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Process essay examples are your golden ticket to understanding the art of instructional writing. They list steps and offer a clear, engaging, and informative journey that the reader can follow from start to finish. These examples help you write essays that turn the ordinary into something interesting!

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Social Issues

How to Properly Plan a Vacation: Process Analysis Essay

With so many details that can go wrong during a vacation, it is a miracle that we want to continue traveling. Even so, the sublime state in which we return from vacation makes us continue to take the risk. Unfortunately, it is impossible to 100% protect our long-awaited vacation from troubles and inconveniences, but careful vacation planning helps to avoid headaches. In this essay, I'm going to cover the topic of how to properly plan your vacation. The first thing...
1 Page 653 Words

Writing Process Is Vital to Follow: Persuasive Essay

The writing process can help drastically when it comes to essays. The five steps of the essay include prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. They can help make sure a subject is on point and there is enough information. It is important for writers to work through each step to achieve a complete piece that is well thought out. The writing process ensures that the point is clear, and improves overall writing. The writing process is essential in writing to...
1 Page 553 Words

How to Change a Tire: Process Analysis Essay

There are some skills that people may think are not important until they have a problem in their life. Imagine you are driving in the middle of a motorway and you have a flight to catch, but suddenly your tire goes flat and you realize you are in a difficult position because you do not have any idea how to change a tire. You have to phone call and wait for help, but, in the meantime, you miss your flight....
2 Pages 745 Words

Reflective Essay about the Process of Writing of My Imaginative Piece

My imaginative piece, ‘The Girl on the Train’, is an analysis of the Gothic features and themes and the impact they have on the readers. The ambition of my piece of writing was to intrigue my readers through the use of a mysterious unknown environment. My goal was not only to engage my readers but also to entertain them through the use of descriptive language and visual imagery. A horror genre was created throughout the text. Throughout the process of...
2 Pages 683 Words

Process Essay on Chicken

It’s Saturday evening and you and your friends are getting ready to watch the big game or a movie or maybe it’s just a small party. So what’s the favorite dish that you can serve on such days? Yes, you guessed it right! It’s indeed fried chicken. Fried chicken recipes need not be time-consuming and messy. You can try out some easy-to-make fried chicken recipes that won’t take much of your time in the kitchen. It’s always nice to serve...
1 Page 412 Words

Three Schools of Thought in the Context of the Educational Process

In this essay, I am going to examine three main schools of thought, namely - cognitive, behaviorist and humanistic - in the context of the educational process, and decide which of them seems best for the learning circumstances. Cognitive School of Thought Cognitive school of thought refers to how someone learn which is through mental processes, mainly on how people think, understand, remember and most probably apply it in their daily basis. So, scientists had estimated what goes on in...
2 Pages 885 Words

Tea: History, Manufacturing Process and Utilization

Americans consume over 84 billion servings of tea per year. Out of every five Americans, four will consume tea (Tea Association of the U.S.A. Inc, 2019). All tea comes from the oxidized leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, which is native to Asia (Teasource, n.d.). The United States is the third largest importer of tea, followed by Russia and Pakistan. Although there are many different types of ‘tea’, technically speaking, tea can only come from the Camellia sinensis plant, and...
3 Pages 1271 Words

Public Illiteracy and the Voting Process

In his essay, ‘The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society, Jonathan Kozol speaks about all the issues surrounding illiteracy around the world, but also in the United States. He tells about all the downfalls in the lives of those who can’t read and their lack of future or even current success because of it. The English language becomes a fear for those who can’t read, and many times it is forced upon them to have to do things they are...
1 Page 520 Words

Informative Essay about Writing Process

When I think about the kind of writing I expect from my students, the term “good writing” first comes to my mind. It is fairly difficult to create 'okay' writing, but it takes time and effort to turn it into good writing. There is a variety of factors contributing to a great piece of writing. First of all, 'good writing' is well-structured with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Each paragraph has a topic sentence, followed by supporting details. Secondly,...
2 Pages 890 Words

Process of Becoming an Adult: Informative Essay

There's a point in your life where you call yourself an adult that's when you stop breaking down over small things and realized what really matters in your life. When you mentally and emotionally mature you have the ability to handle situations without unnecessarily escalating them. Instead of seeking to blame someone else for their problems or behavior, you will seek to fix the problem or behavior and that’s when Kids become adults when they mentally and emotionally mature. One...
1 Page 601 Words

