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Anxiety Essay Examples

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How To Overcome Anxiety During Lockdown

Most of the people around the world are suffering from an anxiety disorder. However, the problem took a new form during the lockdown due to the pandemic. People who have a history of anxiety and depression are the people who suffer a lot due to...
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The Reason Of Anxiety For Sportsmen

It was hypothesised, based on previous research, anxiety levels would be higher in elite athletes (Gould et al., 1983; Highlen and Bennett 1979). However, results of this study suggested otherwise. Elite and competitive athletes had reduced anxiety compared to non-elite and recreational athletes. This was...
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Mindfulness As The Plan To Manage Anxiety

Introduction In recent decades the Mindfulness has had a significant boom in society. It is related to the word ‘sati’ in Pali of the vernacular language that dates from the time of the teachings of the Buddha, towards the years 2500 B.C. It has been...
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Anxiety Effects On Teenagers

1 in 14 teenagers aged 13– 17 experience an anxiety disorder of some sort. That’s 278 000 young people! This means the rate of anxiety levels within teenagers has risen by 53% since 2004. Have you ever stressed over a test or worried about going...
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Anxiety: Signs, Types And Solutions

What is anxiety? Anxiety is like stress. It is a fear of something that is coming in the near future. Anxiety is a totally normal thing to have, it is a natural thing that your body does, but when your anxiety last for long amounts...
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Can Yoga Calm Anxiety?

INDRODUCTION Yoga refer to a scientific scheme of physiological or intellectual practices that arised in India approximately 3000 years ago. The aims of yoga are , development of the following via strong and flexible body free of pain, a balanced autonomic neural system with all...
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Anxiety And Its Effect On Self-esteem

Introduction Humans are cognizant of others’ actions and opinions and are therefore susceptible to others’ evaluations. The urge to appear publicly acceptable and conform to societal norms has likely caused lower self-esteem in this generation. Leary (1999) states that sociometer theory suggests that self-esteem is...
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How Does Shyness Stem Into Social Anxiety?

Shyness refers the quality or state of being shy. It’s synonyms are bashful, reserved, introversion, being timid, fearfulness, nervousness, hesitation and doubt. Having social anxiety however, refers to the intense fear of being judged or rejected within a social setting. Synonyms of anxiety are worry,...
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