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As the saying goes, no one is born a racist as it’s something that people learn as they are facing the dark sides of life and social interactions. Since racism is a problem that has been around for decades, numerous college students in the United States and beyond have to ...

explore this problem. Composing a racism essay is not an easy task. One should turn to the history of the issue or focus on exploring things like racial police brutality or the cases of biased attitudes in the field of healthcare. Regardless of your subject or take on things, always operate with the facts and connect the arguments that you make with your course unless you are told to follow a specific scenario.

Composing your essay on racism, remember to mention what type of racism is explored and what social environment has been taken as the background. By doing so, you will be able to narrow things down and avoid having your ideas scattered as you have used a global take on things. It’s always possible to explore influential personalities and write an essay that will leave some hope for humanity as it’s not our differences that divide us but our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate what we have as the Audre Lorde famously noted.

How to Structure Your Essay On Racism

Once again, it will always depend on your subject and the essay type. While you will encounter thousands of topics to explore, writing about racial issues still has to be structured according to your college’s instructions, formatting style, and essay type. In most cases though, you will have to include an introduction with a thesis statement, three to five body paragraphs, and a strong conclusion.

For example, a racial discrimination essay must always introduce the social background of the problem and offer statistical information or reports from sociological surveys. If you are talking of a workplace case study at a particular company, let your readers know about it. Likewise, when dealing with reflective writing as you talk about racism in sports based on some movie, include relevant information in your introduction part.
Now the body parts must present at least three of your key findings, especially if you are told to compose a racism argumentative essay. It means that you should brainstorm the solutions and look into the causes for each particular case. Always do your best to connect your findings with the thesis statement.

The conclusion part must sum up your ideas and provide readers with a call to action to follow your ideas and, possibly, continue with further academic research.

8 Tips For Racism Essay Writing

Let us assume that you need to compose an excellent essay on racism and discrimination based on a famous TKAM book (To Kill a Mockingbird). While things will sound rather simple at the first glance, it’s one of those subjects where quite a lot has been already told and written. When you need to explore the causes of racial prejudice in the past, you still have to collect information and start with the facts or a hook sentence that will provide something inspiring.

Here are eight writing tips that will help make your essay stand out:

1. Explore the background of your racism case.
2. Seek statistical reports and provide scientific reports.
3. Seek first-hand materials to include in your sources.
4. Dealing with a literary book, focus on the characters and explore the motives.
5. Addressing case study reports for your race essay example, remember to explore the subject beyond your course materials.
6. Focus on famous personalities that helped to bring up the problem of racism.
7. Study anti-racial regulations and the laws.
8. Always proofread your essay aloud to increase the final readability and eliminate grammar issues.

Even when you write about a personal case of racism in education and do so in the first person, always include statistical information and avoid using particular names as it may be against the law and cast a dark shadow on certain personalities or an institution.

Racism Essay Examples & Why They Help Students

As you explore the possibilities and see what kind of racial subjects you can use, take time to explore various gun control essay samples to get inspiration and see how legislation and social debates can be put together. Since essays on racism can take all the possible shapes and lengths, the trick is to create an outline and narrow things down. Just think about what society environments you would like to explore, why, and how exactly. Turning to already available examples of racial essays online, you will save yourself a great deal of time and will avoid making certain writing mistakes. When you have an example, you can structure your thoughts in a much better way.

There are also racial discrimination essay examples that deal with seeking justice by Martin Luther King, Jr. and even Abraham Lincoln as he explored the issue as well. Just take your time to explore, take notes, and you will come up with a racial essay that will always stand out!

Always Take Your Time to Explore All Sides of Racism

When you are brainstorming various cases of racial injustice or exploring the Montgomery Bus Station Boycott along with the students’ protests in the United States, make sure that you explore all the range of the problem as well. Do not limit yourself by taking only those popular topics that have been explored before. Your essay about racism can talk about the fashion industry, television, the bullying that we encounter in schools, or talk about how people still ignore racial prejudice. Take your time to look beyond the most popular topics and you will learn that every field of life is worth your skills as you compose your racism essay paper. Think outside the box, explore, and you will always offer something unique that will earn the best grades!

