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My Qualities and Skills as a Leader

I am currently a gastroenterology and general medical registrar in the final 6 months of training. Working in these areas of medicine requires highly effective leadership skills, as the registrar is required to lead effective and cohesive teams, particularly in an on-call capacity. Through completion of the medical leadership module at Edge Hill University, I have gained a much greater understanding of my own leadership and personality traits. This in turn has highlighted just how they impact directly upon my...
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Essay about My Leadership Skills

My Introduction to Leadership When confronted with the aspect of leadership, I always wondered what specifically made a great leader. Many times I think it is charisma, self-confidence, and the ability to observe and direct. I have never considered the concept of leadership besides the ability to take charge. However, through this course, I have learned many different concepts about leadership, as well as the evolution of my own personal concept of leadership. The leadership philosophy that I have developed...
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Essay on Why Life Skills Should Be Taught in School

Here’s the thing. I can tell you how to answer a polyamorous equation. I can give you a completely memorized timeline of both World Wars. I can recite the 9 animal phyla and their characteristics. But you know what I can’t do. I can’t cook. I have no idea how to pay taxes. I know absolutely nothing about financial stability and If I’m honest I really don’t know anything about healthy living or important communication skills. These things seem a...
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Essay about Writing Skills

The Importance of Writing Skills: How to Be an Effective Leader and Communicator Introduction Writing consists of more than 70 percent of the world’s communication. The major contributor to this is the widespread use of new communication technologies such as mobile phones, messaging, social sites, and email. You now can see why the importance of writing skills in leaders is deemed necessary. Although information can be passed on through videos and podcasts such as Skype, a leader will at some...
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Listening Skills: The Merits Of Being Non-Judgmental Rather Than Judgmental

Listening Skills Describe and discuss the merits of being non-judgmental rather than judgmental. Explain why being judgmental can sabotage a coach-client relationship. Non-Judgmental Coaching “Sometimes, all you need is someone who will listen. It is fortune enough to have people around you who hear you and not judge you.” This quote by Tara Estacaan highlights the importance of Listening as a cornerstone of effective communications and successful interpersonal engagements. While hearing is a physiological process, Listening is a cognitive one...
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Management: Skills, Behavior, Conflict And Organizational Change

“On Wednesday, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg – Australia’s economy stood up relatively well in the face of a global, once-in-a century pandemic” (ABC NEWS: Matt Roberts). (Khadem, 2020) The first recession of Australia after three decades. Economy is faring better than other advanced countries and declining while fighting against coronavirus infections. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg conceded that Australia will face a recession, after GDP data is released, breaking its record of 28 years without one. First recession of Australia but not bad...
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Self Reflection On Employability Skills In Hospitality Industry

Introduction In today’s hospitality industry employability skills are key factors that an employer takes into consideration while recruiting an employee. I have also been continuously developing some of the employability skills (Conflict, Teamwork, Problem-Solving, and professionalism) by implementing those theoretical learnings into practice. Throughout this entire assessment, I would be reflecting on these four employability skills and will connect with the theories that I have learned from various subjects during campus study. some of the subjects are Delivering Guest Service,...
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Managerial Skills And Roles

INTRODUCTION Before discussing about the various roles and skills required by modern day managers, lets discuss about what managers and what are the various types of management roles and skills. Who are “managers”? Managers are people who are responsible of getting organizational work completed not only timely but also effectively and efficiently through its staff. They achieve the goals and objectives laid down by the firm by four basic management functions which are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. What is...
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Skills And Responsibilities Of Pharmacist

Pharmacist was an expert in medicine and their side effect. Basically they can mix medicine by themselves. Although their can mix medicine by themselves, they still need an advice or from the doctor. So they could gave the best medicine to patient. When yo’re became a pharmacist, the first thing that you need to learn was chemistry. So basically, chemistry was the basic of pharmacist. If a pharmacist didn’t know about chemistry, they wouldn’t know the differences of many type...
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Employability Skills: Importance And Roles

