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Composing an essay on leadership is not an easy task when you do not take time to learn about why it is important in business and how role models and certain approaches to being a leader help. As the practical experience shows, leadership isn’t always the same as management because being a leader is more than just managing information or issuing orders. The students who are told to write an essay on the importance of leadership in an Agile environment must think about skill identification and the importance of analytical skills. If it sounds like rocket science to you, check a free sample at EduBirdie that will serve as a good template to help you focus on structure and things like advocative or authoritarian leadership styles with related management aspects.

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Concepts Of Ethical Leadership And Their Potential

Leadership literature has not remained the same as over the years it has been developed by various researchers and there has been a strong belief that leadership is something that is modifiable as there is a transformation constantly happening in the way people think over the years. The principal theories appeared throughout the 19th century such as the Great Man Theory, the Trait theory, the Behavioural theory amongst many others. Leadership theories are adjusted due to the changes happening in...
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Different Leadership Styles Depending On The Situation

There are a number of management and leadership theories, applying them to practical situations can be challenging however certain scenarios lend themselves better to some styles/theories. One theory that can work in multiple situations is the Leadership Continuum Theory developed by Robert Tannenbaum and Warren Schmidt in 1958. These styles are the Tell, Sell, Consult, Join and Delegate. They recognise that management style is dependent on a number of factors including the experience and seniority of staff, levels of trust,...
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The Importance Of Leadership And Management For Education

Since the early 1990’s there has been a significant shift in the direction of Education and in particular, the recognition of the difference between leadership, management, and administration. Terminology can confuse but in the UK these central concepts are characterized under the umbrella of ‘Leadership’. A leader can develop visions, values, and transformations for change, however, management is the operational requirement to allow the implementation of these strategies and practices to commence. Administration involves ensuring the staff team has all...
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The Strategic Leadership And The Leadership Of Change In Lego Company

Hooper and Potter (2000) have defined the leadership of change as “developing a vision for the future, crafting strategies to bring that vision into reality and that everybody in the organization is mobilizing their energies towards the same goal”. (Hooper and Potter 2000) Strategic leaders such as Jorgen Vig Knudstorp CEO of Lego are needed to introduce change into an organization successfully. (Gill 2003; O’Connell 2009) For a chance to be effective the strategic leaders should be able to anticipate,...
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The Importance Of Innovative Leadership In Nowadays

In this 21st century, the life of an innovative leader clearly isn’t simple. Inside their associations, they have to lead and inspire an enhanced gathering of individuals to work crosswise over ranked limits, improve proficiency and accomplish development. At all, they face a complex and globalized condition; they need to deal with the fundamentals of government stay aware of challenges, and meet the desire of the different partners. Furthermore, inside this worldwide condition, there are numerous social contemplations leaders must...
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Charisma As An Attribute Of Transformational Leadership

In every business around the globe, there are managers and there are leaders. Just because you are looked at as a good manager does not mean that you are a good leader. In the following essay, I will discuss the difference between a manager and a leader. Is it bad for a leader to be overly charismatic? I will discuss charisma in transformational leadership and the action that leaders can take in order to be ethical. I will also discuss...
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Leadership Is The Art Of Inspiring A Group Of Individuals

Introduction What is leadership? A basic definition is that leadership is the art of inspiring a group of individuals to act against a common goal. This can mean, in a business environment, leading staff and colleagues with a plan to meet the needs of the client. This concept of leadership encompasses the essentials of being able to inspire others and being prepared to. Good leadership is founded on ideas (whether original or borrowed) but will not occur until those ideas...
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Ethical And Unethical Leaders Through History: Examples

Leadership styles have always differed all through history. Leaders use their positions to help others and themselves. They are also responsible for making decisions as well as projecting their visions based on the judgment that will benefit the subordinates. There are many leadership styles, ranging from transformational leadership to democratic leadership to authoritative leadership, and they all have characteristics that distinguish them from the other. This paper’s primary focus is Dark (unethical) and Light (ethical) leaders and their leadership styles....
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Transformational Leadership Is The Answer For The Crisis Of The National Health Service

Introduction We are living in a time in which the NHS is facing many economic and social challenges. Our healthcare system is suffering budget constraints, an increased and aged population, higher patient expectations, nursing staff shortages and we are now treating more complex illnesses than ever before (Rivett 2015). In order to implement the changes needed to address these issues the government has put its focus on leadership and developing strong leaders in the NHS (NHS England 2014). However, the...
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Factors That Influence Choice Of Leadership Style

