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Why I Want to Be a Dental Hygienist and Therapist: Argumentative Essay

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The way the smile is constructed with the basis of the teeth fascinates me, and how a dentist plays an important role in making the teeth appear most natural and harmonious in your smile. Therefore, the teeth are a core part of a person's image, and damage to the teeth can cause major detriment to a person's appearance and self-confidence. My initial interest to become a dental hygienist and therapist grew stronger from my research, understanding of the profession and close-up experience, and fulfillment of making a constructive impact on the oral health of modern society. Having observed many dental hygienists and therapists, I noticed how rewarding and impactful the career is, which is something I am determined to do.

Due to my keen interest, I specifically choose to study Biology, Chemistry, and Sociology at A-Level because it was a broad subject combination as it would provide a good basis for the dental discipline and also help develop good communication skills for understanding and dealing with patients. Sociology has helped in developing analytical skills as well as cross-cultural understanding, whilst biology and chemistry have helped in my teamwork, analytical and time-management skills. All these skills are vital for my field because you must work in constructed teams and in proximity to each other, as well as with a wide range of people.

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To explore this fascinating career, I conducted a work placement at a dental practice where I had the chance to observe a range of diverse treatments, oscillating from composite and amalgam fillings to deep cleans. Whilst shadowing the dental hygiene and therapist, I learned a lot about the profession's overall ranking from the skills needed to the different types of treatments that they can conduct while gaining invaluable experience. I learned the value of hands, as it is with hands that an individual can excruciate the pain that teeth in disrepair can cause and restore the patient's beautiful smile. I also gained knowledge of the skills needed for this profession, such as the soft and hard skills needed. I discovered the importance of developing a rapport with the patient as well as developing a fluent and cordial approach with every patient because, unlike GP practices, a dentist can build sincere and reliable relationships with patients through their routine visits. Besides the soft skills, the hard skills needed are equally as important such as using the tools, this shows the importance of having intricate manual dexterity which I have developed through doing titrations in chemistry as well as from baking. Through this placement, I saw various clinical procedures and I was particularly fascinated by periodontal disease and how it is caused and the treatment to do with it.

Immersing myself in a range of extracurricular activities has enhanced my knowledge as well as allowed me to gain invaluable diverse life experiences. Volunteering at Locala gave me an insight into working in a health care profession, whilst learning the importance of patience and empathy as well as developing effective communication skills; these skills are vital for dental hygiene and therapy as they will allow me to be a better communicator, which will result in more efficient and accurate diagnosis and less likelihood of complaints. As well as being empathetic, which will allow me to know how the patient is feeling and conduct a more caring and appropriate kind of treatment for them. Additionally, the charity work I undertook gave me an awareness of how an individual effort can make such a difference in an individual’s life, something I hope to do as a dental hygiene and therapist. Working at a charity shop allowed me to interact with a wide range of people, improving my interpersonal skills, which are necessary as a dental hygienist and therapist. Other than that, I have also developed my teamwork skills, which I know how important it is in clinical settings. Other skills I have developed are accuracy and precision through baking, which I love to do in my spare time because it allows me to maintain a work-life balance.

Ultimately, through being considerate and diligent, I believe that I am determined to supplant the conventional perception of a dental hygienist and therapist. I intend to deliver innovative healthcare for the benefit of social welfare, which will allow me to become an active and social member of the community. It is the challenge, gratification, and consummation of being a dental hygienist and therapist that inspires me. I would love the opportunity to embark on this fulfilling and life-changing profession.

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