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Analysis of the Research into The Subject of Mental Wellbeing Strategies in Workplaces across Northern Ireland

Introduction Mental health (MH) parity of esteem, an investigation into MH and wellbeing strategies in workplaces across Northern Ireland. Good MH can be described as ‘a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her own community’ (World Health Organization, 2001). There has been increasing research into the subject of mental wellbeing...
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The Quantitative Approach in Research: Analytical Essay

In this exploration the researcher will utilize quantitative information examined in the research to gather numerous data from sources to find the general solution for the exploration. The Quantitative Approach as the name suggests, is concerned with quantitative data where data is collected from different sources, such as surveys and questionnaires. The qualitative approach is drawn from the constructivist examples; this approach focuses on the better understanding of reason, opinions and motivations. such as interviews and focus groups. In this...
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Analysis of the Results of Research on Causes of Criminal Activity

Introduction The purpose of this study is to understand the perspective that young people have on the causes of crime. Living in a world where we now just accept that crime exists and anyone who commits a crime is simply sentenced, we tend to ignore the main factors of a committed crime. I have used a multi-method technique to examine the causes of crime and its importance on criminal activity as I believe that the government forces often avoid the...
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Analysis of Research on the Role Which Influencers Play to Influence Consumer Behaviour

Technological advancements have shifted the marketing designs adopted by firms. Since the advent of social media sites in 1997, consumers buying behaviours and purchasing parity have changed to incorporated social attitudes (Sudha and Sheena, 2017). Traditional marketing entailed relations between brand firms and consumers to initiate purchases and build consumer loyalty. The venture is somehow expensive and time-consuming; thus, many brands have shifted to influencers marketing using social media platforms to reach out to buyers. Recently, influential marketing has taken...
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Reflection on My Research of Autism Spectrum Disorder

“Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder defined by deficits in communication and social interaction, and the engagement in restricted and repetitive patterns of behaviours” (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). Due to this, the child will have trouble functioning in work, school, and other areas of life. For example, if routines change this is something a child with ASD will struggle to cope with. As autism affects the child in different ways, this in turn can have an adverse effect...
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Basics of Social Work Research: Analytical Essay

Social Work research is distinct from the more scientific community as a result of its positioning as emancipatory with a focus on challenging inequality and oppression in all aspects of the research process Alston and Bowles (2018) suggest that social work research supports the analysis of often complicated interventions that are required to respond to society’s most vulnerable populations. Social work research can assist practitioners assess and evaluate the effectiveness of social work intervention whilst understanding the effect of legislation...
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Analysis of Research Methodology and Research Methods

Introduction- This Chapter will focus on research Methodology and research methods that will be used in a research study. This chapter will be an Encyclopaedic initiation to research. A strive is essential to clarify and deliver a distinction within research methodology & research method. The Methodology behind the research will be discussed with Proper vindication. According to Rajasekar et. al. (2006), “Research is a logical and systematic search for new and useful information on a particular topic.” For any research,...
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Research on Understanding the Impact of Covid 19 on Women before and during the Lockdown

Introduction Since March 2020 my life has changed completely. Before the lockdown I was a very energetic and positive person. I was just completing my degree in Criminology, having time to see friends and family. However, during the lockdown and its restriction my life has changed dramatically. I had to finish all my assignments at home, while home-schooling three children and looking after the house. My husband is a critical key work and was away from home six days a...
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Research of Underlying Factors That Causes Grade Two Students to not Master the Mathematical Skill

Description and Background to the Problem This chapter will provide an overview of previous observations and interactions that I had encountered when teaching a group of grade two students ranging from ages 7 to 8 years old at an urban school. This chapter will introduce the problem that prevailed consistently for the majority of the class when students were given an assessment task. This chapter will also state and explain a strategy that was used to eliminate students’ failure to...
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Business Research: Modern Effects of Industrialization on Employees’ Health/ Stress/ Employability

1. Introduction The revolution of the industry from agro based to industrial sector is said to be industrialization (Chappelow, 2019). As the immense need of revolution in the planet, the growth of industrialization has begun from 18th-19th century. The urbanization and industrialization goes hand in hand as the growth of industrialization persuaded people to shift from rural place to urban area. Industrialization has improved the quality of human life, progressed in technologies, provided employment opportunities, increased in financial investment, given...
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Research Methods to Study Impact of Outsourcing on Competitive Strategies and Cost in Pharmaceutical Industry

Introduction: In a competitive business environment, companies need to minimize the cost of production so that they can offer products or services at a lower price and can attract customers. Every company has limited resources to meet the business’s operational requirements. For better business operations, companies apply different strategies. Outsourcing is also a strategy that is used if a firm is not able to meet the operational requirement to produce a product. Outsourcing is a strategy used by different companies...
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Research of Issues Faced by Wal-Mart and Its Effects on the Company

Executive Summary This proposal will highlight some issues in Wal-Mart, which is giving a negative prospect to the business success wise. Those issue will be examined which will be related to underpaying staff, loopholes in organizational strategy and some cost related analysis. Introduction Wal-Mart was established in 1962by Sam Walton when he was 44 year in Arkansas. The company became front-runner worldwide in merchandizing business from year 1970 and onward after it got public (, 2016). Company made great profits...
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Importance of Literature Review at the Beginning of the Research Project: Analytical Essay

Literature review is done at the beginning of the research project to enable the researcher to identify what is already known about the chosen area of interest so they do not replicate the work that has already been done by other researchers. This required the researcher to read around the immediate topic of the research to broaden their knowledge and understanding of what is missing. It also narrows down the topic and highlights the important parts that should be focused...
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Research of Measuring the Learning Ability and Skill Development of Children with the Help of Technology

