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Why Is English so Hard to Learn: Essay

Learning a second language is never easy. Learning English as a second language is even more difficult, and here's why. First of all, learning English is difficult because of the limited learning environment. In most cases, students can speak sufficient English in class only under supervision. In addition, students do not always hear enough English from those around them. Therefore, learning correct English becomes more difficult. Learning materials refer to elements that contribute to the learning process. Books may be...
1 Page 588 Words

Importance of Chinese Language Essay

Did you know that the Chinese language is several thousand years old and is part of the 'Sino-Tibetan' language family? Chinese is a collection of Sinitic dialects (local languages) in the Sino-Tibetan region, spoken by the majority of the Han tribes and many minority ethnic groups in China. About 1.3 billion people (about 16% of the total population) speak Chinese as their first language. Copied Chinese sets are generally regarded by local speakers as a variant of a single language....
3 Pages 1530 Words

Essay on My Greatest Failure

My name is Hadrien and I have been studying English for three years now at Rennes 2. In order to perfect my studies I am applying for this program. I heard about this program last year thanks to one of my professors and I immediately thought that the Fulbright FTLA program would be a perfect opportunity for me and my goals.. For many years I was never really sure about what I wanted to do with my life. I first...
3 Pages 1309 Words

Swales Discourse Community Essay

Cross country is more than just a sport. There is the obvious mental and physical toughness, but there is also raw emotion that is evoked. Coaches and teammates have the utmost respect for one another. When you run for your school, the final year becomes something memorable. For me, running in high school my senior year was the most illustrious year of running for me. I had been running under the same two coaches since the beginning (freshman year of...
2 Pages 1126 Words

My Discourse Community Essay

Embarking on the world of competitive horseback riding as a complete amateur is something that I didn’t expect to do ever in my life. Of course, there were the occasional trips to the barn when I was younger and riding up to meet some horses at a county fair, but I knew absolutely nothing when it came down to the lingo and the ways of competing. My respect for the equestrian community as a whole flipped 180 when I figured...
3 Pages 1567 Words

Discourse Community Analysis Essay

Coaches nowadays typically include more than seven plays within their offense. Basketball coaches may use more, while baseball and volleyball coaches may not, but using signals and nonverbal ways to communicate plays to their players is key when effectively running a play. Depending on the sport a coach may use key terms or hand motions to signal something. In basketball, a term such as a “thumbs down” (H. Pelatra Personal Interview March 28, 2022) may decipher a play, while in...
4 Pages 1801 Words

Child Observation Essay on Language

Language Development Observation Start Time 05:00 p.m. Finish Time 05:20 p.m. Method Used Pre–coded method Number of Children Present 3 Number of Adults Present 3 Permission Obtained from Parent Description of Setting This observation took place in TC’s house. It’s an attached house with a large front garden and is located next to an open field. Immediate Context This observation took place in the kitchen. TC is sitting in the kitchen doing his homework and talking to his mother. Brief...
2 Pages 703 Words

Personal Narrative Essay about Language

Introduction Human beings can communicate with each other using language. We can share knowledge, beliefs, opinions, and feelings through the use of language. Language is a unique trait for human beings. Humans can acquire either monolingualism or bilingualism through learning, observation, and practice. In Brunei Darussalam, the people usually communicate by using their official language which is Brunei Malay, and sometimes, English. Ozog (1996; as cited in Noorazam, McLellan & Deterding) observed that, for Bruneians, English is the language of...
4 Pages 1682 Words

Language and Cultural Identity Essay

Intro The Castle (1997), is the story of a Melbourne family living in close proximity to an airport, believing they are living the ‘Australian dream”, until the airport attempts to legally remove the Kerrigan family from their home and Darryl from his castle. The language conventions in The Castle reflect cultural identity to its audience. The cultural identity displayed by the Kerrigans is dramatized through the use of language. The screenplays use colloquial language by the Kerrigan family to reflect...
2 Pages 870 Words

Essay on Importance of Language

Sociolinguistics refers to the study of language concerning society. This gives a relationship between language and society. Language is a means of verbal exchange. In different phrases, language is the most vast issue because through language we can talk and share our emotions and ideas. Through verbal alternate, we can determine from which region a person originates. In this essay, I will discuss the inextricable connection between language and people, starting with the value of language for people and society,...
2 Pages 1062 Words

