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Have you ever wondered what weapons were used in the Civil War? What aspects made people think of the Civil War as, “One of America’s Bloodiest Wars”. What caused so many deaths that would still be remembered today? Well, one of the answers to those questions is weapons. All different types of weapons caused the Civil War to be a brutal, bloodshed, and savage war that would be one to remember. These weapons took the Civil War by storm with their effectiveness, accuracy, and damage that they caused. Weapons impacted the Civil War because they changed the way soldiers fought, influenced the future of weapons, and drove the way for the future of America and its wars.

One of the main weapons that took the Civil War by storm, was the Minie Ball. This small, but mighty bullet, had tremendous impacts not only on the battlefield but also off. The bullet named after its inventor Claude-E’tienne Minié was adopted by the US Army in 1855. It was partly common because it could be mass-produced cheaply. The Minié was small in diameter and could be easily loaded because it was slightly smaller than the diameter of the gun bore. Spinning tightly and gripping the spiral rifling, tremendously improved the accuracy and caused it to travel on a straighter path. Its effective range was anywhere from 240 to 350 yards. When fired, it expanded, and as it hit its target, the soft lead caused it to flatten out. The thing that made this weapon extremely dangerous and effective was that it could shatter bones and destroy tissue. In addition, it would carry any foreign material it picked up from the uniform, as it passed through the body, greatly increasing the risk of infection. Most enemies that were shot by the minié, had to have an amputation. The Minié Ball certainly had many impacts on the Civil War, but its effectiveness, range, and accuracy made this weapon one to fear.

Firearms were not the only weapons that impacted the Civil War in tremendous ways, field artillery was also weapons that changed the ways and tactics of the Civil War. This weapon, named by its inventor, Louis Napoleon was also known as the “12 pounders”. It was first cast in America in 1857. The cannon was hitched to a two-wheel limber and had 3 projectiles; solid shot, case shot, canister. The solid shot had a wide range of ammunition and long-range. This projectile was used to break through covers and could destroy trees. The case shot was a hollow sphere filled with musket balls. The friction of the shell ignites a fuse and explodes, spreading the musket balls and showering shell fragments all over the target. The canister was tin cans filled with round balls stacked on top of each other. This was the most powerful, being able to wipe out entire ranks or lines of men. The cannon\’s effective range was around 400 yards. Napoleon Cannon’s lightweight maneuverability, but almighty power made it a very dominant weapon.

Both of these weapons hugely impacted the Civil War, both in many different ways. On the field and off the field, both of these weapons changed the future of technology, weapons and, wars. The impacts that the Minié Ball had on the Civil War were monumental compared to other weapons. This weapon clearly focused on quality over quantity because the ball was more focused on the damage it did to the target, rather than the number of men it killed. The Minié Ball was most effective in thin, long lines of soldiers. The effects of the Minié Ball were not only intense on the field, but they also caused a lot of trouble off the field. Because of this, this weapon did not only improve military technology, it also improved Civil War hospitals, medicine, amputations, and how skilled the doctors were because of the adaptation needed from the effects of this weapon. The ball was responsible for 3 out of 4 amputations/operations/injuries done in Civil War hospitals. During the Civil War though, the north had a slight technological advancement over the south because of its advancement in production and manufacturing of goods. This caused them to be able to equip their men on the front lines faster and more efficiently. The Napoleon Cannon, on the other hand, was a very influential and powerful weapon but had very different impacts. It focused more on the bigger impact of forts and lines of soldiers rather than a single target. This cannon could destroy forts a ½ mile away and blow through trees but was very lightweight and easily moved. In the Second Battle of Bull Run in August 1862, during the early Civil War, six Napoleons covered the Federal Army, forcing the Confederates to keep their distance. Overall, this cannon had a huge impact on the improvement of modern warfare and technology during the first modern war and the Industrial Revolution.

The Civil War was impacted by weapons because they changed the way soldiers fought, influenced the future of weapons, and drove the way for the future of America and its wars. All around, both of these weapons tremendously impacted the Civil War. The Minié Ball tearing through human tissue and shattering bones and the Napoleon Cannon ripping down trees and exploding on rows of troops. Both of these greatly impacted the Civil War because of the effects they had and how they forever changed the future of America and the wars ahead.