In this assignment I will be looking at different leadership styles and the factors that may affect a leader’s choice of style, I will then discuss my own leadership style, how it is affected by my organization’s culture and how I could look to enhance my performance as a leader in the future. There are three key leadership theories, John Adair’s action-centered leadership model, Tannenbaum/Schmidt’s leadership continuum, and Hersey and Blanchard’s situational leadership model. Each of the models looks at...
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Role Of Management And Leadership In Conflict And Negotiation

Introduction Leadership and Management have an important function in the sustainability of a business and their functions have a profound impact on the success of a business. The existence of these two functions has been known since the 20th century. Since then these two topics are most discussed as to how these two functions affect the sustainability and profitability of a business. The deep desire and aspiration to protect the business investments and interests of shareholders have preoccupied many theories...
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Emotional Intelligence Theory In Nurse Leadership

Introduction Nursing leadership theories are formed to create excellent leaders that accommodate the objectives of the team and these theories allow the team members to understand different leadership situations. This following scholarly paper describes a case study of conflicts regarding a new graduate nurse who experiences a rude behavior from a senior colleague during the workplace. This paper explains the application of emotional intelligence theory and how a nurse can provide leadership in this situation. Definition Emotional intelligence is outlined...
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Narcissistic Leadership: For And Against

Positivity of narcissistic leadership Although the idea that narcissistic leaders may sound quite controversial since leaders who are “principally motivated by their own egomaniacal needs and beliefs” (Rosenthal & Pittinsky, 2006, p. 629) cannot perform well, many scientists point out to the evidence that such leaders possess essential skills including perceptions of charisma, vision, and performance (Judge et al., 2009). There are quite a few arguments in favour of narcissistic leadership. It is true that these individuals come across as...
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Examining Leadership, Motivation And Teamwork Within A Large Multi-disciplinary Team Of Engineers

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to highlight and critically evaluate the major theories on the psychology behind leadership, motivation and teamwork methodologies and how we can apply them in the management of multi-disciplinary engineering teams to obtain effective work output. The methods used in this paper included looking at the vast amount of psychology research papers and then engaging in a process of evaluation. The information on this paper is not to be blindly accepted as scientific facts,...
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Why Is Leadership Needed To Be Guided By True Spirituality?

We observe now a day’s business leaders get involved in some ethical and unethical practices We know according to the law of Karma the activities of a person are adjusted by the outcomes. Success and failure depend on the karma of leader. Leader must adopt a mission to create and sustain value. Spiritual principles are the missing constituent in most past approaches of leadership which shows innovative progress in inner mind of the leaders. Bad Karma of leader like, cruelty,...
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Jesus Christ And Leadership

Throughout the four Gospels, there is evidence of the different types of leadership styles that Jesus used. The style would change often between each interaction and encounter Jesus had with other people. By looking at each interaction Jesus had, we see his leadership style to be of the servant type. Servant leadership focuses on service to others. Each author of the four Gospels talks about a different type of leadership style that Jesus had. The four Gospels tell the story...
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Collegiate Lacrosse Leader Transformed Successful Nurse

One of the eight essentials of the Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice considered fundamental for all graduates of DNP programs regardless of specialty or focus area is “organizational and systems leadership for quality improvement and systems thinking” (American Association of Colleges of Nursing [AACN], 2006, p. 10). Reflecting back, and considering events and/or time periods in which both organizational and personal leadership influenced my development, collegiate lacrosse rises to the top of the list. Four years of...
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Leading Through Failure: Aspects And Factors

Failing is not the end of a journey. Rather, it is more like a checkpoint in a journey, with a promising end to the means if taken as a positive check. For someone to achieve their set goals, occasionally, failure is inevitable. The secret to succeeding is taking failures positively and getting focused towards achieving goals. Failures give us lifetime lessons and gives us more courage to face challenges that occur in the journey towards success. Leading through failure is...
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Needs & Barriers In Inclusive Leadership In Primary Schools: An Experience From The Field

Abstract A key concern today is the question about the Inclusive leadership in our nation’s primary schools as it increasingly relies on diverse learners, multidisciplinary teachers, and a community of different cultural heritage, and teachers. But simply throwing a mix of key elements of good schools together doesn’t guarantee qualitative cum productive performance of schools for society as well as country; it requires inclusive leadership — leadership that assures that all members feel they are treated respectfully and fairly, are...
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Leadership And Miracle

Abstract In this paper, the author conducts a study on the Battles of Samaria and Aphek between Ben Hadad and Ahab. These battles, which were won by the underdog, Ahad, using less Soldiers and equipment, which was a miracle from God even though King Ahad was wicked and ignored God’s word, which showed showing God’s good grace and patience. The author shows how this battle was relevant to Merida’s writings in which Merida considers four key points from the battles,...
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Impact Of Leadership In Science

