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Assertiveness is the key to being heard and standing up for your interests. The argumentative essay is one of the few types of college writing that helps students develop their persuasive skills.

And yet, to write a paper worthy of appreciation, you should get acquainted with the examples of argumentative essays. ...

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Social Issues

Is the Internet Considered the Cause of Cyber Security Issues: Argumentative Essay

Urban infrastructure these days is not only about isolated nodes installed for the functioning of a community or society, but it is an interconnected realm of human interaction, deemed critical because of its impact on people’s lives and livelihoods. We have come a long way from when infrastructure was merely about roads, transportation, communication lines and other services that had made life simpler, however, at present time technology has transitioned radically by anchoring itself with these nodes that play a...
6 Pages 2910 Words

How Have Gender Roles Changed: Argumentative Essay

South African women have been courageous across all racial lines. When Thabo Mbeki was still the president of South Africa, he stated that 'No government in South Africa could ever claim to represent the will of the people if it failed to address the central task of emancipation of women in all its element and this includes the government we are privileged to lead' ( This clearly shows that the 1956 march to Union buildings was not in vain. Men...
2 Pages 1068 Words

Harlem Renaissance Argumentative Essay

Modern contemporary artist Vanessa German reflects the idea that black people make themselves bright against the slaughter of our own names in a culture of a society that never visioned the Black Body into freedom, resources, or power. Just as Vanessa German empowers the black community by showing its resilience and voice, many artists during the Harlem Renaissance empowered the black community as well. The Harlem Renaissance was an influential time for African Americans to celebrate and show their art...
4 Pages 1769 Words

Freedom of Speech: Argumentative Essay on Ayn Rand

 At the end of the novel Anthem by Ayn Rand, the two protagonists, Prometheus and Gaea, decide to start a society that differs from the one they used to live in. Rather than focusing on everyone as a collective group, the society they want to start focuses on freedom and individuality. Prometheus and Gaea believe that embracing each person’s personality is better than putting everyone in a group and that all people should be able to choose what they do...
2 Pages 821 Words

Could World War 2 Have Been Prevented: Argumentative Essay

Appeasement was a rational and calculated foreign policy. It was intended to prevent the possibility of a Second World War, In 1961 AJP Taylor published The Origins of the Second World War, where he lays out the Revisionist argument, that Hitler was not looking for World domination, but simply 'continuing the policy of previous German governments in seeking eastward expansion' (3). Taylor tries to argue that by trying to make Germany the most dominant power in Europe or the world...
7 Pages 3066 Words

Argumentative Essay on World War 2

No matter what the outcome of world war 2, the outcome would of still been the result of imperialism in one way or another. There were many causes that headed up to the start of World War 2, some of which can be traced back and connected to the first world war. After the first war, many countries were left in economic ruin; as such they have become vulnerable to being taken over by dictators. Dictators taking charge and many...
3 Pages 1363 Words

Argumentative Essay on Tattoos

People should not be judged on their outward appearance. Tattoos, Piercings, dyed hair, and makeup should be accepted regardless of the job and should not alter a person's perception of the employee. The stigma around a person's outward appearance is very controversial in the workplace. For instance, according to “The Howler” Chick-fil-A does not allow any colored hair, piercings, or tattoos, “Hair coloring is permissible, but only naturally occurring hair colors are allowed. The Chick-Fil-A team member appearance pamphlet states,...
2 Pages 1056 Words

Argumentative Essay on Minimum Wage

This week, the city council will be voting on whether to increase the minimum wage in our city to $15. It is reported that some workers are making as little as $7/hour or $9/hour in our city. As a council member, before I make a decision on whether to vote for the minimum wage increase or not, it is important to me to examine the issue from an economic perspective and not only an emotional one. The common arguments surrounding...
2 Pages 826 Words

Argumentative Essay on Freedom: Using Gettysburg Speech

Throughout this course, CH American Experiences and Constitutional Change highlights a lot of contradictions between Federal and state government authority, which have repeated over and over throughout history. Issues regarding federal and state authority began back when political parties were being formed in the U.S.; Federalists favored strict interpretation of the constitution and a strong federal government, in control of the states, while Anti-federalists suggested the constitution is open to interpretation and states should be able to govern themselves. There...
2 Pages 1096 Words

Argumentative Essay about Bullying

Bullying should be kicked out of school Introduction: What is the definition of bullying? Bullying does not have a legal definition. Bullying, on the other hand, is widely recognized as: 'Behavior that is intended to harm another person or force them to do something they do not wish to do.' This behavior can be verbal, such as calling. Someone's names, spreading stories about them, isolating them from the group, or being Violent, such as kicking and hitting them. Bullying. is...
2 Pages 822 Words