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How Did Slavery Cause the Civil War Essay

Civil War & Reconstruction, 1861–1877 In 1861, a historical time that America faced a great crisis. The southern and northern states of the nation had become divergent politically, economically, and socially. The southern states remained to be agricultural lands, whereas the states of the north had developed rampantly in industries and commercially. Of more essence to this uniqueness, the demon of slavery, African – American slavery, was growing, and of these vast differences, the two states were separating with time....
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What Damage Was Caused During The Civil War

The Civil War was the bloodiest battle to occur on U.S. soil to date and its consequences lasted long after the final bullet flew. Many argue that the South after the Civil War was in a state of despair. Many establishments, homes, schools, businesses, and many lives were lost to the violence that spread through the nation. This leads many to conclude that the South, including its universities was unable to bounce back after the loss of business, infrastructure, and...
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Reasons of Slavery in Civil War

It seems as if it was just yesterday that I was another normal boy, born in Hodgenville, Kentucky on February 12, 1809. My mother was conceived in Hampshire County while my dad in Rockingham County, both of them from average families and were considered the norm of the populace. My mother, who departed from me to the heavens, when I was merely ten, was from a family of the surname Hanks, few of who momentarily dwell in Adams and Macon...
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The Civil War: Conflict Between The North And The South

The Civil War was a devastating conflict between the North and the South. The Union was a tight alliance of states, while the Confederacy was the group of Southern states that broke away from the Union and declared independence, thus rebelling and causing war with the Union. “The Confederate War” encapsulates this conflict by representing both sides, and the Confederacy in particular, with a fresh perspective. “The Confederate War” questions the stereotypes of the Confederacy and historical tropes that have...
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The Reasons That Causes Of The American Civil War

Slavery may have been gathered up as the motivation of the American Civil War, however, the start of the debate started in the hour of the Revolution with a weakened decentralized government under the Articles of Confederation. Later increased momentum as a regional expansion set Americans against one another on discussing whether the new states ought to be slave states or free states, it doubted the intensity of the Federal government regarding state rights and realized instability in the solidarity...
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Was Reconstruction a Success or Failure Essay

African-American History: How did African-Americans envision their freedom after the 13th Amendment and to What Extent were They able to Achieve their Goals during Reconstruction? Using Eric Foner’s definition of Reconstruction, the period lasted from 1863-1877, beginning with the Emancipation Proclamation, the freeing of slaves in rebel states, and ending with the compromise of 1877 (Foner, 2014). African-American definitions and expectations for freedom differed between individuals during this period, but the themes of autonomy, economic independence, and education were constants...
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The American Civil War and the Black Lives Matter: Analytical Essay

The American Civil War stands at the central spot of American history and defines a pivotal movement that would change the course of the nation’s politics and economy. The war, which started in 1861, split America into two factions (Kingseed 3). The central element of the American Civil War was slavery. As slavery flourished in the South, it gradually died out in the North. The then-President Thomas Jefferson condemned slavery as an inhumane act (Kingseed 4). Even though he was...
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Abraham Lincoln's Major Achievements

Society today has been changing over the years, and in this day and age, we can equally stand together as a nation. Although racism and types of discrmination still occur, society has become more developed and socially aware unlike the times of the civil war. The civil war was a pivotal point in history regarding slavery. It was constantly kicked under the rug until tensions increased. One of the most popular and important politicians that played a huge role is...
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The American Civil War': Role of Abraham Lincoln in Civil War Essay

Kat Smutz’s book, The American Civil War, is about the Civil War and the details on what happened from the beginning to the end of the war. Abraham Lincoln was elected as the sixteenth president on November 6, 1860. The Civil War started at 4:30 Friday morning, on the 12th of April, 1861.The first actual engagement was the bombardment of Fort Sumter, between Union and Confederate forces. This was not for the benefit of slaves, but for the preservation of...
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The Killer Angels': Killer Angels and The Cultural Civil War

The definition of culture is as follows. The customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group. Every place has its own culture. For instance, some of the customs, and values that we hold true in America today, are vastly different than they were in 1865. However we do see examples of cultures that are very similar. For instance, America and Canada are very close together geographically, and the traditions and ways of living,...
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The Civil War and Reconstruction in Indian Territory': Book Review

The argument of Clampitt, which is repeated in subsequent chapters, is that the Civil War and Reconstruction period in the history of the Indian Territory were complicated and always evolving. This series of eight essays and the editor’s ‘Introduction’ focuses on the Civil War west of the Mississippi. As well, it focuses on an even more complicated topic: Native Americans’ experiences in Indian Territory during the Civil War and Reconstruction era. Too often, historians have ignored or discounted the Civil...
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Was the Civil War Inevitable: Argumentative Essay

