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Invention of the Airplane

Wilbur and Orville Wright were American inventors and founders of aviation. Through much trial and error, they were able to achieve the first powered, sustained and controlled airplane flight in 1903, and the first fully practical airplane two years later. The airplane transformed the 20th century, as people were now able to fly, resulting in a change around the world. Women were responsible for many ‘firsts’ in the aviation industry, despite being faced by constant animosity. Arguably, the invention of...
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How Do Machines Make Our Lives Better?

Introduction In our generation of highly developed technologies, scientists from different spheres are eager to find solutions to various daily problems of mankind. But now we will talk about neuroprosthetics of human hands. Millions of people around the world face abnormalities at birth or loss of a limb due to illnesses, accidents, and so on, followed by the need to amputate that limb. Neuroprosthetics is in great demand, because the lack of limb of the hand brings great discomfort and...
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Science And The Cinema: From Dinosaurs To AI

Close your eyes and allow me to set a scene which should be engraved in your psyche: A naïve scientist discovers and experiments with something that may endanger the human race. After preventing a global catastrophe, the scientist learns a valuable lesson about the dangers of science. You may not be able to pinpoint the movie this synopsis is from, but you may recognise it as one of the most well-known tropes displayed on the big screen. The portrayal of...
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Science And Technology: What Is In Common?

To tackle this topic, we first must understand what the term Science and Technology means and in what relation is it with the existential question proposed. The obvious meaning is that this topic deals with both science and technology and their interactions. And of course, since science and technology are major parts of near past and present human life, it is evident that they have some impact on our way of thinking and our lives in general. However, this topic...
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The Evolution Of Materials Science

Material science and technology has evolved – starting in the 1960s because it became clear that a single approach was needed to create, discover and design new materials. Rapid evolution occurs at the beginning of the 21st century when it is sought to combine the global problem of solid waste with a major metal factor (e.g. heavy metals, plastics, inorganic chemicals, organic, etc.). Many of the current technological problems are due to the constraints of available materials so advances in...
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The History Of Information Science

Introduction Information science can be defined as a branch that explores the characteristics and conduct of data, the driving forces that control the flow of information, and ways of optimally accessing and using absorbed information. It is composed of branches of science that majorly deal with collecting, classifying, manipulating, storing, retrieving, and disseminating information (Yan, 2011). Information science is a wide interdisciplinary area that incorporates computer science features, library science, intellectual and with the inclusion of social sciences. It deals...
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The Difference Between Science And Technology

There has been a lot of advancement in the world today since the days of the early men. Man, in his curious nature, engaged himself with studying his environment, taking notes of his observations, and figuring out efficient ways to make life better and resourceful. All of these studies and their application is tied to what we know today as science and technology. The two of them work hand in hand, and have very close meaning, but there are some...
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Is There The End Of Science

Science is a ubiquitous topic that no man would not know about. Science has revolutionised the world, improving human lives in so many aspects and contributing to a haven of knowledge that exists today. However, a question comes to mind when we look into the many discoveries Science has offered – is Science coming to an end? An ‘end’ here refers to the lack of revolutionary theories and knowledge. While it does appear that mankind is running out of things...
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The Correlation Of Science And Technology

According to Teller, Edward, “the science of today is the technology of tomorrow”, which empowers people to be creative and productive. It lets people learn things they didn’t think they could learn, in short, it is all about potential. This is where the change will depend, if you think of the future, you want it to be better than the past. They can translate it into new products which can be the main instrument of economic development and growth of...
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Benjamin Franklin and His Kite

One day, an inventor named Benjamin Franklin wanted to prove something to all the other scientists in his community. So he waited for a day that was dark and cloudy. He listened carefully for the rumble of thunder. He watched out the window to see the large sheets of lighting shoot across the sky. Once he was sure the conditions were right he went into his invention room. He fetched his kite, a piece of string and a large key....
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Eyeglasses as One of the Greatest Inventions

