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In her article “language and culture”, Claire Kramsch talked about ‘discourse community’ and ‘discourse accent’. What do you understand about those two terms? Please explain and give an example from our own culture!

Discourse is a conversation or more extended and more formal discussion of our ideas in either speech or ...

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Case Study of The Sneakerhead Discourse Community

The Sneakerhead Discourse Community The Sneaker discourse community is a diverse one, which encompasses the minds of many creative members ranging from a plethora of diverse backgrounds. To communicate ideas with a central focus on modern and retro footwear, members of this group use specific terminology in their dialect. This “sneakerhead language” allows a smooth transfer of ideas between one member to another, which leaves no loose information excluded. Interestingly enough, I first entered this world through listening to what...
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Exploring the Discourse Community of Personal Trainer

As a newly certified coach and professional personal trainer, I am writing this report for the new comer to the discourse community of personal trainers. What is the history of this community? What are its primary mechanisms of intercommunication? What kind of threshold levels does it have? This report will explore these and related questions, drawing on my careful observation and analysis of this community. I will conclude with three recommendations on the important steps a newcomer can take to...
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Matching Nursing with the Characteristics of the Discourse Community

A discourse community is people with similar interest and goals in life, share a language that helps them discuss and accomplish these interests and goals. In the nursing community, many codewords are used for different events in situations. All nurses maintain the same goals for every patient; they all have to follow their scope of practice. Everybody works together, share responsibility, and make a decision to devise and carry out plans for patient care. The main goal is to be...
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Exploring the Discourse Community of Physiotherapists

Currently, being student of Occupational Therapists Assistant and Physiotherapists Assistant at Fleming college, I am writing this description for the students willing to join the physiotherapy discourse community. What is the history of physiotherapy community? What are its principal mechanisms of intercommunication? What kind of terminology does it have? This report will explore these and associated queries, drawing on my thoughtful observation and study of this community. I will accomplish with four recommendations on the significant steps a novice can...
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Membership in the Discourse Community of Conservation Biologists

I am composing this report to deliver the information needed to become a member of the discourse community of conservation biologists. It takes legitimate hard work, preparation time and money. I will provide a solid foundation about this network of biologist, and analyze how they are a discourse community and recommendations on how to successfully and effectively enter this vocation field. The community of conservation biologists consists of scientists and teachers. Their primarily goal is to study the climate around...
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Essay on the Issues of Hosting: Analysis of A Restaurant Discourse Community

Introduction An activity where you are using some sort of text or communication is called a literate activity. A discourse community is a group of people who share a set of discourses, such as basic values or assumptions, and they have specific forms of communication for them to achieve a common goal. Every single person is a part of some sort of discourse community and some people belong to several communities. Your literate activity is usually different depending on the...
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Case Study of Discourse Community: Business Technology Analyst

I am interested in both business and technology but is there any job that combines both business and technology? The answer is yes. Although there are not a lot of these kinds of jobs. The one that I know is business technology analyst, which is the one that I wanted to do as my future career. An analyst is an individual who performs an analysis of a topic. The term may refer to one of the following professions: accounting, business,...
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Genre Convention to Study a Discourse Community: Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography: Sources for Research Genre, as defined by Bazerman (2003) is a “Recognizable, self-reinforcing forms of communication” this mean that there is a feature that everyone can recognize and choose the appropriate ways to response to that situation. This is not the case for teachers that teach high school students about genre based on Whitney, Ridgeman & Masquelier (2011). They mentioned in their article that, “Genre has often been taught as long lists of characteristics that teachers should make...
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The Impact of Deportation in Discourse Community: Analytical Essay

In Diane Guerrero’s article “My Parents Were Deported” she argues that those who have had their parents deported often go through a tough time in their life. She states that “Children who grow up separated from their families often end up in foster care, or worse, in the juvenile justice system…” (Guerrero 488). Using language and a common goal to connect with her audience who, like me have had their parent(s) deported, she is able to put herself into a...
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Analytical Essay on Theoretical Approaches to Study of Genres and Discourse Community

Contemporary Genre Theories (ESP, New Rhetoric, SFL) The term comes from the French (and originally Latin) word for ‘kind’ or ‘class’ and appeared in rhetoric, literary theory, media theory, and more recently in linguistics as referring to a distinctive type of ‘text’. Different approaches applied in order to form a basis for defining genres. Vandenberg provides the following definitions of genre as these appear across many different disciplines, for example: Hyon (1996) stresses that there are three main approaches to...
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Cybersecurity and Networking Discourse Community: Analytical Essay

Patil states: “The term discourse community identifies a group of people with common interests and goals in life, share a language that helps them discuss and attain these interests and goals” (Patil). This is what Patil said about discourse communities and this is what it means. Discourse communities are people with similar goals and these people tend to bond together in a particular way which helps them attain there goals while everyone works together as a whole. Professional, academic, and...
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Use of John Swales’ Six Criteria to Analyze Discourse Community of Black Lives Matter

When learning about a discourse community, I found out that it is a group of people who share the same values and goals. They have their way of communicating about these goals. The reason this is important is because, without communication, these communities would not be able to relay information to each other. This would lead to them not being able to convey the knowledge that is needed to fulfill their purpose as a group. An example of a discourse...
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General Overview and Analysis of Soccer Discourse Community

