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The Great Gatsby essay has been encountered among college tasks for decades. It is easy to explain since this timeless classic by Francis Scott Fitzgerald is an important part of American Literature. Even though it is a popular book, it has numerous hidden meanings that must be studied as you ... compose your essay. The main theme of The Great Gatsby revolves around the American Dream and the two loveless marriages. The main symbol that one must explore is the mixture of morality and ethics. You can check our free examples of The Great Gatsby essays and see how argumentative tone must be kept along with the quotes and exploration of various literary devices that make this book so powerful.

What is The Great Gatsby Essay?

As a famous piece of classic literature with a strong reference to living the American Dream, the Great Gatsby essay is one of those subjects that college students have to explore regardless of their course. Written by Francis Scott Fitzgerald in 1925, the story is a perfect embodiment of the American spirit at its best and a person's will to change one's habits and way of life. If there is a novel that would be totally American, it's the one. It also makes it quite difficult to come up with a strong essay that would differ from what has already been said before. Nevertheless, it’s essential to study the story well and focus on anything from characters to symbolism that plays an important role throughout the story. The most important is to provide the quotes and implement them in the correct way to avoid plagiarism risks and provide your author’s voice. Such an essay on the Great Gatsby will always stand out from the rest and will be worth the highest grade!

Work On Your Structure

As you will learn by taking a look at successful the Great Gatsby essay examples, one of the most important aspects is knowing how to structure your essay. Depending on whether you are planning to write a book reflection or compose a movie review for 2013’s depiction by Leonardo DiCaprio, you will have to implement an introduction, three to five body paragraphs, and the conclusion. The introduction in this case should introduce the book and the main idea. You can take a philosophical approach to things by focusing on the mental changes in the protagonist’s relationship with Daisy, talk about the acceptance of reality, or make a comparison of Hollywood’s portrayal of the American Dream. The body paragraphs of the essay about the Great Gatsby must provide at least three references to support your thesis. This is where you must use the book quotes accordingly. As for the final conclusion part, it must sum up your findings and seek a certain moral lesson that will help your readers appreciate your thesis even more.

The Main Characters of The Great Gatsby

The main character of the novel is Jay Gatsby who is a wealthy young man representing the voice of the story. The other important characters are Nick Carraway, Tom Buchanan, and Daisy Buchanan who is the lady Jay Gatsby adores. Starting with your essay on the Great Gatsby, you can either describe each character or focus on their interaction separately. While Jay Gatsby is the main character, it is Nick's voice that is used as the narrator of the story as he helps to connect the characters together. As Daisy's removed cousin, he also gains Jay's confidence as Gatsby confides in him, which is an important point to consider about the moral lesson of the story. Speaking of Daisy’s husband Tom Buchanan, he is a type of a contrasting character, which is why the Great Gatsby essays often focus on his contradictory personality. While you can always talk about the metamorphoses of Jay Gatsby, remember to include the other three important characters, too!

4 Tips to Make Your The Great Gatsby Essay Perfect

The majority of essays on The Great Gatsby will turn to a summary of the story or talk about how the movie has failed because things do not really work this way in reality. While the main message is clear that money alone won't make a person different, it is the analysis of greed and pride that always become a part of the equation. Composing your Gatsby essay, follow these 4 writing tips.
  1. 1. Set your main thesis first by focusing on the message of the book.
  2. 2. Use comparisons and allegories by exploring the character traits of the actors in a movie or characters of the book.
  3. 3. Explore the role of symbolism as this book is based on the morals and the changes that a person is going through.
  4. 4. Always proofread your essay on the Great Gatsby and do so aloud as it will help you remove the weak parts and focus only on those elements that are relevant.
When you do not ignore editing and proofreading, you will be able to correct most mistakes and grammar issues on your own!

Why Do The Great Gatsby Essay Examples Help?

Nothing beats turning to an example of a successful essay that has all the necessary structure parts and inspiring ideas. Take your time to explore the list of The Great Gatsby essay examples that will help you see what subjects can be discussed. Be it the role of the wealth in the book or the Loveline between Daisy and Jay, our experts recommend taking a closer look at examples because these will help you avoid the most common mistakes and keep things unique. For example, when you are writing the great gatsby literary analysis essay, it’s essential to learn how to implement the quotes correctly and analyze the presence of metaphors and allegories that are in abundance both in the original book and the movie. When you have an example to follow, your learning becomes easier and more enjoyable.

The Role of Symbolism

Before you run out of ideas for your essay or get lost in the criticism of the story's characters, do not forget to mention the role of symbolism in the book. Starting with the green light that represents hope and the positive changes to the use of Gatsby's shirts and the white, gold, and green colors, it's all filled with the yearning for hope. Dealing with the Great Gatsby essays, you may have to take time to explore why these are there, which is another reason to have a look at the free essay samples that you can find. So make sure that you do some reading, take notes, write down the page numbers, and get it all together based on the correct structure!

Differences Between The Great Gatsby Movie and Book

The Great Gatsby: Movie and Book Comparison Essay The American Dream is the nation’s overall aspiration for America, and at America’s conception, the birth of the aspiration “rags to riches” was cultivated. America was founded by Puritans fleeing from the Western world desiring religious and...
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