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Stress basically is not a bad thing when we talk about stress its actually a durability mechanism when danger appears it gets you out of trouble when the brain detects a danger our body crashes up the gears and throws all its resources to get our body moving and make our heart pump furiously increase blood pressure and increase glucose send to the muscle as a fuel and body became totally focused on this condition and escape from the situation and this is called “fight or flight”. When we go right down and analyze about to gene level stress begin in the region of the brain called the hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis(HPA) in the brain the place where a series of interaction between the endocrine gland in the brain and the kidney control the stress. During a stressful situation, the brain activates HPA and secret cortisol which trigger the body for instant action but a high level of cortisol over a long period of time weakens the brain and also lead to mental problem and depression, especially in this 21st-century stress became a big problem among all kind of age group people ranges from youngsters to elders people are getting stress for even small things example like exam stress for students, money problem, job, etc. Stress can also be caused by various sources like environmental factors, social stressors, and psychological factors.

Types of stress disorders

In our day to we live are going through a lot of various kind of stressful situations actually our body is designed to experience stress and react to it, but when the body over stressed couldn’t able to handle it this lead to various health problem. Actually, there are 3 different types of stress conditions they are — acute stress, episodic acute stress, and chronic stress each of these stress conditions has a different type of symptoms and treatment.

Acute stress

Acute stress is a psychological stage that arises during in response to a terrifying or traumatic event that happened in life this kind of event lead to the development of this anxiety disorder. This acute stress frequently triggers by reactive thinking. During this acute stress stage, there will be an increase in heart rate and eventually an increase in blood pressure which triggers migraine or chest pain.

Symptoms of acute stress

People with ASD have symptoms like,

  • They will have a feeling numb.
  • They will be detached or don’t talk with others become unsocial zed or may become emotionally unresponsive.
  • They will not be aware of their surroundings.
  • They will suffer from dissociative amnesia.

The other symptoms include anxiety, sadness, headache, sleeping disability, back pain, and gut problem. But usually, these acute stress symptoms will last for some period of time and these symptoms will subside once the stress eases.


The doctor’s sudden type of procedure or therapy to treat the ASD patient includes,

  • Psychiatric evaluation in when the doctor investigates according to the need of the doctor to treat the patient.
  • Hospitalization if the person tries to kill themselves or try hurt others.
  • Treatment can also do by type of medicine like tablets or other forms of medication to reduce or control the symptoms.

Episodic acute stress

This is a type of stress associated with acute stress because people with acute stress experience this condition frequently or people who suffer from a short temper, an individual whose life is filled with crises, and individuals who live in tension state will suffer from episodic acute stress. This individual often feels pressurized and these people take too much responsibility and make themselves stressed. These people cannot take proper decisions and usually, they will not stay organized. If this condition is left untreated over a long period it will cause serious issues in individual life like they cannot focus on their work, eventually, lose interest in sexual pleasure they will give up meaning full goals in life will face relationship problems and this condition also leads to various medical complication like heart diseases and also mental problem like depression. When we talk about this episodic acute stress we want to consider two types of personality characterized by this condition they are 1) Type “A” personality and 2) The “Worrier”,

Type A personality

  • The Type A personality individual will be having a competitive behavior.
  • This individual will get aggressive so easily.
  • They will lack patience so because of this they will tense so easily.
  • They will do something suddenly or unexpectedly and also they will lack time management.
  • These individuals always have insecure feeling about their performance because of these traits they develop often this episodic acute stress and have possibility of affecting heart problems like coronary heart disease.

The worries

  • This individual will always have negative thoughts in their mind in all kinds of situations according to them world is not a secure place they always have insecure feelings or worry.
  • They will always have thinking like danger will come at any time because of all this negative thoughts they will develop anxiety and dispersion.
  • So this worrier individual will develop more often anxiety disorder.

Chronic stress

Chronic stress is a more serious type of stage condition compared to acute stress. This chronic stress will have a long time effect on the body and our brain more prominently face a lot of problem like chronic stress leading to a decrease in the size of the brain. Chronic stress usually develops by day to life events like stressful work environments especially overworking or when we involve in arguments in the house or anywhere. It leaves us drained or burns out. Chronic stress may also cause people who have terrific or traumatic childhood lead to big impact in later parts of life, people who suffer from poverty or illness also have changes to develop this chronic stress. This chronic stress will make a person feel hopeless and also make them give up in finding a solution for their problem this stress makes a person physically and mentally weak.

