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In the Anglo-Saxons, time period society was based on many things such as Warfare, Common languages, loyalty to leaders and tribes, admired men of outstanding courage, and many others. There was an iconic hero that everyone admired and that was a man named Beowulf. He always did the good thing even when evil forces were trying to overcome and destroy him. He was a loyal man that fought for greatness and safety for his tribe. During this time period, there was always a battle between the good and evil. In The epic poem Beowulf, it demonstrates that in the battle between good and evil, good will always win.

There’s always a rivalry between good and evil and the good will do whatever it takes to defeat the evil. Beowulf is planning to get rid of all evil that comes his way. He discovers a male monster named Grendel who has been harassing and killing people in Herot for twelve years. Grendel needs a taste of his own medicine so he can stop torturing innocent people. This is shown when Beowulf said, “That I alone and with the help of my men, may purge all evil from this hall” (260-261). This shows that Beowulf and his men will fight to get rid of all evil so that there can be peace. Beowulf and Grendel will go up against each other. Grendel is fighting for blood and Beowulf is fighting for peace. Beowulf uses no weapons because he doesn’t want his lord Higlac to think less of him as a man. He remained fearless as he battled Grendel. As the fight continued Beowulf ripped Grendel’s arm off. The evil monster bleed out lying there helpless. Beowulf took Grendel’s arm and hung it on the rafter in the mead-hall to show he won the battle. The good force took the victory during this battle and the evil force received the consequences for the bad decisions they made.

There are many ways to determine if someone is good or evil based on the decisions they make and why they make them. It’s a difference between doing the right thing willingly and doing the right thing because you were forced to do it. Beowulf was the hero who did the right thing because he wanted to. No one forced him to take upon arduous tasks. There is a new evil monster that has showed up for revenge which is Grendel’s mother. Beowulf accepted Hrothgar’s challenge to battle the evil creature. This is shown when the Geats “Thanked god that their leader had come back unharmed: They left the lake together. The Geats carried Beowulf’s helmet, and his mail shirt. Behind them the water slowly thickened as the monsters blood came seeping up” (599-603). This shows that Beowulf is a man of honor and he is well respected by others. The Geats appreciates Beowulf and his hard work because he defeated two evil monsters that no one could just so herot can be a better place.

Evil will always find ways to knock the good off their feet but the good shall always remain humble and be ready to put up a fight. After Beowulf’s victory against Grendel and his mother years has passed and now he has ran into another challenge he shall complete. Beowulf is now old but still fearless and brave. He meets his match with the evil dragon. He takes a group of trusty warriors to help him defeat the dragon. As Beowulf and his warriors approach the dragon all but one warrior remained by his side. The others were terrified. As Beowulf gave his speech the warriors scattered away but Wiglaf stayed by his side to help him defeat the dragon. Beowulf and Wiglaf was able to defeat the dragon but Beowulf was mortally wounded while defeating the dragon. He remained on his feet and he continued to be brave while evil was trying to tear him down. In the poem it quotes “Then Beowulf rose, still brave, still strong, and with his shield at his side, and a mail shirt on his breast, strode calmly, confidently toward the tower, under the rocky cliffs: no coward could have walked there” (650-653). This shows that as evil was trying to defeats Beowulf it had to come a little harder because Beowulf was not going down without a fight. When Wiglaf realized that Beowulf was getting defeated by the dragon he took action and helped. This also shows that the good was still on Beowulf’s side even though it seemed like the good was being defeated.

As the last battle came to an end Beowulf and Wiglaf was able to kill the dragon but in the process one of our bravest warriors that will always be remembered and honored as our hero was killed and that was our beloved Beowulf. In the epic poem Beowulf demonstrates that in the battle between good and evil, good will always win. In the beginning where it all started there was a man named Beowulf who was hungry for glory and for fame. He accepted any challenge he would run into just so there could be peace. In his first battle he went up against the evil monster Grendel who sabotaged people and killed them. Beowulf defeated him so Herot could be a place where there was no evil. As the battle ended with Grendel his mother comes in the picture wanting to seek revenge on Beowulf for defeating her son. Beowulf also defeated her by slashing her head off because she was trying to destroy him because she knows that he has a good impact on others and he’s a hero. No other warrior would take upon these difficult tasks because no one was brave like Beowulf. Many years has passed and Beowulf is now reaching his old ages. There seems to be another evil monster trying to destroy everyone and everything, but with the help of Beowulf he’s not going to let evil come back and take over. Throughout the poem the author uses good vs. evil to enhance the plot and characters by making an iconic hero that people will look up to and soon follow his footsteps. In the real world there will always be good people who wants the best for themselves and there will always be bad people who will have a bad reputation for themselves so they will try to feed off their negative energy so others can follow in their direction. As life goes on you have to be able to stand up for yourself and fight for what’s right.

