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Food. The most fundamental source of energy. It is the source of our strength in daily living and the centerpiece in which we establish a sense of joy, communication, and celebration. It’s the way we socialize, we socialize around food. But then, what about those who might have a negative ...

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Eating Disorders as a Social Problem: Analytical Essay

Eating disorders in the United States have long been viewed as individualized, mental health problems. Most likely something that has formed from a traumatic event in one’s life. That may be the case for some people with eating disorders, but I am going to look at it from a more societal l and macro point of view. 10 million women and 1 million men suffer from anorexia or bulimia (Eating Disorder Foundation), which has doubled over the past 10 years....
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Eating Disorders in Rhythmic Gymnastics

Women athletes are likely to be monitored for eating disorders these days. Representatives of aesthetic sports are more likely to establish an eating disorder than different type of female athletes (Sungot-Borgen & Torstveit, 2004). ‘The prevalence of excessive training loads and the over emphasis on thinness is increasing in all aesthetically shaped sports’ (Boros, 2009, p.1). Ballerinas, dancers, figure skaters, synchronized swimmers, just like rhythmic gymnasts are often subject of developing eating disorders by practicing unhealthy methods for weight loss...
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Global Issues: Social Media’s Influence on the Rise in Eating Disorders

Currently, the effects of social media on one’s mental health is heavily debated, especially its correlations to the rise in eating disorder cases worldwide. As of 2019, the prevalence of eating disorders has risen from 3.5 percent of the world population to 7.8 percent (“Body Image and Eating Disorders”). The most common age for eating disorder onset is 18-21 (Rehman), however, there has been a 42% rise in women over 35 seeking treatment (Howard), and a 119% rise in children...
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Influence of Instagram on Eating Disorders: Analytical Essay

Abstract: This extended project aims to explore whether or not Instagram plays a role in the rising cases of eating disorders amongst teenage girls in the UK. It has been shown that the main cause of eating disorders stems from the development of low self-esteem and low self-worth (Spettigue, 2021). Previous research analysed government data to provide evidence of this growing issue. It was found that there was a 46% increase in referrals of under-18s with eating disorders, since 2019...
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Essay on Eating Disorders

Food. The most fundamental source of energy. It is the source of our strength in daily living and the centerpiece in which we establish a sense of joy, communication, and celebration. It’s the way we socialize, we socialize around food. But then, what about those who might have a negative reaction to food? My name is Eleena and today I want to give you an insight into eating disorders and the stigmas surrounding them. First, let’s take a deeper look...
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Eating Disorders In The Fashion Industry

In the fashion industry, models are constantly being put in the spotlight. So being thin is part of their job this can lead to serious health issues. Not just in models, but also in the women and men that see the models all over the media. Fashion is all over the world, but there’s one place that almost all of the famous designers come from. Europe is known for starting fashion trends that others quickly follow. Models in France do...
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Influence of Mass Media and Body Dissatisfaction on the Risk of Developing Eating Disorders in Adolescents

Original Research Abstract: Media influence may lead adolescents to internalize patterns of physical beauty, resulting in dissatisfaction with their own bodies when they are unable to match up to these patterns. In the constant search for an ‘ideal body’, adolescents may begin to develop risk behaviors for the development of eating disorders (ED). The object of this study was to analyze the influence of the mass media on body dissatisfaction (BD) and on ED in adolescents, comparing sexes. We also...
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Do we Truly Know about Eating Disorders?

Living in a culture where body image is an important component to a person’s character, the “perfect” body isn’t so perfect after all. Do we the people currently living in this society know how to help those who are affected? The consistent and excessive effort that many people put into weight loss eventually and most commonly lead to an eating disorder. This disorder is more commonly found to affect women, although men are also affected. As it has been proven...
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How And Why People Develop Eating Disorders

This paper will discuss and explain the topic of eating disorders. This paper will explain how and why people develop things such as anorexia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and bulimia nervosa. It will explain what researchers think is the reason why people struggle with such issues and how they can get help through many ways of treatment and how they can recover from this potentially deadly disorder. This severe type of mental disorder can destroy a peoples body and how...
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Social Demands And Its Connection To The Development Of Eating Disorders

On a daily basis, society is exposed to and influenced by information from different methods that affect the way we perceive our self-image. Negative body image is a sign of a pressing concern known as an eating disorder. This particular mental health disease known as an eating disorder is regarding food and it is a way to cope with challenging problems or wanting to recover the feeling of self-power, thereby maintaining control. An eating disorder is a complex disease that...
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Unhealthy Weight Loss Or Gain From Eating Disorders

