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Legacy of the Vikings and Their Contribution to Our Perception in Today’s Society

There is a diversity of many different cultures all around the world. My roots are from Europe West countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, and Switzerland, as well as Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. My background of my culture is linked to the Vikings. The Vikings have been explorers and raiders of different countries during the Middle Ages. The Vikings’ attribution of the culture in the past of religion, values, art, and gender roles can contribute to our perception in today’s...
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Legacy of Mesopotamia and Its Greatest Influence on Modern Civilization

Mesopotamia, the world’s biggest civilization, was the first to dwell in one location. They built numerous components of civilization and did not rely just on hunting animals and gathering plants for food since they knew how to produce and thus could store food for the winter. This enabled them to begin developing products and ideas to make their lives a bit easier. Since Mesopotamia’s innovations and significant successes enabled succeeding generations to extend and utilize these accomplishments to make their...
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Johann Sebastian Bach and His Legacy

Johann Sebastian Bach was conceived March 31, 1685, and passed on July 28, 1750, he is a German arranger and organist. A few people observe Bach’s birthday on March 21. Other individuals light the candles on March 31. The right date relies upon whom you inquire. Bach was conceived in Thuringia in 1685 when the German state was all the while watching the Julian schedule. Today, we utilize the Gregorian schedule, which moved the dates by 11 days. And keeping...
2 Pages 971 Words

Ragtime's Legacy for Jazz Music: Analytical Essay

In this essay, I will evaluate how influential Jazz Music has influenced popular music. To do this I will carry out research in order to gain a greater understanding and enable me to make a judgment on this. Some of the ways that this will be done is by showing the characteristics of Jazz as well as the origins of the genre, in connection to examples across time of how it influenced popular music today. The genre of Jazz developed...
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Essay on Taylor Swift's Legacy in Country Music

Taylor Swift is known as one of the most talented singers of the twenty-first century. From her birth until the age of seven, Swift lived on a Christmas tree farm with her family in rural Pennsylvania. Swift was determined to pursue her passion for singing, and made the bold decision to move to Nashville, Tennessee with her family at the age of eleven. Swift’s early albums were of the country genre. In her later albums, she would explore the realm...
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Reflective Essay on the Legacy of Andy Warhol

I was first introduced to Andy Warhol at my old school, Pathways. We were assigned to do some of his artwork on Adobe Photoshop and this is when I became interested in his artwork and the techniques he used. I chose to do my project on Andy Warhol to learn more about him. Andy Warhol was a famous artist born in America on August 6, 1928 and unfortunately he died at age 59 on February 22, 1987, leaving behind an...
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Legacy of Lyndon B. Johnson: Analytical Essay

History is the study of past events, which can be told us through books, newspapers, artifacts, and even recordings of conversations. Having record of historical events allows us to understand past events and keep ourselves from making the same mistakes. Russell B. Long the Democratic senator of Louisiana during 1966 suggested to President Johnson that he record his conversations so that his words can be directly relayed to the people . “As it turns out, President Johnson did have their...
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Background and Legacy of Impressionism: Analytical Essay

Impressionism was an art movement from the mid-1800s in France, that had cardinally changed the entirety of art forever. These artists were able to completely overthrow the principles of traditional European art. Because the Impressionists did not conform to the rules of the Salon, their art was seen as radical, shocking the conservative tastes. These artists were Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley, Edouard Manet, Pierre Aguste Renoir, Jean-Frederic Bazille, Berthe Morisot, Camille Pissarro, Mary Cassatt, and Edgar Degas. The movement got...
5 Pages 2324 Words

Analytical Essay on the Legacy of Marcus Garvey

Introduction The late Marcus Mosiah Garvey was conceived on the excellent Caribbean island of Jamaica, in a little town of St’Ann bay to Marcus Mosiah Garvey senior who was a mason and Sarah Jane Richards a domestic worker, On August 17, 1887. He was the most youthful of eleven children. As a child, he invests more energy perusing and longing for offering addresses to extensive groups. He grew up in a family that had an extremely solid feeling of closeness...
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Leader’s Legacy Left by John F. Kennedy: Analytical Essay

John F. Kennedy was one of the many inspiring leaders that were of great importance to our country’s history and to the history of outstanding leaders. JFK grew up as a privileged young man that had opportunity sitting in the palms of his hands through his family’s political and social ties (Selverstone.) Kennedy was Catholic born and raised in Boston, MA and was taught early of great leadership and management by his father Joseph Kennedy Sr. with his investing, business,...
6 Pages 2937 Words

