Essay on Why Discipline Is Important in the Army

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What is discipline?

-the Cambridge definition of discipline is, 'training that makes people more willing to obey or more able to control themselves, often in the form of rules, and punishments if these are broken, or the behavior produced by this training' within the public services discipline is used discipline is' essential' within the public services as of how many people look up to them. Discipline is also how all public' service' roles can run smoothly and officiant.' Without' discipline' many of the services would be anarchy and chaos. Discipline within the army soldiers and officers are expected to self-discipline as much discipline in general as they are told to show self-control and self-confidence which helps overcome fear and trust.

What Is Conformity?

-The Cambridge definition of conformity is 'behavior that follows that follows the usual standards by a group or society' The only problem with this in public services is that there is no individuality there for there will be no personal views on certain things in the group discussion. In simple terms, conformity is just some acting talking, or behaving in a way like others. conformity within the army plays a significant role in keeping everyone equal, for example, people in the army all dress and act the same, and they are also taught to walk talk, and think the same all these aspects are what create soldiers. Examples of conformity within society would consist of when meeting people greeting them with hello how are you and saying goodbye and being careful are all examples of social norms and conformity. For example, the Kelman theory was that there are 3 diverse types of conformity, compliance, identification, and internalization. Compliance is where you publicly change your behavior to fit into a certain group, but you disagree with them in your head.

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Identification is just you conforming to a role in society and doing it the same as everyone else. Internalization is the opposite of identification as it is you changing your public figure to fit into a certain group in society and agreeing with them in private.

What is obedience?

-the Cambridge definition is 'The fact that animals and people do what they are told' in any circumstance, for example in the army British soldiers are under strict instructions to what they are told because if they do not obey orders it can lead to rank demotion and possible sack.

The Milgram experiments. Milgram selected a group of people by using newspaper applications, within this experiment there is a teacher and a learner, and another person who is wired up with electric wire, then the student and the teacher went into a room with an electric shock generator, the teacher then asked him a series of questions if he got the question wrong, he would get shocked and the student (the person being experimented on )could hear the screams of the person next door getting shocked, but the person next door was also in on the experiment and wasn't getting shocked, the more time he gets a question wrong the electric shock would increase and screams would get loader and the voice instructing the student to keep going would get more accretive each time. This experiment aimed to see how far people would go to obey a hierarchical voice even if they were causing physical harm to the person, which shows their level of obedience.

Why are rules and regulations important within uniformed public services?

The rules and regulations within public services are essential as they provide a barrier between right and wrong. The rules are often displayed by the joint service publication, which is an authoritative set of rules and regulations set for the safety of others and yourself. This system helps acquire the right people for that specific role and they know this person can be trusted with the specific rules of this role. If this person does not follow these rules, then it will only cause complications for himself and many others. For example, these are some rules that the uniformed public services. 1) You are never to harm an enemy who surrenders. 2) soldiers will only fight military combat 3) soldiers who collect and care for the wounded enemy or not. 4) soldiers destroy no more than the mission requires.

Comparison between disobedience and conformity

' Obedience is where you try to avoid punishment and other bad situations which is due to them trying to avoid disobedience which is usually done out of fear.

Obedience also allows people to have a system of order and boundaries of what's right or wrong.

Weather conformity is where someone follows the group, for example, if there's a group of 5 one person says you must go east when following a map conformity would be where the 4 other people also follow. And they have the feeling that someone has hierarchy above others. Another point is that non-conformity usually ends with the outcome being rejection and disaster, but disobedience would end up with punishment or another negative outcome. In my opinion, conformity is boring social norms where you do the same as everyone else and live a boring life, but on the other hand, disobedience will usually result in punishment and anger as often displayed as being rude or naughty.

Punishment and rewards


    • Promotion
    • Awards and recognition
    • Medals
    • Discount cards
    • Queen's birthday honors

In the UK there are many ways to be rewarded in public services, including a rank up, military discount, pay rise, and public praise, etc. in the British army the highest rank of medal you can get is the Victoria Cross, and since its birth 1,358 people have been awarded this medal. Charles Hazlitt Upham the WW2 hero is the 1 of 3 who have won 2 Victoria Crosss, the other two were medics in the army.

A person in a uniform

Description automatically generated with low confidence Charles Upham was born on the 21st of September 1908 and died at age 86 due to old age on the 22nd of November 1994. Charles Upham got his reward and achieved his medals by for outstanding gallantry and leadership min crete in Crete in May 1994. And his bar and ruweist ridge eygpt on July 1, 1942.

Another way people in the uniformed public services are rewarded is by rank promotion, in the British army there are a total of 12 ranks ranging from officer cadet to field marshal which is the highest rank in the British army since 1736.


    • cancelled leave
    • told to leave the service
    • ordered to stay in barracks
    • military courts

In the uniformed public services, you can be punished in many ways some severe and some minor. For example, some severe ways to be punished consist of being in jail, large fines ranging from 200 - 3000, and dismissal from the services. Some more minor punishments would be, ordered to stay in barracks and small fines. Some examples are:

Some major sentences:

This person was in the royal navy and was being convicted of rape, his unit was HMS Queen Elizabeth, and his sentence date was 21 January 2019, he was then found guilty and served 5 years 6 months imprisonment and was dismissed from her majesty's service, and a registered sex offender for life.

Another would be, an ex-lance corporal in the army who was caught with possession of drugs and was found guilty. He was later sentenced on the 9th of December 2019 and was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment.

Minor sentences

A minor one is when a petty officer in the Royal Navy was convicted of contravention of standing orders and was found guilty and sentenced to a £200 fine on the 24th of January 2019.

The last minor charge is that a craftsman in the army was convicted of fraud and found guilty, therefore he was sentenced to 10-day detention.

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