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Cultural Diversity Essay

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This paper will show that cultural diversity is vital to many corporations and organizations. Several reasons will be presented in the benefits cultural diversity can bring to companies and employees. Firstly, integrating into a multicultural community can widen employees’ knowledge and dispel cultural preconceptions. Secondly, having staff from diverse backgrounds ...

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Cultural Diversity Essay Example

The Role of Cultural Diversity in Union Square’s Public Space and Workplace Cultural diversity plays a major role to make the community more successful. The main focus of the research is how cultural diversity affects Union Square’s public space and workplace. Cultural diversity has a positive impact on this public space and makes this hub more attractive. Cultural diversity is the most transparent part of Union Square that leads to better social coherence and urbanism. Union Square is one of...
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Respecting Cultural Diversity Begins at School: Critical Essay

Introduction Our culture gets influenced by the way our society sees the world. Different viewpoints, along with the personal and professional experience of an international group of people, would offer new perspectives that have the potential to inspire colleagues to see their surroundings from different angles. Cultural diversity is certain because our country, workplace, society, and schools consist of various cultural, racial, and ethnic groups, and this is increasing day by day. We have the ability to learn from each...
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Impacts and Benefits of Cultural Diversity in the Workplace: Analytical Essay

Diversity in the Workplace: Workplace diversity refers to the segmentation of the workforce into unique variable classes that have a comprehend commonality within a particular cultural or national status and that influence potentially harmful or useful employment outcomes such as job opportunities, treatment in the workplace and upgrading chance, irrespective of job related proficiencies and qualifications (Stockdale and Crosby, 2004). Different organisations and cultures can define diversity in different ways. The human resource literatures, business and organisation viewed three types...
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Impact of Cultural Diversity And Cultural Competence On Speech Therapy Treatment

Literature Review “Multiculturalism is often used to refer to one or more particular minority, racial, and/or ethnic groups in the United States” (Stockman, Boult, & Robinson, 2004). Using the word ‘multicultural’ refers to the wide range of co-existing cultural groups within society. Due to the growth of diversity in society, multicultural instruction has been introduced into education. Multicultural instruction is important to have in the curriculum to meet the needs of growing cultural differences and to prepare the future professionals...
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Essay about Jerk Chicken

Introduction Jerk chicken is a popular and iconic dish originating from the beautiful island of Jamaica. It is renowned for its distinctive flavors, aromatic spices, and unique cooking techniques. This informative essay will delve into the history, ingredients, preparation, and cultural significance of jerk chicken, providing readers with a deeper understanding and appreciation of this mouthwatering culinary delight. Historical Background Jerk chicken has its roots in the traditions of the Maroons, descendants of African slaves who escaped into the rugged...
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Essay on Food Culture of Hawaii

A cultural group that has an inviting array of diverse foods is the Polynesians. From traditional poke bowls and laulau to comfort food, such as luau stew and haupia pie, Hawaiians have dishes for every occasion and family-gathering. Sometimes these traditions are altered because of tourists and celebrities that visit the islands, but locals typically adhere to their roots and customs. The food culture of Hawaii fluctuates from tourists, locals, and celebrities and each appreciate it in a different way....
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Italian Culture Essay

The Beauty of the Italian Culture Italy became a country when the states in the peninsula collided in 1861. King Victor Emmanuel the second was the ruler when Italy became a state. In the 1920s Italy was run as a dictatorship state under the leadership of Benito Mussolini. The dictatorship ended when Mussolini made the mistake of joining the Nazis in Germany. From 1946 to current Italy became a country part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, also known as...
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Color in Two Vibrant Cultures: Contemporary Mexican and Cambodian Art

Historically, cultural traditions in Asia and South America have played a large role in artistic style and content in those respective regions. From ancient pictographs to passionate paintings depicting a region’s triumphs and losses, art records memories of millennia past. Symbols of the past can still be found in modern art. In Mexico, pieces may combine the culture of the Aztecs with Catholic symbols. Cambodian artworks might depict traditional colors and a remembrance of the pain caused by the Khmer...
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Effective Manager in a Diverse Workforce

To be an effective manager means addressing the benefits and challenges of diversity in the workplace. In this essay, diversity is intergenerational and is, therefore, an important aspect of managing a workplace effectively, to boost overall productivity. This essay will aim to understand the differences in which the way several generations approach work as well as using key research to show how managers can take a contingent approach to leadership that is relevant for the diverse workplace. The essay will...
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Understanding to Cultural and Language Diversity to Be Found in Africa: Management of Diversity within the Mining Industry

Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1. Background. The Oxford English Dictionary defines diversity as, “A diverse range; a variety.” Well, if you look around your workplace, you will definitely see a diverse range of people; after all, we are all individuals with unique qualities. Diversity can be in relation to religion, race, gender, age, physical ability, class, etc. Diversity is about more than just recognising differences. It is about acknowledging those differences, accepting them, and allowing them to change the way we...
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Concepts of Diversity and Culture in Richard Rodriguez's Ideas

In his essay, Richard Rodriguez takes a look at diversity and culture, specifically the American culture and how it affects the culture of others. He also takes into consideration how the term of diversity forces us to look at others differently, furthering separation between one another. After white Americans label someone as “diverse”, as in, nonwhite, they force American ideals and ways onto the people who do not look like them. Eventually, we become the same with a different outward...
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Resemblance of Polish and German Cultures Based on 'Masculinity' Dimension of Hofstedes

For centuries, Polish and German culture have been considered “at odds” by both outside nations, and the nations themselves, perhaps due to the long history these two countries have. I have chosen these countries because it is commonly misconstrued that Polish and German culture are on opposite ends of the behavioral spectrum, however, I am here to argue otherwise. Both cultures seem to focus strongly on work and education and have a very methodical approach to work and learning, furthermore,...
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Importance of Diversity within an Organization: Analytical Essay

In past times many businesses thought it to be beneficial to the company to have a homogenous workforce, as everyone thinks, responds and acts the same, however, in modern times title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act makes it illegal for organizations to engage in employment practices that discriminate against employees on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin ( Herring, 2009 ), also new evidence has suggested that a homogenous workforce may actually be somewhat...
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Business Case for Diversity: Analytical Essay

In the past where diversity management has been viewed as merely a legal requirement, increasingly it is being adopted by organisations to play to a competitive advantage and to fully access the potential of employees. Recognition of patriarchal leadership in business has already proven valuable, and studies show closing the gender pay gap alone could add $12 trillion to global growth by 2025 (McKinsey & Company, 2015). Diversity in business no longer exists for moral or legal obligation, but as...
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Impact of Diversity on the Organization

According to Milliken and Martins (1996) there are four types of effects of diversity on organization: affective, cognitive, symbolic and communicative. The affective effects relate to satisfaction, identification and involvement, perception of discrimination and social integration, role conflict and role ambiguity. In diverse organization all employees are working with people of a different gender or ethnicity, which can carry negative emotions. This effect can be explained by the phenomenon of ‘homophony’. It refers to the fact that people are attracted...
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Diversity in the Workplace Essay

In recent years, workforce diversity has become a central role in organizational life because of improved globalization and developing technology (Williams and O‟ Reilly, 1998). Diversity could be connected to various factors including age, gender, culture, education, employee status, physical appearance, family status, regional origin, national origin, thinking style, religion, race, and more (Agrawal, 2012). On the other hand, low diversity teams are more likely to have decreasing performance not unlike teams with high diversity because the team members will...
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Essay about Haitian Culture

Culture Bio Paper Firstly, believing that is the way to characterize someone can create stereotyping and discrimination. For example, if someone feels they know all that they hope to understand about an individual based on their spiritual beliefs. Not all factors of our individualities partake equally to the self. Certainly, there are things of our surroundings and knowing that support to change us fundamentally. For example, relationships and experiences help shape our identity as we age. These factors that change...
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Connection between Cultural Background of Birthing Practices and Childbirth Experiences

The leading purpose of this article is to understand why cesarean deliveries are overused, considering the increased risk of complications that affect mother and fetus. The author makes it a point to focus on the larger scale of cultural factors that are associated with a key clinical measure of quality care for the maternal population. In this study, they recruited obstetricians, family physicians, midwives, anesthesiologists, and labor nurses from 79 hospitals in California. The Labor Culture Survey (LCS) consisted of...
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Role of Informal Communication and Social Networks in Cultural Childbirth Understandings among Mirpur Women

This section explores the existing notions and understandings of childbirth that women have within the low income household communities of Mirpur. Drawing out their narratives and tracing the construction of those narratives allows us to see how women view their place in their own and in other women’s reproductive lives and to understand the intentions, motivations, desires and influences that lie behind their decisions of where to give birth, how much to rely on formal or informal healthcare providers, etc....
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Types Of Religion In Singapore

Singapore like india is a secular country. This means that it does not have a state regulated religion which the citizens are bound to follow. Singaporeans are free to decide and follow any religion they like. Unlike other countries, this stands absolutely true. The government does not go against those following other languages, the freedom of choosing and followings ones religion is one of the foremost rights given to each Singaporean. Children are also made to participate in religious outreach...
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Sports Vs. Culture

