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Essay on the Importance of Discipline, Military Bearing and Professionalism in the Modern Army

The purpose of this essay is to discuss the importance of discipline, military bearing and professionalism in today’s army. I intend to prove that discipline on the battlefield begins with discipline off the battlefield. I will discuss how an army can only be as professional as it appears to be. To finish, I will talk about how mission readiness is dependent on soldiers’ professional bearing. Discipline on the battlefield begins with discipline off the battlefield. Rain hits the ground as...
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Followers and Servant Leadership in the Army

The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast followership and servant leadership. In the military, no matter where you go, there will be followers and there will be leaders among your team. So, basically, in order for a mission to get accomplished, leaders of a unit should have their soldiers to have a role among the two. Followership and servant leadership are shown within the seven Army values as well. Followership in Army term means “actions of someone...
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Army Essay

Since the end of the cold war era, all armies around the world face the same problem. How should their armies look and be organized so they will be prepared for a new type of global warfare? But we do not even know what kind of dangers are out there. Before the 9/11 attack, all armies were prepared for conventional warfare. There would be a classic battle, one army against another. But now there are numerous types of dangers out...
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Army Leadership Styles Essay

Servant leadership has been a big concept in leadership development. The way individuals lead is dependent on what they have developed into or how they believe they should lead. Many have the feeling to lead from the front and inspire but many others have the feeling to serve an overall greater idea or purpose. Servant leadership, and the differences between it and other styles of leadership, can be applied to many aspects of the U.S. Army to effectively change and...
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What Advantage Did the American Military Have in the Vietnam War? Essay

In order to fully understand the reasons as to why the US lost its war against Vietnam, one must fully understand the events and key factors before and during the war itself. The war itself took place between 1961 and 1975, resulting in US defeat. Vietnam had been an independent nation until the French conquered the country in 1887, renaming it French Indochina. Throughout the years of the French rule, Ho Chi Minh, a Vietnamese nationalist, formed the Viet Minh...
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Philosophy of Leadership in the Army by Personal Example

Leader is a definition in itself, the one who through the ages and in any discipline has managed to lead a group towards victory. The leader’s philosophy, without a doubt must know and share all the ways to achieve success. Leaders always know deep down that victory is the value that makes those who follow them spiritually grow, and through it the individuals have overcome their initial limitations. Leader is the most valuable figure of the deck because with their...
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Leadership and the Army Profession

In the Army profession, what and how do you define leadership? A glance at it and one would perceive the typical definition of leadership. However, it is so much more than that in the Army. In this essay, you will learn the definition of Army leadership as well as the purpose and components in it. “Military leadership is an art, a creative activity based on character, ability, and mental power”, – Geoffrey Regan (‘Narren, Nulpen, Niedermacher’; original title: ‘Military Blunders’)....
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Army Leadership Essay

The issue facing today’s Army with future leaders is its need to produce great leaders in its Non-commissioned Officer corps, which comes from a framework of building talent through positive influences with mentoring, training, experience, and communication skills. The Army has been known for creating great fighting forces and great leaders through the education and training provided by its centers of excellence and training institutions. For over 200 years, the Non-commissioned Officer has played a significant role as a leader...
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Why Does Sexual Assault Occur in the Army and How Can It Be Prevented?

Sexual assault and sexual harassment can be damaging, both mentally and physically. If either is committed within a unit it creates a hostile work environment. This creates a lack of trust throughout the Army and diminishes the camaraderie built among the soldiers. When it comes to sexual assault, there are various reasons why it occurs. It is important to state that despite the situation, the victim is never to blame. One of the things is a huge factor in several...
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Contemporary Issues at the Three Levels of Leadership in the United States Army

The Army is the largest or the United States Armed Forces (Reynolds & Shendruk, 2018). Like other military branches it exists for the purposes of defense and to serve the national interest. Like any organization, such as a corporation, it has a stratification of leadership with higher positions holding higher responsibilities over larger portions of the institution. This holds more emphasis in the military due to chain of command. Decisions, policy, and regulation trickle from higher echelons down to the...
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ROTC Essay

President Rodrigo Duterte has proposed reinstating mandatory military training in the K-12 curriculum. Duterte reportedly wants to make ROTC mandatory again to instill ‘discipline’ and ‘patriotism’ in young people, according to reports. ROTC stands for Reserve Officers Training Corps. The main purpose of the ROTC program today is to train young men and women to become officers. Students taking ROTC can immediately begin serving as officers in the military after graduation. ROTC began in the Philippines in the year 1912,...
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Essay on the Main Attributes of a Leader in the Army