Are We Too Dependent on Technology: Argumentative Essay

The increasing use and reliance on technology have a specific term in the psychological sector: ‘Applied science dependence ’ which is a more apt name than ‘technology applied science addiction’. The use of tech is so common and trusted today that doctors have started recommending going for ‘technology detox’. One of the rising trends which are included in the Oxford Dictionary where this treatment is composed of spending time where the person does not use any electronic device like smartphones,...
2 Pages 739 Words

Adoption Argumentative Essay

Raising an abandoned or orphaned child as their own family was easy back then. It took an informal arrangement, once the family and the child are in common ground, both are in good condition. Numerous people are considering adoption as an alternative to growing their family. There are numerous benefits of adopting a child. However, adoption is expensive and takes a long process. Many have pondered that if there are many orphans, why cannot they be adopted by families at...
2 Pages 825 Words

The Story of an Hour': Argumentative Essay

The difference between verbal irony and the situational irony is that verbal irony is something that is said in the opposite of what the speaker means: “I beg; open the door- you will make yourself ill. Go away. I am not making myself ill. No; she was drinking in a very elixir of life through that open window” (Chopin 570). Situational irony is where an event happens that contradicts something of similar nature. The perfect example of situational irony is...
3 Pages 1463 Words

A Rose For Emily' Argumentative Essay

Kate Chopin’s “Story of an Hour” and William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” share many similarities but also differ immensely. Faulkner’s literary work of fiction is Southern Gothic, while Chopin’s work is a short story family drama. Here we can see one comparison between both works; they are both family dramas. Published in different centuries, the time period plays a massive role in the difference between both of these renowned works of literature. Some of these clear changes are the...
2 Pages 932 Words

Teens and Technology Share a Future: Argumentative Essay

It is no secret that there are both good and bad things about the use of technology. For teenagers, technology is a fun way to stay connected to their friends and family, like with social media apps like Instagram and Facebook (ReachOut Australia, 2019). Another way that some teenagers stay connected is through online-gaming, and spending time with their online friends, playing games like Fortnite (ReachOut Australia, 2019). However, some may spend too much time online and, if abused, there...
2 Pages 799 Words

Should Flu Vaccines Be Mandatory: Argumentative Essay

If you had the flu, you should know how bad it can make you feel. A stuffy nose, sore throat, and fever can put you out of work for a couple of days. Fortunately, there is a protection against this dangerous disease: a flu vaccine. Each year, this shot contains particles from the four strains of influenza most likely to be common that coming flu season. It is the strains that determine the flu shot's effectiveness. Once those are put...
1 Page 548 Words

Poverty Is But the Worst Form of Violence: Argumentative Essay

Amartya Sen, a great Philosopher says,  'Poverty is not just a lack of money; it is not having the capability to realize one's full potential as a human being'.  Since long Poverty is seen as a lack of money but in reality we should be concerned with capabilities instead, whether a person has whole that liberty that he or she admires. Poverty is not natural, it's man-made.  Mahatma Gandhi quoted, 'Poverty is the worst form of violence Yes, Mr. Gandhi...
1 Page 572 Words

Mental Illness Argumentative Essay

Mental illness has the right to live with dignity Introduction People with serious mental illnesses are at a substantial disadvantage in defending themselves when they face criminal charges, and those difficulties are compounded when the charges are so serious that the death penalty is sought. Stigma and fear are significant factors in jury verdicts in such cases, and the criminal justice system too often fails to do justice. As a result, people with mental illness are at heightened risk of...
8 Pages 3525 Words

Argumentative Essay about the Minimum Wage

The United States has varied opinions on the question of the minimum wage at both federal and state levels. Legislatures and workers are all keen on the decade-long quest to have wages raised. Significant amounts of workers prefer wages as high as $15 per hour (twice the wage floor of $7.5 per hour). Such a wage floor help regulate the labor market, giving workers and employers a fairground for operation. Without a minimum wage, employers may take advantage of employees,...
1 Page 605 Words

William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Should Be Included in the School Curriculum: Argumentative Essay

With long debate, is Shakespeare still relevant in the 21st century? William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ should be included in the ninth-grade curriculum because it offers an understanding of modern English and wrote various plays or poems that readers can create a connection towards. However, several opposers believe that Shakespeare’s material can be difficult to understand in today’s modern language. To begin with, William Shakespeare's plays and poems create a significant understanding of the idea of modern English. The article...
1 Page 421 Words

