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Importance Of Cell Biology In The 21st Century

Introduction of Cell Biology All living things on this planet are made up of cells that are considered to be a living thing's building blocks. Several cells come together to form a living organism. During their entire lifespan, each living being performs various functions such as respiration, excretion, reproduction, etcetera. Our body has different organs to perform these functions. Such organs are made up of different tissue types, and tissue is nothing more than a group of cells. As we...
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The Experience Of Microbiology In Second Golden Age

Microbiology was believed by many microbiologists to experience its second golden age, prior to that is the first golden age which initiated by Pasteur’s Germ theory of disease. The second golden age of microbiology introduced another field of general biology which is molecular genetics. It uses microorganisms as a model in conducting researches. It started in the year 1940's, when Salvador Luria and Max Dulbrück worked on the genetics of a bacterium, Escherichia coli or E. coli. They studied the...
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The Role Of Biology In Overcoming Viruses

Biology has been playing a very big role in our society since the ancient times until now. As one of the branches of science assigned in studying life and living things, it allows us to discover and learn about different organisms through testing, reviewing and experimenting using scientific research methods. Biology allows us to learn about the structure, function, behavior and relationships of living things. Fundamentals of Biology starts from the basic concepts which lets us to deeper understand the...
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Comparing Novice And Expert Biology Knowledge

In terms of education, the need for students to develop beyond initial knowledgeconstructions and land at a complex, domain-specific knowledge structure is emphasized both in research and in application. Studying children’s naïve biologies adds to our understanding of how teachers should address biology and science content (Inagaki, 1990). From the literature, we can predict the trajectory of a child’s knowledge and inference structure, but the research describing expert’s knowledge in contradictory. The purpose of this literature review is to highlight...
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The Evolution Of Biology

This is an analysis summary the will discuss the evolution and analysis of biology, containing summary containing the following themeshemes as-is:Medicine:Families and Medicine;Foundation of Natural Science: Evidence based Medicine, Centers of Study, and the Growing Bodies and Knowledge;Transmission of Species: Studies and Specifies, Containment Procedures, Correcting Data;Drinkable Milk:Start, Procedure,Finish Product;and the Pediatrics Studies: Professional,Pioneers of the Study,Benefit to Women;. Some of the researchers that the author will be using will be Charles Darwin, Jean-Baptise Lamarck, Gregor Johann Mendel, Gottfried Reinhold...
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Biology Science As A Human Endeavour (SHE) Inquiry

Introduction The human body is filled with hundreds and thousands of small DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) strands which together as a complete strand create what’s called a Genome. DNA is a chemical compound which makes up the genetic instructions that are needed by all living things. DNA is made up of two intertwining, paired stands that create a double helix shape. Each of these strands is made up of four chemical units called nucleotide bases. These are adenine, thymine, guanine and...
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The Features Of Developmental Biology

Developmental biology is a biological field that was started with Aristotle and right now is leading of modern analysis and techniques. The article has given thought to the reasons of genetics being more reviewed and examined rather than developmental biology. It has given rise to many biological fields such as genetics, cell biology, oncology, immunology and neurobiology. Basically genetics has taken over developmental biology in the way to analyze different biological fields. Geneticist believes developmental biology is esoteric and irrational....
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Is Resurrection Biology Both An Ethical And Sustainable Concept?

Due to the rapid rate that animals these days are becoming extinct, many have turned to what they believe to be the answer, resurrection biology. ‘De-extinction, also called resurrection biology, the process of resurrecting species that have died out, or gone extinct.’ (Rogers, 2014) this quote defines what resurrection biology is. There are three ways that de-extinction can occur; Genome editing, selective breeding and cloning, this being the main researched method. Cloning ‘generally applies to a process more technically known...
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How Biology Can Save The World

Biology, derived from the Greek words, ‘bios’ translating to ‘life’, and ‘logos’ denoting a subject of study, is defined as the study of living organisms, for example humans. The rapidly expanding human population is faced with multiple complex and severe problems, such as diseases, which could be argued to be the biggest risk to the integrity of civilisation. Diseases can affect one’s life directly, for instance Tuberculosis, and indirectly, such as Stem Rust, which affects staple food. This essay will...
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What Is Systems Biology And How Does It Contribute To The Study Of Obesity?