Standards of Modern Architecture and Their Contribution in Preserving Architectural Legacy

Abstract The aim of this research is to find out how modernity standards contribute to the preservation of architectural heritage. I have researched, studied and analyzed 12 articles, compared them with different views and concluded that some societies do not accept architectural modernity. This may damage the architectural heritage and the best ways to preserve architectural heritage. It is through its maintenance and increases its use that I recommend researching the reasons why the community does not accept architectural modernity...
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Legacy of Olympic Games for Future Generations

The Olympics is the largest sporting event in the world, with an average of 3.64 billion people watching globally (Statista 2020). The Olympic vision is to build a better world through sport and they to do this through three main values rooted in the philosophy of Pierre de Coubertin: Striving for excellence, Demonstrating respect and Celebrating friendship ( 2021). Three missions ensure they are working towards their vision, are: ensuring each game is unique and celebrated, the athletes are the...
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Essay on Mary Shelley’s Legacy: Analysis of Frankenstein

Creating a creature and then fully realizing the responsibilities is a hard task for anyone to do. Creatures aren’t human although they were created to feel the emotion and deserve any direct attention like everyone else. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein believes that his creation and its actions are a direct result of carelessness and lack of responsibility from himself as the creator. Throughout the novel, Shelley portrays Victor as a good person with good intentions but after his...
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Essay on Legacy of Travel Industry

1. Introduction: The National Trust for Historic Preservation in the United States characterizes the legacy the travel industry as ‘heading out to encounter the spots, ancient rarities and exercises that legitimately speak to the tales and individuals of the past’, and ‘legacy the travel industry can incorporate social, memorable and common assets. Culture has consistently been a significant piece of movement, as the advancement of the Grand Tour from the sixteenth century onwards bears witness to. In the twentieth century,...
5 Pages 2501 Words

Enterprise Systems and Legacy Systems: Analytical Essay

Enterprise systems Introduction The last half a century has come with major advances that have been made in the technological environment. These technology enhancements have transitioned from generic and monolithic information systems to more modernized and unique systems fit to a business organization’s practices. The following academic essay by the researcher opens by gathering an understanding on legacy systems that are a key component of an organization’s business processes. Thereafter, as a result of the evolution of information systems, an...
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Cultural Legacy of Colonialism and Imperialism in Robinson Crusoe

Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe considers the general effect of post-colonization which is based on a critical study of the cultural legacy of colonialism and imperialism, focusing on the human consequences of the control and exploitations of colonized people, and their lands. Therefore, from a post-colonial perspective, the value of identity and ownership tend to rely on the opinion and viewpoint of ‘Robinson Crusoe’, who like any Western man during this period, believed in white supremacy until his misfortunate arrival to...
4 Pages 2014 Words

Analysis of Legacy Software in Medical Devices

Introduction This paper set out to give an analysis of two research papers by Laštovička-Medin (2020) and Trevor et al.(2020). Exposure to particulate matter can be harmful to people’s health. There have been several studies by scientists to help people monitor their exposure to these particulates. Often the coronavirus is labeled as a particulate matter, hence the need to control its presence. An experimental study was conducted by Laštovička-Medin (2020) to demonstrate how to visualize coronavirus by interacting with it...
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What Will Be Your Legacy: Essay

Every single one of us wants to be remembered in one way or another. We want to be remembered for more than just being normal and ordinary. Many people believe that their legacy is reflected by the wealth that they have accumulated and the degrees and diplomas they have achieved throughout their lifetime, I believe that one’s legacy isn’t merely based on their bank statement but rather on the positive impact that they have made on those around them. This...
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Personal Life and Influences in Phillis Wheatley’s Creative Legacy

United States The infamous times of slavery in America had begun in the early 17th century and continued lawfully for over 250 years. This period of legal consent for abusive treatment of an ethnic minority has heavily marked the racial relations in the United States. For centuries African Americans appeared invisible to the majority of white citizens who considered them as capable of merely physical work. For this reason, the figure of Phillis Wheatley, the first published Afro-American poet of...
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Re-Evaluation of the Importance and Legacy of Oedipus Rex

Perpetuated misunderstandings of Oedipus Rex defines its importance and durability, specifically explicit in the interpretation by Sigmund Freud in his psychoanalytic book Interpretations of Dreams. The transition of authority from playwright to reader encourages projection and imposing of views and values onto the play and ultimately results in a poor analysis and understanding. These projections are derived from reader context and perspective, and thus this frequent re-evaluation of the importance and legacy of Oedipus Rex through continued analysis via different...
1 Page 585 Words

