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The modern short story always shows us something about how people respond to life. The method of the short story is inevitably more limited than that of a novel. A novel tries to create a world, its own reality, within which its characters developed. In some novels, we are apparently shown the ‘whole life of a character. As it is impossible to write about every second of that character’s existence, the novelist presents the ‘whole life in a series of moments, key incidents that create a strong sense of the kind of person he or she has invented.

In the short story, however, we may catch only a glimpse of individuals – either through a dramatic incident, by showing them in an everyday situation, or by showing fleeting moments from their lives – from which the reader may gain some, but not an entire impression of characters. While we may feel that we really know characters in a novel and may respond to them as to people in real life, it is really possible to feel the same for a character in the short story. Characters in the short story are closer to those people in real life with which we have fleeting contact, like chance meetings, and holiday acquaintances. We share time with them but know little about them, of their past or of what they are really like- and then perhaps lose contact. All that remains is a brief impression based on a few shared moments. Much of the appeal of the short story lies in this incompleteness. It raises questions, doubts, and ambiguities. The incompleteness is rather like that of something that is not resolved. More is suggested in a short story than it ever tells us. Our imagination is always creatively engaged. Usually, the short story raises more questions than it answers. It arouses our curiosity. – Why do certain characters behave as they do? What will they do next? Just as poetry often seeks to communicate feeling or emotion which is often difficult – perhaps impossible – to put into words, so the ‘incompleteness’ of the story can hint at states of mind or feeling common to us all, but difficult to bring out with clarity. Like a poem, a short story can rely on a kind of ‘suggestiveness’, for example where it tries to evoke a mood rather than showing it. It certainly shares some qualities with poetry. – It seems no accident that poets like Walter de la Mare, Dylan Thomas, and Ted Huge have also written short stories.

The short story is often based around a single key moment or incident in the life of the characters. At times it represents a turning point in a character’s life. It can be a moment that actually triggers tension or conflict between two individuals, or an individual and society. It may be less the moment itself than the character’s response to it. In such cases, the key moment might already have occurred or been reported. Some moments can be trivial and ordinary; others seem dramatic and quite out of ordinary.

The short story can show a change in the main character, not through one incident but through several small moments at a significant time in the character’s life. While still lacking the space for the full psychological development of the character, this kind of story might look at a period in the character’s life rather than at a specific isolated moment.

Features of a good short story

‘A good short story reflects life and does not contain black and white characters. Themes could be topical or universal. Topical themes have a sense of immediacy and particularity. They would be pertinent to a particular place and time. Topical themes evoke greater interest and have immediate and contemporary relevance. On the other hand, there are problems, conflicts, and experiences that man has always faced and would continue to face irrespective of time and place. Such things are, for instance, birth and death, love and hate, good and evil, grief, pan, and suffering. they are of universal significance. Such themes have greater depth and endurance. It is said that great stories like symphonies contain more than one theme. Thematically topical subjects may well become ‘the rags of time. But themes of universal significance, artistically well crafted into stories form would be according to W.B. Yeats ‘ Monuments of their own significance, gathered into the artifice of eternity. Short stories may not deal with a vague or general experience. It is a section of a particular experience, special and isolated. But the particularity of the experience a universality of application in theme and value. The best stories contain both. In James Joyce’s words, a short story must have ‘epiphany’ which means self-revelation or getting a sudden vision of life. This is a self-awareness and a sense of profound insight, the protagonist or hero is exposed to, towards the end. It is said that a good short story is like a diamond; it has many facets. for example, it may reflect the facets of society, the characters, feelings, life, etc.

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Critical Analysis of Symbolism in ‘Through the Tunnel’

“A painting being painted, one or a few strokes at a time,” meaning that one can learn and progress quickly or slowly. In some cases, some can learn through a tougher challenge, while others have it easier. Either way, it is part of the process of transformation and maturation. The author uses symbolism to show how Jerry wants to be independent and not rely on his mother. She also uses imagery to describe the setting, create suspense, and create the...
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Theme of Discrimination in Andrew Niccol’s ‘Gattaca’ and Aliette de Bodard’s ‘Immersion’

Science fiction utilize textual forms and features to speculate possible futures and critique modern day values. The futuristic aspect of this genre allows readers to view current societal issues such as discrimination and social conditioning through different perspectives. Andrew Niccol’s ‘Gattaca’ (1997) and Aliette De Bodard’s ‘Immersion’ (2012) explore the unreasonable discrimination against those who refuse to conform to the society causing the audience to reconsider the validity of social norms that repress people into behaving a certain way. Science...
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Theme of Loss of Identity in Andrew Niccol’s ‘Gattaca’ and Aliette de Bodard’s ‘Immersion’

