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My Writing Experience: Opinion Essay

I have been stuck with reading and writing for past 13 years. I have always been highly value reading and writing, but my feeling to them has always been complex. I hated writing once and I loved it later. I liked reading, but it bothered me sometimes. Along the side from primary school to middle school and from high school to university, I keep running into new difficulties. These problems made me headache but solving them was pretty worthwhile. This...
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Reflective Essay on My Writing Experience and Progression in Writing

When signing up for my classes this semester, CO-150 was the class I was least excited about. As an Electrical Engineering major, I couldn’t grasp the idea that this class was going to be beneficial for my major at all for a multitude of reasons. I found that the only motivation I had in the beginning of the semester was knowing this class was a requirement to graduate. However, as the class progressed and I started learning more and more,...
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Writing Experience of Students: Analysis of Creative Writing and Narrative Essays

Writing a full page of an essay is what most students dread to do in school. There are only a few people who would enjoy pouring out hundreds and thousands of words into a paper and spending a minute for it only to be criticized by their teacher or classmates. However, the education system, together with its students should learn why writing is an important part of learning, and why it should remain relevant in the time of technological progress...
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Poem Greg and Jeff: Reflection on My Personal Writing Experience

Greg and Jeff Destroying dreams during the daytime, relaxing through the night “You’ll need this in life” “you’ll use it in life” Jeff thinks that’s right Jeff Gives information for the future to come This information full of lies like a bread bun Greg Works hard through the daytime and worry’s through the night You’ll need this in life, that’s what they say but Greg knows that’s not right Greg is given information and a magical “important” sum Though what’s...
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How to Describe Yourself as a Writer

Statement of purpose ‘Kinney the cupboard’ is a story about England’s finest cupboard who was born on 16th April 1973. A famous carpenter named John Makaly`s last Masterpiece was a story cooked in the middle of 9th grade English class. This was highly inspired by ‘Beauty and the Beast’ the cupboard which was sort of Bella’s best friend. The writer in me then felt like the cupboard character was not given enough storyline and screen time, and also because I...
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Investigation Link Between Students’ Writing Interest and Descriptive Writing Achievement : A Study at State Islamic University in Palembang

1. Introduction 1.1 Background English is like a window to the world because by English we can learn about the world and we can get more information from the world. If we want to be a knowledgeable people, English is important to be learned. According to Genc & Bada (2010) English has an important role in the world as an international language. English is increasingly recognized as, undoubtedly, the most important language to learn by the international community (p. 145)....
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Who Am I As a Writer: Essay

Writing has always been a passion of mine since I was a young child. I believe that my love for writing originated from my appreciation of reading books and literature. Growing up I read many books such as Charlotte’s web, Little Women, Charlie & the Chocolate factory, the Secret Garden, Matilda, Archie comics, and much more. Reading a variety of books, inspired me to write stories of my own and hone my personal craft. From reading, I picked up a...
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Who Are You as a Writer Essay

As a writer in school, I have always expanded new knowledge with my writing which came with both difficult and easy challenges. It has taken time for me to learn from my mistakes but also practice for me to better myself as a writer. I have doubted my abilities as a writer multiple times in school however, knowing both my strengths and weaknesses helps me get inspired and exceed with my writing. Furthermore, now as I begin a new chapter...
1 Page 625 Words

Essay on My Writing Process

Writing is the medium of human connection that presents words and emotions with signs and symbols. In most languages, writing is the expression of speech or spoken words. Writing is not a word, but a tool used to make languages be understood. Within the word system, writing relies on some of the same structures as language. Moreover, Writing is a form of communication that allows students to put their feelings and ideas on paper, to organize their knowledge and beliefs...
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Informative Essay about Writing Process

When I think about the kind of writing I expect from my students, the term “good writing” first comes to my mind. It is fairly difficult to create ‘okay’ writing, but it takes time and effort to turn it into good writing. There is a variety of factors contributing to a great piece of writing. First of all, ‘good writing’ is well-structured with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Each paragraph has a topic sentence, followed by supporting details. Secondly,...
2 Pages 890 Words

How do We Use Writing in Everyday Life: Exemplification Essay

Writing is a skill that has value outside of education. There are many ways in which writing can benefit you and improve your health. With the support and research from the two articles written by Bill Bircharch and Kasee Bailey, we will discuss how writing can be more than valuable in a lot of ways in life. Writing has health benefits that help with certain problems, not only that but writing can also improve your communication skills and help with...
2 Pages 959 Words

Joan Didion ‘On Keeping a Notebook’ Summary Essay

Joan Didion’s essay “On Keeping a Notebook” explores the practice of journaling and its significance in the author’s life. In this essay, Didion reflects on the act of writing and the personal insights that can be gained through the process of keeping a notebook. Didion begins by explaining the motivation behind her journaling, highlighting the importance of capturing fleeting moments and preserving memories. She notes that her notebooks serve as a repository for observations, experiences, and thoughts that might otherwise...
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Reading to Write Stephen King

Good writers read. It’s that simple. Without the ability to comprehend what the author wrote then there’s no way to retain valuable, outside information. In his essay, “Reading to Write,” Stephen King gives his advice to students studying to be writers, promoting that constant reading can improve your ability as a said writer. His essay uses various strategies to emphasize the importance of reading, both good and bad prose, to writing, which develops creativity and style. Such strategies include logos...
2 Pages 954 Words

Reading and Writing Essay

Reading and writing are both significant factors in an individual’s life since it helps with day-to-day activities and most careers, and it also inhibits the mind into the form of imagination or creative thinking. Reading and writing help sort out much information about the many individuals living in this century. For one, reading and writing develop in our minds during the period of young childhood and as we mature into adults. It helps us understand the world around us as...
2 Pages 1085 Words
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