The third outcome is that the overall adoption of technology will increase in elementary schools. This will be due to the activity suggested which is that teachers will use classroom technology more often. The output for this will be the number of assignments that are given to students that include the use of technology. Research Design The goal of this study is to understand and measure the learning ability and skill development of children with the help of technology. The...
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Problems in Getting Funding for Scientist’s Research: Analytical Essay

Introduction Funding for scientist’s research can be attained in many different ways through internal or external grants. External grants may include financial support from local organizations, state and central government organizations, international organizations, corporate sectors and non-government organizations (Parija et al, 2012). Depending on where this financial support may come from, for example if the funding comes from a source which has a vested interest in the results, there is the possibility that the results can be biased. A vested...
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Critical Analysis of the Article: Research of Perceptions and Experiences of Community First Responders on Their Role and Relationships

As previously stated in the introduction the article I have chosen to critically analyse with the guide of Coughlan, Cronin, and Ryan (2007) critiquing framework is the article ‘Perceptions and experiences of community first responders on their role and relationships: a qualitative interview study. This article was written by Viet-Hai Phung, Ian Trueman, Fiona Togher, Roderick Ormer and Aloysius Niroshan Siriwardena. For Critiquing purposes, I will use CCR (2007) when referring to Coughlan, Cronin, and Ryan (2007). Writing Style CCR...
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Critical Analysis and Evaluation of the Assigned Research Article on the Basis of Benefits Components

Introduction The assignment is focussed on the critical analysis and evaluation of the assigned research article on the basis of benefits components highlighted below, that is helpful to develop skills in reviewing secondary materials. Article from event sector is being analysed. Summary and critical evaluation of study Benefits of different research methods There are different kinds of research methods used widely by numerous researchers. These research methods vary in accordance with the research questions and the type of data that...
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Research on Impact of Having a Child with the Autism Spectrum Disorder on Parents

For this summative piece, I have decided to look at ‘What is the impact on parents when having a child on the autism spectrum disorder.’ I believe this to be an important topic worth discussing due to the focus usually being on the child rather than their parents. This leaves the parents feeling neglected that they do not have the support. I think if they had support, they would not feel neglected therefore the feelings that come with feeling neglected...
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Relationship Between Social Context, Attitudes and Prejudice

Abstract Previous research on the dual process model portrayed that right wing authoritarianism (RWA) and Social dominance orientation scale (SDO) predict prejudice in an independent context. RWA is believed to be in relation to threatening worldviews and SDO to be related to competitive worldviews. This study manipulates dangerous and competitive social contexts separately to gain a clearer insight to convey how RWA and SDO contribute to prejudice. The addition of two extremity scales (high vs. low) shows the influence of...
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Application of Ethical Principles in Research: Analytical Essay

Comparing and analyzing qualitative and quantitative approaches to research with consideration of ethical issues associated with research Research can be described as a quest for new knowledge and the exploration of the unknown. A systematic process in which data is collected and analyzed in order to draw conclusions and generate new concepts (Walliman, 2011). Research within the field of nutrition is crucial and conducted daily, as nutrition is constantly changing is it vital to obtain and utilize current and up-to-date...
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‘Auto-Ethnography’ as a Social Research Method: Analytical Overview

‘Auto-ethnography’ is a social research method, wherein the author plays the role of a researcher and a participant. As Burnard (2007) claims that in auto-ethnography the author becomes the ‘subject’ of the study. According to Smith (2005), “[b]y using auto-ethnography, researchers can use their experiences, together with those of other participants, to complement their research.” (p. 71). It permits the author to systematically describe and analyze her experience in order to understand cultural phenomenon. Accordingly, this autoethnography narrates my experiences...
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Critical Overview of Experimental Research Design

Experimental research design is the designing of entire research process based on two sets of variables- independent and dependent variables. In this design, independent variables are manipulated through several treatments and effects of those treatments are analysed. By this, effect of independent variable on dependent variable is obtained. The experimental research design enables gathering of relevant datas that helps us to make better decisions. An efficient experimental research facilitates smooth functioning of entire research process. That is, from writing the...
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Discursive Essay on Ethnography as a Research Methodology in Relation to Selection Research Participants

Introduction Research involves selecting one suitable method that could facilitate the researcher achieve his or her objectives. It is for this reason that in social science research new methods have been proposed effective when conduct a study which involves human and their culture. One of such methods is ethnography. In view of this, the paper discusses ethnography as a research methodology in relation to selection research participants. It begins by defining ethnography, stating the historical view of ethnography, situations on...
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Experimental Research Design: Analytical Essay

Experimental research design is the designing of entire research process based on two sets of variables- independent and dependent variables. In this design, independent variables are manipulated through several treatments and effects of those treatments are analysed. By this, effect of independent variable on dependent variable is obtained. The experimental research design enables gathering of relevant datas that helps us to make better decisions. An efficient experimental research facilitates smooth functioning of entire research process. That is, from writing the...
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Research Ethics in Natural Science: Analytical Essay

Introduction Scientists and researchers generally work independently without being routinely supervised by others. Even if there is supervision, it is more in the form of supervision, evaluation, or monitoring of funders or mentors (if the students are researchers) to monitor the extent to which research progress has been achieved. The rest, researchers generally take full responsibility for results of the research done. Practices like this require researchers to have an honest and careful attitude, even though they are not routinely...
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Research Paper on Basic Information about Dyslexia in Adults and Children

Dyslexia is a disability that affects a child reading, spelling and/ or speaking. The difficulty varies from person to person due to inherited differences in brain development, as well as the type of teaching the person receives. Because dyslexia is neurological it affect a person’s language skill. This language processing disorder can hinders reading, writing, and sometimes even speaking. This research provides Guyanese educators with basic information about dyslexia, dispel some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding it and serves...
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