The innate curiosity that humans possess have helped solve problems to a plethora of different issues for thousands of years. While curiosity will never be the sole instigator to some of the most infamous inventors in human history, it definitely played a significant factor in the critical thinking devoted to the mechanical and technological evolution that inventions need to keep a modern-day society functioning. An almost ancient creation that benefits more than half of the human race today is that...
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Wright Brothers and Their Invention

One of the most fascinating and important exhibits at the Smithsonian Institute would be the Canard Biplane built by the Wright brothers. This beautiful piece of work was very simple in design but got the job done. Basically, it had a small 12 horsepower engine to turn the propellers and a sprocket and chain transmission system. The airplane design itself was just bare bones because the idea was that you would need enough power to propel a craft that big...
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IBM's Huge Contribution to Society

IBM – International Business Machine Corporation was founded over 100 years ago in 1911. They are massive contributors in the I.T and anything related to computation. IBM revenue was $39.2 billion in 2018 which was generated by the fields they are in which include I.T services, hardware, rental, and financing, etc. They are one of the largest employers in the computing space at a massive 366600 employees in over 175 countries. Their mission has been to develop as well as...
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History Of Creation Of Medival Invention

Medival engineers created marvellous machines, some of which were capable of immense destructive power. But others were useful in other areas such as architecture, farming and industry. The first area which we will be discussing and analysing is warfare and inventions. One that really came into action was gunpowder in medieval Europe. Gunpowder was introduced to Europe during the 13th century after information broke out that the Chinese developed a dark powder of some kind. Although we know that what...
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The Process And History Of The Invention Of The Wheel

The invention is the action of creating or making something that has never been made before, in most cases a processor or device and it should be proven as workable. The are many inventions that have been built through these years from BC till now. But now inventions are no longer built by humans but by robots, through computer analysis, software’s and programming. One main Invention that was created by a human is The Wheel. In the ancient time, the...
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Difference Between Invention And Innovation

Introduction Some of us acknowledge English indeed is a funny language. While analogous sounding terms tend to have a separate meaning; there are some words which we had taken for granted as having the same sense. We had been using these words in our daily conversation; articles as well as research papers; and various other areas of business. We know that any misused words can have an adverse impact and the other person may have a adverse feeling about us....
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Social Responsibilities Of Science And Scientists

The problem of responsibility of a scientist to society is complex and diverse. It consists of a considerable number of factors and is closely intertwined with the broader problem of ethical and moral aspects of science. A scientist is expected to be extremely demanding to the reliability of the data, to use a scientific approach of the analysis and provide a solid validity of the conclusions he makes. Scientists bare social and moral responsibilities; this implies that their work benefits...
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History Of The Invention And Importance Of Computer

A man comes home from work after solving complex mathematical equations. He then dreams of the day when there will be a machine that could solve complex calculations. The man decides to try building a machine out of electronic switches, binary and a few other parts. His machine worked and that man was the inventor of the modern computer. There is only one invention that has completely revolutionized almost every industry in the 20th and 21st centuries and that invention...
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How Science Has Contributed To The Film And Television Industry And Its Impact On Society

INTRODUCTION For decades’ people have been influenced by the entertainment industry. Movies and television has shaped millions of lives across the world. The entertainment industry is worth nearly $2 trillion. This figure demonstrates the influence of the industry. Computer science applies to almost all forms of the entertainment industry. You may not realize that the movies and television shows you watch are substantially reliant on science. In my project I have researched, the scientific aspects of film production, computer science...
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Literature Review: How Technology can Help Humanity and its Future

The Problem and Its Investigation Software development is becoming more and more important in our everyday lives. With the spread of technology to banking, public transportation, and even entire university classrooms, software is required to make money, get places, and get an education. However, this ubiquitous requirement for technology would not be satisfied without the technology that exists in space. The discourse community this essay addresses is software developers, and more specifically, software that will be used in space. The...
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Theology Vs Science

