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Essay on Invasive Species: Nutria

There is a crisis that is sweeping America. One might ask, what crisis? A forest fire, a hurricane, climate change? No, this crisis is quietly destroying life as we know it. It is an invasive species. Invasive species are animals or plants that are not native to an ecosystem and cause harm to the animal and plant life that lives there. Lionfish and Burmese pythons are eating all of the prey in their areas. Nutria are destroying habitats while northern...
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Persuasive Essay about Pit Bulls

Pit bulls, often the subject of controversy and misunderstanding, deserve a fair and informed perspective. These dogs, known for their strength and loyalty, have been unjustly stigmatized due to misconceptions perpetuated by media sensationalism and biased portrayals. It's time to set the record straight and advocate for a more balanced understanding of pit bulls, focusing on responsible ownership and promoting positive interactions with these animals. Challenging Stereotypes Pit bulls have gained an undeserved reputation as aggressive and dangerous dogs. However,...
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Why I Want to Be a Zoologist

Since my early childhood, I have been captivated by the wonders of the natural world, and my fascination with animals, in particular, has only grown stronger over the years. Observing the intricate behaviors, diversity, and remarkable adaptations of creatures, both big and small, has filled me with awe and curiosity. This deep-seated passion for animals has fueled my aspiration to become a zoologist. In this essay, I will share my personal reasons for wanting to pursue a career as a...
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Volunteering at an Animal Shelter Essay

A humane society comprises a group of people who are considered to have a shared ground by having a common lifestyle and association (“The Humane Society of The United States”). The classification of a humane group is dependent on the purpose of the organization but the main concern is preventing any cruelty to animals. Funding for humane society comes from donation while the adoption fee is supposed to cater for the expenses that are accrued from the care the animal...
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Essay Effects of Air Pollution on Animals

Introduction Environmental pollution is a major problem facing humanity and all forms of life on Earth today. Air pollution is considered the largest environmental pollution risk factor. Air pollution has a very wide geographical variation and each citizen of our planet is affected by its devastating consequences. Exposure to polluted air can have permanent effects on population health. While our daily lives may not feel threatened right now, air pollution has a compounding effect that will only get worse without...
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Essay on Animals in 'Maus'

The author of Maus, Art Spiegelman, shows different ethnicities and nationalities utilizing animals as allegorical symbols or categories. The creatures in Maus are useful for two main purposes for us as readers: showing us the racist themes in the book in a humorous way and still maintaining the seriousness that it deserves. The frog is extremely symbolic of France and this community has some hostility to Great Britain as a country. It would logically make sense to depict the British...
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Synthesis Essay about the Tuna Fish

The seafood industry contains many products that are considered an important food commodity, and one of those products that are sought-after and unique to the market is tuna fish. More specifically, the Atlantic Bigeye, Yellowfin, and Bluefin tuna, are some of the most overfished fish in the ocean. Seafood provides livelihood to billions of people all over the world and around 40% of the world’s population consumes seafood. Not only do these tuna fish serve as a main source of...
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Expository Essay on Animal Characteristics in Human Life

Abstract Human Animal interaction is a wider concept then it sounds. There are many behavioural aspects that can be learned from animals or which are shaped in the presence of animals like Patience, caring and protecting behaviour towards others, loving others before self. Animals presence help out in coping with many unfavourable situations like low mood or bad mood, low self-esteem panic situations. Corona Virus disease made many changes in animals’ as well as human behaviours. Studies conducted on different...
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Exemplification Essay on Characteristics of Animal in Human Life

As in real life, the human-animal relationship in children’s literature is often antagonistic. In the two texts, 'The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies,' and Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, the hostility is not only felt in one direction, but is experienced by the animals and the humans toward each other. However, because Beatrix Potter wrote 'The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies' for a younger audience, she handles the human-animal enmity in a more simple and comforting manner. Her...
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Exemplification Essay on Animal Characteristics in Human Life

Introduction In biology, a chimera is an organism that has genetically different cells in one entity. The different cells originate from distinct zygotes that can but do not necessarily derive from the same species. A hybrid, on the other hand, is an organism resulting from the sexual reproduction of two different species, all cells having just one genotype. Recent advances in genetic engineering allowing the creation of human-animal chimeras and hybrids have sparked an intense and vivid discussion about the...
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Why Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned: Essay