How a Bill Becomes a Law: Process Analysis Essay

Bill Description: A bill is a draft legislative proposal that becomes law after it is passed by both houses of parliament and approved by the president. There are four types of bills: ordinary bills, foreign currency bills, tax bills, and constitutional amendment bills. Once the bill is drafted, it will be published in the Official Journal. Even before the presentation, with the speaker's permission, the bill may be published in a press release. More precisely: a bill can be defined...
2 Pages 945 Words

Production Process at Hard Rock Cafe

Introduction The Hard Rock Cafe started off as a local business with one pub in London in 1971. Now, it has grown to have more than 129 restaurants in more than 40 countries. The mission and route of the Hard Rock Cafe’s success is the experience that they market. “Our brand plants the roots of its global soul in every place we live. Hard Rock founders, Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton were two young Americans who brought together American food...
4 Pages 1868 Words

Measuring Personality Traits of Psychopaths in Media and During Diagnosis Process

Psychopathic behavior is associated with a construct of social and behavioral problems including violence, criminal activity, and overall failure to conform to social standards. In this study, psychopathic and antisocial personality disorder-based traits are measured. Using reliability and factor analyses were used to validate the inventory and create factor-based indices that were used to predict anti-social behavioral outcomes including violence, seeking revenge on people and assisted suicidal plans for other people. Rationale The particular mental disorders I intend to look...
6 Pages 2849 Words

Planning Process of Marketing Research for AvalonBay Communities

AvalonBay Communities Marketing Research Process AvalonBay Communities is a property management business for apartments with a presence in 11 areas in the United States: California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. In addition to managing apartment properties, AvalonBay also develops, redevelops, and acquires existing apartment properties for continued expansion and increased presence in the market. With such a varied real estate presence they have an in-house marketing research team to...
3 Pages 1585 Words

Step-Wise Explanation of Recruitment Process at Human Resources Department

Inception Let me introduce you first with “the concept of recruitment process”? Recruitment means selecting the right applicant for filling up the vacancies in an association. Applicants with the required skills and attitude, which are required for achieving the aims of an association. This process undergoes an organized procedure starting from sourcing the resources to managing interviews and finally selecting the right applicants. This is managed by the HR department of the company. To increase the efficiency of hiring, it...
2 Pages 1061 Words

Engineering Design Process Essay

This report contains the outputs of the previous planning phase which are unchanged and the outputs of this design phase. The process design outputs consist of; A Design failure mode and effects analysis (DFMEA) that was completed with the information currently available to analyze and prioritize the different levels and areas of risk included in the project. Design for manufacturability and assembly is also reviewed. Design verification has ensured that the product is designed according to intentions. The design verification...
5 Pages 2095 Words

Design Process Essay

In the design process, beyond the design or product, there is a user or customer that the designer needs to consider and fulfill his /her desires, expectations, and needs since user consideration is the most important filter for the product. Behind the product, there is a user-centered design process, which gives a chance to create a design by communicating. The user-centered design focuses on people to understand them and creates designs that are looking for new solutions for people’s needs....
2 Pages 948 Words

Process of Designing Interfaces and Dialogues: Analytical Essay

Designing Interfaces and dialogues To design usable interfaces and dialogues, you must answer the same who, what, when, where, and how questions used to guide the design of forms and reports. Deliverables and outcomes: The deliverable and outcome from the system interface and dialogue design is the creation of a design specification. This specification is also similar to the specification produced for form and report designs—with one exception. Recall that the design specification document discussed in Chapter 10 had three...
4 Pages 1820 Words

Process of Human Development

Have you ever brought a new puppy home and then watched it grow up? You may have noticed it transform from a cute and shy puppy, to a troublemaker, then to a lifelong companion until death. That is the beautiful cycle of life development. Just like dogs, humans go through different developmental stages in their life as well. Each of these stages involve different physical and emotional characteristics, which humans usually develop at similar rates. The four main stages of...
2 Pages 887 Words

Osmoregulation Process in Animals

Osmoregulation is a procedure that animals control concentration water and sodium chloride in our body, permitting them to support their body fluids in the homeostasis limits. Freshwater, marine and terrestrial animals adapt in different ways. Our focus is on freshwater and part in terrestrial animals. The organism found in freshwater are different from others. The animals living in freshwater area must have ability to osmotic and ionic regulation. We have freshwater invertebrates and freshwater vertebrates, in general freshwater invertebrates are...
4 Pages 1700 Words

