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The Types Of Success In A Human Life

Success has many definitions. The reason for this is because everyone’s ideals are different, no two people are the same and therefore will not think the same. People can share similar ideas; they can also share similar goals. Goals are the reason for doing things in hopes to become successful; in the process completing the set goal. With this, success can be defined as the completion of a goal. Everyone’s goals are different and will therefore cause everyone’s definition of...
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Work-Life Balance Essay: Meaning, Importance And Causes

Introduction We all know that Work plays an important role in everyone’s life whether it is paid or unpaid, but it helps us to shape our identity, allows us to structure our time and brings us in contact with each other. In today’s fast paced society, people in the workforce often move from one task to the next, only to find themselves coming up for air on Friday afternoon. Unsatisfied by their weekend and not accomplishing all they hoped, they...
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An Event That Changed My Life Essay

Life is like a roller coaster ride with several ups and downs, bad and good incidents, and happy and sad phases. Though, everything that happens brings some kind of lesson or guidance for you. Learning from bad experiences and showing gratitude in happy times is important. Verily, it depends on you how you take every situation and make it work despite difficulties and hardships. Every individual goes through such incidents that either break them or make them a better and...
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5 Paragraph Essay on Life Lessons

I was once told, “What you learn today can improve all of your tomorrows” (Ralph Marston).I am a firm believer that whatever journey gets thrown someone’s way makes them the person they become. These so called journeys, teach us the most valuable life lessons. Whether the lesson has a positive or negative outcome, it sticks and becomes a part of that person. I have experienced many life lessons, though some I may not have wanted to experience. I wouldn’t want...
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The Story of My Life Essay

Early Childhood From my first day as a kindergartner I hated school. My first experience as a student is a vivid memory that is marked by the negative emotions of that day. My dad promised to stay with me, however, he left as soon as I was distracted for a few moments. I cried the whole first day, and although I am sure this is a common occurrence for children on their first day of school, I see this as...
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My Life Essay

Life is a journey. In this journey, every individual has their own unforgettable experiences. Actually, these experiences are sweet memories of our lives. When we look back on our life some of these memories can make us happy, some of them can motivate us, and also some of them can make us cry. In my life of 19 years, I have experienced many such situations all those situations wind up to the fact that “the air I breathe is all...
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The Importance of Humility in Life

Humility is considered as the act of lowering oneself in relation to others or having a clear perspective and respect for one’s place in the world. It also involves knowing your limits and having appreciation for the intentions, strength, and perspectives of others. Unlike what some people think, humility is not the same as having low self esteem. A famous way of describing humility is that “it’s not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.” In his book...
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Narrative Essay Example about Life

This paper tells a story of my life as a teenager and how I become the woman that I am now. During my high school years, I didn’t take education or study seriously. Morning and nights were filled with blessings from my parent’s prayer upon me each and every day. Still, too much peer pressure and the eagerness to fit into society. All I was thinking about is to graduate and moving on with life. Unfortunately, the biggest downfall that...
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Role Model in Life

We all know someone in our lives that is virtuous. Someone that they look up to and mimic their style of doing things or handling any situation. A role model is someone who has influenced your life in such a huge way. My role model is Dorothy Jackson my grandmother. There are many reasons I have chosen my grandmother as my role model. Since I can remember my grandmother has been a hard worker and a nurturer to our entire...
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Essay on My Trip with Friends and the Darkest Experience of My Life

This essay is about how I took a trip to India after graduation with my friends. It was me and a couple of my friends, we’ve always dreamt about going to India to visit the Taj Mahal and explore the city around. My friend and I have been planning to go to India after graduation since we were in freshman high school, the day of the trip came, and we have never been more excited. We booked this cheap flight...
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Dance: My Life Changing Experience

Life is a never-ending learning experience. Throughout life I have had many memorable events. The memorable times in my life vary from being the worst times in my life and some being the best, either way they have something for me to learn as life experience which shaped and made who I am today. If I could name one word to summarize my childhood, that word would be “dance”. I started dancing ballet at the age of 5. Before I...
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The Importance Of Failure In Human's Life