A popular disorder that affects millions of people is an eating disorder. It’s estimated that at least 30 million people of all ages and gender suffer from this disorder in the U.S. Eating disorders are portrayed as mainly affecting females which may be more than men, but men are just as affected by this disorder, it’s just not talked about. I personally believe that eating disorders should be more talked about, I know when I was in high school no...
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General Overview Of Eating Disorders: Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, And Binge Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are serious illnesses, which affect all kinds of people, characterized by a disturbance with one’s body image, food and weight. Examples include Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Disorder. These disorders arise from a rejection to changes around the person, which becomes a rejection to food. These illnesses have a devastating impact and toll physically and mentally to the one affected. Eating disorders are complex and serious psychological illnesses known for disturbances with eating behaviors. There are...
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Critical Essay on Eating Disorders and Social Media

Modern technology has had a great impact on many aspects of young people’s lives. Pater et al. (2021) conducted a study into technology use among patients in relation to eating disorders. They researched the impact of social media and other technologies on mental health, including eating disorders. They reviewed the results of an interview-based study with 10 clinicians who treat people with eating disorders in order to understand the contexts and relations between eating disorders and use of technology. They...
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Eating Disorders in College Students: Problem-Solution Essay

What is an eating disorder? Is it a mental illness or is it a disease? According to the article ‘What are Eating Disorders?’ written by Ranna Parekh, she says that eating disorders are illnesses in which people experience severe disturbances, neither eating behaviors and related thoughts and emotions. Every year thousands of students are recruited to be student athletes at colleges, and every year approximately 8 million individuals suffer from eating disorders. According to ‘Psychology Applied to Modern Life’, eating...
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Eating Disorders and Bullying: Critical Essay

As said by Adolescent Growth “5.4 percent of children between the ages 13 and 18 will suffer from anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder at some point in their lifetime”. Eating disorders, most common in teens, are life-threatening illnesses. For instance, anorexia’s most common complication is the issue of infertility. When a woman’s body fat drops, she won’t produce enough of the hormone estrogen, which is necessary for ovulation. The people battling anorexia and other eating disorders think they are...
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Eating Disorders and Challenges of Recovery: Analytical Essay

Eating disorders are a complex and insidious mental health illness which has the highest mortality rate compared to any other mental health condition. The condition consists of anorexia nervosa restrictive food intake, bulimia, and binge eating disorder. Approximately 1.25 million people suffer from eating disorder. Many suffer in silence as they’re afraid to seek the help and support that are available based on the label society target them as ‘sneaky, manipulative and evil’. Having no professional help or support in...
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Perceptions of the Causes of Eating Disorders: General Overview

Summary In this research, assumptions about the causes of eating disorders were examined among those with eating disorders and those without it. Through understanding the differences in presumed causes between the two groups, it is possible to develop better education programs for those suffering from eating disorders. Research purposes Gaining such information will help scholars recognize the educational needs of the public, and better resolve missing knowledge gaps. More accurate information may eliminate misinformation regarding eating disorders, which may motivate...
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Misrepresentation of Women and eating Disorders: Analytical Essay

How the Misrepresentation of Women in the Media Began While issues regarding body image have always been present in society, with the introduction of flappers in the 1920s, body standards in the United States underwent a dramatic change. The voluptuous body type of the Gibson Girl was replaced by the slender, boyish figure of the Flappers. The changing societal ideals allowed the “New Woman of the Progressive era [to obtain] more participation in the public ‘sphere,’” however, “[women] did not...
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Eating Disorders Psychology: Analytical Essay

Feeding and eating disorders have evolved into western societies over the past 30 years. This could be connected to the overabundance of food; however, it is most likely to be affected by social norms, that link the desirableness to be thin. Feeding and eating disorders are mental health disorders, explained by atypical eating habbits that negatively affect an individual’s physical and mental health. Eating disorders are classified as a mental illness provoking significant ramifications on the lives of the individual...
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Critical Analysis of Eating Disorders in Women

Eating Disorders The researcher had the opportunity on collecting and gathering critical information on eating disorders. What is an eating disorder you my ask? As defined in the oxford school dictionary it is defined as “any range of psychological disorders characterized by abnormal or disturbed eating habits (such as anorexia nervosa). This article summary is going to be a detailed outline of the information of eating disorders in women. There are a large number of persons who suffer from eating...
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Analytical Essay on Eating Disorders: Causes and Effects