The Civil War was a complicated event. However, it’s not surprising that a discussion of the causes of the war would also be complicated. Therefore, this essay will organize the major causes of the Civil War into long-term, short-term, and trigger causes that lead to the outbreak of fighting in 1861. Long-term causes are aspects of US history that help us understand how a future civil war would be possible. The settlements between slave states and free states would determine...
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Essay on Advantages of the North in the Civil War

TECHNOLOGY IN THE CIVIL WAR Tarrell Carter Jr. APUSH January 7, 2020 Before the start of the Civil War, there were many differences between the North and South. The North’s dependence on Industrial factories helps play a major in the future during the Civil War. The South was most dependent on the booming industry of cotton, which will, later on, put them behind during the war. As in every conflict, technology-assisted change in strategy and important circumstances define how new...
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Causes of the Civil War Essay

What Cause the Civil War? The American Civil War was a result of differences between the north and south to maintain their way of life, as most historians have argued. I plan to show how abolishing slavery, and economic differences between the regions played equal roles in the cause of the American Civil War. Introduction The American Civil War was a very important war that helped shape and mold the United States into the country it is today. Even though...
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The Preconditions of the American Civil War

The rise of partisan politics in the Early Republic was due to a difference in opinion on how the country should be run. There were both people who supported the constitution (Federalists) and those who did not support the constitution (Anti-Federalists or Democratic-Republicans).The Federalists wanted a strong government; “They argued that the separation of powers … and the division of powers between states and nation, would preclude tyranny” (Norton 7-2). Whereas the antifederalists believed that states would help citizens have...
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Joshua Chamberlain's Heroic Participation in the Civil War

Throughout history, there have been many wars and battles that were fought. These battles were fought by an army and were led by people who became significant today. One of many that served in the military was Joshua Chamberlain, who may not be well known but is one of America’s important roles. Chamberlain became a significant figure in American history due to his studiousness, his desperation to serve his country, and heroic participation in the war. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain was...
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African-American Experience in American West: Civil War and Reconstruction

Despite the unique social, economic and political progress that America has achieved over the years, it is yet to mitigate racism. Institutionalized racism is quite prevalent in modern society as blacks face discrimination in employment, social status, and healthcare services. The current events, however, reflect experiences of African-Americans since they entered America as slaves. In essence, the Civil War occurred as a result of conflict over the expansion of slavery to western states. Even though life was somehow better for...
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A Critical Analysis of the Causes of the Civil War of 1861

What led us to the Civil War of 1861? Was it all about slavery? To understand this, we need to go back when the United States of America was created. Throughout all of American history, there has been great division in our political parties, which Ironically is the very thing George Washington warned us about in his farwell address. George Washington warned of “the baneful effects of the spirit of party” in his farewell address. Washington feared the unity will...
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Civil War and Reconstruction

The Civil War was the most historic and studied war in American history. It was the first step to a huge turning point in the United States, the end of a way of life that many people had to endure for way too long. With the end of the war and the victory of the North came the conclusion that the United States would remain as one nation and end slavery. However, getting there was not as easy as it...
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Daily Life Of Civil War Soldier: Routine And Distractions

When you imagine what life as a Civil War soldier would be like you think of the things that they had to suffer through and all the pain that came with it, but what about the times when they weren’t fighting during the Civil War, some free time was spent with small groups of friends huddled around the fire (Frank 512). Times they spent with one another created a bond and help create a sense of nationalism. The main pastimes...
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Struggles of a Young Nation

What would America be like today if the civil war never happened? Would there still be slaves? Would there be two separate nations? Thankfully, Americans do not have to worry about those problems. The American Civil War did happen and it impacted a whole nation because of it. The Civil War brought about immense change, which was mainly good. Slavery got abolished, America became whole again, and new technological advances formed from the ‘new’ nation. Negative effects also occurred, mainly...
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What Technology Was Used During The Civil War

The Civil War was during a time period that saw many new methods and inventions being used for the first time. The inventions were used to help quickly advance the war being over which caused more complex injuries. Therefore, medical practices had to evolve to treat these injuries and the diseases caused by poor medical practices. Most of the inventions used were in the weaponry category, however, some of the others included the railroads and the telegraph. Medical advances could...
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Top Five Battles Won by the North

The first battle the North won was the Battle of the Bull Run. The second battle was the Shiloh. The third battle was the Antietam. The fourth battle was the Gettysburg. The fifth battle was the Appomattox Courthouse. Referred to in the north as the Battle of Bull Run and in the South as the Battle of Manassas. This fight on July 21, 1861 in Virginia was the main significant clash of the Civil War. It was a Confederate triumph....
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