Why are employability skills important? In a fast and very competitive labour market employability skills are the most important key in constructing relationships. The importance is revealed by employers focus for peoples or staffs who can communicate successfully , who are flexible , driven by motivation, who can take the initiative throughout their work , can have the capacity to undertake tasks of different domains. Great scholastic accreditations were adequate for a remunerating vocation, however today, understudies need to evaluate...
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Shortage Of Labor And Skills Within The United States

When reaching out to the Medical field for any type of health issues the patient expects the unsurpassed quality of care possible, but how is that possible in today’s society if we have a labor and skill shortage within our healthcare systems? The shortage of labor and skills are a compliance issue that are frequently happening. These shortages range from anything in between certified nursing assistants to doctors. The labor and skill shortage within the hospital systems across the nation...
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Skills Development In Case Studies And How The Scheme Benefits Companies And Its Employees

Introduction I am going to be carrying out a research on one of the most important aspect that affects both the companies and its employees. The successful companies these days are mostly interested in what skills all the potential employees possess. They also put most of their focus on how they can better the skills of those whom they currently employ. This is really important to these companies because smooth operations mean better or improved profits. A company with a...
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HRM Skills Portfolio

Model of Excellence The Model of Excellence was announced by the AHRI as a visual depiction of the expectations from HR practitioners regarding what they should learn, what they are supposed to do, and what their colleagues and leaders expect to be in terms of behaviours and abilities. The model aims to provide Human Resource Managers a guide or structure to practice and helps identify opportunities through skills to achieve advancement and achievment of career goals (According to Australian HR...
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Self Reflection: Professional Skills And Ethics

It is only in quiet moments of self-reflection that a person can introspect where one stands in life. Self-reflection gave me a clear picture of what qualities I gained during Professional Skills and Ethics course and which skills I need to work on in order to be successful both in personal and corporate life. After reflecting on my personal skills and competencies, it became crystal clear that to grow in life personally and professionally, one needs to possess learning agility...
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Surfing: Cost, Learning Skills And Personality

WHAT IS SURFING? Surfing is the sport of riding waves in an upright or prone position. Surfers catch ocean, river, lake, or man-made waves, and glide across the surface of the water until the wave breaks and loses its energy. The ultimate goal of surfing is to ride and progress on the unbroken part of the wave using piece of equipment called a surfboard. WHERE CAN YOU SURF? Some places to surf include rivers, lakes and manmade surf machines, such...
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Skills, Roles And Evolution Of A Nurse

Role of a Nurse The nurse takes part in a major role in the medical field. A patient suffers desolate and irritated at the moment of disease or any treatment. At the moment, the nurse goes about as a friend to the patient. The nurse gives the most ideal consideration for them. Additionally, the patients get psychological help, which causes them to get well soon. Nurse ought to urge families to participate in exercise they appreciate and strengthen the medical...
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Life Skills & Personal Effectiveness: Etiquette And Manners

Etiquette or Decorum is an arrangement of rules and guidelines characterizing great structure or ‘great way’ in social open or authority conduct. It initially applied uniquely to lead in court conventions, yet the code has been reached out to give advisers for ordinary living. Both social and table etiquette is essential for conducting an acceptable level of manner when interacting with others. There are sure acknowledged practices in every single social circumstance that you have to learn. With scarcely any...
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Academic Skills And Studying With Confidence

Introduction Waltham International College is in London borough of barking and Dagenham in east London and was founded in 2010. In recent years there is growing demand in skills and education in barking and Dagenham area ( WIC offers Further Education and Higher Education Programme for students (https: Waltham international college has a good environment and excellent quality services for students. As a WIC student, I am going to present a portfolio of student support services on campus. Student...
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The Significance And Role Of Interpersonal Skills

A person with these abilities will communicate well with others. This is not only about being clear and talking in a way that people can understand the message you are putting across, it is also about listening and understanding others. It includes being able to pick up on tensions and situations whilst managing and controlling your own emotions. Being calm in negotiation situations or pre-empting/during conflict would demonstrate good interpersonal skills. A person with these skills tends to build and...
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Foundational Counselling Skills: Types And Features

Counselling is an opportunity that offers a chance for clients to talk individual and privately to a counsellor, bringing forth their issues with relationships, emotions that are unknown as well as personal problems. A councillor will then be allowed to have a look at your point of view and support you without being judgmental. Counselling techniques are there to assist people in gaining awareness, comprehension and discover solutions and ways of solving their problems. Counselling tools can prove to be...
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Goals And Skills For Business Management Career