As John Swales’ once said in his excerpt “The Concept of Discourse Community,” “a discourse community is a group of people involved in and communicating about a particular topic, issue, or in a particular field”(Swales). Within these societies, they form their own type of subgroup, of people with similar goals who work toward said objective. I encountered a discourse community in my first year of high school when I joined the Cedar Grove boys soccer team. When I first became...
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Critical Review of Article 'Intertextuality and the Discourse Community'

Between Good Writing and College-Level Writing A great writer of amazing stories like “Narnia” CS Lewis states that “You can make anything by writing” is easily compared to, writing experts who expect college essays to be done on a different level. Many writers believe that completing an essay should be done a certain fashion. These scholars and experts think that writing should be targeted to a specific audience that is going to receive the essay. As well as, using theories...
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Analysis of the Concept of Discourse Community: Reflection on My Discourse Community

Suits and Ties Studying the habits of human beings, theorists have proposed different ways in which humans interact with one another. Humans associate with people through similar passions, interests, backgrounds, or beliefs. I currently want to pursue a career as a financial analyst. A financial analyst is someone that helps prevent financial risks for large enterprises and companies. So in this essay, I will explain why I want to become a financial analyst. But what is a discourse community? A...
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Essay on Black Lives Matter Organization: Critical Analysis of Discourse Community

A discourse community is a group of people who share a set of goals, which are basic values and assumptions, and ways of communicating about those goals. The ability to communicate is very important to a discourse community. It is important because without communication the community would not be able to convey information to each other, and they wouldn’t have the knowledge they need to do their jobs. An example of this would be the Black Lives Matter organization. I...
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Case Study of a Discourse Community of Bethlehem Baptist Church

One might say that language is just the way we speak to one another. But what some people do not understand in English is that language can be misleading. One may easily know how to apply grammar corrections to their papers, but they may not know how to use language properly. Using language properly can lead to the proper facilitation of peoples’ values, beliefs, and attitudes. According to James Paul Gee, “language is not important and surely not grammar, but...
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Parenting Groups as Discourse Community: Case Study

In this day and age technology is the way of life. Everyone is always on their phone and never pays attention to the outside world. Even thought that is a major change in society, technology does have its perks. I have read an article by John Swales about discourse communities, and since then I never realized how many different communities I belonged to. Swales described discourse community as a group of people that have a common goal and share the...
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Case Study of Sociology Discourse Community

Introduction Discourse community is defined in the Genre Analysis as the “Increasingly common assumption that discourse operates within conventions defined by communities, be they academic disciplines or social groups”. (Herzberg Pg. 21). As this is a very simple break down of the term discourse community, the work that goes into keeping a discourse community continuously relevant and going is a deeper. The discourse community that I am interested in becoming a part of is the sociology discourse community. This discourse...
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Business English as a Lingua Franca in the Global Business Discourse Community: Reflective Essay

First lecture Our first lecture of Global Business Communication started with the definition of BELF (Business English as a lingua franca). BELF has three contextual features which are important to communicate efficiently in a business environment: “its domain of use, the role of its users, and the overall goal of the interactions” – in other words, global businesses, business professionals and getting the jobs done. (Kankaanranta & Louhiala-Salminen 2014). BELF can be described as a neutral, shared and equal way...
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Case Study of Discourse Community in The Tiger Leadership Institute

When Shevonda Minor walked into the first Tiger Leadership Institute meeting, she felt hesitant and shy. She sat in the front, somewhat away from everybody, and talked in a soft voice, “Hi everyone! My name is Shevonda and I’m in the Tiger Leadership Institute because I am shy but I need to break away from that. I’m going to need to start networking if I am going to get a job” (Minor). Background John Swales, the author of “The Concept...
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The Importance of Building a Close Community for College Success

At a young age, we learn that making friends and maintaining relationships is key to ensure that we do not feel lonely and have a sense of purpose and security. Building a community helps you adapt to your new environment and helps prevents you from isolating yourself. This can be done by joining friend groups, participating in extracurricular activities, and joining study groups. Without building a firm and supportive community, becoming successful in college can be very difficult. Having people...
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Dirty Truth of College

On average 1,534,125 are the number of bacteria found in a woman’s living space in college. Even though bacteria is found everywhere, people don’t see it as the threat that it is. Especially for, college students who are constantly in and out of their room being exposed to outside bacteria and bringing it all in their room. This paper will focus on the effects of bacteria on my discourse community, the struggles we have with the bacteria, and ways to...
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The American Institute of Architecture Students Community

The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) is a student run architecture organization whose goal is to give leadership skills, additional architecture education, training, and to encourage the youth of the 21st century to pursue a career in architecture. The AIAS can be considered a discourse community based on John Swale’s ‘The Concept of a Discourse Community’. This community uses different mechanisms for communication among its members (Swales 221). They have what they call ‘chapters’, which are mini AIAS groups...
4 Pages 1609 Words

Experience of Participating in the Soccer Community as a Personal Advantage

I have been playing soccer since I was at the age of six. Over the time, I learned so many skillful attributes that are not only helpful for the team but also have been useful in my life. The soccer community enabled me to practice great work ethic, a closer bond between my teammates, and valuable life skills. I can bring these attributes to strengthen the Deerfield community. Playing soccer developed various attributes such as concentration, focus, dealing with failures...
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