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Discrimination of Women in Art History: Argumentative Essay

While art history gives insight into how artists created their work, it is a skewed impression of art history. Many people who were keeping records of art never included women artists into their records. Women were challenged by the record-keeping of art, but also had difficulty in finding training, selling their artwork, and gaining recognition for their skills. Despite the challenges, some women still became prominent in art history with their artistic creativity and ability to commission artwork. Lavinia Fontana,...
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Critical Art History and Modern Art Literature: General Overview

The global modern art introduces to the readers about the artists, art movements, debates, and theoretic positions that have shaped contemporary art and the modern era worldwide. It does bring together critical art history and modern art literature. The history of modern art has been repositioned and connected with global art history. Elaine O’Brien is the writer of the Modern Art in Africa, Asia, and Latin America: An Introduction to Global Modernism. The author’s current research project is to put...
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Critical Analysis of Audrey Flack’s World War II (Vanitas): Evaluation of Painting from an Art History Perspective

Using Audrey Flack’s ‘World War II (Vanitas)’, I hope to outline the ways in which visual culture and art historical interpretations of images might differ, and the ways in which they might overlap. First, I will evaluate this painting from an Art History perspective, and then I will go on to critique it using my knowledge of Visual and Cultural studies. After looking at both approaches, I intend to present both the similarities, and differences, between the disciplines of Art...
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My Decision to Pursue Studies in Art History: Opinion Essay

My decision to pursue graduate studies in art history originates from a strong desire to teach and do cutting-edge research within the discipline that I would define as my raison d’être. While attaining my undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Art History at the University of South Alabama, I became inspired to specialize in ancient Greek and Roman art. I am therefore applying to the University of Iowa’s graduate program in art history to further my knowledge of ancient Greek and...
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Personal Statement on Experience in the Field of Art History

When Duchamp entered his ‘Fountain’ to the Society of Independent Artists in 1917, it was rejected as it was not deemed art. Dadaism responded in outcry, and ever since the progression of art has been in doubt as Duchamp inspired artists to explore the bounds of visual culture. Consequently, art has moved in unprecedented directions and created new questions: Why do we use visual means to express ideas? Who dictates taste? Or ultimately, what constitutes art? Considering answers to enquiries...
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Reading Response Paper on the Ancient Civilization of Art History by J. Alden Mason

Having read and annotated the following article, The Trouble with (the Term) Art, by Carolyn Dean it is safe to say that the main idea of this essay is to address how the term art is not being used when describing object that date back centuries. This mostly has to do with Europeans describing their art as art and non- western artifacts as “primitive” Everything being unearthed is not being considered “art”. They are using a term to exclude these...
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Change of Art History Approaches to the Interpretation of Caravaggio’s Painting Boy Bitten

‘Out of studies and observations of his own features – laughing, terrified, grimacing – and of his torso, which he apparently saw in three-quarter length in his mirror, Caravaggio invented his imaginary portrait…of the frightened effeminate boy bitten by a lizard’ In 1955 Walter Friedländer published his seminal work, Caravaggio Studies; a monograph that included comments on the life and works of Caravaggio, a catalogue raisonné listing all paintings attributed to the artist, and reprints of biographies and documents relating...
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Essay on Importance of Art History

The impact of Art today and through the years has interesting takeaways to it when it’s being discussed. Art history identifies works of art and concepts by focusing heavily on the particular context or setting in which the work of art was created in its political, social, cultural, and economic settings. Oftentimes, if people were asked, what are the impacts and contributions of Art through the years? they would provide an answer historically, socially, economically, and politically. Why you may...
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Approaches to Studying Art History: Analytical Essay

When observing the progression of humanity, the accomplishments achieved regarding art have proven not only everlasting but ever-impressive. From the first cave paintings to the most recent architectural marvel, art in any form can both reflect and impact society in significant and meaningful ways. With each work serving as a glimpse into humanity’s past, we hope to achieve a greater understanding of where we were and how we saw the world then. As such studying art history has been an...
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Analytical Essay on Periodization of Art History

