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Love Your Country Like a Hero: Essay

This subject taught me many things one is how to think deeper based on his works among all the works that we tackled only few and certain things remembered and gave me an idea of things, how can bravery take place as a woman, Filipino, youth and as a student. One certain thing struck me most and that is his work entitled ‘kundiman’ wherein he showed how love can conquer everything. He used the ‘kundiman’ type of love basically for...
4 Pages 1987 Words

Essay on Sociology of Love and Relationships

Give the opportunity to ten people a pen and paper and ask them to define ‘love’; you will be presented with different answers and definition. Love is interesting sociologically for so many reasons. To start with, just the one word can stand for so many different meanings to different people: sexual love, intimate love, companionate love, romantic love, parental love, friendship love, love for places, belongings, views. It is a word that is used prolifically to mean so much, which...
3 Pages 1473 Words

Self Love Essay

The Art of Self-Love Abstract This paper shows the essence of love for self. True self-love develops self-growth. It will help people to reach the extent of their being as they love and accept their selves. Most people tend to hate themselves because they think they are unworthy and useless. Insecurities will lead to self-hating and will eventually turn into someone who is unreal. People became the enemy of their selves because of the hatred and anger they are holding...
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Essay about Emma Goldman's Viewpoints on Marriage and Love

Native Lithuanian Emma Goldman was born on June 27, 1869. She immigrated to the United States in 1885, where she worked in clothing factories. It was in that setting that she came in contact with anarchist beliefs. A fiery speaker, she was jailed for inciting riots and advocating birth control. Goldman spoke often and widely, not only on anarchism and social problems but also on the contemporary dramatic works of Henrik Ibsen, August Strindberg, George Bernard Shaw, and others. She...
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Essay about Meaning of True Love

As human being man is born in this world full of longing, he has this need, that desires to be satisfied, the need for love, C.S. Lewis in his book ‘Four Loves’ states that “as soon as we are fully conscious, we discover loneliness. Each individual need other people physically, emotionally, intellectually; we need them if we are to know anything, even ourselves”. The child experiences love in his own family, which can be described as filial love, love in...
3 Pages 1431 Words

Essay on Mother's Love

Who would you be today if you didn’t have your mum? The small things our mothers do for us may go unnoticed, but the impact these things have on your future are significant. From the day you are born, your mum is there to feed you, love you and clothe you. She is there to protect you, nourish you and care for you. Sometimes an individual’s biological mother may not be the person they call ‘mum’, but if there is...
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What Does It Mean to Love Your Country: Opinion Essay

Love is a great passion. It is natural that man loves his native country. The same is the case with me, I love Pakistan for the fact that I was born into this aromatic soil and raised on its diversity. I`m a part of this soil, thus it calls me onto it. Pakistan has given me an identity, it`s who I am. It`s my homeland, I will always be known as Pakistani .it has given me everything I have. It`s...
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Is Love the Strongest Emotion? Essay

Love is the strongest and most influential emotion because it causes people to make decisions that could potentially be life threatening that they otherwise would not make. Although understanding what’s going on to create emotions can be complex its vital for analyzing Romeo and Juliet. The reason for this is because one needs to understand the reasoning for many behaviors of Romeo and Juliet and looking at what’s going on in the brain is a good way of going about...
3 Pages 1443 Words

What Is Love? Essay

Everyone has experienced love during their lifetime, whether they loved or were loved. It’s no surprise that billions of individuals say, “I love you”. So, what is love? One way to define love is a feeling for different people, including kids, work colleagues, husband, wife, and God. Nevertheless, each of these has a totally different type of love. Love is a powerful affectionate feeling that even affects how the individual acts. Love exists in various types, including intimate love, friendship...
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Essay on Cyrano De Bergerac's Love

Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac is a well-known comedic love story behind the walls of humor and satire. It revolves around Cyrano de Bergerac’s failed pursuit of the love of a maiden named Roxanne because of his many personal flaws. Ironically, these are the exact flaws that prompt many to regard Cyrano as a tragic hero. Although he did not strictly follow the characteristics of the mainstream Greek example of heroes, Cyrano in Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac is defined as a...
3 Pages 1480 Words