Science fiction deals primarily with the effects of imagined or legitimate science upon individuals and/or society. Often, texts of the genre provide commentary on or caution against events occurring in present-day society. Andrew Niccol’s ‘Gattaca’ (1997) and Aliette de Bodard’s ‘Immersion’ (2012) explore the present-day overdependence on technology, but while ‘Immersion’ uses character to convey individual overdependence, ‘Gattaca’ uses setting to convey the overdependence on technology of society as a whole. However, both texts incorporate the theme of loss of...
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Presentation of Fictional Future in Andrew Niccol’s ‘Gattaca’ and Nancy Fulda’s ‘Movement'

Science fiction texts imagine a future where technological boundaries are pushed and often discuss the costs of these advancements on humanity. By extrapolating from trajectories of present concerns that arise as a result of the negative evolution of technology, the endurance and power of the human spirit is revealed. Andrew Niccol’s 1997 film ‘Gattaca’, introduces the societal ideology of genetic determinism that discriminates individuals based on their genetic makeup. Whereas, Nancy Fulda’s 2011 short story ‘Movement’ reveals how a society...
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The Death and the Miser’ and ‘The Mask of the Red Death’: Analysis of Symbolism in Painting and Short Story

The Death and the Miser and Because I Could not Stop for Death Essay Death is a word that everybody might be scared or not scared of. However, no matter if you’re a good person or a bad person, nice or rude, death will always find ways to come to you. These artworks are both about two wealthy persons who end up dying for the fault of death. Both stories “The Death and the Miser”, a northern renaissance, painting by...
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Analysis of Michael Rutledge's ‘Samuel's Memory’ and Andrew Jackson's ‘Message to Congress ‘On Indian Removal’’

In establishing a tone both writers do an incredible job, they both understand how to convey their points to their audience and have clear and distinctive styles. Furthermore, I will be contradicting their styles by breaking down their tone, diction, and their purpose as my main topic of this essay. As a brief summary of the better compression of readers ‘Samuel’s Memory’ by Michael Rutledge is a short story on the perspective of Samuel as he and his family are...
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Exploring Fictional Futures to Comment on the Present in the Film 'Gattaca' and the Story 'Movement'

Science fiction texts effectively utilize a variety of textual forms and features to explore fictional futures, which cooperate to develop a commentary on the present. ‘Gattaca’ (1997), produced by Andrew Niccol, and ‘Movement’ (2011), by Nancy Fulda, are two texts that reveal the ongoing rivalry between Earth’s creator, God, and the evolvement of scientific technology. However, as a consequence of the rivalry, whilst ‘Gattaca’ exhibits the importance of resisting conformity, ‘Movement’ emphasizes self-acceptance and staying true to your own identity....
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The Swimmer': Man’s Attempt at Avoiding the Inevitable

Time moves, whether it’s slowly or fast. There are people who embrace time and there are others who try running from it. Those people who do attempt to escape it try many different ways to accomplish, either by delusions or Botox. These attempts, however, will forever end in defeat. In the story titled ‘The Swimmer’ by John Cheever, the audience witnesses the main character Neddy Merril attempting and failing to avoid the impending passage of time. In the second paragraph,...
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Review of John Cheever's Short Story 'The Swimmer'

The story ‘The Swimmer’ by John Cheever is described as the swimming journey of Neddy in the neighborhood, as an active and optimistic father and husband. “It was one of those midsummer Sundays when everyone sits around saying, ‘I drank too much last night’”. Despite joining a cocktail party, he agreed that he would swim his way home through different swimming pools. Throughout his journey, it changes him from a young man to an aged, poor man whose life is...
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The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories: Comparing Books Focusing on Women Empowerment

Perrault’s “Blue Beard” and Carter’s retelling of the same work is both very different, but it also can have similarities. The use of Nickerson’s retelling named “Strands of Bronze and Gold”, as well as Brontë’s “Jane Eyre”, will also be compared to the original and Carter’s “The Bloody Chamber”. This will show how different variations of the same type of events, can have different impacts and meanings depending on who is writing the tale. Also, just because something is connected...
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Essay on Symbolism in 'Cathedral' by Raymond Carver