Failure is a feather of any fighter. Without any experience of falling, a flying man cannot call himself flying. Everyone of us already failed at something, be it as simple as failing to hit a high note during a school musical play, or as frustrating as failing to close a business deal and failure to achieve promotion, everyone of us have experienced our own taste of failure. And yes, since everyone fails on something, I can accept a medicine as...
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How Has the Pandemic Changed Your Life: Essay

COVID-19 has struck humanity like a lightning, fast and aggressive. No one expected a murderous pandemic to occur out of nowhere and then spread like a wildfire. Such a pandemic isn’t usual in modern times and by the existence of humanity (not unusual like once in a millennium, but you know). The massive casualties of war, the slow but deadly changes of nature, and the problems caused by both are usually the only events that make the world feel problematic...
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How Life Is Like A Chess Game

The game of chess can be so much fun that some people devote most of their waking time to the game. As time goes on their intelligence and skill for the game grows, which can make the game more interesting and compelling. Chess is a game where every decision made has an impact on the remaining game. Just like in life, one decision can land someone in a horrible situation and change their whole life forever. Life is one huge...
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Most Influential Person in My Life: Essay

Everyone needs to be inspired, and inspiring others can only have positive effects. They can be the people that surround us in an everyday life. My inspiration consists of my parents, Oralia Reyes and Pedro Reyes. They are two full-blooded Mexican immigrants with remarkable stories of hard work, sacrifice, and resilience in a hostile society who left their country for a better life. Not only did they leave to have a better life themselves, but for me and my brothers...
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My Goal in Life Essay

1.0 Welcome page Hello, my name is Ong Cheng Kei. I am currently still 17 since my birthday is in December. I am a Malaysian and stay in Kuala Lumpur and it is a very busy city. I am currently still a student continuing my tertiary studies at Asia Pacific University (APU). I enrolled in April for the Foundation course and currently enjoy studying there. No doubt that my favorite subject this semester is mathematics since I like mathematics a...
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Essay on Why Life Skills Should Be Taught in School

Here’s the thing. I can tell you how to answer a polyamorous equation. I can give you a completely memorized timeline of both World Wars. I can recite the 9 animal phyla and their characteristics. But you know what I can’t do. I can’t cook. I have no idea how to pay taxes. I know absolutely nothing about financial stability and If I’m honest I really don’t know anything about healthy living or important communication skills. These things seem a...
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Narrative Essay about Being Judged

Today I will be telling the story of moments in my life where I have been judged on something other than my character. When I was in the sixth grade I was judged on how I was fat as the kids said. In the seventh grade as well as in eighth grade I was judged because I came out as pansexual. I have been judged my whole life because I was different. I have been judged because my mother is...
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An Experience That Taught You a Lesson Essay

While wearing the earplugs for 8 hours, the thing I found most difficult was trying to have a conversation with people. I would like to think I am pretty good at lipreading, but it was a little harder being put into an actual scenario where part of your hearing is blocked off. It was interesting to see people getting a little annoyed with me. Of course, I understand their frustration in having to repeat their selves multiple times. Or if...
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Overcoming Obstacles Essay

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work. I was born in Honduras on a rainy November night. The wind was heavy as if it was warning the people around the hospital that something was wrong or something was out of place. Due to personal problems, my dad left my mom but my mom didn’t get sad or depressed. She just stands in from all of those problems and fights them and from that...
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The Struggles Of Being A Teenager

Over the course of time, life as a teenager has changed abundantly. How teenagers lived back then is incomparable to how they live now. In today’s generation, being a teenager is anything but easy. Or at least that’s how I feel. The growth from childhood to adulthood is effortless for some, but difficult for others. There’s many challenges to face, decisions to make, and roads to take set out for all of us. Based on our preparation for these moments,...
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The Sayings And Doings Of The Prophet Muhammad In Hadith

