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Trip to Dentist Essay

Visiting Dentist: How I Have Chosen My Future Career After I graduate high school, I plan on pursuing a career as a pediatric dentist. I chose this because I enjoy children and would love to get the opportunity to help them; this career can help me do that. I want to be a pediatric dentist because I know how important dental hygiene is, and I want to be the one who helps these children and makes them enjoy going to...
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Awareness Of Orthodontic Treatment Among General Dentist And Other Non-Orthodontic Specialist

Oral wellbeing and esthetics have become a major concern among the population for more systemic health and advancement. A standout amongst the most widely prevailing dental problems being malposition of teeth, a questionnaire survey was conducted to evaluate the awareness of orthodontic treatment among general dentist and non-orthodontic specialist. The questions asked in the questionnaire were 14 in number related to diagnosis and treatment planning in orthodontics. It was sent to 103 general dentist and non-orthodontic specialist. The scores where...
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How does Dental Office Atmosphere Affect Behavior of the Children?

Introduction Child activity has long been seen as a significant challenge in pediatric dental treatment. The dental assessment is focused on the actions of children and the competence of the doctor to monitor some behavior. Activity control problems are one of the most important causes for transfer to specialist pediatric dentistry. Prediction of toddler behavior, at the first dental examination, must favor all use of suitable approaches and contribute to the establishment of a trusting environment between the patient as...
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Diagnostic Wax Ups and Mock-Ups in Comprehensive Esthetic Treatment

Initially before any treatment held on, it is crucial to fully understand the patient’s chief complain and his/her desire from seeking a dental treatment in order to fulfill them. The success of treatment mainly relies on the patient’s satisfaction; therefore it is only possible through engaging the patient in decision-making process by visualizing the planned result in a 3D- wax-up and mock-up. Wax-up is a diagnostic procedure done by a well-trained and skilled dental technician, were the potential treatment outcome...
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Affects of Pregnancy Conditions on the Management of a Dental Patient

The sacrifices begin at the instant when those two pink lines show up, and many times ever sooner. As a saying goes ‘pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life, but it can also be one of the most stressful and tough one, despite how much she may love it.’ Pregnancy causes many changes in the physiology of the female patient. These alterations are sometimes subtle but can lead to disastrous complications if proper precautions are not taken during...
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My Way to Become a Dentist: Reflection on My College Days

Being a Doctor’s daughter, I grew up in an environment that encouraged me to develop a special interest in the field of healthcare. I have always been inquisitive as a child, seeking explanation for every observation. Having graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Sciences from Dr NTR University of Health Sciences, I began to search for a program that would allow me to harness my potentialities concerning health care. As the role of informatics is rapidly growing in the...
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The Secret Lives Of Dentist': A Film Review

A quiet dentist begins to suspect his expressive wife, also a dentist, is having an affair. Meanwhile, the three kids are picking up cues, and the persona of a crabby patient becomes his alternative inner voice. The film is directed by Alan Rudolph (Breakfast of Champions, Choose Me) from a script by Craig Lucas (Reckless, Prelude to a Kiss), adapted from Jane Smiley’s novella, Age of Grief. One of the most immediate impressions from viewing the film, is that the...
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Reasons Why I'm Ready to Become a Dental Assistant

The medical field has always interested me ever since my mother became a nurse and took me to bring your kid to work day. Since then I always imagine myself as a nurse; helping people feel better. It wasn’t until I started college and taking my prerequisites that reality settled in. I discovered that I couldn’t handle the sight of blood and the inner workings of the human body without feeling nausea. After rethinking my career path I found my...
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Pregnant Women Care in Dental Office

The purpose of this essay is to provide basic knowledge for dental students and dental practitioners regarding management of pregnant patients in a dental clinic. A pregnant female require substantial care, medical monitoring and emotional assistance and it is strongly recommended that a thorough oral health assessment is to be carried out for pregnant females. It is also important for a dentist to know and take measures according to patient’s condition such as alteration in the medication and deference of...
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Things What Dentistry is About

Dentistry is about working diligently and amicably, whilst keeping the patient’s best interest at heart. It was after receiving orthodontic treatment and being able to personally experience the power that excellent dental work can have, both aesthetically and emotionally, that fuelled my desire to become a dentist. In addition to this, becoming a dentist would allow me to explore human oral biology further and combine my intricate manual dexterity whilst also actively improve our society’s welfare. Reading an article from...
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