“For they do not look through to the soul, nor have a keen eye for virtue, but they stop at the outward excellencies of the body and admire daring, and strength, speed in running, and size, and consider these as fit qualifications for the purple robe and diadem” (Goodreads). In this quote, Anna Coleman portrays how society views others and the fundamental views of the narrator in the short story “Cathedral.” In the story, the author Raymond Carver displays the...
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The Lesson’ by Toni Cade Bambara: Critical Analysis Essay

In The Lesson, the narrator overcomes the silence caused by the pigmentation of their skin and finds the moral courage to voice their opinions amidst double standards. In The Lesson by Toni Cade Bambara, protagonist Miss Moore educates local children about the unfair distribution of wealth and advises them to strive for a better life. Bambara instills the idea that intelligence and awareness exist everywhere and need to be awakened instead of silenced. Syliva, the African-American narrator from Harlem, believes...
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Critical Analysis of Ray Bradbury’s Short Story “Sound Of Thunder”

In Ray Bradbury’s short story, “Sound Of Thunder,” the mood is revealed through personification, irony, metaphor, and characterization. The author used irony here and there “As Eckels talks in the workplace to Time Safari official, he is recounted the threats of the Time Machine, and he remarks”. ‘Makes you think, if the election had gone badly yesterday, I might be here now running away from the results. Thank God Keith won. He’ll make a fine President”. But no after they...
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General Overview of Short Fictional Story All Summer in a Day

This is a short fictional story about life on the planet Venus where it rains continuously day in day out. The sun disappeared five years ago, and the children are anticipating seeing the sun. The nine-year-old children do no really remember how the sun looked like because they were still too young. The scientists had predicted that the sun was going to come out after all those years but only for a brief moment. These children carry out a lot...
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The Canterville Ghost: A Ghost Story Which Is Not Scary

The book I chose is “The Canterville Ghost” written by famous English author Oscar Wilde. He was an Irish poet and playwright. It is a short story written in the form of novella about the mansion haunted by a ghost. Its genre is Gothic fiction. The title itself reveals that it is a scary ghost story. But when I read it, I found out that it is a horror-comic. Hiram B. Otis, a well off American, buys Canterville Chase, an...
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Narrative Techniques Used in Ghost Story Genre: Cases of Alice Marshall and Adam Wingard Works

Compare the ways in which author Kate Alice Marshall (Rules For Vanishing) and director Adam Wingard (The Blair Witch) employ a wide variety of techniques to explore the genre of horror/thriller and the sense of mystery within their texts. Ghost stories have long been a part of every culture, in every corner of the globe; usually adopted to educate and generate fear, keeping people in line, morally aware, and away from danger, for centuries. However, it can be argued that...
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Time Travel in a Short Story: Essay

How much can a parent sacrifice for their child? How should a person handle the gray area between right and wrong? These were just some of the questions I had in my mind as I read through the book. The Hand Bringer written by Christopher J. Penington is a story of sacrifice, family, friendship, and love entangled with time travel. The Hand Bringer started with the introduction of Peter Hadrian, a member of the police force, in the middle of...
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Concept of Arranged Marriages in Short Story 'The Smell'

Oppressions in Ginu Kamani`s ‘The Smell’ “The Smell” is a short story that gives the readers the point of view of a young Indian girl, known as Rani, who lives in a household that practices vegetarianism and witnesses a tradition of an arranged marriage that occurs in her family. Ginu Kamani, the author, wrote the story based on her experience living in both Bombay and the States which allow her to explore the differences in cultures and traditions between the...
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Kurt Vonnegut and Analysis of His Short Stories

After the second World War, America solidified and extended its spot as a world superpower. Industry was booming come up, modern political reforms started to take place, and technology was skyrocketing. Everything was on the up. However, estimates range that 50 million – 80 million people died in the war. How could so many losses be worth it? One author who encountered the dark side of war is Kurt Vonnegut. World War II veteran Kurt Vonnegut’s war experiences turned him...
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Kate Chopin: Way Of Life And The Story Of An Hour

Kate Chopin published her short story “The Story of an Hour”, on December 6, 1894 (Koloski 2019). The story revolves around the character, Louise Mallard, who feels repressed by her marriage to Brently Mallard. She learns that her husband has died because of the railroad disaster, and she feels as if freedom from her marriage was within her grasp, only to find out he was alive. Then, she dies, ironically, at the end. The setting of the story takes place...
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Hills like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway: Short Story Analysis