Introduction In this essay, I will be examining whether the Hadith can be trusted as a historical source. The Hadith contains traditions that Muslims consider to be the sayings and doings of the Prophet Muhammad, establishing it as a very important source within Islam. My aim is to show that the Hadith cannot be trusted as a historical source because of what I believe to be two convincing arguments of why it should not. I will do this by first...
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Effects Of Carbohydrates As Ergogenic Aid In Sport

Introduction An ergogenic aid is an external influence, both legal and illegal which positively affects sporting performance. The legality of ergogenic aids is controlled by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) (Kayser et al, 2007). Buck et al (2013) stated that a legal ergogenic aid in sport can provide athletes with additional opportunity to enhance their performance beyond training alone. There is therefore growing interest for both coaching staff and performers themselves in foods and other legal aids which have a...
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Bloodstone For Strength, Willpower, And Courage

Since it is closely associated with Mars, Bloodstone naturally boosts its holder’s courage and determination with an abundant amount of masculine and fighting energy. It also stimulates the ground chakra to ground those who are spiritually adrift. Bloodstone gives us the power to get through our failures. It fuels us with determination to keep moving forward despite our mistakes, and instead see them as experiences to learn from. With this mindset, we will challenge ourselves more, which then helps us...
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Theme Of Willpower In The Power Of Habit By Charles Duhigg

“When willpower becomes Automatic”. Still remember in the movie, infernal affairs 3, one of the main characters always said, “only things will change people”. The rough of life experienced and tribulations suffered by a person have a great impact on this person. Some people may choose to escape or deprave. However, some people will to be strong and face it. For me, I will choose the second one. Fyodor Dostoevsky said, ‘There is only one thing that I dread: not...
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Emotional Intelligence, Willpower, Social Sensitivity And Creativity As The Factors For Success

At outset, I was more focused on the technical aspects of executive leaders. After reading the article ‘The Focused Leader: How effective executives direct their – and their organizations’ attention’ written by Daniel Goleman, I started to understand how important for leaders to master their attention. According to Goleman (2013), attention plays a fundamental role in leadership skills, such as emotional intelligence, willpower, social sensitivity, creativity and so on. I would like to discuss four essential leadership skills that are...
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The Peculiarities Of Willpower Challenge

For my “I want” challenge, my goal is to get my work done on time and reduce the amount of stress when preparing for each assignment. Ever since I was young, I would habitually let procrastination determine the outcome of my life. In the past, I would have high hopes for improvement by trying different tactics to increase my productivity; this meant I would set strict time goals for deadlines and surround myself in a peaceful environment to stay focused....
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The Relationship Of The Language And The Expressing Of Feelings

One of the communication systems of greater extension and complexity is human language. Not barely does it allow communication between human beings, but it also allows us to analyze and comprehend the world in an alternative way. We can distinguish how languages vary depending on the region and creating language. In particular, we will focus on how language influenced Ireland. Many author emerged who through their works exposed the undeniable importance of language. We are going to focus on the...
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How Governments’ Hypocrisy Frustrates Local Production

Governments’ double-standard in policies implementation, and unwillingness to match words with actions has continued to frustrate local manufacturers’ efforts in improving Nigeria’s economy, as politics and hypocrisy play major roles. In a bid to stimulate the nation’s economy through local production, governments at various levels had, at one time or the other, reeled out policies to strengthen local industries. But the impacts of these policies are yet to be felt in the economic sphere of the nation, owing to lip-service...
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The Crucible: The Perfect Representation Of Hypocrisy In Society

You enter the lecture room, and the lecturer states the strict rule about no phones. You swiftly switch on the silent button and slip your phone into your pocket. Soon, you’re listening to the voice of your lecturer, writing notes for your midterm test when suddenly a phone rings, making you flinch. Next minute, you realise the lecturer has picked up his own phone and is talking to his friend about what time he will be arriving at his dinner...
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