Schapiro: ‘By style is usually meant the constant form – and sometimes the constant elements, qualities, and expression – in the art of an individual or a group’. Barthes: ‘Style excuses everything, absolves us from everything, notably any historical reflection; it imprisons the spectator in the servitude of a pure formalism’. The above two quotations give, firstly, a working definition of the term style as used in art history in the 1950s; and secondly a firm repudiation of its use...
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Analytical Essay on Manifestos and Movements in Art History

The influences for my own manifesto begin with manifestos by; Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc’s “Preface to Der Blaue Reiter Almanac” (1912), Vincente Huidobro “We Must Create” (1922), Barnett Newman “the sublime is now” (1948) and Claes Oldenburg’s “I am for an art” (1961). The fundamentals of these manifesto’s wish for exploration of endless possibilities, a desire to be the movement that urges change in the art scene. I want my manifesto to express that art is no way easy,...
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History of Ballet: Essay

Since the 15th Century, ballet has developed greatly from what it originated from to the current day. Originating in Italy, nobles used ballet as entertainment at ceremonies such as weddings and parties, and became popular with both the Italian court and nobles. The ballet we know and love today has been created through themes of gender stereotypes and racism which caused controversy and issues within the dance styles, with many racial issues such as dancers of color being rejected for...
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Essay on Art History: Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Central Park by Diego Rivera

Title of Work: Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Central Park Artist: Diego Rivera Medium: fresco mural Date Created/Art Period/Art Movement: Surrealism, 1946-1947 Where Created/Culture: Mexico City, Mexico Funky (Form, Focus of work, Use of Elements and Principles, Artist’s specific style used): This work ‘Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in the Alameda Central Park’ ( known in Spanish as Sueño de una tarde dominical en la Alameda Central ) is a fresco mural made by Diego Rivera from 1946...
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What Is Art Essay

Good and Bad Art from Tolstoy’s and Danto’s Perspective Abstract Although people realized that there is a problem in defining what is art a long time ago, this question is still controversial until now. Tons of artists and philosophers claim their own standards for categorizing good art from bad art. Lots of people relate art to beauty and pleasure, but there are some philosophers who hold different ideas like Tolstoy and Danto. They emphasize more on the additional quality that...
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Historical, Social, Economic and Political Implications of Art: Art History

Introduction The main topic to be discussed in this synthesis paper will be the Historical, Social, Economic and Political Implications of Art. Through the various given readings, specifically 5 readings related to the topic, the determining of main arguments in each reading by carefully deconstructing the readings and gathering salient information on it. The order of each reading to be discussed will be as follows: Art History and the Global Challenge: A Critical Perspective, Infrastructure of Colonial Modernity, Itinerant Figures,...
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Analytical Essay on Art History: Study of Medieval and Modern Art

Art history spans the entire history of humankind, from prehistoric times to the twenty-first century. In modern times, art history has emerged as a discipline that specializes in teaching people how to evaluate and interpret works of art based on their own perspective. Art history has frequently been criticized for its subjectivity because the definition of what is beautiful varies from individual to individual Art history spans the entire history of humankind, from prehistoric times to the twenty-first century. Whether...
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History of Photography: Essay

The history of photography is deeply rooted in a constant debate about its status as an “Art” or a “craft”. The history of photography is credited as beginning with the discovery of two fundamental principles. That of camera obscura and the observation that some materials are altered by exposure to light (Hirsch, 200). Photography, as it is understood today, can be thought of as beginning in the seventeenth century with Johannes Kepler’s understanding of the optics of camera obscura with...
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History of Architecture Essay

Pre-historic “It has been truly said that protection from the inclemency of the seasons was the mother of architecture and according to Vitruvius, a man in his primitive savage state began to imitate the nests of birds and the lairs of beasts.” – Banister F. Fletcher, (Fletcher, 1905: 1). Materials such as arbors of twigs covered with mud and branches of trees covered with turf were used to form huts and dwellings such as shielings, beehive huts and dome-like structures...
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Frameworks of Art History of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries: Analytical Overview

The particular themes analyzed in this reporting helped to introduce some interesting concepts into this work. In seeking to harbor a deeper understanding of the connection within the framework of contemporary artists working in Leipzig as well as between a larger framework of art history in general, we feel that the visual results of our analysis provide ample evidence for strong interconnection across both time and space. This kind of interconnection of themes was seen as a way to connect...
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