The beginning stages of testing involve a process called Vitro (“Read”). When you think of the common everyday products such as cosmetic companies, medical research, and even new forms of technology people are quick to assume it involves abusive animal testing. In many cases, people choose not to support these types of companies. They assume without knowing the facts behind the products they love. Animal testing is good because it protects people from avoidable harm, increases treatment discoveries, and allows...
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Essay on Why Is Animal Testing Unethical

Over the past few years, animals have been exploited for testing purposes, experiments for medicinal safety, and other scientific methods have been conducted on these animals to confirm that these methods are safe for mankind. In 2017 statistics show that over 3 million animals were tested in England (‘’Understanding animal research,’’2018, Para. 3). Animal testing is unethical because it is more time and money-consuming, both human and animal bodies are different and it causes harm to animals, So animal testing...
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Essay on the Effects of Animal Testing

Animal testing was first introduced around 300 BCE when the Greek Philosopher Aristotle performed tests on them. This practice became widely known in the 17th century when Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was put forth. Approximately 26 million animals are tested each year in the United States. Animal experimentation has been used to create treatments and to assess the safety of products, ranging from medicine to cosmetics. Animal testing is also used to understand how the human/animal body works. Animal...
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Argumentative Essay on Animal Testing for Cosmetics

Is it okay to test cures on animals? Have you ever stopped to inspect how the products you are using are made? It is possible that in the process of their development live animals, such as guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs, and mice, were tested. While animal experimentation has been a key element in biomedical research, it has also been used in numerous other cases. According to Moxley, many companies conduct animal testing on cosmetics, personal care, and household products to...
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Animal Testing Pros Essay

Is morality valuable when it comes to medical progression or human success? Animal testing is a familiar concept but many do not know the extent of what is involved when it comes down to what the scientists use or how they experiment. Whether it is called animal testing, research, or killing, it is a cruel practice that reveals the results of product use before products are put up for human consumption. Over one hundred million animals are involuntarily subjected to...
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Animal Testing Is Expensive: Essay

When you use the cosmetic products, perfumes, hygiene products, and pharmaceutical drugs you see in your local drugstores, supermarkets, etc., there is a big chance that animal test subjects went through the pains of being abused, tortured, or poisoned in order for those said products to be able to be put on the shelves and be marketed. According to Humane Society International, 115 million animals are being used in lab testing each year, and 90% of the tests fail, according...
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Research Essay on Animal Testing

Animal testing has long been a social issue among the masses. It is a method of medical and biological research that investigates the reaction of drugging living animals on behalf of humans. These experiments greatly contributed to the functional explanation of life, but on the other hand, the cruelty of the experiments raised the question of whether it was necessary for medicine. What about you? Do you think it is reasonable? In my personal opinion, I am in favor of...
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Essay on Animal Testing in Medical Research

Have you ever wondered how producers of food products, cosmetics, and medicines make sure their products are safe to use or consume? Most of them test their products on animals even though the idea of animals suffering in the name of beauty is not well-accepted. It’s hard to condemn scientists who want to search for cures to treat various ailments or develop life support systems since these medical advancements have definitely improved our way of life. Scientists and researchers do...
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Why Is Animal Testing Good Persuasive Essay

I am going to start off by asking you guys to answer a quick poll, and I want you to lift your hand up for the statement with which you most agree. I am for animal testing. (pause) I am against animal testing. (pause) Thank you. Now that I know how you feel about this quite controversial topic I understand that not all of you will agree with me when I say we need animal testing. But before you get...
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Pros and Cons of Animal Testing Essay

Mom, please do not leave me says 5-year-old Cathy Lucky she and over one million other kids still have their mom since 1989 present day more than half a million women have successfully been treated for breast cancer in the United States alone according (DePolo, J 2019) the medical journal of Cairo university (Yurtoğlu, N 2018) also estimates about 1.7 million new breast cancer patient every year thanks to god and the animal testing we are ready to treat them...
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Essay on Diversity in Animals