Systems biology is the scientific analysis and modelling which displays systemic properties as well as dynamic interactions in biological objects. This holistic approach is used in a quantitative and qualitative manner by combining different experimental studies with mathematical modelling (Klipp et al., 2016). Systems biology can be used in order to establish the relationship between bodily systems which cause changes in the biology of individuals, altering their BMI and playing a role in other metabolic disorders associated with obesity. Obesity...
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The Peculiarities Of Basic Biology

A cell is the basic structure of any living thing, and thus can be considered the basis of life. All life is made up one type of cell or another. A notable thing about living systems is their ability to maintain a comparatively constant state known as homeostasis. The cell happens to be the earliest level of complexity capable of maintaining homeostasis, and manages to perform this critical function thanks to its unique structure. According to the current cell theory,...
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The Peculiarities Of Marine Biology As A Job

Marine biology is about studying everything sea life like animals and corals. They are separated in different types of research like a certain species of sea creature or some may research about reef restoration. Marine biologists are mostly on the field when they work, they manage wildlife preserves to protect marine organisms. There are a lot of different types of jobs that you can do at the marine biology scene these are some examples: Marine ecologist: Marine ecologist performs research...
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Process of Photosynthesis: Essay

Photosynthesis is a concept that most people have heard about from a very young age. We all know that plants use sunlight and convert it into energy, but this is really just the basics of what happens during photosynthesis. Thus, in my essay, I’m going to dig deeper into it. First of all, it should be noted that there are two types of photosynthesis: oxygenic photosynthesis and anoxygenic photosynthesis. Oxygenic photosynthesis produces oxygen and is used by plants and algae...
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Synthesis Essay on Cloning

Stereotypically speaking, the majority of this world refers to cloning as a fearful fictional story of human replication, such as an army of clones from Star Wars, or The Island. But what most people don’t know is that there is a beneficial side of cloning besides just creating a living being that is identical to its original. Researching and experimenting with human cloning will also open the doors to cloning rare crops, and more animals that even have gone extinct....
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Exemplification Essay on the Rock Cycle and the Karlu Karlu Rock Formation as a Great Example of How It Works

A couple of days to millions of years, this process takes time. In this essay I am going to focus on the rock cycle, how it helped create the Karlu Karlu rock formation (the Devil’s Marbles), and how indigenous Australians use rocks and minerals in their everyday lives. Rocks are the hard substances that make up the Earth and are classified into three main groups: igneous (granite, pumice, basalt), sedimentary (limestone, chalk, sandstone), and metamorphic (marble and slate). The classification...
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Pandemic and Its Key Features: Short Essay

Throughout history, there have been several pandemics, including the 2009 H1N1 virus, the 1918 Spanish flu, and most recently COVID-19. In each occurrence, these pandemics have been linked to similar features, causes, and severe effects. As a result, based on the past, it can aid in determining what exactly defines a pandemic. The characteristics of global spread and little or no population immunity, as well as effects such as high mortality rates, can all define a pandemic. A pandemic can...
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Meteorology as a Branch of Earth Science and Its Significance: Critical Essay

Meteorology as a branch of Earth science has a multitude of categories in which scientists research, but a simplified definition would describe meteorology as the scientific study of the atmosphere that focuses on weather processes and forecasting. According to, use scientific principles to observe, explain, and forecast our weather. Research can vary from climate modeling, remote sensing, air quality, atmospheric physics, and climate change, but the focus is normally on atmospheric research or operational weather forecasting. To research, meteorologists...
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Relationship between Archaeology and Geology: Critical Essay

For centuries, geological research has been crucial to answering various questions in archaeology. Therefore, archaeologists not only rely on the discipline of geology but also have proven its usefulness in various archaeological investigations. The extreme was reached in 1976 when Colin Renfrew first used the term ‘archaeological geology’ to describe the contribution of geological sciences to geology (Norman and Evan, 1998: 20). In order to emphasize the importance of geology in archaeological work, the Geological Society of America (GSA) established...
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Is Turritopsis Dohrnii Jellyfish Really Immortal: Analytical Essay

Turritopsis dohrnii is a species of jellyfish with significant ability and is part of the class of Hydrozoa. Large bodies of research on the unique survival strategy and cellular mechanisms of this jellyfish concluded in the 1990s that it is able to revert to its immature form when needed, ultimately hitting a 'reset button'. Turritopsis is the only known genus that has this ability to perform 'reverse metamorphosis'. Therefore, it is hypothesized for the Turritopsis jellyfish can't die of old...
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Analytical Essay on the Geology of North-Eastern England

This report details the geology in the northeast of England by analyzing geological events that determined the present-day rock and drift composition, with a particular focus on the Carboniferous onwards. The impact of rock and drift geology on slope stability and methods to improve stability has also been discussed. The Carboniferous is defined by two phases of deposition, forming the Yoredale Group and Pennine Coal Measures Group, and a period of uplift. In the early Carboniferous, Britain was located at...
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Importance of the History of Geography: Critical Essay