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Virtue of Leadership: Aeneas, Moses, and Beowulf As Leaders

Leadership is a word that has been viewed and defined in different ways in society. Some of the best definitions are from some of the most well-known leaders in history. In philosophy, Aristotle answers this question, saying, “He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader’. From the eye of a dictator, ‘A leader is a dealer in hope.’ –Napoleon Bonaparte. Aswell a statement from a technology tycoon, “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders...
5 Pages 2487 Words

The Roles of Women in Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight are two main characters that have many heroic qualities. They are both brave, strong, and skilled men that the only thing they seek is to be great leaders for their people. Beowulf is a warrior of a pagan tribe who is shown as a hero combining stoic Christian ideals, traditional heroic values, and Germanic values. He is called the strongest and all-around greatest fighter who spends his days fighting any evil that...
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The Images of Dangerous Women in Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

In Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, women are portrayed as kind of peace-makers, clever, and child-bearers. But, throughout both stories they certainly reveal women as much more than that. In any case, these ladies were something beyond shrewd players in the plot of the ballad Sir Gawain and the Green Knight-they utilize their capacities and wants to fuel the occasions of the story. These ladies are instances of how ladies can have opportunity and control even inside...
3 Pages 1159 Words

Danish And Anglo Saxon Tradition, Rituals And Way Of Life In The Epic Poem Of Beowulf

The epic poem of Beowulf portrays a hero who defeats monsters that come to hurt Heorot. Within this epic poem, it is divided into three sections that show the Danish and Anglo Saxon tradition, rituals and way of life. The epic poem contains a mixture of pagan and Christian references that are in the Bible. The epic poem of Beowulf is divided into three parts that explain the battles with Beowulf against Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the dragon. When Beowulf...
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The Role Of Women in Beowulf, King Arthur’s Legends And The Canterbury Tales

Women in Beowulf Beowulf is the longest and one of the most eminent works of Old English Literature. It is an epic poem that values heroism, chivalry, and loyalty. It centers around the male hero and his bravery. The main plot revolves around men (the lord &his warriors). Although it can be argued that women hold a prominent role in Beowulf due to their subtle or sometimes bigger influence on the events, but men are still the most vital, and...
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Symbolism And Themes Of Christianity In The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, Beowulf, And Frankenstein

Throughout centuries, Christian elements have been purposely hidden in various works of literature. The epic poem “Beowulf,” is a famous tale that displays a brave man named Beowulf, who fights evil monsters in order to save others. Beowulf is a confident man who is highly esteemed by many because of his arduous tasks and victories. Another story that exhibits the themes of Christianity is “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” This is a poem, written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, that...
4 Pages 2020 Words

The Characteristics Of Courage In Beowulf, How The Raven Lost His Beak And The Hunger Games

Saving a baby from a burning building. Spending time with passing ones. Standing up for political rights. These acts look odd when they are put together, but they do exemplify one shared foundation, courage. Courage is the ability to show determination in times of risk and strength in the face of danger. It is the opportunity to display growth and bravery in pressing situations. A character that illustrates these traits is Beowulf from “Beowulf and the Fight with Grendel” written...
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The Impact Of Christianity On Igbo Society And Culture

The novel by Chinua Achebe called Things Fall Apart was first published in 1958. The story takes place in the 1890s and displays the conflict between the culture of the indigenous Igbo people and the white colonial government of Nigeria. The book tells the story of Okonkwo, the main character in the book, and his approach towards Christianity and the new Umuofia after being sent in exile. The novel shows us the effect of western culture on the Igbo community...
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Beowulf: Under The Influence Of Christianity

The epic poem Beowulf, written centuries ago by an unknown author, takes the reader back to a time of intense battles and raging monsters in the night. Many who have read this passage have taken note of the multiple references towards the Bible. This may imply that the author, who is unnamed, was a Christian of that time as well as others within that society. However, Beowulf contains many accounts of monstrous activity as well. It is possible that these...
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Beowulf: Is Grendel Evil?