Taxonomy is the method by which all animal species can be classified, with a hierarchical system that uses at least seven of the 12 classifications from Kingdom to Species. One example that uses human beings is as follows: Kingdom - Animalia Phylum - Chordata Subphylum - Vertebrata Class - Mammalia Subclass - Eutheria Order - Primates Suborder - Anthropoidea Family - Hominidae Subfamily - Genus - Homo Species - Homosapiens Subspecies - At a very basic level of classification, true...
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Life of Pi' Animals Essay

Emotions, reasons, and beliefs are three important tools of the human mind. They all operate in the human mind but in different ways. Mohandas Gandhi once said, “Faith must be enforced by reason, when faith becomes blind it dies,” (Seshagiri 59). This quote shows that reason is more important than belief. Without reason, humans will never have faith and belief. The novel Life of Pi written by Yann Martel portrays how reason helps the main character, Pi to survive in...
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How to Take Care of a Cat: Essay

Our pets are not just our animals, they are part of our families. No matter which one you have, a dog, a cat, a bird, etc., they make us feel loved because their love is pure and kind. Therefore, the best way to give them back part of that love is to take good care of them. Caring for a cat isn’t always simple. In the end, your cat can not speak to you and allow you to know what...
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Exploratory Essay on Lithium Chloride Influence on Rats in an Open-Field

Abstract Previous findings suggest that Lithium Chloride (LiCl) treats the Manic episodes of Bipolar disorder by alleviating risk-taking behavior. To alter the risk-taking behavior, Lithium chloride (LiCl) is administered and then regulated by Sodium Chloride (NaCl) intake. This experiment was conducted on rats to observe the effect of LiCl consumption on their movements. The rats were given lithium chloride and then later released into the open field apparatus, and then monitored their behaviors by direct observation. Rats administered with LiCl...
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Persuasive Essay on Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are a group of reptiles that dominated the land for over 140 million years (more than 160 million years in some parts of the world). They evolved in diverse shapes and sizes, from the fearsome giant Spinosaurus to the chicken-sized Microraptor, and were able to survive in a variety of ecosystems. As we all know, dinosaurs became extinct due to an asteroid that hit the earth 66 million years ago. There are many kinds of dinosaurs. The most famous...
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Informative Essay about Dogs

Dogs that are created by crossing two distinct pedigree dogs are called Mixed Breeds or Designer Dogs. It is a general belief that pedigree dogs are purebred dogs and are better than mixed breeds. Many feel that non-pedigree dogs are just not capable enough to be added to the list of other dogs. But this so-called list has been made by us humans themselves. These so-called purebred dogs were not naturally created. They were themselves designer dogs sometime in the...
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Horse Racing Should Be Banned: Persuasive Essay

119, the number of racehorses that died on Australian tracks between 2017 and 2018. That is an average of one horse dying every three days. Racehorses are the victims of a multibillion-dollar industry that is overflowing with drug abuse, animal cruelty, barbaric training tactics, injuries, and race fixing, and many horses’ careers end at the slaughterhouse. These horses are being treated with cruelty and violence and something needs to be done to stop this before it’s too late. First of...
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Narrative Essay about Sea-biscuit and His Success Story

The Great Depression lasted a decade and affected people’s attitudes toward life and the future. Because of this period, Seabiscuit became a famous icon of hope, being an underdog in the sport, which aroused the people in feeling joy as they watch Seabiscuit win races against his toughest opponents. If Seabiscuit were to race today, he wouldn’t be as popular as he was before then, because horseracing is not a popular sport that would captivate a modern person. Currently, the...
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Theory of Mind in Relation to Non-Human Animals

Although many species have behaved as if they have a ‘theory of mind’ in various behavioral tasks, it is still an extensive debate as to whether they can attribute mental states to others. This essay’s main aim is to explain the concept of theory of mind and describe the methods used to assess mind-reading abilities of non-human animals. Theory of mind is referred to as the human ability to mindread. This term has been used in developmental psychology to explain...
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Chicken Sexing Essay

Introduction Chicken sexing is a crucial process in the poultry industry that involves identifying the sex of chicks soon after hatching. Accurate sex determination is essential for various reasons, including efficient flock management, optimal resource allocation, and maximizing production. This essay aims to provide an informative overview of chicken sexing, exploring the different methods employed, their reliability, and the significance of this practice in the poultry industry. Methods of Chicken Sexing Visual Sexing: Visual sexing relies on physical characteristics that...
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