The Impact Of Legacy On Greek Mythology And The Daily Lives Of Citizens In Ancient Greece

There was a fear of leading an unfulfilling or pointless life, caused by the stories told about the gods becoming greedy, jealous, and showing their flaws, that motivated citizens in Ancient Greece to live generous and selfless lives. It was the legacy of heroes that showed civilians how to live their lives in order to have the most enjoyable afterlife or even gain immortality the way the gods had, with heroes as models for how to act no matter the...
2 Pages 1036 Words

To What Extent Hitler's Legacy Shaped The Course Of The Modern World

Introduction There is no doubt that Hitler indeed left a legacy which shaped the course of the Modern World. After the Third Reich was reduced to a pile of ashes surrounding Hitler’s bunker in Berlin, his story is still the most powerful legacy of violence and hatred mankind has ever seen. The extremism which Adolf Hitler swept at society but in particular German people still frightens many to this day. It is almost impossible to understand how a party based...
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Legacy: Definition, Forms And Importance

To begin with, a Legacy can be looked at as a worthwhile contribution resulting from boosted thinking and caliber for learning that an individual translates to others so that it is available to the organization’s future generation of managers, employees and other stakeholders. In order for a legacy to be successfully passed on it must be digested and absorbed by others. To add on to this, a manager’s legacy can involve the ability to build new ways of thinking and...
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Colonial Legacy: Economic, Political, Social And Cultural Aspects

INTRODUCTION On the eve of independence, the African countries ranked among the least developed, least industrialized and least secure place in the world. The nationalist movement didn’t know what lay ahead for them. According to Thandikaa Mkandawire a Malawian economist, Africans were naive about the prospects for a democracy and high level of accountability by their new leadership. He further argued that they were also naive about the status and fairness of the international system to which they were joining....
4 Pages 1900 Words

The Legacy Of Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton was the singular most unlikely candidate to become one of the founding fathers of the USA. He was little more than an orphaned son of a prostitute, growing up in St Nevis, a forgotten spot in the Caribbean, yet he underwent a meteoritic rise to power, became George Washington’s right hand man and almost singlehandedly sustained the USA beyond its infancy, shaping it’s political and economic landscape forever. To some, he could be considered the very embodiment of...
4 Pages 1633 Words

Impact of Impressionism on Artistic Heritage: Analytical Essay

Like any other forms of art movements, the impressionism art movement came about to defy and challenge the status quo of the current art establishments. The realism art movement that preceded the impressionism art movement followed strict neo-classical guidelines and must conform to certain mathematical and academic rulings. Realism artists are also instructed to follow preestablished composition methods, colors, perspective, light and shade, etc. The impressionism movement emerged to convey that there are other ways of creating masterpieces that express...
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Frida Kahlo Accomplishments

Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderon or known as Frida Kahlo is one of the greatest artists and influenced the Mexican Hispanic Culture. Kahlo was born on July 6, 1907, in Coyoacan, Mexico City. This radiant beauty was known for her self-portraits that capture bright eye-catching colors. Her artwork is showcased through a very raw, realistic, and pure vision capturing themes such as the nature of the human body and death. Through painting, she visually captures the true form of...
2 Pages 970 Words

How Did Frida Kahlo Change the World

Frida Khalo, A Mexican Icon Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderon best known as Frida Khalo was born on July 6, 1907, in the house of her parents, well known as The Blue House. Coyoacan at the time was a small town on the outskirts of Mexico City. Frida’s father, Guillermo Kahlo was a German immigrant. Her mother, Matilde Calderon y Gonzalez, was of Spanish descent. Frida’s parents were married shortly after the passing of Guillermo’s first wife during the...
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Essay about Revealing Theme of Love in Literary Heritage

During the Renaissance the population began to make use of literature. This is because publications of classical texts began to be published throughout Europe. With the arrival of stoicism, emotions such as fear, envy or passionate love began to take shape in literary works. The genre that had the most acclaim was comedy. In contrast to tragedy, comedy deals with fewer socially elevated characters, the public is exposed to crisis of love, money and ownership. On the other hand, we...
2 Pages 947 Words

Achievements of Margaret Thatcher: Analytical Essay

Margret Thatcher had led the Conservative government in office from the years 1979 to 1990 with many achievements and limitations. These can be seen through the way in how she led the country economically, politically and socially. Margaret Thatcher had many economic policies. However one of her economical policies exceeded failure that which was Deregulation. Deregulation enabled hardly any interference from the Conservative government as it was removing the ‘red tape’ to make it easier for businesses to trade and...
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