Essay Why I Want to Be a Linguist

Introduction Linguistics, the scientific study of language, delves into the complexities and intricacies of human communication. It's a field that spans the sounds of speech, the structure of sentences, and the nuances of meaning, offering a window into the human mind and social interaction. My personal motivation to become a linguist stems from a deep fascination with how language shapes our perception of the world. The allure of decoding linguistic mysteries, understanding diverse cultures through their languages, and contributing to...
2 Pages 695 Words

Essay about My Experience Learning English as a Second Language

Manny Pacquiao's quote “Life is meant to be a challenge because challenges make you grow” makes me recall a certain part of my life when I had to learn English as a second language. Moving to the United States of America at the age of seven and spending my early development age learning a third-world language and culture instead, Urdu, molded me into the person I am today. My family and I moved here back in 2009 for better opportunities...
2 Pages 814 Words

Self Evaluation Essay for English Class

Is it necessary to ignore one’s identity while learning to speak English? In Amy Tan’s essay, “Mother Tongue” the author talks about her love for languages. The author highlights more about her life experience with her mother in America because of her mother's barrier to the English language. Tan also talks about her mother's humiliation due to broken English and how her mother broken speech affected her life. Tan further talks about the kind of language she speaks to the...
3 Pages 1497 Words

English 101 Self Evaluation Essay

If you’re reading this, I hope it finds you well. You may have taken English 101. According to the University of Arizona’s English language department, English 101 “ is to introduce you to the conventions of academic writing and critical thinking (English 101: Introduction to College Writing).” Looking forward, in English 102 you can expect to build “upon the critical thinking, reading, and writing capabilities that you’ve developed in English 101”. Based on my experience in English 101, focusing on...
3 Pages 1195 Words

English as a Global Language: Essay

In the global economy, research, innovation, and a variety of other disciplines, English is the dominant language. Prior to English, French has been frequently regarded as the most important international language. From the seventeenth century through the mid-twentieth century, French was the language of diplomacy, and it is still used by several international organizations. The Treaty of Versailles, which was drafted in both French and English after World War I, is credited by certain scholars as the first time English...
2 Pages 918 Words

Code-Switching Essay

Code mixing (CM) refers to the integration of two or more languages in speech. It is frequently observed in user-generated content on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, especially from multilingual users. This present study attempts to analyze the code-mixed text collected from various articles and papers. Introduction Code-Switching and its History: Code-switching and mixing, together, have always been a global phenomenon, which mainly occurs due to lexical borrowing. In linguistics, language alternation occurs when people...
3 Pages 1394 Words

Essay on the Importance of Learning English

Since the world we are living in has been a global village, therefore, it is a requirement of the current scenario that people should be able to communicate around the globe, specifically for students in their academic careers. English language not only helps us to build our careers but also enhances confidence level that enables a person to talk and comprehend properly what is being said. In my opinion, it is absolutely required to know how to communicate in English...
1 Page 664 Words

Essay on the Benefits of Children Learning English as a Second Language

There is a lot of evidence pointing to the benefits of children's learning English as a second language. However, choosing to raise a bilingual child is something it takes a lot of thought, preparation, and time. It is, therefore, a very personal decision that will affect the life of the child for years to come. This essay will explain the benefit for children of learning English as a second language and that online English courses offer something that other programs...
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Reflective Essay on the Completed English 102 Class

English 102 is critical thinking, writing, and research paper. I have learned basic essay structure, strategies for effective research, and other skills that develop the skills necessary for forming and analyzing arguments. English 102 is more challenges I faced, including critical thinking skills, research skills, and cited sources. During this semester, I learned types of writing techniques, different MLA forms, and how to find and use the right sources together. I have gained more knowledge, and better confidence, showing how...
2 Pages 707 Words

What I Learned in English 101 Class: Reflective Essay

English 101 seems to be the most challenging class I ever took. It requires critical thinking, research, literary, and rhetorical analysis. As a non-English native speaker, I have never thought that I would be able to make such improvements in my writing skills. After taking this class, I have gained the aptitude to articulate what I want to tell the reader in different ways. I am no more focusing only on grammar mistakes, instead, I look at how to make...
2 Pages 917 Words

