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Concept of Biotechnology in Divergent and Oryx and Crake

Contrary to Jeanine, Crake wants to liberate humanity as a whole via his biotechnological inventions. Being frustrated with the entire humanity and its unwillingness to think and act responsibly in using the resources, Crake thinks of the new and ‘improved’ human race. In order to pause the horrible end of the pillaged and polluted world, he structures the Paradice project. Atwood speculates about the possible outcome of interspecies splicing and reveals how the technological hybridity leads towards a posthuman condition....
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Biodiversity: Saving the Plants and Animals

Ever wonder how humans are affecting biodiversity through their daily tasks? Every day there are workers building new homes, shopping malls, and schools. To have enough space, they’ll have to clear forest out with the animals. This is causing the US tons of money and loss in plants and animals. Although the biodiversity in the United States is decreasing tremendously due to loss and degradation of suitable habitat, it can be slowed down or even stopped, by building sanctuaries, reserving...
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Escherichia Coli as One of the Most Widespread Food-Borne Pathogen

The reason I chose Escherichia coli is because it can be a harmful bacteria and one of many bacteria that we cannot live without. Most strains of E. coli are harmless to us human, but there are some that will make us sick. E. coli over the years have been a reason for contamination to our food source throughout the country and even our favorite restaurants. There has been outbreaks of E. coli contamination in our lettuce, ground beef, chicken,...
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Consideration of the Type II Herpes Simplex Virus

The prevalence of HSV –II is so high in the whole world that it leaves millions of families vulnerable to genital herpes and other diseases such as HIV. The HSV-II exposes over 400 million families worldwide to the acquisition of genital herpes and HIV diseases (Looker et al. 2). This research looks at the type 2 Herpes Simplex Virus. HSV-II causes genital herpes. Human beings contract the genital herpes through sexual intercourse and through getting into contact with the genital...
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Analytical essay on Animal Cell Culture: Terminology, Types, Advantages and Application

Introduction: Animal cell culture is the culturing of animal cells, i.e. maintenance and propagation, in a suitable nutrient media, in vitro. Cell culture refers to growing and cultivating the cells artificially. Generally, the artificial environment consists of the following things: A vessel with a medium containing all the essential nutrients, that is, carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Growth factors Hormones Gases like CO2 and O2 pH buffer Osmotic pressure Optimum temperature These things also help to regulate the physio-chemical...
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Establishment of an Animal Cell Culture Laboratory at Lovely Professional University: Analytical Essay

Introduction Animal Cell Culture: Animal Cell culture is a technique for understanding the structure and function of cells, nowadays it has very good implications in biotechnology. Cultured animal cells are commercially used for the production of interferon, vaccines and clinical materials like growth hormones and urokinase. Planning of Animal cell culture laboratory The major requirement that makes different tissue culture from most other laboratory techniques is the need to maintain aseptic condition. it is important that the tissue culture laboratory...
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Plant Cells Versus Animal Cells: Analytical Essay

Despite the fact that plant and creature cells share some normal structures, they likewise have a few significant basic contrasts. Plant cells have a cell divider, which is an unbending defensive layer that encompasses the whole cell. Creature cells have cell layers, which are adaptable and penetrable. Accordingly, outside substances can all the more effectively be retained into the cell. Plant cells for the most part don’t have cilia, as some creature cells do (Cook, 2018). Cilia are hair like...
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Manipulation of Animal Cells in Cancer Research: Analytical Essay

Introduction Manipulation of animal cells; cell and tissue culture to be exact has been practically used in various branches of biological science as well as medical science. Animal cell and tissue culture play a vital role in the research and development of drugs, also helps in enhancing the quality of health of humans suffering from cell-related diseases. Cell culture involves complicated processes of isolating the desired cell from its natural environment which later on will grow in a controlled environmental...
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Impact of Assimilation on Potatoes in Various Concentrations of Sucrose Preparations: Osmosis in Plant Cells and Animal Cells

Research question: The potato chores are submerged in different sucrose-concentrated solutions. Will their size decrease/increase the higher the sucrose concentration gets? Aim/Hypothesis The size, as well as the mass of a potato, will decrease if submerged in a high sucrose concentrated solution as the water molecules inside of the potato chore will move out of the cell in order to create an equilibrium on both sides. However, if a potato is submerged into a distilled water beaker or a low...
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Microbes And Alzheimer’s Disease

Currently scientist and doctors are working together to build a bridge between the potential connection that is associated with microbes and Alzheimer’s disease. At this moment, there is no cure for this irreversible, progressive brain disorder. This disorder slowly destroys the memory’s ability to retain and remember information as well as thinking skills, and eventually as it progresses it affects the ability for patients to carry out simple tasks. However, research is currently being conducted to help us better understand...
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Sexual Deviance: Death, Bioethics, and Utility