Introduction My chosen area of graduate employment aspiration is to work as “Business manager” in the retail sector. In the role of business manager I will be in charge of designing the business strategies and managing everyday operations to ensure company’s efficiency, profit and success. Being a business manager requires strong interpersonal and leadership skills which are vital for this role and stupendous teamwork is essential for any business success. The job of a business manager requires both excellent written...
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Development Of Critical And Creative Thinking Skills

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. Whenever I hear people say creative and critical thinking, my mind automatically thinks about Elbert Einstein, the owner of this quote. He was a physicist who created the theory of relativity. Every time I think about him my mind will display an image of Elbert Einstein sticking out his tongue and another quote of his will appear in my head, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”...
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Short Story Role In Developing The Comprehension Skills In Libyan EFL Learning

SUMMARY In this research paper, the aim is to investigate the attitudes of the Libyan EFL learners towards literature in general, and short stories in particular for developing reading comprehension skills. Also, It discusses the advantages of the use of short-stories in ELT classrooms and the implications of this use of short-stories for the Libyan EFL teachers and learners. Advantages and implication The use of short stories in ELF classrooms for developing language skills has many advantages and implications. Pathan...
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Essay about the Accounting Career

Accounting is certainly one of the most important parts of the business world. It’s something that’s an obligation to have for a business running to its best potential. Accounting has history traces since ancient civilizations. Mesopotamia is actually where one of the earliest traces of accounting was founded. The early Egyptians and Babylonians created auditing systems, while the Romans collected detailed financial information. Some of the first accountants were employed around 300 BC in Iran, where tokens and book-keeping to...
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The Need for Digital Literacy in the Modern World

The American Library Association’s digital-literacy task force offers this definition of digital literacy: “Digital literacy is the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information requiring both cognitive and technical skills”. Hiller Spires, a professor of literacy and technology at North Carolina State University, views digital literacy as having “three buckets: 1) finding and consuming digital content; 2) creating digital content; and 3) communicating or sharing it”. I was first introduced to the world...
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Digital Literacy as a Necessary Skill in the Modern World

Today, our world became a place where everyone and everything is connected digitally. Technological achievements have an impact on every aspect of our life. Without digital literacy, which is the ability to use digital technology effectively, we can’t be successful. I completely agree that digital literacy should be required in all sectors for the following reasons. First of all, our daily life requires digital literacy. Starting with smart phones to smart home appliances, everything is made out of the latest...
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Minimum Wage Essay

The minimum wage is a fundamental labor policy that sets a legal floor for hourly wages, ensuring workers receive fair compensation for their efforts. This essay explores the impact of minimum wage on various aspects of the economy and society. By examining both the advantages and disadvantages of minimum wage laws, we can gain a comprehensive understanding of their effects on workers, businesses, and the overall economy. Ultimately, the goal is to assess how minimum wage policies promote fairness and...
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Analytical Essay on Effect of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the World

Overview. Us as humans are on the brink of a technological revolution that will greatly change the way we live. a Fourth Industrial Revolution is building on the Third which used electronics and information technology to automate production, the digital revolution that has been occurring since late last century. There is one main reason that definitively separates the third and the fourth revolution and that is that the speed of current breakthroughs has no historical precedent. When compared with previous...
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It Takes Balls To Play Soccer

There’s nothing more satisfying than a perfectly planned shot that swifts its way past the goalkeeper’s defence. All of us are pretty much aware of the fact that this game is the most beloved one for over a century now. And nowadays even the digitalized version that is delivered to us in the form of video games is one of the most favourite ones for individuals. Therefore we have collected the best online football games that come without any costs...
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Basketball Movement Analysis

Invasion games are simply defined by attempting to get an object into a goal or area that is defended by an individual or a team. These games are commonly played with a marked boundary or territory. Each team are required to pass the object between themselves to set up an opportunity to evade and gain territory of the opposing side to score a goal. Common invasion games are Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Hockey, Netball etc. In this slide I will be...
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