Informative Essay on the French Language and Culture in Quebec

Culture and language are indivisible. Language is culture. They are components of one system. Losing one’s language is losing one’s distinct cultural identity. Through our language, we generate our customs and traditions distinct from others, thus building our own identity. ‘The French Quebecoise’ is a term used to portray the people of Quebec. Understanding its history, the threats and challenges it is facing, the government’s strategies to preserve its unique identity, as well as weighing the benefits and drawbacks of...
2 Pages 836 Words

Analytical Essay about How the English Language Has Changed Over Time

Over time, the English language has experienced significant changes which have brought it to where it is today. There is a wide gap between the spelling and pronunciation of lexemes in the past in comparison to today. A quote from Heraclitus states: “The only thing that is constant is change”. Change is inevitable and society must adapt linguistically to accommodate the changes. The phonetics of words changed over time as sounds are produced in different areas of the mouth. Semantic...
2 Pages 830 Words

Review of the Essay ‘Mother Tongue’ by Amy Tan

In the essay ‘Mother Tongue’, the author, Amy Tan, offers a different, extra upbeat standpoint on the exclusive types of English that immigrants talk about adapting to American culture. Using easy language to increase her argument, she communicates casually to the target market rather than informs it in a way that helps the audience apprehend what is being presented more easily. Her mother plays a necessary position in her strategy for language, as she helps her to realize that language...
2 Pages 766 Words

Critical Analysis Essay on Amy Tan's Essay 'Mother Tongue'

In today's world, language plays a fundamental role in portraying the ideas of specific cultures over time. Some of the earliest forms have been around since the Common Era, Old English being one of the most developed languages. In the essay ‘Mother Tongue’ by Amy Tan, readers are engaged in her unique writing style as Tan expresses her childhood growing up with the different forms of the English language. Being an Asian-American woman raised in an immigrant family, Tan acknowledged...
1 Page 584 Words

Literature Is the Question Minus the Answer: Explanation Essay

“People ignore design that ignores people.” — Frank Chimero I believe the responsibility of an Information and Interface Designer, in principle, is to provide a seamless user experience. Usability and efficiency are both key constructs within user design. The task of creating this is very much harmonious and congruent with understanding human behavior. This is because of the reality that designers create interfaces that humans navigate and connect with. The same understanding of human behavior and perception can also be...
3 Pages 1590 Words

Images of Merylin Monroe: Semiotic Analysis

Roland Barthes is a French critic who distinguished two levels in which we can interpret signs. Barthes (in Hall 1997:39) says that in order to get meaning from an image we need to decode the signifiers into their suitable notions. The first level is the literal meaning of what the image is made up off. He (Barthes in Hall 1997:39) says that images also have “a wider, cultural meaning”. Barthes (in Hall 1997:39-40) explains what he calls “Level of Myth”...
1 Page 627 Words

Essay on Gender Differences in the Use of Language Tools

Women or men, which group is more likely to learn a new language and what effect does gender have on the new language learning process? Are women more inclined to learn a new language or men? Is there a connection between bilingualism and gender? What gender characteristics affect the mastery and learning of a new language? These questions have always occupied the minds of language learners. Is language and gender-related at all? Language and gender refer to the relationship between...
4 Pages 1967 Words

Comparison of 20th and 21st Century Songwriting English

Music is sound that is composed in such a way that contains rhythm, song, and harmony, especially sounds that is produced by instruments and can produce rhythm. Although music is a kind of intuition, phenomenon, to create, improve and present it is an art form. The reason I chose this topic is because music is important for the balance of our minds, music is also art and as an entertainment. There is a difference in the type of English used...
1 Page 586 Words

What Is Square One: Essay

The origins of this phrase are not very clear. Its first mention was in The Times of London in May 1960: As far as building up a basis for profitable negotiations is concerned the two sides are back at square one. (Quotation found in Quinion, p. 238) The phrase is believed to have its origin in the early BBC radio commentaries of soccer matches, but this seems to be only a folk story because of the long gap between the...
1 Page 449 Words

Should English Be the Official Language of the United States: Essay

Have you ever wondered where the English language came from? How it was developed and how it became what we know today? It is common to suggest that there are three main categories concerning the evolution and history of the English language. First, we have Old English. It started from 450 to 1066 and it begins with the coming of Germanic tribes settling in England. Then, we have Middle English which started from 1066 to 1500. It begins with the...
3 Pages 1435 Words
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