Introduction The book helps to understand the difference between faith with science. It does not give us much detail , but help clarify and simply the difference between the world of science and we finding God in it. Another thing that I find helpful is its connection with variety of Pentecostal perspectives. In view of science Theologians have, at times, attempted to use the idea of spirit as a metaphor for physical realities without acknowledging that a the words science...
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The New Science In The Midst Of Pandemic

Studying Biology is important to everyday life because it allows humans to better understand their bodies, their resources and potential threats in the environment. Biology is the study of all living things, so it helps people to understand every organism alive, from the smallest bacteria to biggest living organism. Studying Biology has also helped doctors learn how to keep people healthy and fight off disease. Biologist have learned that things called pathogens, which are themselves other living entities, cause diseases....
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Strong Faith In Science And Science Being An Authority

There is a long history of human exploration of reality and the universe. Different methods and systems are developed from ancient Greece to nowadays. Among all of them, science is the most commonly accepted one and most of us believe in science strongly today. This can be attributed to the language, way of thinking and the use of science. Science involves precise language which increases the reliability. Concepts in science are well-defined and the elaboration of a principle are in...
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What Was Science Before Islam

During ancient times, not a lot of Arabs were educated enough to know how to perform simple calculations in math, for instance. As of today’s generation, we have tools like calculators which help us perform simple calculations in a matter of seconds. Over time, more discoveries were made and Arabs realized that mathematics played an important role in the evolution of science which was advanced thanks to the Muslim scholars that helped deriving certain operations. For example, Al- Ma’mun gathered...
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The Relationship Between Technology And Science

Due to the environment of today’s society, the relationship between science and technology has become bigger every day. Technology helps science to discover more information and knowledge. Science and technology mend together but serve completely different purposes throughout the world. Science has a goal to answer questions and increase knowledge and the goal of technology is to find solutions to the more practical problems in the world. Technology has helped science to discover new information that would have never been...
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Social Science vs. Natural Science

The objects of social research and scientific are different. Specifically, social science is based on people and society while scientific is research on inorganic or organic matter. The former is expected to help us build a deeper understanding of humility and comprehension of the human behaviors and our society in a systematic, multi-level and scientific method while the purpose of the latter is to discover universal rules. (Hofman in his article Prediction and explanation in social systems argued that “There...
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Science And Society: Aspects And Effects

This essay will attempt to discuss in detail the history of certain prevalent pseudosciences currently taking place in society today: The anti-vaccination trend, the Flat-Earth theory and movement, and Astrology. It will also discuss how these pseudosciences have impacted modern society’s perceptions of the notions created by actual science, and how easy it is for these theories to turn the public against science. One of the most prominent examples of pseudoscience impacting society’s view of real science is the anti-vaccination...
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The Vision Of Science In The Scientific Revolution vs. Today

The modern vision of science is similar to the ways science is practiced today with an overall intention of improving objective scientific research to the benefit of humanity, yet differs with biased research prevailing today. The modern vision of science is used to benefit humanity today with medicine to improve the quality of life for humans, similar to what Sir Francis Bacon and Rene Descartes of the Scientific Revolution had in mind. The modern vision of science differs from the...
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Scientific Evidences And Pseudo-Scientific Beliefs

Science and pseudo-science have always been huge controversial subjects. Till date there are many pseudo-scientific practices which are masked as scientific thoughts and marketed to the general public. In this literature review, I have analyzed the reasons behind pseudo-scientific inclination of an individual. To this extent I have tried to answer two main questions, which are, What are beliefs? What are experiential and rational thinking? Firstly, for the purpose of this review, I define Science as evidence backed practices which...
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Science And Technologies In Agriculture

Technologies and IoT have the potential to transform agriculture in many aspects. Namely, there are five ways IoT can improve agriculture: Data, tons of data, collected by smart agriculture sensors, e.g. weather conditions, soil quality, crop’s growth progress or cattle health. GMOS are the use of technology when there is a specific plant or animal, genetically modified for the user’s needs. Genetically modified foods are usually made with more ingredients and more size. Examples of GMOS are corn, soy, canola...
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