Reflection about the Love of God

Christian fraternity is the equal love of all, a kind of close friendship. Christianity believes that everyone is created in the style of God. There is an image of God in the soul of the human being, so it is necessary to love everyone without distinction. “Love is as if you have already”. This is the command of Jesus. The love of the Lord Jesus Christ is not unconditional, but first loves the most miserable, the least lovely person. Christianity...
1 Page 405 Words

Essay about Revealing Theme of Love in Literary Heritage

During the Renaissance the population began to make use of literature. This is because publications of classical texts began to be published throughout Europe. With the arrival of stoicism, emotions such as fear, envy or passionate love began to take shape in literary works. The genre that had the most acclaim was comedy. In contrast to tragedy, comedy deals with fewer socially elevated characters, the public is exposed to crisis of love, money and ownership. On the other hand, we...
2 Pages 947 Words

Definition Essay on Love

All of us have experienced love already. But on defining the term ‘love’ we have our own different perspective to discuss with. Love is something complicated, hard to explain and more complex to understand. It is something magical that could be the source of your happiness and could be also the source of your pain. So how can we really define what is love? And based on our experiences is there such thing as true love? We could say that...
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What Is True Romantic Love? Essay

Romantic love, in a personal sense, is an intense and uncontrollable emotion that not only defined as a sense of happiness but it is also defined as pain, fear and every other emotion but intensified. Romantic love is also defined by the experiences and feelings people may gain from one another. The term romantic love holds such a heavyweight for some people, while with others it’s pushed to the back of their mind. If love holds such an overall power,...
3 Pages 1314 Words

What Does Love Mean to You: Opinion Essay

When defined in a sentence, love is a feeling. At the point when expounded, love is feeling for somebody we want, we need in our life. Love can be for anybody whether for an individual, for creatures, for places, for nourishment, for rest, for work, for voyaging, for exercise center, for garments, for enthusiasm, and a lot more. It is an alternate and exceptional feeling which keeps us propelled for that thing that we love. First off to exist, its...
3 Pages 1372 Words

Analysis of the Film ‘Samson and Delilah’

‘Samson and Delilah’ by Warwick Thornton is a survival love story about two young Indigenous Australian’s Samson (Rowan McNamara) and Delilah (Marissa Gibson) battle, facing difficulties around them and on a journey of finding a better life. To get away from a small and poor community, Samson and Delilah move to the closest town, Alice Springs. The film, also shows lifestyle of indigenous people and issues that they face in the communities in the central Australian desert. Samson lives with...
2 Pages 1131 Words

Essay on Qualities of a Good Student

Most people fail their exams even before they are set for a certain exam. This is because most people do not have confidence in themselves. You should try as much as possible to believe in yourself because this is the most vital thing. You should avoid discussing the subject matter a few minutes before the exam and also after the exam. This may discourage you and also make you nervous or even more confused. Building trust in yourself could help...
1 Page 640 Words

Michael Jackson as an Influencer through Love and Movement

Michael Jackson, the ‘King of Pop’, is an influencer and a legend in pop culture worldwide. His music, dance, and style has inspired people for decades and the loss of his life was one of the most talked about and mourned events for years. His dance moves are still being used in the dance world today and his music that goes with them still inspires dancers. His style was a trademark to his name and changed the fashion industry as...
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Love after the Disney Era

In his article ‘How Walt Disney Ruined Our Lives’, which appeared in the Brandeis Magazine in 2013, Harvard-trained psychologist Robert Epstein talks about the impact of some of Walt Disney’s most famous films on the nature and dynamic of committed human relationships, specifically marriages. He mentions how these Disney movies, which are themselves based on ancient (and quite sinister) folktales collected by literary giants like Hans Christian Andersen and the Grimm brothers from their respective cultures, have contributed to the...
2 Pages 864 Words

Theme of Love in the Film ‘Spirited Away’

The main idea in ‘Spirited Away’ is love. According to the dictionary, love is an intense feeling of deep affection and great interest and pleasure in something. According to the Internet, Chihiro is the ten-year-old core protagonist of the Japanese animated film ‘Spirited Away’. Chihiro’s relationship with the rest of the characters expressed the main idea. I think it is because of how much love she expressed that kept her in the spirit world. In the beginning, you realized this...
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Love That Changes Thinking and Behavior Based on 'Shrek' and 'Romeo and Juliet'