From the poem Beowulf, we first hear of the character Grendel and how Beowulf defeated him. The writer, John Gardener inspired by the poem, Beowulf, he created a novel that showed Grendel’s past and what made him the creature he was in that poem. Pretty much like making a prequel to a movie. And in that novel, Grendel by John Gardener, Grendel is a human-like creature who is intelligent and capable of thinking and having emotion, first glance Grendel seems...
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Reflective Essay on Beowulf Translated by Seamus Heaney

Read Beowulf, translated by Seamus Heaney, lines 1345-1382. Write a commentary on this passage. Explore how the passage reflects themes important to the poem as a whole. Themes you might want to consider include, but are not limited to, monstrosity, lineage, travel, landscape, gender. Lineage, a theme closely interlinked with the idea of bravery is an explicit notion that meanders through the poem: these are themes that are distinctly highlighted in this passage. Beowulf depicts the overpowering nature of the...
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Essay on Evil Monster Named Grendel

The kenning that I choose to use for this story is corpse-maker. This kenning is one of many of the names to describe a monster named Grendel in the story of Beowulf. For example, Grendel was basically similar to the devil himself. He is the embodiment of moral and physical evil. Grendel is an evil monster and everyone in the town is afraid of him. Grendel receives the kenning corpse-maker because he is a murderer who has been killing people...
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The Image Of Knight In Don Quixote, Beowulf, And The Epic Of Sundiata

Throughout all of the readings this semester, we’ve read about many heroes and knights. We learned what it means to be a hero and what attributes made them heroes. I will be discussing three different works and I’ll be discussing what it is that characterized these people as heroes/ knights. The first work I’ll be discussing is The Epic of Sundiata. Sundiata is an epic hero because he embodies all of the qualities of an epic hero. He performed amazing...
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Grendel Is A Symbol Of Evil And Jealousy In Beowulf

The poem “Beowulf” is an epic poem. One of the characters in the poem is named Grendel. Some people might think that Grendel is a monster, a wicked man, or a symbol of immortality. However, in my opinion, I think that Grendel really is a monster. Grendel is a descendant of Cain and is described as a grim demon who terrorizes the Danes. Grendel waits until after nightfall and then goes to see how the Danes were settling in, and...
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The Image Of Hero In Poems Beowulf And Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary expresses a legend is ‘an individual who is appreciated for incredible or fearless acts or fine characteristics.’ A saint is turned upward to for the bold and respectable things the person has done. Despite the fact that the characters and plots of ‘Sir Gawain and the Green Knight’ and ‘Beowulf’ vary extraordinarily from one another, the key subjects of every one of these works are very comparative. In the two stories, the peruser meets a legend who...
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Beowulf Epic Hero Through Being Intelligent

The story tells the North American nation of however one man, Beowulf, sails to the rescue of King Hrothgar and his individuals to avoid wasting them from a terrible beast that’s threatening not solely their lives however additionally their manner of life. The mortal Beowulf positively shows characteristics of an epic hero through bravery, loyalty, generosity, friendship, achieving one thing of excellent worth, providing individuals with a way of security, and being intelligent. First, Beowulf showcases his heroic nature through...
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Beowulf Good vs Evil Essay

Beowulf is a story of Anglosaxon on the heroes that meet many monsters. Taking into account what the story originated in Anglosax, there is morale and values for the history of Anglosaxon. The early Anglosaxon was a criminal in knowledge and faith when it came to his Christian beliefs. After the Romans invaded the United Kingdom, later, Anglozauxon became more to know about Christianity. Due to Rome, the recorded version of the reader today has more images of the Bible...
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Beowulf vs Sir Gawain: Compare and Contrast Essay

Heroes come in several ways, however, characteristics such as boldness, honor, and devotion, return as subjects all through the identity of a legend. The characters of Beowulf and Sir Gawain, each speak to an adaptation of a legend, however, each comes across quite in an unexpected way in their own account. A hero can be described to genuinely succeed if he remains steady to his respectable values when put in any circumstance that crosses his way. These two stories are...
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Beowulf: Model Of An Epic Hero

In the modern world of stories, heroes nowadays are created to be like regular people, so they can be relatable. Yet, back in the time of the Anglo-Saxons, they had a different idea of what heroes were, and that was called the epic hero. Epic heroes are larger-than-life characters, like Beowulf: a man who fights monsters for his society. He qualifies as an epic hero because of his bravery, honor, and physical superhuman strength throughout the story. Bravery is no...
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Beowulf and His Challenges: Character Analysis

Whoever you are or wherever in life you live, everybody faces hardship. The question is how people answer. Beowulf faces the same problem as we are today, which challenges his character in different forms. Beowulf’s story has three main opponents: Grendel, his mother, and lastly the dragon. It is the hardships of life that Grendel, the mother of Grendel, and the dragon are portrayed. The challenges Beowulf faces throughout the story are strength, courage, and loyalty. Grendel is Beowulf’s first...
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What Separates Hero From Monster In Beowulf

