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In these trying times when our world feels the agony of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) also known as the COVID-19 Pandemic and the lives of our medical front liners are at stake. I think that the government should recognize the roles of BS Biology graduates in ...

the field of science by passing a law that will professionalize graduates of the BS Biology program to further strengthen the science and technology in our country as a mandate in Section 10, Article XIV of the 1987 Philippine Constitution.

As a freshman in the BS Biology course, I have a background in my curriculum that will justify the importance of biologists in our country which would help to find solutions to the pandemic that we are currently experiencing. In biology, we study the life cycle and mechanisms of different organisms which I think plays a vital role in studying the behavior of this virus. According to Ms. Arzel S. Vidal, a graduate of BS Biology in President Ramon Magsaysay State University, “Biologists help on understanding how this particular virus works like how many hours they can live in a certain place”. She also added that biologists are studying the structure of Corona Virus so that we can think of a possible vaccine to fight COVID-19.

Climate change, the eruption of Taal Volcano, the appearance of dolphins in Palauig, Zambales, and the current COVID-19 Pandemic. These scenarios can easily be understood by a person who has a degree in Biology but due to limited opportunities, lack of appreciation and recognition, BS Biology graduates are often left underemployed. We really need to use the skills and knowledge of BS Biology graduates now to formulate solutions to the Global problem.

The Specific professions/careers/occupations or trades that BS Bio graduates may go into as per CHED Memorandum Order No. 49, series of 2017 “The biological sciences present exciting and worthwhile career opportunities. With the wide range of areas of interest offered in the discipline, the workplaces are likewise varied from universities, zoos, hospitals, government, and laboratories in tropical rainforests to ocean depths.” But some of these workplaces can’t accept BS Biology graduates because they don’t hold any government-issued professional license.

The only field in Biology that provides certificates in Microbiology. The Philippine Academy for Microbiology (PAM) offers a certification examination for Registered microbiologists. This I think is essential in making the entire discipline to be recognized by the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC) as a profession.

Section 2 of Presidential Decree No. 997 dated September 16, 1976 states that “It shall be the policy of the government to give support and encouragement to science and technology, and to attract scientific and technological specialists into the public service, realizing the contribution that they can make to push with greater vigor the development programs of the country.” Therefore, graduates of Biological Sciences can apply to Civil Service Examination in order to have a position in government, but then again, if there are job opportunities the government or companies will accept those who have a professional license.

I think that now is the right time for us to recognize and appreciate BS Biology to further strengthen scientific and technological advancement in our country. Professionalizing this discipline will incur more knowledgeable scientists that can easily find solutions to diseases such as the COVID-19 Pandemic that we are facing today.

Recognizing BS Biology as a profession will also strengthen our medical front liners and skeleton workforce in addressing this pandemic.

According to the Opinion article of Dr. Rey Donne S. Papa on Rappler “The lack of recognition of biology as a valid career option prevents biology graduates from being appreciated and recognized for their contributions’ This I think is one of the reasons why students ignore BS Biology.

Biology is the study of life. It helps us understand the deep meaning of life not just what other people describe it. In biology, we experiment and we use the scientific method to answer questions in our minds. Biologists are also good at conducting research and applying it in real life. The only problem I see is the lack of funding and government appreciation. If the government can fund Filipino biologists or just allocate enough budget for scientific exploration, I guess that we can be a trailblazer in the field of science because Filipinos are smart. As a matter of fact, Filipino scientists recently developed a cheap test kit for COVID-19 which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the Philippines.

Limited opportunities also discourage students who want to pursue a BS Biology program. Four years of schooling is useless when you are not sure what future awaits you. Luckily, there are some who will continue to study for master’s degrees, and doctorate degree and pursue medicine but lots of graduates in this program are classified as underemployed – they can’t practice what they’ve studied.

Biology is important just like other branches of Science. In our current situation, it allows us to understand the structure of the virus and help in finding solutions on how to cure them. For now, let us hope and pray for the fast recovery of those patients who have been confirmed positive for COVID-19 and let us pray for the safety of our medical front liners and skeleton workforce who are risking their lives to save one in combatting this COVID-19 Pandemic. Let us also call for government funding to enhance the world of science and technology in our country.

As a student of BS Biology and an aspiring doctor, my suggestion, for now, is to follow the government’s protocol, observe social distancing to avoid physical contact with anyone who has exposure to the virus, wear a face mask to prevent the spread of the virus and boost your immune system by eating healthy foods and keeping yourself clean by making hand-washing an hourly habit.

We hope someday that Biologists will be appreciated in their chosen work and will be recognized for their contributions in flattening the curve of this Global Pandemic.

Let’s cooperate now for a better tomorrow! 

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