is the reason that practicing dentistry and medicine is much different than...
4 Pages 1824 Words

Evaluate of Georgia's Application the 'Shock Therapy' Method for Economic Development

The case for free trade in Georgia has been a prolonged process ever since the fall of the Soviet Union. It geographically resides in the Caucasus region and has seen an increase in free-market economics in a bid to increase foreign investment and economic prosperity (Erikson, 2018). It has utilized this liberalization of economics after the disintegration of the Soviet Union; after that, the state has struggled with economic and governmental reforms. Nevertheless, 20 years after the fall of the...
7 Pages 3080 Words

Summary of Web Application Vulnerabilities

In any software development life cycle the penetration testing phase plays an important role. Penetration testing is an approach which tests the security of a web application by making a conscious attempt to compromise the security of the application. It helps in preparing for any possible malicious attacks or avoid the potential breach of data at the hands of an attacker. Securing the framework does not guarantee application security as web applications are prone to vulnerabilities that cannot be fully...
2 Pages 739 Words

Data Mining Application in Healthcare

The concept of data mining is generally concerned with finding and looking up for relevant information or knowledge previously available in data. Data mining is applied in many fields, one of the hottest fields is healthcare. Since healthcare data is stored in electronic format, the storage of the data will be huge and complex, which make it a fertile environment for data mining usage. The motivation behind information mining, regardless of whether it's being utilized in social insurance or business,...
4 Pages 2015 Words

Dangers of Application Software Failure

The world is developing very fast, each task is completed through modern technology. Software and application are taking over the human labor. Software is used in every aspect of modern life like transportation, education, entertainment, construction, navy, air force, satellites and many more daily things that we are using. But always software is not successful, at some stage software gets error and gives wrong information or change the whole product. No software is not 100% accurate. The failure of software...
1 Page 460 Words

Dental Hygiene Application Essay Examples

Dental Hygiene: Past and Present 1907- Irene Newman became the first dental hygienist, trained by her cousin, Dr. Alfred Fones, a dentist in Connecticut. 1913- Dr. Alfred Fones established the first dental hygiene school in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Dr. Fones coined the term, “dental hygienist” after “dental nurses” had failed. He believed since they were instructing children on how to prevent diseases and instruct on oral hygiene habits, “dental hygienist” fit the description better. June 6, 1914- The first graduating class...
2 Pages 856 Words

Reflective Essay on Application and Advocacy of Nonviolence

Insight Nonviolence is what I chose for my topic because I feel it is a great tool that anyone can use in any situation. Nonviolence can be a weapon we choose to equip against injustice and was created to bring about change but in a kind and loving way. I believe that if we wield these tools that are given to us we can truly change the world and change how we handle conflict. I was personally influenced by nonviolence...
3 Pages 1262 Words

Application of Visual Effects in Ramanand Sagar’s Mythological Show Ramayana: Analytical Essay

1. Introduction 1.1 Overview Visual effects and computer graphics are essential need for the television and film industry nowadays. The entertainment industry in India has seen massive growth in the last two decades making it one of the fastest growing industries in India. Visual effects is getting more popular because it provides the feel of reality. The trend of using visual effects in the Television industry began with Ramananda Sagar’s mythological show, Ramayana. The purpose of this dissertation is to...
5 Pages 2073 Words

Application of Theory of Multiple Intelligences in Psychological Measurements: Analytical Essay

Introduction The focus of this booklet is to analyze three different forms of psychological measurement, identify the methods through which they are measured, and discuss the usefulness of applying such measurements in the context of staff selection. Intelligence Quotient (IQ) An intelligence Quotient or IQ is a number that is used to represent a person’s reasoning ability, as compared to a statistical norm or average for their age. The term IQ was coined by German Psychologist William Stern in 1912....
4 Pages 1986 Words

Application of Theory of Multiple Intelligences in EFL Classrooms: Analytical Essay

This scholarly journal article talks about a study that was done to show the effects of multiple intelligences used in a ninth-grade English as a foreign language classroom. This study took place in public schools in Irbid/Jordan and consisted of four ninth-grade sections. There were two male and two female sections. A reading comprehension test was constructed, and the results showed that there was a significant difference in the student’s reading comprehension because of the teaching strategies, but there was...
2 Pages 1122 Words

New Technologies in Women's Health: Analysis of Mobile Application for Healthcare Records for Pregnant Women

1.0 Introduction 1.1 Overview Pregnancy is one of the most important periods of a woman’s life where during this time, lots potentially worrying changes could occur in her body. Pregnant mothers need regular check-ups, regular supervision, and care once they find out they are pregnant. In Malaysia, the health ministry has created a health record book for pregnant women known as ‘Buku Pink’ or in medical terms, it is called antenatal red card, but because of its pink color, it...
5 Pages 2381 Words
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