Introduction Beowulf is portrayed as the hero of the epic poem Beowulf, although he is in reality the villain. All through the sonnet the writer, who is obscure, trusts Beowulf to be a a legend in view of his quality and unwaveringness to his kin. Be that as it may, his interest for gallant status was in this way, commanding it roused his envy, childishness, and insatiability. Beowulf is a story about a bombastic trooper whose basis in life is...
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Monstrosity vs Humanity in Beowulf

The poem of Beowulf involves ambiguity between the portrayals of humans and monsters. It reveals the struggles of humanity finding a balance between predatorial and agonistic aggressions through conflicts which also indicate how the beast-like nature of man reflects human society. Throughout Beowulf, the monstrosity of the antagonists seem to share more relations with man’s humanity rather than diverge. The term “aglaeca” in the original poem derives from Anglo-Saxon origin, which allows ambiguity of whether the creatures are truly monsters...
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Comparing and Contrasting Beowulf Battle With Grendel and Grendel's Mother to Highlight Anglo-saxon Culture

The epic poem, Beowulf, has created a legacy that has withstood the test of time and still sparks new discussions in the modern era. Culture reflected by the epic poem has given many historians and literature enthusiasts a glimpse into Anglo-Saxon life. In Beowulf, translated by Burton Raffel, by comparing and contrasting Beowulf’s fight against Grendel and second fight against Grendel’s Mother, the aspects of revenge, Christendom, and gender roles in Anglo-Saxon culture can be highlighted. By comparing Beowulf’s first...
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Ideal Leadership Lessons In Beowulf

Beowulf shows many examples of generosity, hospitality, envy, revenge, and loyalty. Although a righteous leader, Beowulf is riddled with flaws and stuck in his ways. The loyalty Beowulf shows throughout the poem is unmatched by any other. Loyalty is a great part of Beowulf because it proves that he can be a great leader. Beowulf expresses his virtue through being a leader and having loyal followers behind him. Becoming a leader as great as Beowulf, everyone needs to follow in...
4 Pages 1900 Words

The Peculiarities Of Epic Style In Paradise Lost And Beowulf

Is it fair for a reader to make assumptions correlating and dissecting two great works together, because they are both classified as epics? Paradise Lost and Beowulf, written by John Milton and an unknown author respectively, fall into this category. Beowulf, the oldest surviving poem of the English language, and Paradise Lost written in the 1600’s, have centuries separating their every detail. And yet, both are presented as great epics stretched past their origins, while maintaining a clear boundary between...
2 Pages 991 Words

The Fundamentals Of A Hero On The Examples Of Harry Potter And Beowulf

Has anyone in your life ever made an impact on you? Have you ever looked up to someone? Possibly a hero? A hero could be many things, whether that be a fictional hero, a serviceman, or maybe even a teacher. Throughout history, the idea of a hero has transformed, relatively built upon the cultural values of each distinct time period. This concept essentially can delineate why a quintessential hero in Beowulf’s time (700 AD) would differentiate from a modern hero...
3 Pages 1316 Words

Beowulf And The Odyssey: Similarities And Differences

An epic saint is characterized as the focal figure in a long story that mirrors the qualities and brave beliefs of a specific culture. The Odyssey, interpreted by Fitzgerald, is about an epic legend attempting to get to his home in the wake of twenty monotonous years. Beowulf, which is deciphered, by Burton wager, is about a warrior who executed beasts and spared a city. In both epic stories there are similitudes and contrasts; fundamentally these likenesses and contrasts center...
2 Pages 995 Words

Beowulf Epic Hero Essay

An epic hero is someone who posses brave and noble traits within a story. Epic heroes are normally characters from ancient stories and are almost always the main character. With that being said, the main character in Beowulf is the perfect example. Beowulf is a warrior and prince who possesses certain traits that make him a hero to Anglo-Saxons and to readers that study his story today. According to an article by Rebecca Ray, there are seven main characteristics that...
2 Pages 783 Words

Common Themes in Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Feasting in both epics of Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight are used as forms of celebration. In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the feast is held in anticipation of the New Year and involves eating, dancing, gift exchange, games, and the shared excitement of the New Year. The descriptions of the feasting hall make it seem as if nothing had been forgotten in the preparations. The poet talks about the order of the table, seating manner,...
1 Page 514 Words

Gender Roles Of Women In Beowulf And The Wife Of Bath

Gender roles are based on what the social norms deem appropriate, which is based on the culture of each society. The gender roles of women in Beowulf and The Wife of Bath were very different because the culture in which these two poems were written valued different ideals. For the Anglo-Saxons, the gender role women followed was that of being submissive and servants to the opposite sex. For the Middle English community, women were deceiving and manipulative. In this paper,...
3 Pages 1480 Words
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