Morality and sin, these two terms are associated with the term Sexual Deviance which is the act of being deviant from the norms and standards of the society in terms of what they believed is right in terms of sexual activities. Many speculations exist because of different perspectives towards this issue. As stated in the work of J. H. Gagnon (1968), the view about sexual deviance evolves around the definition of mental health and emotional disturbance. There are numerous sexual...
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General Overview Of Influenza As An Infectious Virus

Influenza has become an annual epidemic, increasing in volatility, which can greatly affect the fragile and vulnerable, particularly the elderly. Within healthcare settings, such as aged-care facilities, outbreaks can be greatly detrimental to the health and wellbeing of the residents, impacting greatly on their ability to partake in their activities of daily living (ADL). This essay will discuss influenza, infection control precautions, assessment and nursing care as well as a further interdisciplinary approach to the case study. Influenza has the...
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The Use Of Genetic Therapy To Treat Cancer

Introduction Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally after cardiovascular diseases, and is responsible for an estimated 9.6 million deaths in 2018. Globally, about 1 in 6 deaths is due to cancer. (WHO website). Cancer is a genetic disease which is a result of changes in an organism genetic material such as DNA leading to uncontrollable growth of cells; the mass formed by the transformed cells (tumor) is able to avoid the immune system. Scientists and researchers are...
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Plant Breeding And Genetics

Plant rearing is the study of changing the attributes of plants so as to create wanted qualities. It has been utilized to improve the nature of nourishment in items for people and creatures. Plant rearing can be cultivated through various procedures going from essentially choosing plants with alluring qualities for engendering, to strategies that utilize information on hereditary qualities and chromosomes, to progressively complex sub-atomic systems (see cultigen and cultivar). Qualities in a plant are what figure out what kind...
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What Is Systems Biology And How Does It Contribute To The Study Of Obesity?

Systems biology is the scientific analysis and modelling which displays systemic properties as well as dynamic interactions in biological objects. This holistic approach is used in a quantitative and qualitative manner by combining different experimental studies with mathematical modelling (Klipp et al., 2016). Systems biology can be used in order to establish the relationship between bodily systems which cause changes in the biology of individuals, altering their BMI and playing a role in other metabolic disorders associated with obesity. Obesity...
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Future Medicine Will Only Be Based On Synthetic DNA (XNA) Technology

Rationale It has been claimed that “future medicine will only be based on synthetic DNA (XNA) technology”. Synthetic DNA are proteins that can duplicate synthetic genetic material. It could lead doctors to begin treating diseases by allowing the synthetic genetic material to interfere and prevent vital processes in the course of the disease. In theory, this method could function on all diseases (Sjorgen, 2012). As a result of initial research, a broad research question “Can synthetic DNA treat diabetes?” was...
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The Integration Of Biology In Architecture

Abstract As it has been widely underlined in recent years, Global warming is becoming a big problem and carbon emissions from a variety of sources are the cause of it. To control emissions, several carbon emission reduction policies, and schemes such as European Sustainable Development Goals, Green Deal & Paris Agreement have been reached and put in place. However not all countries participate in these global carbon mitigation treaties. One of the many reasons for the absence of participation in...
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Covid-19 And Biological Approach To Tackle It

BACKGROUND THE latest threat to global health was recently given the name COVID-19 caused by SARS-COV-2(severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2). FIRST case was reported in December 2019, in Wuhan, Hubei province, china and is rapidly spreading from Wuhan to the rest of the world. Many of the initial cases had a common exposure to the wholesale seafood market in china that also trade live animal. This virus belong to beta-corona virus and compared with SARS and MERS, this virus has...
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Comparing Novice And Expert Biology Knowledge

In terms of education, the need for students to develop beyond initial knowledgeconstructions and land at a complex, domain-specific knowledge structure is emphasized both in research and in application. Studying children’s naïve biologies adds to our understanding of how teachers should address biology and science content (Inagaki, 1990). From the literature, we can predict the trajectory of a child’s knowledge and inference structure, but the research describing expert’s knowledge in contradictory. The purpose of this literature review is to highlight...
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The Peculiarities Of Basic Biology

A cell is the basic structure of any living thing, and thus can be considered the basis of life. All life is made up one type of cell or another. A notable thing about living systems is their ability to maintain a comparatively constant state known as homeostasis. The cell happens to be the earliest level of complexity capable of maintaining homeostasis, and manages to perform this critical function thanks to its unique structure. According to the current cell theory,...
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Will Increasing The Concentration Of Vermiculite In The Substrate Increase Seedling Survival And Growth Of Phaseolus Vulgaris Seeds?

