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Language and Linguistics Essays

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Comparison of 20th and 21st Century Songwriting English

Music is sound that is composed in such a way that contains rhythm, song, and harmony, especially sounds that is produced by instruments and can produce rhythm. Although music is a kind of intuition, phenomenon, to create, improve and present it is an art form. The reason I chose this topic is because music is important for the balance of our minds, music is also art and as an entertainment. There is a difference in the type of English used...
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What Is Square One: Essay

The origins of this phrase are not very clear. Its first mention was in The Times of London in May 1960: As far as building up a basis for profitable negotiations is concerned the two sides are back at square one. (Quotation found in Quinion, p. 238) The phrase is believed to have its origin in the early BBC radio commentaries of soccer matches, but this seems to be only a folk story because of the long gap between the...
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Should English Be the Official Language of the United States: Essay

Have you ever wondered where the English language came from? How it was developed and how it became what we know today? It is common to suggest that there are three main categories concerning the evolution and history of the English language. First, we have Old English. It started from 450 to 1066 and it begins with the coming of Germanic tribes settling in England. Then, we have Middle English which started from 1066 to 1500. It begins with the...
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Reflective Essay on English Class

When I first started this English class, I was not sure how well I would do. When I met my professor, Rebecca Samberg, I gained more confidence because she explained the materials in such a way that helped stimulate my interest. I feared I would struggle through the course but being under the supervision of professor Samberg, it got easier for me. Aiming for a grade A average, I doubted myself when our professor asked us to write an essay...
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Critical Discourse Analysis of the Article on Ethnography

In this essay I will be exploring the use of discourse analysis approach on how Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) is utilised. Discourse analysis has been looked upon in a variety of disciplines like in social sciences and humanities. It includes linguistics, cultural studies, human geography and etc. Critical Discourse Analysis is a sub-control of talk examination. It approaches talks from a political intention. On the other hand contrasted with campaigners or potentially government officials, conclusive exposition assessment stretches out past...
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Biological Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Linguistic and Archaeology: General Analysis

Anthropology is known as the scientific study which seeks to end the infinite curiosity about humans(HASKINGS-WINNER, COLLISHAW, 2011, p. 7). Anthropology does not focus on one research about humans, it is a broad study seeking why, when and how people appeared on earth as well as how they have changed and got distributed around the world. Anthropologists also want to know why there is variation between people in different populations. In Anthropology there are four fields used to study humans,...
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Teaching to Promote Listening and Speaking English as First Additional Language

it is important for every child to acquire listening and speaking skills before starting to attend their primary school stated darwissyah irwan d nunun indrasari 2019 there are many strategies and techniques that promote and encourage listening and speaking skills in the foundation phase in this assignment i will critically analyse the types of listening and speaking skills activities to promote listening and speaking skills strategies to promote listening and speaking skills techniques to promote listening and speaking skills and...
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Language Autobiography: Essay on Speaking English

“Immigrants should speak English in their own homes to help prevent ‘schizophrenic’ rifts between generations of their families as almost a third of British Asian speak only their native language”. It is ironic that David Blunkett is demanding immigrants to speak English, yet in my household the language English was not allowed. Despite having a father born and raised in London and a mother who was fluent in multiple languages including English, the presence of English was not in my...
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Effects of Language on Culture and Identity: Essay on Speaking English

Around the world 7,000 languages are being spoken, and most of us only speak one or two. Our identities are formed by a lot of aspects: by the people around us, the books we read, the music we listen to and the work we do. But, speaking a second language, can lead one to create a different disguise and help to understand who we are. The beauty of multilingualism lies in the ability to express yourself in multiple ways. Even...
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Concept of Linguistic Identity: Essay on Speaking Foreign Languages

Linguistic identity refers to a situation whereby a person considers himself or herself to be part of a certain group that speaks the same language. Most people become fluent in a second or third language at risk of losing their identity. My linguistic background is that I was raised in a linguistic environment where I used Xhosa as my home language and English at school. After that, I found myself in a different language where I need to use isiZulu....
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Analysis of Legal and Political Discourse on Abortion, Suicide, Gun Control and Death Penalty in the United States of America: Roe vs. Wade