It all starts of on the court. Where all the males players are picked first …. We must admit that although the quest for gender equality has gone leaps and bounds, discrimination on the basis of sex is still not considered unconstitutional. I’m getting tired of the novelty of the first female prime minister, the first female basketball coach, the first African American female to win an Oscar. When is the exception going to be the norm? How are young...
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Harmony In Diversity Through Art And Culture

If there is one word that can be used to describe the culture in Hyderabad, it is ‘diverse’. Hyderabad has always found itself rooted to traditions along with art. It can be seen through the various monuments and iconic architectural structures in the city that are testaments to the city’s glorious history such as the Charminar and the Golconda fort. Culture and creativity here manifest themselves in almost all economic, social and other activities. A multitude of influences has shaped...
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Vietnamese Culture Vs Western Culture: Analytical Essay

Vietnam: Does the Domino Fall? For centuries, the world has been dominated by enduring Western influence. A particular country that has been part of the tumultuous upheaval of Western culture is Vietnam. Once an ancient civilization, stemming back to the ways of the Chinese Feudal System, Vietnam first met Western incursion in the form of French colonialism in 1887. From this point forward, the nation of Vietnam has continuously fought for the sovereignty of boundaries and rule. However, despite their...
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Similarities between Mexican and American Culture

Mexican culture has its similarities and differences with American culture. Not only are there similarities and differences within the basic aspect of culture but also within the socialization aspect. My subtopic was immigration and how that affects Mexican-American people not only in their daily life but also in their long-term lives. We will dive deeper into how the basic cultures are different, current events that might be affecting Mexican Americans today, and differences that affect identity. Each culture is going...
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Mexican Culture Essay

I have lived in Florida my whole life. I’ve had many interactions with lots of different cultures in my eighteen years of living here. The one culture besides my own that I’ve intermingled with the most is Hispanic/Mexican culture. The 2013-2017 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates found that Mexicans make up 3.4% of the population of Florida, and this doesn’t even account for all of the undocumented Mexicans (DADS). This is why I’ve chosen to study Mexican culture for my...
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Intercultural Identity and Cultural Resilience through Art

Globalisation, development, international migration, and the creation and mobilization of innovative expressions of identity have impacted the world in far reaching ways. In consequence of the cultural change, which underpins these processes, conceptualizations such as ‘identity’, ‘multiculturalism’, ‘freedom of expression’, ‘religion’, ‘ideology’, ‘human rights’ etc. have come under considerable scrutiny in popular, policy, and intellectual circles. This has precipitated the erosion of scholarly assumptions and implicit understandings concerning terminology, taxonomy, and definition. Nonetheless re‐comprehension and readjustment within certain disciplinary traditions...
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Function of Afro-Caribbean Music in the Reconstruction of Political and Cultural Identity

How does Afro-Caribbean music function in the reconstruction of political and cultural identity? In order to understand Afro-Caribbean music’s role in the reconstruction of cultural and political identity, one must appreciate its diversity and what Afro-Caribbean music is comprised of. To do this, there must be a discussion of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, its multiple trade routes, and the differing experiences under different colonial powers, allowing us to trace the origins of the musical form. This in turn will help...
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The Peculiarities of African Cultural Identity

It is unfair to define African identity, without drawing the attention on cultural identity in its broad and narrow sense. According to Ndubuisi, cultural identity can be understood as a ‘geo-political and socio-cultural entity’ (Ndubuisi 2). That is to say, as Poole puts it in his book Nation and Identity, ‘It may well be that every significant identity carries with it a sense of place and provides its bearers with a special relationship to that place.’ (Poole 127,128) Furthermore, he...
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Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence And Diversity

The higher purpose is the ultimate goal of any activity, the different that company want to make in the market. I want to make my career in the automobile service sector. The higher purpose of this business is to let people move with comfort and safety. The automobile industry is dedicated to paving the road for future mobility which will directly act as a compass, influencing key strategic decisions in branding, product innovation. (Mainwaring, 2018). There are different stakeholders, which...
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Interviewing Someone from Another Culture: Essay

For the cultural interview, I interviewed Andrew Tran, a long-time friend of mine, who is currently a junior at the University of Oklahoma. We have known each other for about eight years now and were happy to help me with this activity. Andrew is Korean American and was born and raised in Moore, Oklahoma. His parents immigrated from Korea and first moved to Chile. After his parents got their green card, they were able to come to America and they...
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