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The Friendship of Nel and Sula: Critical Analysis

When it comes to Friendship, one might think of playing a game or two with someone you care about. However, in Toni Morrison’s novel, Sula, Friendship is not always so black and white. Sula’s and Nel’s relationship are the wildest roller coaster any amusement park could ever hope to have. Sula is a book that sometimes leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth when it comes to how friendship is treated. Sula and Nel’s friendship go through it all, especially...
2 Pages 898 Words

Representation of the Culture of Medallion in Sula by Toni Morrison: Analytical Essay

Sula by Toni Morrison develops a story with Medallion’s women, especially Sula Peace and Nel Wright in the 20th century. The part one is talking about Sula’s childhood and character’s background, and Part two is talking about Sula’s comeback and her ‘evilness’. Readers can find many themes in this novel kinds as Racism, community identity, or gender role and motherhood. This paper will focus on the gender role with Sula Peace’s challenge. Sula always acts opposite to traditional gender role...
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Analytical Essay on Sula by Toni Morrison: The Neglect of Trauma and Mental Health on Minority Groups

Upon reading Sula, by author Toni Morrison, readers are able to watch the discrimination that forms in the town known as The Bottom; however, as the story continues, readers must focus on how this discrimination perpetuates as they watch how the protagonists of the story, Sula and Nel, must learn to adapt to a society where the neglagance of mental health is never ending. Through an analysis of Trace, Trauma, and Home by Evelyn Jaffe Schrieber and Cherall Wall and...
4 Pages 1849 Words

Postmodernism in Toni Morrison's Sula: Critical Analysis

The purpose of post structuralism is to identify the disunity of the work. The binary oppositions show disunity of the novel in two ways, paradox and irony. 1) Paradox The first paradox is the location of the Bottom and valley town of Medallion. The Bottom is located above the valley town of Medallion. The Bottom is the place where black people live. And the white people live in Medallion. This setting contains two values being argued. Morrison places black people...
3 Pages 1140 Words

Projecting a New Vision of Selfhood and Black Aesthetics in Toni Morrison’s Sula

“We want everything said about us to tell of the best and highest and noblest in us. We fear that the evil in us will be called racial, while in others, it is viewed as individual”. (Du Bois, 55-56) W.E.B. Du Bois expressed his desire for the idealized literary representation of the blacks in these words, in his essay “Negro Art” published in the ‘Crisis’ in 1921. Similar views have been expressed by Langston Hughes’ and other vanguards of the...
5 Pages 2193 Words

Perception Through Symbolism In ‘Sula’ by Toni Morrison

In literature, symbols are used to represent or give meaning to a particular action or subject. Authors present symbols throughout their novel to conceal its true meaning, which allows the reader to interpret through literal translation. In ‘Sula’ by Toni Morrison, Sula carries a symbol (a birthmark) that is interpreted in three different ways throughout the novel that aide in her character development. The birthmark on her face is described as a rose, snake, and tadpole, representing three different symbols...
1 Page 675 Words

Nel's Personal Development in the Novel 'Sula' by Toni Morrison

Imagine swinging through 192 pages and realizing your assumptions led you stray? Oddly enough, Toni Morrison’s plot has a plethora of twists and happens to deceive us from the instant we set our eyes on the cover. With the novel being titled ‘Sula’, when we first hear her name in the readings, we automatically click to thinking she’s the main character. However, due to the changes and pains that Nel endures throughout the novel, the way that Sula’s actions affect...
2 Pages 737 Words

Toni Morrison's Heroines Sula and Nel as Two Halves of One Whole

Toni Morrison’s novel ‘Sula’ demonstrates the bond between the two main characters. It’s both implicit and silent, as though the two girls can read each other’s minds. Through the unspoken actions between the two main characters, Morrison introduces one of the main themes of the novel, that though the girls have completely different personalities and familial backgrounds, yet together they are two halves of one whole but different person. The passage begins with Sula lifting her head, which suggests that...
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The Theme of Abandonment in Toni Morrison's 'Sula'

Abandonment is defined as leaving completely and finally or to forsake utterly. Sometimes in the case of abandonment it causes women to switch roles with males and become the head of the household. Women can use sex as a means of switching roles also and that is what we see in the book ‘Sula’. Men use sex as a way for pleasure and now since the roles have switched women have taken control of their bodies and gained pleasure of...
3 Pages 1430 Words

Toni Morrison's 'Sula': The Wright Women Vs the Peace Women

Two families, two viewpoints, two destinies. Seemingly, the Wrights and the Peaces are discrepant, conflicting, contrasting, antithetical families. In ‘Sula’, a 1973 novel by African-American Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison, two opposing universes the conventional Wright’s home and the Peaces’s liberal household work unintentionally together to build up strength and entitle women to explore sexual, economic, and mental freedom. On the one hand, Helene Wright is the archetypal woman who wants to be accepted and respected by the community, perhaps...
2 Pages 728 Words
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