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Cause and Effect Essays

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Cause and effect essays explore the relationship between events or phenomena, focusing on how one action or occurrence leads to another and the resulting consequences. These essays delve into the underlying causes behind specific situations or explore the effects that arise from certain actions or circumstances. By examining the cause-and-effect ...

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Social Issues

Causes of Animal Abuse Essay

Green criminology refers to the study of environmental crime and harm affecting human and non-human life, ecosystems, and the biosphere - more specifically analyzing the causes, consequences, and prevalence of environmental crime and harm, the responses to and prevention of environmental crime and harm by the legal system and by non-governmental entities and social movements, as well as the meaning and mediated representations of environmental crime and harm (Brosnan and South, 2018). Moreover, it can be argued that the pursuit...
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Essay on Causes and Effects of Unemployment

The purpose of the study is to state the relationships between unemployment and depression. The addition of the unemployment and the educational status of the participants will be conducted. In this study, the relationships between depression and unemployment which are divided into subgroups that are graduated from primary school – secondary school, high school, or university will be measured. The importance of the study is that mental health is an important component of being healthy people and so, employment is...
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A Christmas Carol' Cause and Effect Essay

At the beginning of the novel, Scrooge is portrayed as a hardhearted man and very unsociable. He struggles to connect with others but out of his own choice. Scrooge is shown as selfish and as someone who doesn't care for others at the start of the novel with Marley's funeral. He shows little sympathy and only cares about the money he gained from his business partner's death. In the extract, scrooge is described as a new man who is cheerful...
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Cause and Effect Essay about Self Esteem

Abstract The purpose of the paper is to examine self-esteem and academic achievement in adolescents. This paper concluded that children with low self-esteem had lower academic achievement compared to children who had higher self-esteem. Orts, Robins, & Roberts (2008) found that adolescents from ages 15- 21-year olds had significantly low academic achievement when their self-esteem was low. In addition, Paxton, Neumark-Sztainer, Hannan, & Eisenberg (2006) found that early adolescent girls had lower self-esteem than boys which showed that these girls...
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Graduation Cause and Effect Essay

The Bronx is known to be a low-income community in the process of rebuilding itself and its residents. Many schools provide a series of athletic teams for the student body but yet we see many students not participating and being neglected. Another option the youth within these communities have is recreational youth programs within their community. One of the two sports teams that offer the opportunity of progression and opportunity for students and their academic performance are soccer and squash....
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Cause and Effect for Growth Mindset Essay

Introduction As a Maths Tutor at a Further Education College, I face a challenge when it comes to teaching 16 - 19-year-olds. The main issue is that of the learner's mindset coming into college. I shall be looking into the causes of low/fixed mindset and the effect it has on learning. This will allow me to observe trends in behavior/thinking which will allow me to reflect and offer possible solutions, as well as determine where to further my research. Critical...
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Cause and Effect Essay: Lying

Lying has been utilized as a means of deception since before humans existed. Animals have been shown to exhibit primitive forms of deception for ages, but as humans came about, different forms of lying started to emerge as well. As people became more intelligent over time, our means of deception through lying quickly followed suit. Many authors, scientists, philosophers, and political theorists have dissected and pondered upon the reasons why people lie, the factors that lead to lying, and the...
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Cause and Effect Essay on Vegan Diet

In our society, many advocacies have been presented around the world with different purposes. There are nonprofit organizations that help children in need through fundraising campaigns. Some, write books and print posters advocating for peace to give an end to violence perpetrated on people of all ages, classes, and genders. In addition, there are feminists and human rights advocates who protest and join worldwide forums to promote women's empowerment and promote gender equality. Because of these advocacies, we can now...
2 Pages 1111 Words

Idea for a Cause and Effect Essay on Cerberus

Ancient Myths, legends, and folk tales have played a huge role when it comes to modern media, especially in the film industry. A big example of the influence of mythology, specifically Greek Mythology, in today’s entertainment industry is the Harry Potter series. Many characters, creatures, and even storylines that have happened in Harry Potter are based on myths or even a legend from Ancient Greek Mythology. The characters have a very interesting role when it comes to similarities and differences...
3 Pages 1333 Words