Introduction “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness […]” (Declaration of Independence, 1776). Just as the U.S. Declaration of Independence, both the U.S. Constitution (14th Amendment, Section 1)[footnoteRef:1] and the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 3)[footnoteRef:2] prescribe a “right to life” to everyone. But what exactly is the right to...
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Language and Culture Essay

Language is what we use every day, a way to communicate. It’s composed of characters and pronunciations. And, characters include words from all over the world, all the countries, like English letters, Chinese characters, Arabian numbers, etc. However, what makes all the languages so different is another thing called “pronunciation”, which makes English sound like English, and Chinese sound like Chinese. On hearing the pronunciation, you can immediately take a reaction that it is English or Chinese or any other...
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Essay on Importance of English

1. Introduction Not many people use English as a language to be spoken the most, but it’s the official language in many countries. 2 Billion people in the world use English as their communication language! That’s why English is the main language in influential countries. It is also used as a dominant language for business matters and it has become almost a necessity for people to speak English if they are to enter a global job, research from all over...
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Essay on Why Is It Important to Learn Spanish

My linguistic constellation consists of Polish (L1), English (L1), Spanish (FL), and Hebrew (FL). The first two also appear in my dominant language constellation as I was born bilingual. My mother and her side of the family are Polish, so we use polish to communicate. I switch to English when speaking with my father’s side of the family, and when I’m at the university. Polish and English are my mother tongue that I use to function on a daily basis....
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Essay on Why Is It Important to Learn Another Language

Through increasing globalization, English established itself as the dominant language around the world. People who don’t know English would then be at a disadvantage since they can’t be understood on their own by the majority. This doesn’t mean that monolingual English speakers escape being disadvantaged. I agree up to a point that English monolinguals can get by fine in the United States as they have no trouble being understood in conversation most often, but they miss out on benefits and...
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Teaching Philosophy of the English Language Teacher

Teaching philosophy is an important statement for a teacher to create a clear portrait of their personality as a teacher. Every teacher has to write philosophy on how, what, and why they want to teach. This essay will introduce a teaching philosophy as English language teacher. Teaching Philosophy I believe that all students have different needs and expectations from education/school. Students in my class should leave school wanting to learn more. All children are unique and need a stimulating environment...
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Dialectic Essay

Introduction This essay aims to analyze the dynamics of the urban socio-spatial dialectic with reference to the key themes and traditions within urban geography. The essay will begin with unpacking what is understood as the urban socio-spatial dialectic followed by insights into the dynamics of the urban socio-spatial dialectic itself. Continuing, the theme of the urban commons and practices of commoning within urban geography will be drawn upon and therefore used to critically evaluate the dynamics of the urban socio-spatial...
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Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language Essay

It is an irrefutable fact that in the cosmopolitan world bilingualism is considered the most advantageous skill which includes educational and social benefits. Although it has some drawbacks such as losing national identity and decreasing in the usage of mother tongue, the advantages of multilingualism outweigh all drawbacks giving opportunity for individuals cognitive improvement (yielding studying abroad, mental flexibility, language background, and personal development)as well as taking the advantage of being a sociable person (including cultural integration, traveling and employment)....
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How to Tame a Wild Tongue Essay

The world is filled with many people, and the one thing that can make someone stand out is the culture they come from. Imagine if you had to live in a world where you must be a certain way just to please someone! In ‘How To Tame A Wild Tongue’ By Gloria Anzaldua spoke Chicano Spanish and was not treated equally with others. Throughout the story, it is shown that getting rid of something cultural that makes you who you...
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The Crucible': Main Approaches in Linguistic by Arthur Miller

The Crucible is a play that was written by Arthur Miller in 1952. It is the play that preceded Death of a Salesman, his first success as a writer for which he won a Tony award and the Pulitzer Prize. The play is based on the Witch trials of Salem, Massachusetts where 20 women accused of being witches where hanged in 1692 This play by Arthur Miller was written to last, and it is part of the selective canon (texts...
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Culture and Languages of the Punjab Region

The word ‘Punjab’ is conflation of two words (punj) and (ab) devoting the meaning of ‘Land of five rivers. It is the second largest province due to its enormous magnitude and massive figure of souls residing in it there breach among its different zones and their culture and literature. Dating from classical to today’s advanced domain Punjabi culture is appraised as one of the historic heritages existing. Punjabi culture typically subsume cuisine, dress, philosophy, melody, art, poetry, traditions, architecture in...
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Standard English Vs Singlish

