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Great Russian thinkers of the past Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoevsky made significant contributions to Russia's culture through the power of literature. They questioned the nature of humanity and the society that they lived in. Through their profound works of authorship due to the similar themes of thought in their works Tolstoy and Dostoevsky are often viewed in relation to...
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Abstract- This study analyzes the short story of God sees the truth, but waits by Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoi with the use of five literary Criticism; as well as it seeks for meaning and understanding of the said story, as it deduces by the Historical Criticism, Marxist Criticism, Deconstruction Criticism, Symbolic Criticism, and Gender Criticism. It also used the qualitative descriptive...
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There were indeed a great number of things that made Leo Tolstoy such a relevant figure in the literary tradition. He was deeply interested in politics and social issues of 19th-century Russia, including class struggles and issues regarding the rights and freedoms of the serfs. Later in his life, Tolstoy partially renounced his luxurious lifestyle, naming his wife as keeper...
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In Kholstomer – The Story of a Horse, Leo Tolstoy uses an animal’s point of view as a method to increase the exquisiteness of the piece wherein Kholstomer suffered an unfortunate life as a horse because he was being physically and emotionally tormented. This approach is known as defamiliarization which tends to defamiliarize the familiar settings, or words to either...
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Shortly after turning fifty, Leo Tolstoy (September 9, 1828–November 10, 1910) succumbed to a profound spiritual crisis. With his greatest works behind him, he found his sense of purpose dwindling as his celebrity and public acclaim billowed, sinking into a state of deep depression and melancholia despite having a large estate, good health for his age, a wife who had...
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Tolstoy is not fully associated with existentialism, although in his work many existential themes are expressed. Tolstoy’s (1993) ‘How much land does a man need?’ looks into the existential idea of authenticity in relation to land ownership. Sartre is a major part of the existential discipline, with two important works which are ‘Existentialism and Humanism’ (2007) and ‘Being and Nothingness’...
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Throughout his life, Leo Tolstoy pursued perfection in everything he did. He sought to achieve his desires in different fields. He joined Kazan University but left three years later when he established that it did not fulfill his desires. He also joined the army but left as the violence was too much for him. He opted for a simple life...
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Good and Bad Art from Tolstoy’s and Danto’s Perspective Abstract Although people realized that there is a problem in defining what is art a long time ago, this question is still controversial until now. Tons of artists and philosophers claim their own standards for categorizing good art from bad art. Lots of people relate art to beauty and pleasure, but...
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