Cause and Effect Essay on Volcano

Introduction This report is meant to investigate whether all seismic events have the same cause and effect as the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in 2010. The second seismic event chosen to compare whether the same causes and effects are common with eruptions is Mount Ontake. The theory of plate tectonics is the idea that the crust of the earth is divided into separate sections that create a shell from the mantle. The theory was brought to scientists’ attention by Alfred Wegener...
1 Page 659 Words

Cause and Effect Essay on Use of Meth

The Origins of Methamphetamine Japan 1893, just six years after the discovery of amphetamines, a Japanese scientist Nagai Nagayoshi was working on the identification of the active component ephedrine from the ephedra plant. He discovered and produced for the first time desoxyephedrine or Methamphetamine (METH), primarily used against obesity, asthma, and major depressive disorder until World War II when Germany, the USA, and Japan forced the use of METH to keep their troops awake without taking into consideration its highly...
3 Pages 1465 Words

Cause and Effect Essay on the Rise of Social Media

1. Abstract This paper explains how social media (technology more in general) which now is part of our everyday life was shaped on the basis of the history and culture of the particular social and political needs of a restricted group of users (particularly in academic and military environments). Social media and smart devices arose from the use of basic methods of communication, such as signs, symbols, letter writing, flags, visual signals, lamps, bell ringing, or lights during the First...
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Cause and Effect Essay on the Mission to Mars

Introduction: Do the benefits of space exploration outweigh the risks? Many people believe they do, with the help of space exploration, we can employ the unemployed, boost our economy, and give us somewhere to go if Earth cannot support life any longer. One of the many places in the universe that we could go to is Mars. More Jobs: NASA is constantly looking for programmers, technicians, and builders. According to Google Jobs, there are 56 open different positions that different...
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Cause and Effect Essay on Stress on College Students

The selected demographic in this research paper is college students. Now more than ever, people have the resources to go to college and attain a higher level of education. Some of these resources are more financial aid which can lower the cost of college tuition for students. According to Federal Student Aid “providing more than $120 billion in federal grants, loans, and work-study funds each year to more than 13 million students pay for college or career school.”Another resource is...
2 Pages 933 Words

Cause and Effect Essay on Social Media

Introduction Social media websites are one of the most popular ways for people to connect with friends and family. Many People spend a huge amount of time on social media sites which give businesses the opportunity to interact with the social media users Businesses try to encourage users to visit their business website and buy product from them. This helps the business with great customer service. Definition of Social Media Social media is shared and created content that allows the...
7 Pages 3354 Words

Cause and Effect Essay on Smoking Cigarettes

The Smoking Ban was introduced in England in July 2007 (with similar bans being introduced in Scotland in March 2006, Wales in April 2007 and Northern Ireland in April 2007). This was introduced as a result of the Health Act 2006. The British government passed this Health Act which brought with it the prohibition of smoking in an enclosed public place and within the workplace, with fines and other legal punishments applicable for non-compliance. The aim of this ban was...
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Cause and Effect Essay on Smart Phones

“Present knowledge is wholly dependent on past knowledge.” Discuss this claim with reference to two areas of knowledge. This essay will explore whether present knowledge is wholly dependent on past knowledge. Throughout this essay, I will focus on how History and The Human Sciences link to the question based on historical development as the key knowledge framework. This knowledge claim assumes that our knowledge in the present cannot exist without past knowledge indicating that what we know in the present...
4 Pages 1594 Words

Cause and Effect Essay on Serial Killers

Are serial killers made? Does abuse make serial killers? One social factor is whether the serial killer has been abused. Many studies have found that there is a link between serial killers and abuse. A study by Mitchell and Aamodt in 2005 wanted to find the rate of abuse in a sample of convicted serial killers compared to a sample in the general population. They found that 36% of serial killers were physically abused, 26% of serial killers were sexually...
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Cause and Effect Essay on Rap Music

Music’s Negative Impact on Society Music has a significant effect on its listeners. It is used to inform the masses. Music can influence the way we dance, dress, and talk and it also sets the tone for cultures I think that the music of a particular time seems to reflect the opposite of what's going on in society. Certain genres of music affect society differently. For example, the genre “Gospel” may affect society in a good light, while the genre...
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Cause and Effect Essay on Population Growth

The Issue Population growth regards the increase in the number of people in an area. Population growth has various effects, influencing the employment, housing, and landscape of the area. Background Information The site investigated; Macquarie, is a major business and commercial district in the northern suburbs of Sydney, around 12 kilometres away from the Sydney CBD. Macquarie has a population of 8,144 people, as recorded in the 2016 Census, and a land area of 6.8 km2. This suburb is located...
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Cause and Effect Essay on Organ Donation

