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Essays on Racism

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As the saying goes, no one is born a racist as it’s something that people learn as they are facing the dark sides of life and social interactions. Since racism is a problem that has been around for decades, numerous college students in the United States and beyond have to explore this problem. Composing a racism essay is not an easy task. One should turn to the history of the issue or focus on exploring things like racial police brutality or the cases of biased attitudes in the field of healthcare. Regardless of your subject or take on things, always operate with the facts and connect the arguments that you make with your course unless you are told to follow a specific scenario.

Composing your essay on racism, remember to mention what type of racism is explored and what social environment has been taken as the background. By doing so, you will be able to narrow things down and avoid having your ideas scattered as you have used a global take on things. It’s always possible to explore influential personalities and write an essay that will leave some hope for humanity as it’s not our differences that divide us but our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate what we have as the Audre Lorde famously noted.

How to Structure Your Essay On Racism

Once again, it will always depend on your subject and the essay type. While you will encounter thousands of topics to explore, writing about racial issues still has to be structured according to your college’s instructions, formatting style, and essay type. In most cases though, you will have to include an introduction with a thesis statement, three to five body paragraphs, and a strong conclusion.

For example, a racial discrimination essay must always introduce the social background of the problem and offer statistical information or reports from sociological surveys. If you are talking of a workplace case study at a particular company, let your readers know about it. Likewise, when dealing with reflective writing as you talk about racism in sports based on some movie, include relevant information in your introduction part.
Now the body parts must present at least three of your key findings, especially if you are told to compose a racism argumentative essay. It means that you should brainstorm the solutions and look into the causes for each particular case. Always do your best to connect your findings with the thesis statement.

The conclusion part must sum up your ideas and provide readers with a call to action to follow your ideas and, possibly, continue with further academic research.

8 Tips For Racism Essay Writing

Let us assume that you need to compose an excellent essay on racism and discrimination based on a famous TKAM book (To Kill a Mockingbird). While things will sound rather simple at the first glance, it’s one of those subjects where quite a lot has been already told and written. When you need to explore the causes of racial prejudice in the past, you still have to collect information and start with the facts or a hook sentence that will provide something inspiring.

Here are eight writing tips that will help make your essay stand out:

1. Explore the background of your racism case.
2. Seek statistical reports and provide scientific reports.
3. Seek first-hand materials to include in your sources.
4. Dealing with a literary book, focus on the characters and explore the motives.
5. Addressing case study reports for your race essay example, remember to explore the subject beyond your course materials.
6. Focus on famous personalities that helped to bring up the problem of racism.
7. Study anti-racial regulations and the laws.
8. Always proofread your essay aloud to increase the final readability and eliminate grammar issues.

Even when you write about a personal case of racism in education and do so in the first person, always include statistical information and avoid using particular names as it may be against the law and cast a dark shadow on certain personalities or an institution.

Racism Essay Examples & Why They Help Students

As you explore the possibilities and see what kind of racial subjects you can use, take time to explore various gun control essay samples to get inspiration and see how legislation and social debates can be put together. Since essays on racism can take all the possible shapes and lengths, the trick is to create an outline and narrow things down. Just think about what society environments you would like to explore, why, and how exactly. Turning to already available examples of racial essays online, you will save yourself a great deal of time and will avoid making certain writing mistakes. When you have an example, you can structure your thoughts in a much better way.

There are also racial discrimination essay examples that deal with seeking justice by Martin Luther King, Jr. and even Abraham Lincoln as he explored the issue as well. Just take your time to explore, take notes, and you will come up with a racial essay that will always stand out!

Always Take Your Time to Explore All Sides of Racism

When you are brainstorming various cases of racial injustice or exploring the Montgomery Bus Station Boycott along with the students’ protests in the United States, make sure that you explore all the range of the problem as well. Do not limit yourself by taking only those popular topics that have been explored before. Your essay about racism can talk about the fashion industry, television, the bullying that we encounter in schools, or talk about how people still ignore racial prejudice. Take your time to look beyond the most popular topics and you will learn that every field of life is worth your skills as you compose your racism essay paper. Think outside the box, explore, and you will always offer something unique that will earn the best grades!

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