When someone is in love, it is natural to behave out of the ordinary. More importantly, many factors lead them to think about things they usually wouldn’t do if they weren’t in love. A great example of this plays out in Shakespeare’s play, ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Initially, Romeo was depressed after getting rejected by another girl, but his perspective of love changed for the first time upon meeting Juliet. However, their relationship wasn’t supposed to happen because they were from...
2 Pages 1071 Words

Unconditional Love of Mother: Essay

‘Years went by, we are all aware that everything in this world has changed! But, one thing that remained the same is the love from our dear mother.’ A mother is someone who is very close to our hearts. Who gives birth, provides us shelter, the one who guides us, and of course always accepts us no matter what we do in our life with wide open arms. Being a mom was never an easy task, and it has become...
2 Pages 742 Words

Our Love for Our Pets

Today pet owners have been spending billions of dollars on their pets rather than welfare. Buckhard Bilger argues that Americans spend too much money on their pets. I agree with Bilger argument. Pet owners could be using their money differently and animals have a sense of knowing they won’t live for too long meaning we shouldn’t let them endure the extra pain they are going through. According to Bilger, “Americans now spend $19 billion a year on veterinary care for...
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Love And Friendship Differences And Similarities

We all have been faced with the highs and lows of love and friendship one time or another in our lives. Love and friendship can bring you a life full of contentment or a life full of sadness, there are many aspects to love and friendship. Love and friendship can be like a beautiful garden of flowers you really don’t have the words to describe the beauty. As you get closer, you will discover it comes with hidden thorns and...
5 Pages 2053 Words

Love Marriages Versus Arranged Marriages: Argumentative Essay

Marriage is a social custom in which a man and a woman form a new family together. In today’s world, there are two types of unions. Arranged marriage and love marriage are two types of unions. While this is true, arranged marriages have been widely practiced since the dawn of civilization, love marriage is becoming increasingly common today. However, because of mutual understanding, deep knowledge of the individual, and existing independenc, I would argue that a love marriage is superior...
1 Page 565 Words

Domestic Violence: A Warped Concept Of Love

Humans are social creatures that find solace within others, most display this by engaging themselves in relationships. Relationships are very abstract, no two relationships are the same, but there must be one important commonality: love. Love comes in many different shapes and sizes, but the ability to give oneself to another unconditionally is a clear form of what love should be. When love is not clear though, that’s when things take a much darker turn. Domestic Violence is a pressing...
3 Pages 1312 Words

Love, Hate, Impetuosity And Death In Romeo And Juliet

What is love? ” That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” That by which we call a feeling of deep affection driven by our stereotypical perception or is it a multi-dimensional paradigm that corresponds with the play; whether it be wrapped in hate, directed by the impetuosity or surrounded by death. Love is undeniably encompassed throughout the play but it is merely a conceptual route that opens up the themes of hate, impetuosity...
3 Pages 1415 Words

Love As A Complex Emotion In Romeo And Juliet

Romeo and Juliet has become ‘the’ love story; the historical epitome that has stayed culturally relevant for centuries influencing many, from The Lion King II to High School Musical. The theme of love is displayed in a manner of ways. With its notoriety for romantic passion, the infatuation between Romeo and Juliet takes a strong standing in the play yet, it can be interpreted as risky teenage drama through a modern lens. However, romantic love is not the only type...
3 Pages 1475 Words

Young Love of Two Lovers in Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'

In the play, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ the author William Shakespeare presents the relationship between the two youths as one that is destined from the start, but in contrast, their love is also ill-fated. Their relationship only lasts for three days all of which they are oblivious to what the future holds for their relationship until their demise. Within the play, it is evident that their relationship is predestined when in the prologue Romeo and Juliet are described to be a...
2 Pages 868 Words

Misunderstanding Love in The Play Romeo And Juliet

Love is often confused with lust or infatuation. In the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare we come across “[a] pair of star cross’d lovers” who both are from two different feuding families (Shakespeare 1.P.6). Due to the feud with their parents, they were unable to be with each other. Because of that, a plan was formed that ended in complete tragedy for both households. They are Romeo Montegue ,who was trying to find love after being rejected by...
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