Background Information I personally chose to investigate this topic because green beans are one of my favorite vegetables to eat, and I have tried to grow them several times with varying degrees of success. Because I was sometimes not able to grow the plants from seeds, I was interested in what variables could affect the seedlings’ growth, specifically soil amendments such as vermiculite or perlite. Because of this, I decided to investigate how the concentration of vermiculite in soil affects...
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Biology: Usage Of Enzymes In Industries

In science, enzymes are being used as bio-catalysts, meaning they accelerate chemical reactions by lowering the activation energy. Enzymes play a significant role in the lives of living organisms as they give aid in metabolic activities such as respiration and digestion, as well as help to maintain homeostasis. Apart from this, enzymes work as substances which break-down particles like protein, starch and fat, into smaller molecules, parts. Whilst enzymes are essential for the written above, there are numerous of other...
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Importance Of Cell Biology In The 21st Century

Introduction of Cell Biology All living things on this planet are made up of cells that are considered to be a living thing’s building blocks. Several cells come together to form a living organism. During their entire lifespan, each living being performs various functions such as respiration, excretion, reproduction, etcetera. Our body has different organs to perform these functions. Such organs are made up of different tissue types, and tissue is nothing more than a group of cells. As we...
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The Evolution Of Biology

This is an analysis summary the will discuss the evolution and analysis of biology, containing summary containing the following themeshemes as-is:Medicine:Families and Medicine;Foundation of Natural Science: Evidence based Medicine, Centers of Study, and the Growing Bodies and Knowledge;Transmission of Species: Studies and Specifies, Containment Procedures, Correcting Data;Drinkable Milk:Start, Procedure,Finish Product;and the Pediatrics Studies: Professional,Pioneers of the Study,Benefit to Women;. Some of the researchers that the author will be using will be Charles Darwin, Jean-Baptise Lamarck, Gregor Johann Mendel, Gottfried Reinhold...
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The Features Of Developmental Biology

Developmental biology is a biological field that was started with Aristotle and right now is leading of modern analysis and techniques. The article has given thought to the reasons of genetics being more reviewed and examined rather than developmental biology. It has given rise to many biological fields such as genetics, cell biology, oncology, immunology and neurobiology. Basically genetics has taken over developmental biology in the way to analyze different biological fields. Geneticist believes developmental biology is esoteric and irrational....
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Management, Biology And Technology

Today we are going to share some very important information regarding a professional course which includes basics of management, biology and technology. Please don’t get yourself confused we are not discussing three different causes in fact we are talking about MBA biotechnology which provides expert guidance in just 2 years. MBA biotechnology is a postgraduate course which includes the fundamentals of biology as well as technology. Biotechnology is that branch of science which deals with the living process of organisms...
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How Biology Can Save The World

Biology, derived from the Greek words, ‘bios’ translating to ‘life’, and ‘logos’ denoting a subject of study, is defined as the study of living organisms, for example humans. The rapidly expanding human population is faced with multiple complex and severe problems, such as diseases, which could be argued to be the biggest risk to the integrity of civilisation. Diseases can affect one’s life directly, for instance Tuberculosis, and indirectly, such as Stem Rust, which affects staple food. This essay will...
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From The Lab To The Clinic: Synthetic Biology At The Front Line Of Translational Research

Introduction Synthetic biology entered the fields of engineering and molecular biology as an innovative approach to study and manipulate biological systems rationally. Its novelty relied on the combination of genomics and systems biology and aimed to surpass the previous focus on reductionist biology (Van Regenmortel, 2004). Nowadays, it is widely known as the specialization that employs modern molecular biology techniques to engineer organismal behaviour (Cameron, Bashor and Collins, 2014). Currently, scientists are discussing the potential of translational medicine, defined in...
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Is Resurrection Biology Both An Ethical And Sustainable Concept?

Due to the rapid rate that animals these days are becoming extinct, many have turned to what they believe to be the answer, resurrection biology. ‘De-extinction, also called resurrection biology, the process of resurrecting species that have died out, or gone extinct.’ (Rogers, 2014) this quote defines what resurrection biology is. There are three ways that de-extinction can occur; Genome editing, selective breeding and cloning, this being the main researched method. Cloning ‘generally applies to a process more technically known...
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Biology Science As A Human Endeavour (SHE) Inquiry

Introduction The human body is filled with hundreds and thousands of small DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) strands which together as a complete strand create what’s called a Genome. DNA is a chemical compound which makes up the genetic instructions that are needed by all living things. DNA is made up of two intertwining, paired stands that create a double helix shape. Each of these strands is made up of four chemical units called nucleotide bases. These are adenine, thymine, guanine and...
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