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Destructive Nature of Isolation on the Example of Frankenstein and Grendel

Isolation can damage both our physical and mental health. As humans, we are hardwired to interact with others. When one is isolated from others, the brain begins to act in strange ways to preserve its sanity. The author of ‘Frankenstein’, Mary Shelley, uses the monster to develop the themes of the destructive nature of isolation, drawing one towards violence to fill the void of loneliness. When Victor Frankenstein is successful in bringing back the dead, he fears his creation and...
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Grendel Deserves a Second Chance: Persuasive Essay

Many see the monster Grendel, for what he is, a monster. After all, he has taken many lives and has committed cardinal sins. However, in his final fight against Beowulf he can be seen as the victim, his thoughts reshape but also reconfirm that the dragon was the one who changed him. In the novel ‘Grendel’ by John Gardener, Gardener emphasizes the changes of Grendel’s identity and purpose over the course of his battle with Beowulf through the employment of...
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Essay on Evil Monster Named Grendel

The kenning that I choose to use for this story is corpse-maker. This kenning is one of many of the names to describe a monster named Grendel in the story of Beowulf. For example, Grendel was basically similar to the devil himself. He is the embodiment of moral and physical evil. Grendel is an evil monster and everyone in the town is afraid of him. Grendel receives the kenning corpse-maker because he is a murderer who has been killing people...
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New Look at Grendel: Essay

John Gardner’s fiction novel ‘Grendel’ is the retelling of this lyric ‘Beowulf’. However, this position has changed. Grendel is said from this outlook of one of Beowulf’s enemies. In ‘Grendel’, Gardner refines Grendel by underscoring parallels between Grendel’s time and being an encounter. Through Gardner’s perception of human recognitions, human improvement, and human imperfections in ‘Grendel’, the apparently contrary, malicious character becomes acknowledged and made a reason. This story is told from Grendel’s perspective, so he isn’t viewed as the...
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Grendel and His Fatal Belief

While living alongside different beliefs and ideologies can help one live a fulfilling and successful life, author John Gardener demonstrates that having one belief to live by forces one to make illogical decisions that are ultimately detrimental. In the novel ‘Grendel’, the story retells the ancient text ‘Beowulf’ through the perspective of the monster Grendel. As Grendel grows up clashing with the humans to be eventually slain by Beowulf, his actions throughout the story demonstrates how his trust in the...
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Grendel Deserves Death Penalty: Persuasive Speech

In my speech I will represent the prosecution of Grendel in this case. Grendel is guilty of murderous crimes, for which the penalty is death. I will do this by presenting facts and evidence that prove Grendel is guilty of murderous crimes. For the past twelve years, Grendel has filled the Danes with terror as he killed their men. He killed without guilt and even took joy in tormenting and eating them. Grendel killed hundreds of people and never once...
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Grendel: Point of View Essay

Battle Between Human and Monster John Gardener, in the story Grendel, explores how the infamous antagonist Grendel became who he was, through both nature and nurture. Nature vs nurture is the battle between a person’s genetic predispositions’ impact on human traits, and the influence of learning and one’s environment. Both can be used to describe and explain why someone is the way they are. Gardener creates situations that highlight the complexity of Grendel’s mind and the two forces in it,...
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Essay on Similarities between Grendel and Frankenstein's Monster

‘Grendel’ was written by John Gardner and in the novel, unlike the creature Grendel lives at home with his mother who occasionally lacks interaction with him. Because of this Grendel isn’t too pleased with his mother most of the time. For most mothers in today’s society, they communicate with us every day however that was quite the opposite when it came to his mother. For that reason, Grendel willing wants to engage within the society, by observing the humans. The...
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Essay on Grendel

John Gardner’s fiction novel, “Grendel” is the retelling of the epic poem Beowulf, However, this stance has changed. Grendel is said from this standpoint of one of Beowulf’s adversaries and the titular role of John Gardner’s work, “Grendel.” In “Grendel”, Gardner humanizes Grendel by emphasizing parallels between Grendel’s time and experience. Through Gardner’s observation of human perceptions, human development, and human flaws in “Grendel,” the seemingly incompatible, evil character grows realized and created cause. This tale is told from Grendel’s...
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Psychoanalytic Analysis of Grendel

Thesis in ‘Grendel’ much of the internal conflict came from components of his individual psyche and influenced the way the world was portrayed around him. When it comes to the components of the psychoanalytic perspective there are three main parts to focus on: the id, the superego and the ego. First, the id is incredibly prevalent in ‘Grendel’ for many reasons, but one being that it can be interpreted as the monster inside of you or the voice telling you...
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Grendel Literary Criticism

Zac Efron will be portraying the beast villain, Grendel, in the 2019 reboot of the Anglo-Saxon epic poem BEOWULF, and many people are speculating if the choice was right. While most people view Zac as the comedic relief or the Epic Hero, the directors of this new version have decided to take a different route and choose someone who they know, and we know, will surely deliver an award-winning performance. Some say that they know that their crush from 15...
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Monster Vs Identity: Grendel and Frankenstein’s Monster

Grendel and Frankenstein’s monster are both unsatisfied with themselves and are both in search for something more than what life has already given them. Grendel already knows how he feels about life, he finds it boring and repetitive, but there is something about the way that humans do things that fascinates him. Frankenstein’s monster wants to find more meaning in life than just being a scary monster that is so disliked by so many. These monsters are so unsatisfied with...
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Analysis of Grendel's Commonalities with Humans

John Gardner’s ‘Grendel’ is both a thriller and one that offers pleasure at times. The cause of these two conflicting feelings is based on the character Grendel himself. In this book, Gardener retells the story of Beowulf through the eyes of the monster – Grendel. Throughout the book, the author tries to show the difference and the commonalities between monsters and humans. When Grendel first meets humans, the two actually realize they are different creatures; however, they also shared some...
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Comparing and Contrasting Beowulf Battle With Grendel and Grendel's Mother to Highlight Anglo-saxon Culture

The epic poem, Beowulf, has created a legacy that has withstood the test of time and still sparks new discussions in the modern era. Culture reflected by the epic poem has given many historians and literature enthusiasts a glimpse into Anglo-Saxon life. In Beowulf, translated by Burton Raffel, by comparing and contrasting Beowulf’s fight against Grendel and second fight against Grendel’s Mother, the aspects of revenge, Christendom, and gender roles in Anglo-Saxon culture can be highlighted. By comparing Beowulf’s first...
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