The short story, “Hills like White Elephants”, is unlike any normal story. This story lacked the typical foundation that a normal story might have: a beginning, middle, and end. This short story describes a discussion between a man and a woman, which leads to no real ending. Ernest Heminway, the author, included enough information into this story so that the reader could form their own conclusions. Hemingway’s life was not a walk in the park. He had many unfortunate experiences...
2 Pages 855 Words

Hemingway’s Story The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber: Critical Analysis

Ernest Hemingway is an American author, short-story writer, and essayist who was granted the Nobel Prize for Literature. He was noted both for the extraordinary manliness theme of his composition and for his courageous and generally public life. His concise and clear composition style has an incredible impact on American and British fiction. His works are popular because of the themes of love, hatred, war, gain, and loss he has included in his literature. Ernest Hemingway’s “The Short Happy Life...
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Argumentative Essay on ‘Tell Tale Heart’

Tell Tale Heart Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Allan Poe’s story ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ is about a man’s depression and descent into madness. The narrator and his obsessions are the focus of the story. The story is narrated in the first person by the protagonist himself. Because the reader only has one side of the story to deal with, the story’s point of view is crucial. As a result, the reader only gets to hear and see what the narrator thinks...
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Use of Irony in Shirley Jackson's Short Story ‘The Possibility of Evil’

In his novel ‘Shibumi’, author Rodney William Whitaker writes, “Irony is fate’s most common figure of speech”. Irony is present in almost every situation imaginable—from the small talk made while waiting in line to the foundation of some of the most well-known, acclaimed pieces of literature in history. Simply put, irony is a contrast between expectation and reality— when what is expected to happen does not. Author Shirley Jackson utilizes this concept multiple times in ‘The Possibility of Evil’, a...
2 Pages 965 Words

Essay on ‘The Chrysanthemums’: Short Story Analysis

In Literature, symbols are used in order to produce impact and accomplish additional meaning to the story. In stories there is normally always some symbolic meaning behind the authors writing, this reflects the purpose for writing the piece. In his short story “The Chrysanthemums,” John Steinbeck uses symbols to represent the main character, Elisa Allen, who struggles in living in a ‘man’s world.’ The struggles that Elisa Allen experiences relate to the oppression of women, this is when women were...
2 Pages 858 Words

The Seventh Man’: Argumentative Essay

“The Seventh Man’s” Guilt How should the seventh man respond to losing somebody he was very close to? People respond to situations in many different ways. The choices you make determine whether or not you should feel guilty for your actions. There are two different types of guilt, subjective, and objective guilt. The seventh man is forced to deal with the guilt of losing his best friend K. When they were young boys they experienced a deadly typhoon. This situation...
2 Pages 711 Words

The Ideas About Life In The Form Of Short Story In The Fall Of The House Of Usher

Edgar Allan Poe’s short story, “The Fall of the House of Usher,” is a masterpiece of Gothic literature, examining the fine line between life and death as a result of fear. Poe’s, “The Fall of the House of Usher,” possesses the conventional characteristics of Gothic literature and romanticism through the elements of loneliness, madness, and horror. Through Poe’s vivid personification, the physical state of the house reflects the mental condition of the Usher household, providing the reader with an insight...
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Dream Parents in the Story 'Dog' by Richard Russo

In the story ‘Dog’, we follow a kid named William Henry Devereaux and his treatment by his parents, who are both English professors who were ‘academic nomads’. Henry was a nine-year-old boy who wanted a dog for Christmas, but probably wants a dog to substitute the love and care that his parents don’t give him. Richard Russo’s ‘Dog’ is a short story that shows the negative impacts that parents at times have on their children and the unintended results that...
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Essay on ‘Eleven’ by Sandra Cisneros

The growth of characters is very crucial as it is the process of creating a fully rounded, lifelike character within any fictional writing. It has the purpose of making readers invested in their life and interested in seeing their growth. In Sandra Cisneros’s short story Eleven, the growth of characters is very present. Character development is seen in Eleven from the moment Rachel wakes up as an eleven-year-old. Rachel explains that people aren’t made as a result of their experiences,...
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Essay on House Taken Over

When talking from a perspective of a zealot, imagination overcomes reason when believing that devils and angels are somewhere here in this world. But never believed that they can turn into spirits and kill us. Imagination can overpower reason when a person has a mental disorder. Roderick is not able to distinguish between imagination and reality. He goes to the extreme of ignoring the screamings of his sister whom he buried alive thinking it is the voices inside his head....
1 Page 521 Words
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