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Alice in Wonderland: Hero or Not

Joseph Campbell wrote about the hero monomyth after he discovered that most hero stories have a common pattern and storyline. Joseph Campbell’s hero monomyth is a theory he proposed that heroes follow in a narrative, especially in an adventure novel. His theory states that almost all heroes follow the steps of this patterned journey. ‘Alice in Wonderland’ in its many media forms has been a very popular children’s story ever since it was published in 1865. The story written by...
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Children Oriented Writing Style Of Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

Published in 1865, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll was a remarkable book during that time and still is present day. Lewis Carroll was one of eleven kids he was born In 1832 and died in 1898, he grew up in Cheshire, England. As a child Carroll was adventurous and was lonely, he would often entertain his siblings by inventing games, plays, and stories. He attended Rugby and Oxford College where he read stories to young children this is...
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Alice in Wonderland Vs Through the Looking Glass

Over the past few decades, the motion picture industry has interwoven with literature, so much so that film adaptations of great literary works have become a popular thread in the fabric of the seventh art, becoming a main branch in the field of interdisciplinary studies. Although the two mediums have their own unique structures, the process by which a literary work finds itself transformed into its visual counterpart can be quite thought-provoking if not even intriguing. Today a great number...
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Alice’s Growth In Wonderland: Confusion, Transition And Maturity Stages

Lewis Carroll, who is the author of Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, is a famous British fairy tale writer, mathematician and logician. Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland is one of his representative works. The book tells the growth of a little girl, Alice, from the rabbit hole fall into a magical world, and met many creatures and experienced many beautiful adventures; At the same time, she is continuously learning about herself and growing up. According to the development of the plot, this...
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Alice in Wonderland Essay

The evolution into today’s progressive society has challenged the significance of literature. What’s its purpose and what does it actually teach us? Without literature our culture and values would not have developed to shape our society. Literature mirrors society’s continual change in values as shown through Lewis Carroll’s novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and its two manifestations, Walt Disney’s animated film Alice in Wonderland and ABC’s television series Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Values are shaped, carried through and...
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Adventure And Fantasy In The Hobbit By Tolkien And Alice In Wonderland By Burton

J.R.R Tolkien film ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ released 21 September 1937 and Tim Burton ‘Alice in Wonderland’ emancipated 4 March 2010. The Hobbit is a novel about the adventures of a hobbit as he commenced on an unexpected adventure. Alice in Wonderland is a story about a little girl and her adventures in a dream place called wonderland this has been a children’s story for over one hundred years. Though viewed by many as a simple children’s tale, some...
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Social Darwinism In Alice In Wonderland And Through The Looking Glass

Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are based on social Darwinism, the ‘survival of the fittest’ and the novels explain the function of language and how the characters obtain power. First, is important to mention that Alice in Wonderland describes the creation of identity whereas Through the Looking Glass is a social negotiation of identity, thus finding your identity in society. In these novels it is portrayed a dystopian society that is based on absolutism and the one...
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Alice In Wonderland Syndrome: Causes And Symptoms

The Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (AIWS) was first coined by the British psychiatrist John Todd and was based upon the childhood story, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll in 1865. “Todd’s patients felt they were too small, too tall, or parts of their bodies were changing shape, size, or relationship to the rest of their bodies. Some recalled the feeling of their bodies expanding or contracting in closed spaces or splitting in half.” (Fine, 2013). Coincidentally, such experiences were...
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The Peculiarities Of Fiction In Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

When it comes down to all the different types of stories, there are numerous to read. This includes stories of fiction, now there are a few different kinds of fiction stories that are out to read. You have science fiction, domestic fiction, adventure fiction, and fantasy, just like many other types of books and fiction stories can also hold many hidden teachings within the books for the readers to learn. These types of stories have a good way of pulling...
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Strong, Powerful Women In Classical Literature

Reading classic literature is like traveling back in time, to live the life of someone who lived during a particular period in time, witness great battles, rise, and fall of great empires and that of men and women, to see how human mind though now evolved faces the same dilemmas of life from birth until death. Many of these classics enshrine within themselves the soul of a generation and serve as a cornerstone in the history of literature. Their narratives...
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Alice in Wonderland' Vs 'Hunger Games': Comparative Analysis

The film The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and the text Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll both examine the notion of point of view. However, both plots are formed through the close interaction between the reader and the narrator. The narrator’s influential role forms what will be expressed through the narrative and what will be portrayed for the reader to observe. Through the use of both visual and verbal discourse, the texts signify features of focalization, narration, charisma, and...
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The Role Of Setting And Plot In Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” is a novel written by Lewis Carrol in 1865. It is a famous children’s book that tells a fictional story of a young girl who got into a new dimension, a new and totally different world. Martin Gardner, an American writer, interested in mathematics and science, said that “life viewed rationally, and without illusion, appears to be a nonsense tale”, which is also the main theme in the book, because of the use of the elements...
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Film Techniques In Tim Burton Movie Alice In Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a fantasy film directed by Tim Burton. It begins with a young girl Alice who falls down a rabbit it hole to find herself in a nonsensical world filled with peculiar creatures called ‘Underland’. In order to save Underland from the tyrannical Red queen she must internalise whether to remain a free spirit or to conform to typical Victorian Britain’s societal expectations of young women. The moral of Burton’s story is that freedom and imagination must...
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