Is Hunting of Animals Actually Conservation: Argumentative Essay

In 2015, Cecil the Lion, a lion who was famously being studied by the University of Oxford in Zimbabwe, was killed by a hunter in South Africa. The death of the famous lion sparked global outrage on the issue of hunting and if hunting needs to be banned altogether. However, this outcry was just an outburst of emotion, when the real question for the sake of the animals should have been: does hunting actually help the animals? In other words,...
4 Pages 1728 Words

Why African American Studies Is Important: Argumentative Essay

In this assignment, I will be discussing some of the key issues as to why I believe Black studies does not change the role of the university but does change the way we see and understand the world. For Black studies to be recognized as credible in education and higher education, is not only something of the past but also of the present day. From my own personal account of being accepted onto a Black studies BA Hons degree at...
4 Pages 2006 Words

Should the Government Provide Free Health Care: Argumentative Essay

It is said that the United States is the land of freedom and opportunity, but it is rarely ever mentioned that it is also the land that has the most expensive healthcare system in the world. By which, many cannot possibly afford. Many countries have been transitioning to free healthcare systems, but the United States seems to not be following that lead any time soon. I believe that government should provide free health care to everyone in the United States...
2 Pages 789 Words

Should Teachers Carry Guns: Argumentative Essay

The legalization and portability of guns has been a controversial topic in America, many massacres have been happening throughout our nation, and our citizens want to protect themselves with guns. There’s nothing wrong with protein in your Second Amendment right, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. But now imagine teachers taking their second amendment right and bringing it to school in order to protect themselves and their students in case of any...
4 Pages 1813 Words

Argumentative Essay on Why I Want to Teach

‘What do you want to do when you leave school?’ – a question that filled me with a sense of dread and uncertainty at the age of seventeen. After completing a degree in Fashion and going straight into an office-based environment, I felt a lack of motivation and morale, and I knew something was missing. The enthusiasm I feel towards children's physical and emotional development has driven me to fulfill my passion where I can have a positive impact on...
1 Page 594 Words

T.S. Eliot's 'The Waste Land' as a Personal Poem: Argumentative Essay

Thomas Stearns Eliot stands as a great poet of the 20th century. He is regarded as a rebel poet who discusses city life, its barrenness, immoral attitude and activities of the city people, loss of faith in religious traditions, and so on. It is said that a great poet in writing of him writes his age, we find the same quality in the masterpiece of T. S. Eliot 'The Waste Land'. He uses numerous allusions in his poetry. The literary...
2 Pages 732 Words

Argumentative Essay on Gay Adoption

The common synonym for homosexual, gay, was initially used as a code word between homosexuals. It has moved into common speech to describe homosexual women and men, as well as the socio-political concerns related to homosexual orientation. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a homosexual as a person who is sexually attracted to people of the same sex. Over time, the word ‘gay’ has primarily been used to refer to homosexual men while a lesbian is a female who is attracted to...
3 Pages 1363 Words

Welfare Needs Reform: Argumentative Essay

Welfare is a touchy subject to dwell on that has been the topic of debate, especially in recent times with what has been happening in the United States. As time goes on, the need for welfare reform exponentially rises, and some think there is too much being done, while others believe it is too little. Welfare is in every person’s mind, whether it is Medicare or AFDC, it is continuously being taken advantage of, and it needs to be revised....
5 Pages 2049 Words

Year-Round School Is a Bad Idea and Needs to Be Abolished: Argumentative Essay

After almost 50 years, year-round school is starting to fade away but needs to go away faster. In my opinion, we need to abolish year around school as year-round school is obviously a bad idea. One reason why year-round school is a bad idea that needs to be abolished is the teacher problems. According to an interview I had with Mrs. Groom, my 8th grade ELA teacher, who has been a teacher for 20 years, she thinks that having a...
1 Page 643 Words

Undocumented Immigrants Should Be Issued Driver's Licenses: Argumentative Essay

One's ability to drive a car plays a significant role in carrying out essential day-to-day tasks, be it picking up groceries, taking and picking up kids from school, and, most importantly, reporting for work. However, driver's licenses are unobtainable by undocumented immigrants in most of the states here in the United States. In turn, most undocumented immigrants who have settled in the U.S. often face a difficult choice, one that lies between meeting their daily obligations or living in constant...
5 Pages 2048 Words
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