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Significance And Effects Of Academic Self-Efficacy

Self-efficacy is about how one’s self controls or modulates his/her behavior towards on achieving goals. It is one’s beliefs about his abilities to do the task. This pertains to the confidence of an individual that he/she can succeed because of his or her motivations and self-esteem. It also deals with our ability to overcome phobias or fear. The product of our experiences, emotions, and observation is our self-efficacy. Albert Bandura originally developed that concept. (Hopper, 2019). Academic performance is the...
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Self-efficacy And Motherhood

Self-Efficacy is one’s knowledge of how well one will complete a certain task. Also, self-efficacy is something that comes from within; how one was brought up and an individual’s approach at goals can determine the self-efficacy. I scored 63 out of 65 on my questionnaire; this equals out to be a 93 on a grading scale. When first looking at this assignment the first thought was on the self-efficacy score. I did not think the range would be in the...
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Self-Efficacy And Personal Identity

Self-Efficacy is a person’s belief that they can accomplish a difficult task or challenge. My self-efficacy can lead to growth mindset if I believe that I can accomplish a difficult task or challenge. I can accomplish a difficult task by practicing or studying hard. I can also use positive self-talk to keep me focused on positive thinking instead of negative thinking. Self-talk is the practice of a person talking to oneself aloud or mentally. Self-talk can be positive or negative....
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The Correlation Of Self-Efficacy And Motivation

Self esteem representing the basic behavioral motive tends out to be self efficacy. As this construct is related to several dimensions of psychological well being. There are many hierarchical needs of man such as the need of competence, the need of achievement, respect and as well as self efficacy. But sometimes we confuse this word with self image, self worth or any other similar construct. It is rather mixed with optimism too. But here the real meaning of it is...
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Impact Of Leadership Behaviour On Self-Efficacy Of Employees

ABSTRACT Alexander’s famous quote – “I am not afraid by an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion” – signifies the role played by a leader in nurturing their subordinates. A great leader fosters the potential of his employees and challenges their limitations. Research Objective: This research paper aims to study the effect of leadership style (consideration or initiating structure) on self-efficacy of the employees. Ukeh (2016) found...
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Self-efficacy And Classroom Management Style

A teacher belief in his/her ability to achieve goals is called teacher self-efficacy. Teachers’ self-efficacy model was developed based on a widespread review of the literature by Tschannen-Moran et al. (1998). Four major sources that have major influences on efficacy beliefs are included and each contribute to both the investigation of the teaching task and to self-perceptions of teaching competence. Mastery Experiences, one of the most powerful sources, can be occurred when people challenge to do something and are successful....
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Narcissism And Self-efficacy: Similarities And Differences

Abstract The aim of the present study was to evaluate whether there is any relationship between Narcissism and self-efficacy, to see if participant who score high on Narcissism also score high on Self efficacy. For the present investigation a sample of 60 were selected and is segregated into 3 age group, Adolescents (10M 10F) , Young Adulthood ( 10M 10F), Middle Adulthood ( 10M 10F). Correlation Analysis, t-test and ANOVA was done on the data using Mega Stats. It was...
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Narcissism And Self-efficacy

The aim of the present study was to evaluate whether there is any relationship between Narcissism and self-efficacy , to see if participant who score high on Narcissism also score high on Self efficacy. For the present investigate a sample of 60 were selected and is segregated into 3 age group , Adolescents ( 10M 10F) , Young Adulthood ( 10M 10F), Middle Adulthood ( 10M 10F). Correlation Analysis , t-test and ANOVA was done on the data. It was...
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Self Esteem And Confidence: How Do I See Myself

Self Confidence and Self Esteem is the key to success, or we can say, the first step to success. If one has confidence about something, he can surely achieve it, as my teacher has rightly said, “Our lives are moved by our actions, which take form by our thoughts”. So, if a person is confident about something, if he thinks he can accomplish his aim, he thinks that his dreams will be fulfilled, he can make this world a better...
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The Peculiarities Of Self Efficacy In The Workplace

The workplace is an essential setting for mental health protection, mainly stressors like tensions, worry, hassle, strain and trauma. On average the majority of employed people spend maximum of their time at the workplace. So therefore it is the employer’s obligation to hold the accountability and to provide a safe and hazard-free workplace, they should have ample opportunities to promote individual health and foster a healthy working setting. With the use of effective workplace programs and guidelines can decrease health...
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Self Efficacy And Whistleblowing

According to Bandura (2009), self-efficacy refers to the cognitive perception of competency and effectiveness in carrying out occupational duties and goals. The expectations of self-efficacy determine whether an individual are able to exhibit coping behavior and how long effort will be sustained when facing of obstacles. Individuals who have high self-efficacy will exert effort, then well executed, and leads to successful outcomes. While individual who have low self-efficacy are likely to give up early and fail. People’s self-efficacy beliefs in...
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The Effect Of Attribution On Self Efficacy About Cognitive Task

Abstract The effect of outcome and type of attribution on self-efficacy was investigated in an experiment involving cognitive task. The participants (20 males and 20 females) were put to pre-test (before performance feedback and attribution) and post-test (after receiving performance feedback and attribution). The study involved a 2X2 factorial design with two type of outcome (success/failure) and two types of attribution (ability/effort) with 10 subjects (5 males and 5 females) in each cell. The results of the experiment revealed that...
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Love Myself: Take Actions To Make A Difference

Child violence has been an extremely serious problem for many decades. Do you know that 75% of 2 to 4 years old children have received corporal punishment frequently by their caregivers, and 50% of adolescents worldwide have encountered peer violence near school area (UNICEF, 2017)? What’s worse, every seven minutes, there is a teenager dies of violence (UNICEF, 2017). Thus, child violence has become a crucial issue that needs everyone to take actions immediately. Fortunately, there are some people and...
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The Effect Of Using Humor In English Language Classrooms Towards Teacher's Self Efficacy

INTRODUCTION According to Tilemma (2000), “teaching is a complex cognitive activity and it is believed that the teachers’ conception helps in shaping the instructional decisions in the classrooms.” In other words, teachers’ perceptions and personal beliefs are highly influential when it comes to the teaching and learning environment. Besides, it is the major role of the teachers to determine what is needed or what would work best with their students. It is the fact that students of English language will...
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The Psychological Factors That Influence Procrastinating Behaviours

Ancient Egyptians had two verbs which had the translation of procrastination. The two meanings denoted are: valuable habit of avoiding unnecessary work, or negative habits of laziness in finishing jobs or tasks (Ferrari et al 1995), which in simpler terms could be identified as passive and active procrastination. In this essay I will explore some identified factors which affect procrastinating behaviours such as self-efficacy, motivation and self-esteem. One factor that affects procrastinating behaviour is perception. Procrastination is most likely to...
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