Reflections on Whether Uneducated People Should Participate in the Electoral Process

One of our most influential powers as citizens is exercising our right to vote. However, with this power comes certain responsibilities such as considering the options – people who are running - and make proper decisions when electing a campaign. Changing the election process would involve a lot of procedures, which could create complications for the country. In order to come to an upright conclusion about whether or not uneducated people should participate in the election process, we must take...
1 Page 521 Words

Influence of Learning Disability on the Process of Learning: Analytical Essay

How learning is affected when having a Learning Disability From starting a fire to writing a thesis learning has always been the bridge to any goal attainment. It generates new knowledge which in turn gives us the ability to make better choices in both daily and academic life. Almost every western society promotes the importance of learning because it can be a determinant of a good job and high wage. Because of this, governments and leaders created educational institutions to...
5 Pages 2366 Words

Project Management Process and Its Involvement in the New Product Development: Analytical Essay

Chapter 1. Introduction The investigation carried out through this research study is focused merely on the context of Project Management and innovation practices in new product development. The focus of this research is on the organizations that aim to manufacture new products by using project management processes and achieve high innovation. The three categories which projects come into when it is new product development here are the use of technologies of project management that helps in product launch, using the...
4 Pages 2013 Words

Impact of Total Quality Management Process at Kgalagadi Breweries in Botswana

Abstract One of the most dramatic and significant world trends over the past 2 decades has been the rise and sustained growth of international business. Internet has truly elevated the growth of international businesses allowing both goods and services to cross borders to wherever they are needed. Companies such as Coca-Cola and most notably, with regards to this paper Black Label, a popular international brand of beer have crossed the borders to be brewed and sold here. Its reported that...
5 Pages 2245 Words

Steps of The Wastewater Treatment Process

The dirty water comes from homes,drainage of industrial waste and many other sourses is what we call sewage water or waste water. Due to ever increasing population the demand for clean water is constantly increasing, so purification and production of potable water is one of the alternatives to deal with this problem of water crisis. Recycling of waste water or rain water harvesting are some of the means by which water can be used for industrial and agricultural purposes. Wastewater...
2 Pages 763 Words

Opportunity Cost: The Decision-making Process in Every Parent's Life

Every day we are faced with the obstacle of making choices that range from what delicious recipe to make to what career path would be the best for my future. Each choice that we make has an opportunity cost and either takes an economic toll on us or reaps a reward. Our lives are constantly influenced by economic trends such as inflation, interest rates and economic growth. Some things we may have little control over and can tremendously change our...
2 Pages 802 Words

Understand the Process and Experience of Dementia

Alzheimer's disease- an abnormal protein surrounds brain cells and another protein damages their central structure. In time brain cells gets lost and starts to die. Vascular dementia- is when nerve cells in brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen from blood the nerve cells dies. Mixed dementia- is when Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia is together. Lewy bodies- is when a little clump of protein develops inside the brain cells, and it damages the way cells works and communicates with each other...
4 Pages 1595 Words

Is Our Election Process Fair? Essay

The United States presidential election process is flawed because its main components have lost their fairness, importance and simplicity. The electoral college over represents the smaller states, with the winner of the popular vote able to lose the presidency in the electoral college. The cost of the election has become too high in recent years making it almost impossible for anyone other than the 2 major parties to have a chance at winning. The National Nominating Convention has also become...
3 Pages 1307 Words

Etiqa's Company Planning Process

Organizations exist to achieve some purpose or goal, someone has to define that purpose or goal and find ways to achieve it. A manager is that someone and does this by planning. Planning includes defining goals, establishing strategy, and developing plans to coordinate activities. Setting goals, establishing strategy, and developing plans ensures that the work to be done is kept in proper focus and helps organizational members keep their attention on what is most important. Planning is a very essential...
3 Pages 1395 Words

The Amendment Process of the Indian Constitution

We have our constitution which we also call as the highest authority of the land in India. It was proclaimed on 26 November 1949 and adopted on 26 January 1950. The Law should be a diverse document. It should be able to adapt itself to the dynamic desires of society. Generally below the influence of the most recent powerful socioeconomic forces, the pattern of the administration would require major adjustments. With this in mind, the draftsmen of the Indian Constitution...
2 Pages 727 Words
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