The study of geography has not been described as such until relatively recently. Despite Ptolemy’s ‘Geographia’ being written millennia ago, it was not translated until the 15th century. The various disciplines considered to comprise what is considered modern geography (cartography, geology, anthropology, etc.) were still not labeled ‘geography’ until colonial times when explorers would set out to study and supposedly ‘discover’ new land. This means that the history of geography under that term is not expansive, and even if stretched...
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Geography as a Science: Informative Essay

Geography is considered to be science because it uses the scientific method, and because of the modernization gadget related to science such as anemometer, remote sensing, global positioning, compass, hydrometer, and pressure sensor would not have existed today without geography. Geography can be categorized into two parts: physical geography and human geography. Physical geography mainly deals with the Earth. Its main objective is to understand about the atmosphere, geomorphology, soil geography, geology, oceanography, climatology, flora, and fauna. This branch is...
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Persuasive Essay on Whether Geography Can Be Considered a Science

Geography is a subset of Earth science one of the natural sciences along with biology, chemistry, and genetics. It studies both physical and cultural features, such as land features, inhabitants, and phenomena of the Earth and planets. Geography has been called a world discipline and a bridge between the human and physical sciences. Alexander Von Humboldt, a German traveler, scientist and geographer from 1769-1859, is commonly known as the father of modern geography and other geographers came to conclude that...
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The Earth as a System: Informative Essay

‘Earth system’ is a term that articulates how the Earth functions as a whole, that is, how each subsystem of the Earth is integrated and interdependent upon the other subsystems of the Earth. Another way of communicating this concept is to point out that every physical, scientific action displayed on the Earth, causes physical reactions within the other aspects of science on the Earth. We call the whole of these physical actions and reactions ‘Earth system science’. The reason that...
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Role of Geology in Civil Engineering: Critical Essay

Charles Lapworth quoted: “All that comes above the surface lies within the province of geography; all that comes below that surface lies inside the realm of geology”. Geology is the study of the Earth, its components, the composition of those materials, and the influence of natural forces on those materials. A basic understanding of geology is so necessary that it is required in civil engineering programs at the university level. One of the most important subjects for civil engineers to...
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Informative Essay on the Importance of Protein Synthesis of Haemoglobin and Its Effect on Human Body

Hemoglobin is a protein produced in the bone marrow that is stored in erythrocytes which carry oxygen throughout the body. The main function of erythrocytes is the transportation of oxygen to the body's cells to enable cellular respiration to occur. 97% of the oxygen carried by the blood from the lungs is carried through hemoglobin, whilst the remaining 3% is dissolved in the plasma. Hemoglobin allows blood to move 30 to 100 times more oxygen than that dissolved in the...
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Peste des Petits Ruminants Virus (PPR) in Mongolia

Mongolia, the birthplace of Genghis Khan, the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky, and home to the world’s last nomads, reigns as a country rooted in tradition. In many ways, life in Mongolia continues to mirror ancient times. Approximately 40% of modern Mongols follow a nomadic, pastoral lifestyle on the steppe. As of year-end of last year, there were 209.8 thousand households with animals, 145.3 thousand of whom are herding households (, 2019). Following their livestock, nomadic families move their...
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Photosynthesis Essay

Introduction Photosynthesis is a fundamental biological process that sustains life on Earth. It is the intricate mechanism through which plants and certain microorganisms convert light energy from the sun into chemical energy, enabling the synthesis of organic compounds, especially glucose. This essay delves into the captivating world of photosynthesis, exploring its meaning, the site of occurrence, the photosynthetic electron and proton transfer chain, the functioning of photosystems, and its impact on the ecosystem. Meaning of Photosynthesis Photosynthesis is a complex...
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Informative Essay on Islamic Bioethics

Imam Al-Shafi, an Islamic Jurist, has significantly contributed to the Islamic religious tradition through his knowledge and systematic methodology in developing a new science in his approach to jurisprudence. Imam Al-Shafi has contributed to the Islamic living tradition by reconciling the relationships between the Hanafi Madhab and Maliki Madhab, providing a reliable process of Jurisprudence. Sufism is a spiritual and mystical philosophy of Islam focused on a direct connection to Allah by forgoing material goods and relationships. Imam Al-Shafi gave...
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Informative Essay on Bioethics

Bioethics deals with addressing ethical troubles in healthcare, medication, research, biotechnology, and the surroundings. Typically these problems are addressed from many distinctive disciplines. People make a contribution to the bioethics discussion by drawing on understanding methods from the sciences, social sciences, and the humanities. Professionals working within the discipline of bioethics consist of philosophers, scientists, fitness administrators, lawyers, theologians, anthropologists, disability advocates, and social workers. People may teach, do studies, and deal with patients within the scientific place or work...
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