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Racism Definition Essay

What is racism? According to Encyclopedia Britannica, the definition of racism is any action, practice, or belief that reflects the racial worldview—the ideology that humans may be divided into separate and exclusive biological entities called “races”; that there is a causal link between inherited physical traits and traits of personality, intellect, morality. Racism is not new to any culture. It has existed for many centuries and forms the views of many people across the world. Racism started in America when...
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Racism in the Criminal Justice System of America: Essay

In history, African Americans have grieved from rejection because of their race through the scheme of slavery. From the past, slaves were depicted as assertions to their masters, and they had no right to question their actions. As a result, the slaves were prohibited from owning any right to freedom. The pattern took over the with exclusion and segregation in the society being a continuous process to date. The criminal justice of America has majorly been affected by the practice,...
2 Pages 884 Words

Systemic Racism In The United States

The United States is a melting pot of countless different cultures and races, and they are all given equal rights under the law. Ideally, this means that all people would be treated equally, but there are still many instances of racism that occur every single day. However, these instances aren’t as obvious as racism was in America’s past. They happen subtly but still have a great impact on society. According to Solid Ground, systemic racism, or institutional racism, is “the...
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Racism in Healthcare Essay

Critical Race Theory Application: Racism in Healthcare Introduction: What is Critical Race Theory? Critical race theory (CRT) is a framework for examining the effects of race and racism. We use CRT to dissect the systems of racism, including how it affects those being oppressed by cultural representations of race. This theory understands the social construct of race as well as intersecting discriminations behind it (Daftary, 2018). Comment by Whitney Olsen: I would use “a” unless it’s the sole definitive framework...
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Racism In Education In Northern America

Introduction Main reason as to why education was created in Northern America is to categorize, arrange students in a working order based on their different potentials. This approach excluded never incorporated the idea of biasness. That is treating the marginalized groups like the poor, both blacks and whites being given equal platforms as far as education are concerned. But what has been continually observed in education sector? Several complaints of discrimination based on complexion of individual. According to Peter Lang,...
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Racism in the Workplace: Essay on Intersectionality and Workplace Diversity

Intersectionality & Workplace Diversity In the incident, there are conflicting dynamics and inequalities that exacerbate the realities, identities, and validity of the subjects involved. In this scenario, there are multiple inequalities brought forth in concern. Shirley, though female, is white and heterosexual and Allen is the supervisor. Allen is also white but is homosexual. Robert and Henry are in lower-level positions than Shirley and Allen. Similarly, a second conflicting pair are the racial dynamics. The supervisor is white and was...
3 Pages 1208 Words

History Of Racism In America

Since the birth of the United States, African Americans have been controlled through institutions such as slavery and politics which come and go in new forms that reflect the political climate of the time. Each time a new form of racial discrimination emerges, the new system is weaker than the one previous. However, this is not to be mistaken with progress. Each form of subjugation is different, not better. Race is a social construct based in politics and economy and...
5 Pages 2482 Words

Police Brutality and Racism

In the light of the current events in the United States (May-June, 2020), the issues of police brutality, violence, discrimination, and criticism of the law enforcement system overall deserve particular attention. Purposeful use of unwarranted coercion, abuse of power, verbal assaults, intimidations, and other forms of official misconduct by law enforcement officers are the practices that the criminal justice system of the United States attempts to eradicate at their root, but the cases are still common and rarely properly investigated....
5 Pages 2249 Words

Racism Leads to Social Movements

Racism is a constant issue going on in America. It does not matter how many years go by, racism is still brought up, fought over, and fought about every day. Over the last few years, many can say racism has gotten worse and needs to be corrected in the world. As an individual, race is seen differently through the eyes of that person. Race may be classified as a social group, gender, skin color, and even the location of the...
4 Pages 2012 Words

Modern Day Racism In The USA

ABSTRACT In modern day America, racism is still the most pressing issue which is against humanity and is causing people to hate each other. The ratio of this hatred will only increase if a final solution is not followed. Even after the rapid industrial and economic growth of the United States of America people still have racist believes and they find themselves superior or inferior to each other based on their physical appearances. When we see a man in the...
5 Pages 2300 Words

Classical Argument On Racism In America

Racism is a critical issue in America today. In fact, the history of the country is characterized by cases of racism, which have led to a divided society. Many people have experienced racial abuse once in a while, and it is unfortunate that I have become a victim a couple of times. For such reasons, racism would be an important topic to address, with the objective of suggesting potential strategies and measures that would be useful in bringing change in...
1 Page 449 Words