Being a leader is an important role in the Army and almost every other organization in the world. Just being assigned the role of leader doesn’t dictate what kind of leader that you will be. There are certain attributes you must have to help ensure you are a successful leader. These will serve as the foundation for developing and growing as a leader. Being a leader is defined as “The person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country”....
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Essay on the Foundations of Army Leadership and Army Leader's Competencies

The foundations of the Army leadership are rooted in history, loyalty to the nation and the Constitution, accountability to authority, and the Army doctrine; according with ADRP 6-22. This paper will examine the three cores of a leader’s competencies (leads, develops, and achieves), how the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution establishes common values, goals and beliefs, and how the Army doctrine affects the foundations of Army leadership. Influence, accomplishment, and improvement represent the roles and functions of a leader....
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Essay on the Levels of Leadership in the Army

What does leadership mean? Leadership is someone of higher ranking who influences people by providing direction, motivation and improving the organization at the same time. The purpose of this essay is to inform you about the three levels of leadership and how each level is as important as the next. Each of these levels are very important because they each play a different role in the Army. It goes from the lowest level to the highest level of the Army....
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Essay on Stewards of the Profession

Noncommissioned Officers has played a significant role as a leader of Soldiers throughout the Army. NCO 2020 strategy has developed these NCOs to lead, guide, and train Soldiers while implementing the standards. Being NCOs, we face many hardships and challenges in a world that grows more and more complex. I’ll develop soldiers, manage talents, and uphold stewardship of the profession. I will be an effective NCO by developing Soldiers based on the experiences I’ve faced throughout my time in the...
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Attributes and Competencies of an Army Leader: A Reflective Essay

The purpose of this essay is to reflect upon my time here at the NCO Academy and to talk about which lesson I related to the most. I have learned an exponential amount of knowledge throughout my experience here Joint Base Lewis-McChord’s Basic Leader’s Course. I learned a great deal about the Army in general and also about leadership and the Army’s thought processes behind it. I can use this information and take it back to my unit as I...
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Essay on Stewardship of the Profession

The Army is constantly changing in a lot of ways, including with the NCO Corps. The days of leader schools focusing on basic soldier tasks (such as land navigation, battle drills, etc) are disappearing. Those things are important, but the Army is now focusing on a more educational way of training NCOs. The Army has implemented a new strategy called NCO 2020. The Army’s new strategy focuses on Development, Talent Management, and Stewardship of the Profession. The focus of the...
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Comparing Military Strategy of Kamikaze Pilots with Suicide Terrorists

There are still many countries that getting involved in war. Millions of people are killing each other because of many reasons, like race, religion, and confrontation with government. Most of the war would be one-way attack, but you may hear the news about suicide attacks these days especially about ISIS, but the Middle East isn’t the only area that has had attacks like these. Japan also happened in 70 years ago, kamikaze attacks. Kamikaze, means “divine wind” or “spirit attack”...
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Accountability Essay Army

The Importance of Accountability and Continuity “I am a soldier first but an Intelligence Professional second to none.” As a soldier, I am held to a higher standard compared to a civilian. We are trained and developed to follow the profession of arms. As a soldier, you are expected to live, speak and act in the professional army manner to adhere to army traditions, fulfilling our roles to resist the enemy at all times. You are responsible for not only...
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Essay on Accountability in the Military

Have you ever thought about what the military would be like without certain things? The military must have certain things for it to maintain its reputation. The military always wants their soldiers and their sailors to be their best no matter the situation. The military always wants their soldiers and sailors to have accountability, discipline and respect, time management, and critical thinking skills if they are in a combat zone or working in a hospital. Accountability is very important in...
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Leader Development Essay

Abstract Leadership is a convention amongst all successful organizations whether civilian or military, exceedingly respected for its power to motivate achievement and translate revelation into results, Vince Lombardi once said: “Leaders aren’t born, they are made”. “Setting conditions, providing feedback, enhancing learning, and creating opportunities are the fundamentals of leader development” (FM 6-22, pg. 41), how have I advanced others? I have successfully advanced soldiers both professionally and personally, by utilizing the fundamentals of leader development on a daily basis,...
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Leadership and the Army Profession: Essay

Training is an essential element of any military organization. One military organization, in particular, is the Army. Training helps the commander to assess the level of competitiveness within the units and to determine the improvements necessary to make the unit become more efficient. The unpredictability of the environment in which the Army fights is a complex factor that needs to be taken into consideration during all Army fights. While the current fight is in the Middle East, Afghanistan or Iraq,...
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