Leadership is an exercise that boost the efforts of attempt of other people in attainment of success through social influence. Leadership develops from social influence. There are no particular personality traits, attributes or title that defines an effective leadership. Leadership requires a vision of success which is a goal so that they can influence others by maximizing the efforts to turn a vision into a reality.(1) . Leadership is about motivating people to do things which they have never considered...
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Self Assessment Of Leadership Profiling

ABSTRACT The quest to understand leadership, across various sectors and disciplines, has meant that the body of existing literature is vast. After decades of research a generally accepted, comprehensive theory of leadership appears to elude us Whether you seem to be a “born leader” or are uneasy with the role of leader and need to develop leadership skills methodically, you will discover valuable insights through a self-assessment. You will want to examine your following abilities: Skills Traits, competencies Experience. Since...
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Leadership And Teamwork Satisfaction

Teamwork between individuals in a firm are foundations for corporations. Assembling efficient teams can increase productivity, achieve higher synergy and gain broader perspectives. Nevertheless, teams are not always effective; it’s benefits can only be reaped if the group has trust, common goals and compatible personalities necessary for achieving high performance. THE SITUATION The article, ‘Leading in Hostile environment’, presents difficulties in leadership in an unamicable environment. “Medical One… largest multispecialty healthcare practice” having “numerous regional clinics… employed more than 13,000...
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The Importance Of Self Confidence For The Leader

Self-confidence is classified as a personal trait for an effective leader. Self-confidence measure the potential to trust your instincts, qualities, and judgment to make a better decision. Being self-confident is vital that a leader can have due to the fact it will help instill self-belief among the followers and the group (Dubrin, 2015). Self- confidence can also be considered as a behavioral and interactive ability as an alternative than just a personality trait because it reflects on how both male...
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Experiencing Social Work Leadership Through The Story Of A Social Work Leader

Social Work is a dynamic and ever-changing field which over the decades has evolved and melded itself around so many facets of not only individual’s lives, but communities and countries, with the aim of illuminating, enhancing and attending to social issues for a better collective wellbeing. This essay concerns itself with identifying a leader in Social Work and the analysis of the leadership style and values this individual possesses which has enabled them to become the leader they are recognised...
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Integrity as The Major Item Of Leadership

The greatest challenge of leadership is to maintain integrity. Even in the world of business, education, and politics, character is recognised as major issue for leaders. When leaders fail to maintain integrity, their families and the people entrusted them would suffer the consequences. Integrity begins from within and is based on sincerity. The word ‘Sincere’ comes from the Latin word for ‘without wax.’ In the ancient world, dishonest potters would disguise cracks in low-quality clay pots by covering them with...
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Ooredoo Multinational Company: Culture, Climate And Leadership Styles

INTRODUCTION Organization is a person or a group of people intentionally organized to accomplish an overall, common goal or set of goals. Goal is a statement that shows organizations wishes to archive. Organization is born when more than one person coordinates to perform a work, such as one person passing bundles to another person who puts them in an order. Organizations can range in size from one person to tens of thousands. “OOREDOO” the multinational organization is a leading international...
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Relationship Between Leadership And School Reforms In Primary School In Fiji

Educational Leadership is a vital feature that builds an apparition of academic success for all students in the education system by endeavoring and stabilizing a safe and receptive educational environment. “A Leadership can make or break any organisation”, thus a leader must be proficient and devoted experts to perform excellently and hold quality leadership abilities to meet the standards of a school system across the country. Quality educational leaders are very essential for any organisation as they play a dynamic...
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Drivers Of Environmental Leadership In Corporate Organizations

“Climate change is no longer a far-off problem; it is happening here, it is happening now” (Barack Obama). The world has finally woken up to address the disastrous consequences of mankind’s activities. Measures are being taken all around the world to reduce the impact of climate change and prevent further harm. Industries have played a key role in contributing to global warming along with many other sources. Majority of them have also voluntarily shouldered the responsibility of taking steps towards...
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The Role Of Team Leader In Conflict Management

It was during Week 2 of university and we all received a notification on Thursday. The scavenger hunt assignment was posted on Google classroom. ‘Will I be able to fit in a group?’ ‘What if I’m left on my own?’ “Will my peers like me or befriend me?’ were the random thoughts that tormented our brains. Later that day, a bunch of classmates who were still unknown to me and I entered a tutorial class of another module. The girls...
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