Critical Art History and Modern Art Literature: General Overview

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The global modern art introduces to the readers about the artists, art movements, debates, and theoretic positions that have shaped contemporary art and the modern era worldwide. It does bring together critical art history and modern art literature. The history of modern art has been repositioned and connected with global art history. Elaine O'Brien is the writer of the Modern Art in Africa, Asia, and Latin America: An Introduction to Global Modernism. The author's current research project is to put the art produced between the 1960s and 1970s in the society of that era. The political revolution is in the global and local context from modern to postmodern. The position of modern artists is unique and complex. The situation and strategy politics of each artist throughout his life have also influenced the global modernism. For example, the avant-garde modernism mentioned in the article, the avant-garde attitude unites modernist artists. Most of the artists shown in this article have been accepted as members of the avant-garde formally invented by art history. Their art has contemporary and abstract elements, but it may not be accepted by the public at that time. 'For avant-garde modernism, the new, as in 'the tradition of the new' and 'the shock of the new', refers to the nearly endless individual variations of a fusion culture created by artists consciously engaged in one way or another with The conditions of modernity that shaped each of their lives differently.' The definition of the avant-garde, guard, or new avant-garde art in the past and present may be redefined. As time goes by, artists in the 21st century can bring people to a better future through attitudes and possibilities.

In 1943, Joaquín Torres García proposed a plan for global modernism to remap modern art. Then he said: 'I have said School of the South: because, in fact, our North looks South. For us there must be a North, expect in opposition to the South... This correction was necessary; because it we know where we are.' Joaqun Torres-Garcá is a famous Uruguayan modernist and he has a popular and meaningful illustration about South America which is called the 'Inverted Map' (or Upside-down map, 1943). This may be the first such map to appear, so this illustration has become the core of Latin America's history of efforts to revitalize the world. Torres-Garcá placed the South Pole on top of the earth, thereby implying a visual confirmation of the importance of the African continent and attempting to propose a pure revision of the world. The map conveys important details, such as the basic direction of the south, the latitude, and the equator of Montevideo. As stated in the map, modern art comes from the 'South', and we need to re-examine to see the world with a new perspective. The Southern Cone is upside down, and people see the map of South America in a completely new way. Different visions may provide people with different ways of thinking, thereby creating new things. The artist created this map in this spirit, which made him one of the most symbolic images of Latin American modernism.

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In the summer and autumn of 1952, Francis Bacon painted a series of six small portrait heads. The works I selected this time are also from this series. I strongly like Bacon's artistic style, which is why I chose this work for a further research. Head I is the first of the six portraits included in Bacon's first exhibition in London at Erica Brausen's Hanover Gallery, 1949. The artist often uses white lines to create a box or internal frame in the composition, this is the characteristic of his work. As seen in the picture below (Head I), Bacon restores the human form to a roaring mouth with fangs. Here I understand it as a rant about society and life, he is expressing his emotions through these paintings. The thick sebum produces a texture comparable to rhino skin, or, as the critic Robert Melville wrote at the time, it has the 'colour of wet, black snakes lightly powdered with dust.' Moreover, the more valuable work Bacon has is philosophical. He accepted Aristotle's ideas and advocated the use of empirical and inductive methods, that is, the scientific method, which is the basis of modern scientific inquiry. Today, Bacon is still widely regarded as a major figure in scientific methodology and natural philosophy during the British Renaissance. He advocated an organized system for acquiring knowledge with humanitarian goals as his aims. Therefore, he ushered in the new modern era of human understanding to a large extent, and they are closely related to O’Brien's idea she mentioned in Global Modernism.

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