Have you heard of the phrase “same-same, but different”? It is usually used to describe people, situations, or things that are similar in one aspect but different in another. The unique thing about this phrase is that it contains words that contradict themselves but perfectly explain our life experiences. For example, if I was comparing myself against my fellow Chinese-Malay classmate, we are the same but different, in that we are both students and from Singapore but I am pure...
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Understanding to Cultural and Language Diversity to Be Found in Africa: Management of Diversity within the Mining Industry

Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1. Background. The Oxford English Dictionary defines diversity as, “A diverse range; a variety.” Well, if you look around your workplace, you will definitely see a diverse range of people; after all, we are all individuals with unique qualities. Diversity can be in relation to religion, race, gender, age, physical ability, class, etc. Diversity is about more than just recognising differences. It is about acknowledging those differences, accepting them, and allowing them to change the way we...
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Analytical Essay on Martin Espada and Richard Rodriguez As Bilingual Authors

Although English is not the most spoken language in the world, it is overwhelmingly the most studied language and is also the most common second language. Brought over from Britain hundreds of years ago, English is now the most common language in the United States of America. In 2019, the topic of immigration in the U.S. is more prevalent than ever, sparking many discussions about bilingualism and designating an official language. Martín Espada and Richard Rodriguez are bilingual authors that...
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A Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood of Richard Rodriguez Represented in “Aria: Analytical Essay

Exploring the text questions- According to Richard Rodriguez language can define a community positively by allowing intimacy with people with that same language. For example, it allowed Rodriguez to feel in a way that he was safe and that he was comfortable hearing the same language in his household. It can define a community negatively by the community becoming isolated due to the fact that others usually don’ t speak the same language. Rodriguez means in the statement that one...
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Critical Analysis of Richard Rodriguez's Work “Aria”: Advantages and Consequences of Incorporating English into His Life

Language can define a community in a negative way by making those who do not speak the language well or overall can not understand it, feel left out and alienated from the members of the community. However, language can define a community in a positive way by empowering cultural values and embracing one’s ethnicity and origins. This can also create a stronger and closer community. What Rodriguez means in the statement is that when using a family’s language in school...
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Impact of Language Diversity on International Management: Analytical Essay

The notion that cultural variations barriers are normally accepted within the force.(Adler & Gunderson, 2008; Hofstede,1980;2001). because the economic process force becomes increasing world and additional culturally various. Those who are operating in international corporations (MNCs) face challenges in interpersonally, intercultural, and in teams. For considering the language management ways, corporations have to appraise the roadblock in 3 dimensions. the primary one is a variety of various languages the corporate must manage (the Language Diversity). The second is a variety...
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The Role and Aspects of Language in Hills Like White Elephants

Ernest Hemingway’s short story, “Hills Like White Elephants” is an examination of human connection, a comparison of talking vs. communicating. The story’s setting, repetition of words, spare dialogue, and use of cognitive verbs establishes a textual pattern that develops the narrative’s dilemma. The text further explores the power of dialect crashing down between two people and how what is unsaid or what is unspeakable can define and disconnect individuals. Hemingway exhibits deficiency in language by the use of unnamed characters...
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Censorship of Language: Peculiarities and Aspects

In today’s world, it feels as if every sentence, no matter the platform, is inherently censored and carefully constructed. This phenomenon can be attributed to political correctness, or PC, movement. The PC movement has permeated all major platforms such as radio, social media, television, and literature. The fact of the matter is that some different phrases and motifs have been redacted from the acceptable language column. The intense and visual language that accompanies sex, drugs, and violence is nothing more...
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The Peculiarities of Language in Brave New World

Aldous Huxley, in his lexis and syntax, have proven his proficiency in language through the successful delivering of the layering meanings behind “Brave New World”. The book, “Brave New World”, has certainly stood different from other books, especially with the challenging set of vocabulary it requires of the reader to wholly understand its meaning. Worthy and reflective of the author’s scholarly upbringing, the abundance of long, complicated words in the novel radiated the formal, scientific tone of the future. In...
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