Symptoms of chronic stress

  • They will most probably suffer from psychosis.
  • They will try to hurt themselves like a suicide attempt.
  • The sleeping problem they can’t sleep properly.
  • These people involved in violent action and also become feeling less at a certain
  • They will lose sexual desire.
  • These people have a high risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • There are some symptoms of acute and chronic stress like irritability, headache, fatigue, etc.


Chronic stress will become a big problem if left untreated it cause various health problems both mentally and physically but there are some treatment methods that doctors follow to reduce or control this stress they are

  • The patient will receive psychological therapy from a doctor like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).
  • The doctor will also suggest medication like antidepressant drugs.
  • The patient will have a council section with a doctor to change their behavior; thoughts and help in making them feel better.
  • Hospitalization of patients if the patient’s situation is worst.

Stress management

Stress is a big problem in our recent day life we are living in stressful situations all time but there are sudden ways o put down stress to bring it under control they are

  • The first and far most way to bring stress under control or manage is to bring a change in lifestyle like involve in exercising and eating healthy food.
  • Stress can be controlled by sharing our problems which create stress in our minds with our friends or parents or family members they can provide emotional support and help in solving the problem
  • Identifying the source of stress can help in stopping triggering the stress but all the time it is not possible, this can help in stress management by reducing exposure to things or places or people which trigger the stress.
  • Doing breathing medication which involves of certain techniques will help control stress and keep us calm and also aware of our surroundings.
  • Improper sleeping can also trigger stress our brain requires sleep to work effectively on our day-to-life tasks when the brain lacks proper sleep it creates stress so improving sleeping will help in control stress.
  • Listening to music will help greatly in reducing stress and help us to focus on our work.


As we discussed in this essay before we cannot live without stress because stress is a survival or durability mechanism likewise without stress growth of our body can diminish so it plays important role in the growth of the body. In this 21st century, we are taking too much stress which leads to health complications but still, we can control stress by following stress management procedures following therapist advice, or by medication so we always have ways to control stress. Hereafter when we get stressed try to breathe in and out or take a rest, so stop stressing and start living your life healthily and happily.


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How much power can a teenage girl have? Enough to make her friends turn on someone? Enough for her parents to turn on someone? Or can a teenage girl have enough power to impact a whole town? This very idea was explored in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. In Miller’s play, the character Abigail Williams, convinces people to confess to witchcraft. Most of the main characters confessed because they were doubtful that no one would believe them and lost hope or...
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Stress as the Biggest Part of Being a Lawyer

What is stress? Everyone has a different way they define stress. The dictionary definition of stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. A person is very unlikely to find a job where you won’t have stress. Everyone experiences stress in different ways. Whether it is just from being overwhelmed with having too much work to do or having a lot of personal things going on. A lot of people’s stress...
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Mental Health Essay

Does Mental Health Really Matter? It’s 2022. As modern an era as it can get. Never before has life been so chaotic, challenging, and quick-moving. On one hand, modern life stands on the pinnacle of comfort and happiness; on the other, it is fraught with the many tensions and anxieties that come with advancement. For some, it might be the generic tensions encompassing life such as rent, utility bills, work, etc., and for others, the traffic and stress of living...
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Methods That Can Help To Cope With Stress

Stress. Stress. Stress. Stressing about this and stress about that. We stress about every single thing and go crazy because of it. Everyone has experienced stress at least once in their lives; that is what we all have in common. What do we define stress as? The psychological definition of stress is that it is a feeling of strain and pressure. Managing stress is what everyone needs to learn to do. Some may think that from all the stress people...
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How Spirituality Guides You Towards A Stress-free And Prolonged Life

The path of spirituality begins with prompting internal harmony paying no attention to turmoil going around. Spiritual is as important as mental and physical, and with this blog know how spirituality guides towards a stress free better living. “Spirituality is not the renunciation of life; it is the art of living fully.”- Acharya PrashantN Life is beautiful, isn’t it, and complicated too in its own vary ways. What make life beautiful, what makes it complicated- but how about it stays...
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How To Recognize The Causes Of Stress

Stress affects millions of people around the world on a daily basis. Stress can either be caused by a good or bad experience, this can either negatively or positively affect the individual. Stress can be caused due to many different forms including post-traumatic stress, anxiety disorder, depression, physical, social and emotional stresses. This can occur because of situations such as sport, school, or work. This type of stress occurs due to pressures from coaches, parents, partners, family, or friends to...
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