In modern times, it is commonly believed that eating disorders are a trend or a lifestyle choice. However, as defined by Ranna Parekh (2017), “eating disorders are actually illnesses in which the people experience severe disturbances in their eating behaviors and related thoughts and emotions”. In fact, these eating disturbances are related to the insufficient or excessive food intake that eventually has a negative effect on human well-being (Jacquelyn Ekern, 2018). According to her claim, three most common types of...
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Eating Disorders in China

According to statistical summaries provided by Our World in Data, mental health illnesses have experienced a worldwide surge in the recent few decades—not only did the total number of suffering people increases by about 45% globally, the areas of infliction have also crawled out from developed countries to those less developed (Ritchie). It is never an overstatement that mental health issues are indeed the modern epidemic that no single person is inherently immune with. While illnesses like major depression disorder,...
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Eating Disorders: Signs, Types and Diagnosis

An eating disorder is a serious and potentially life-threatening mental illness that causes a person to have an abnormal relationship with food as well as an obsession with their body weight or shape. It is not considered to be a life choice nor a cry for attention. Eating disorders can occur in both men and woman, young and old, rich and poor, and from all cultural backgrounds. This can affect a person’s day to day life activities (Eating Disorders Victoria,...
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The Features of Eating Disorders

There are a lot of illnesses, diseases, and addictions in America today. The one we hear the most about is cancer. Cancer has so many variations and forms. Some are curable and some are fatal. The one disease and addiction we don’t hear and know about is eating disorders. “Eating disorders are a very serious problem”, according to Kathleen Merikangas, Ph.D., senior investigator at the National Institute of Mental Health (Doheny, 2011). An eating disorder is a condition that causes...
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Bulimia: Parent and Teacher Perceptions in Childhood Eating Disorders

Disagreement between what constitutes abnormal and normal behaviour in childhood disorders is a recurrent issue in the field of child psychopathology. For parents, identifying problematic behaviours within their child is not an easy or obvious task. Many parents lack knowledge of childhood disorders and may not be able to recognize the signs and symptoms that accompany a disorder, especially when it comes to childhood and adolescent eating disorders. The distinction between abnormal and normal eating behaviours in children and adolescence...
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The Role Of Social Identity In Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are known to be more prevalent in women, it is fairly reasonable to question why does the uncivilized society exhibit such gender? Western culture of the contemporary time not only prefers ‘thinness’ in women but also a curvy figure. Is it possible that they are aspects other than social and emotional that influence people to cut down or increase diet and chase the ideal body? People who routinely work out are admired disregarding their miserable mental state since...
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Representation of Eating Disorder and Feminism in Nervous Conditions: Analytical Essay

Critical analysis surrounding Tsitsi Dangarembga’s Nervous Conditions, has frequently focused on the portrayal of Nyasha’s eating disorder in relation to Westernised notions of feminism. For instance, Supriya Nair explains: “It is interesting that in a larger context of severe malnutrition, Nyasha suffers from anorexia nervosa and bulimia, disorders generally associated with white, middle-class women.” Readings such as Nair’s recognise that Nyasha’s ‘nervous condition’ originates out of a ‘context of severe malnutrition’, however, they stop there decontextualising her symptoms by diagnosing...
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Comparative Analysis of DSM and ICD Classifications of Mental Disorders

Mood disorder is an umbrella term used by both DSM and ICD classification. A mood disorder is any type of psychiatric illness that affects your mood. These disorders could be depressive disorders, manic or major, bipolar disorders, seasonal affective disorder, along with new modern terms such as Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder. All these disorders can be categorised by the symptomatic mood changes someone who suffers with them may experience. Most of these disorders will make the patient feel low in...
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Informative Essay on Binge Eating Disorder

Some life experiences are harsh, and it’s not only the victims that suffer, but also the people close to them. My interest in binge eating disorder research developed from the effect it had to a lady close relative and her family. It affected all of us in general because unfortunately there was no one in the whole family or even neighbors had the knowledge of how to handle her ‘abnormal appetite’ case. Whenever she had had a rough time, she...
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Eating Disorder: Personal Narrative Essay

We are often told that ‘looks don’t matter’ and that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, but sadly, the eyes see what society deems perfect. We hear these sayings over and over, and yet ironically, these very ideas seem to be contradicted by our own society. If we are beautiful no matter our appearance, why does social media promote a certain body type as flawless? If we are beautiful, how come 1-10 young Australians aged 12 to 17...
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