Civil War Essay Examples

What Technology Was Used During The Civil War

The Civil War was during a time period that saw many new methods and inventions being used for the first time. The inventions were used to help quickly advance the war being over which caused more complex injuries. Therefore, medical practices had to evolve to...
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The Civil War: Conflict Between The North And The South

The Civil War was a devastating conflict between the North and the South. The Union was a tight alliance of states, while the Confederacy was the group of Southern states that broke away from the Union and declared independence, thus rebelling and causing war with...
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The Reasons That Causes Of The American Civil War

Slavery may have been gathered up as the motivation of the American Civil War, however, the start of the debate started in the hour of the Revolution with a weakened decentralized government under the Articles of Confederation. Later increased momentum as a regional expansion set...
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What Damage Was Caused During The Civil War

The Civil War was the bloodiest battle to occur on U.S. soil to date and its consequences lasted long after the final bullet flew. Many argue that the South after the Civil War was in a state of despair. Many establishments, homes, schools, businesses, and...
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