Today, people have strong opinions on whether or not to allow our youth to have a voice over their organs. A parent or guardian who may lose a child will make the final decision on whether the child’s organs will be donated. One of the hardest factors that doctors face is that a child may sign up to be a donor, but the parent will have the last word regardless of the child’s wish. It is a difficult decision that...
3 Pages 1348 Words

Cause and Effect Essay on Online Classes

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela). Assignment deadlines, holding down a job, upcoming exams, etc. can be very difficult for students to balance, causing many of them to register for online courses. Online classes were first introduced in 2014 and have been a popular source of education since; they provide students the amenity to access courses at their convenience. Student’s chaotic lives cause them to undertake online classes; the effects...
1 Page 496 Words

Cause and Effect Essay on Not Brushing Your Teeth

Teeth are made of enamel which is the hard outer white layers, If you do not brush your teeth, they can wear down which can start to show the dentin, Dentin is the soft yellow inner layer which is what causes the teeth to get that yellow look, It has little holes which lead to the pulp of your tooth. since the pulp holds all of the nerves and when that happens you get to the cementum which is what...
1 Page 636 Words

Cause and Effect Essay on Minorities

Jane is a British woman of Maori descent who has lived in the UK all her life. She was racially abused and is taking her case to a tribunal. In the run-up to the case, many of her colleagues and bosses stopped talking to her and her boss even put her on suspension. This is an example of victimisation which is a form of direct racial discrimination which is supposed to be protected by the Equality Act. Supposed to at...
3 Pages 1296 Words

Cause and Effect Essay on Long Distance Relationships

In the process of attracting good men, you may meet a man who does not live in your city. Due to online dating, this seems to be the new normal. Depending on how you and your new date get along, it can eventually turn into a long-distance relationship. I have been in a long-distance relationship before, which can be very stressful. It also only works if both people involved are willing to do whatever they can to make it work....
1 Page 401 Words

Cause and Effect Essay on Infidelity

Infidelity Infidelity is what we all popularly refer to as cheating or unfaithfulness in a romantic relationship. It is the betrayal of a couple’s agreement on emotional and sexual discretion. According to Wikipedia, infidelity is a violation of a couple’s assumed or stated contract regarding emotional and/or sexual exclusivity. Other words that can be used in this context are adultery, affair, cheating, two-timing, straying, or unfaithfulness. Infidelity is like breaking the code of commitment between couples. We must understand that...
6 Pages 2654 Words

Cause and Effect Essay on Immigration

Small Island, Big Challenge: Irregular Immigration in Malta since 2000 Immigration and more specifically irregular immigration have been current and troubling topics that bear unexpected tasks and challenges for many European countries. Especially if the question of solidarity and burden sharing is raised by other EU members, that demand help and support. After joining the EU in 2004 Malta has experienced irregular immigration in vast amounts, which brings grave challenges to the small island. Therefore, this essay argues, that the...
4 Pages 1617 Words

Cause and Effect Essay on Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration, a paramount issue within the United States today, has been aptly described by the political intelligentsia as a “multi-headed hydra,” its sphere of influence extending into various socioeconomic sectors, affecting the country’s health care, its education systems, its national security, and both big and small businesses effectively impacting the society from top to bottom. With much speculation, this topic has become a very intriguing argument. What people must understand is that various factors applicable to the United States...
2 Pages 1083 Words

Cause and Effect Essay on Hurricane Katrina

Over time there has been a major quantity of migrations in Texas that have affected this state with its effect on the current political landscape. The four major migrations that have happened in Texas would be the northern migration, the great depression, the southern-western migration, and lastly the California migration. Four big migrations have affected Texas each in its own way, but I believe the one that caused the most damage while affecting Texas was the southern-western migration. The southern-western...
2 Pages 1022 Words

Cause and Effect Essay on Having a Baby

Having a baby is a day full of joy. I would like my baby to be healthy when born. I think the best decision is to have a natural birth without medication. This will help a lot to stay alert every moment of the delivery and not lose track of anything. Having a natural birth with no medication will help my baby and me to have a faster recovery. It is always best to have another plan in case the...
3 Pages 1378 Words
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