Cultural And Social Prejudice In The American Culture Regarding Racism

The origins of racism in the United States of America was both culturalized and institutionalized all throughout history. The fundamentals racist ideas play a big role in today’s society and the general public. Racism in American history started through slavery which is a system that legally permitted the enslavement of African Americans. The way slave masters would treat their black slaves embedded societal views on blacks and how they should be treated in the early 1900s. Therefore, cultural racism preconditions...
6 Pages 2717 Words

Racism: The Reason Of Conflicts Between Societies, Countries, And Individuals

The speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an evolving experience for the mindset for all those who opposed the rights of people from a different race than theirs. “ I Have A Dream…”, is a speech well known for its acknowledgement towards the fact that people are not defined by the colour of their skin, not their race, nor their ethnicity, but by their character and personality. We all know what racism is, but have we stopped...
4 Pages 1757 Words

Racism In The U.S. Workplaces And Education System

Racism in workplaces Racism in workplaces is already present from hiring, indeed in comparison to white people, black people in the US are twice as likely to be unemployed and also earn 25 percent less when employed. Although racial discrimination in the workplace is prohibited by federal and states law, employers can in fact discriminate people by not hiring them or not promoting them because of their races. By doing it discreetly, it’s more difficult to prove that there was...
2 Pages 944 Words

Rhetorical Question in 'The Letter from Birmingham Jail': Analytical Essay

The Letter from Birmingham Jail was written by Martin Luther King Jr. In 1963 while King was in jail for protesting. King says that we’re responsible for justice across the nation. When unfair laws are written and people suffer as a consequence, by non-violently ignoring them, it is appropriate to protest such laws, even though the resulting unrest is inconvenient for some people. King says in his letter that the time is always now for justice, and there’s no good...
2 Pages 749 Words

Reflective Essay on Activity of the Ku Klux Klan

Racism: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. The Ku Klux Klan, or the KKK, is a white supremacist group that rose in the southern states of the United States of America in the 1860s. It is undoubtedly a terrorist organization, an especially insidious one. The Klan has been curbing the rights of other citizens since its beginning, as it is the unofficial paramilitary arm of...
2 Pages 688 Words

Informative Essay about the Ku Klux Klan

The Ku Klux Klan was a white supremacist terrorist group that emerged during Reconstruction. It took violent steps to undermine the Republican party, hoping to maintain black economic instability and ensure white racial and economic superiority. With its long history of violence, is the oldest and most infamous of American hate groups. The KKK did many terrible things and used to be a huge influence in America. The Ku Klux Klan is an American supremacist terrorist hate group that uses...
2 Pages 869 Words

Essay on Racial Profiling

Racial Profiling in opposition to African-Americans in America Racial Profiling is an arbitrary action initiated by the usage of authority based absolutely on race, ethnicity, or the United States of America wide opening alternatively than on a person’s behavior. Discrimination is when you are denied chances and equal rights due to the fact of prejudice or other arbitrary reasons. (Schaefer, 2013: 233) There is no secret that racial profiling and discrimination nonetheless take place in America today. With Racial profiling...
3 Pages 1422 Words

Essay on Letter from Birmingham Jail

In 1963 prisoner Martin Luther King Jr. was limited to a Birmingham Alabama city cell. Numerous ministers saw King’s activities as ‘imprudent and less than ideal’. It was exceptionally extraordinary that King even reacted to the announcements made about his developments or words, yet King felt enabled to answer these announcements. Dr. Ruler utilized many contention systems to build Letter from Birmingham Jail. This letter connected with not exclusively the priests yet to the world to give a clarification for...
3 Pages 1230 Words

Emergent Black/Asian Interracial Relationships in the Shows 'ER' and 'Grey’s Anatomy'

The author examines the pattern of popular culture that recently interracial relationships have become represented on several prime-time television shows, and that Asians and Blacks have been paired together on television shows. Usually, we see on prime-time television shows Blacks and Asians have relationships where they are in love and don’t have sex, or where they have sex and aren’t in love. The shows ER and Grey’s Anatomy gave rise to this artifact because they were the first to depict...
2 Pages 869 Words

Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr.: Comparative Essay

Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr are both leaders and have influenced countless people with similar beliefs and wanted to achieve goals that were almost identical to one another. Both men were leaders at different times in history but they both fought for civil rights for African Americans. Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address and Martin Luther King Jr’s open letter from Birmingham Jail have several ideas that connect to each other. The similarities in both of their writings have included...
1 Page 458 Words

Essay On Racial Inequality

The concept of race is a social construct that categorizes people based on physical characteristics such as skin colour, hair texture, and facial features. It has been used throughout history to justify discriminatory practices, including slavery, segregation, and genocide. These practices have impacted the opportunities, experiences, and outcomes of people of colour. The effects of racial inequality are far-reaching and can be seen in various aspects of life, including the criminal justice system, education, employment, housing, and healthcare. In my...
2 Pages 844 Words

Racism in Modern Society

Many minor communities are subjected to racism and discrimination but what exactly does racism refer to? Racism is the discrimination in order to add categories and show superiority among people of different phenotypic traits or believes and social standings. To understand about racism, one first has to divulge in the nature of racism. It is usually assumed that racism has been a part of civilization since civilization started, that it is embedded into how people work and no matter what,...
4 Pages 1732 Words

Racism as a Significant Social Issue

The holy trinity of sociological variables that unite us and divide us are class, gender, and race. The most sensitive topic of these three is race which is defined as a group of people who share a set of characteristics—typically, though not always, these are physical characteristics—and are believed to share a common bloodline. Race is a social construct; it is biologically unreal, but sociologically real. In the last 200 years, scientists have attempted to pin down racial categories through...
1 Page 580 Words

Racial Segregation in Montgomery

A harmonious urban society is dependent on basic civil rights. If these rights are severely compromised, then urban progression will only drive a further divide between the have and have nots. Those above the gaze of discrimination will remain untouched while the others will be submerged in an unjust and prejudiced city. Housing for non-white citizens in Montgomery, Alabama was severely inferior in both value and amenities. In 1950, Montgomery was heavily segregated; there were distinctive wards that housed white...
4 Pages 1966 Words

Martin Luther King Jr. as an Influential Person in My Life

Many people associate to the term ‘genius’ with someone who is beyond talented in subjects such as math and science. However, Martin Luther King Jr. re-defined this term for society and generations to come. His contributions to how society should function that affected the passage of history allow him to be associated with the genius of people like Socrates, Einstein, Newton, and many more. His genius was his understanding of how humans work. His genius was in his ability to...
1 Page 454 Words

What Causes Racism: Essay

Racism by definition is any act or belief that denies the rights and needs or that degrades a specific person of a different race or someone from different geographical origins from others. Racism does lead to someone’s dignity and life being perceived as lower than others. Historically, racism was once left out in the dark before it was fought for openly by Antonio de Montesinos in 1511 when he opposed the Spanish Government for treating the native Americans in tyranny...
2 Pages 915 Words

Critical Analysis of ‘The Help’: Essay

The Help, written by Kathryn Stockett, is based on a true story and is an attempt to bring to light the issue of racism at this point in time. Targeting a primarily white audience, The Help was a box office hit that earned $216 million since its release as well as won many awards. However, this film created much controversy on whether or not it was successful in portraying the reality of racial injustice that occurred in the midst of...
4 Pages 1800 Words

Essay on 'The Colour of Water’: Critical Analysis

How does McBride use symbolism to express his theme in ‘The Color of Water”? Race and Racism are a massive theme in the book ‘The Color of Water’ written by James McBride; this book explores the intricacy of having a bi-racial activity, particularly in a period when blacks and other minorities are hated and segregated by the dominant white society. It attempts to reflect the domination of American society by the white man and attempts to discover his own identity...
2 Pages 1035 Words

Self Segregation Essay

Why America is Self-Segregating? Many Americans wouldn’t admit to this accusation, but self-segregation is at its finest. Sometimes by design and other times by choice. This segregation is not the same as it formally was. Self-segregation isn’t legally enforced, but 21st-century segregation exists openly in communities, school systems, and prisons. The consequences permeate our society without warning or recognition. If our societal worlds were more racial, gender, and economically inclusive then we would be having a totally different discussion at...
2 Pages 978 Words
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