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Pregnancy and labor are often looked at as a beautiful experience. Many new or experienced mothers are lucky enough to enjoy the bonding experience that they would have with their newborn child. Unfortunately, there is also a percentage of mothers who experience the complete opposite. Other than easing through the ...

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Around the world, many mothers have very smooth postpartum experiences, but on the other hand, some tend to have unfavourable physical or mental health complications. When it comes to mental health and postpartum, a common disorder that affects mothers and their infants is postpartum depression. According to Bicking and Moore (2012), about 15 percent of women experience symptoms of postpartum depression while they are pregnant or within the first year after giving birth. It is very important for nurses to...
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Introduction Paying attention to the postpartum period is important for women to fully recover after childbirth. Women who do not receive proper postpartum care have a high risk of developing postpartum depression (PPD). As well as having negative effects for the mother, untreated PPD can contribute to delays in the development of newborn infants. The effects of PPD are not merely physical. Social positions and experience of culture also have an effect on the way PPD is experienced. O’Mahony, Donnelly,...
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Postpartum depression occurs after a mother gives birth and her body changes mentally and physically (Prevatt & Desmarais, 2018). After a mother has given birth to her offspring, she begins to experience postpartum anxiety (Baylor, 2019). This often includes being easily irritated, poor diet, and some explosive emotions (Baylor, 2019). This is a condition influencing 10% to 20% of new moms in which impatience and fatigue proceeds for a considerable length of time and is frequently joined by sentiments of...
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Pregnancy is a massive switch in a woman's life, and a mix of new emotions, both mentally and physically. Nothing creates more happiness to a women than holding her new born but it also comes with lots of responsibilities. Nurturing a baby is not a easy task, you need to be alert subconsciously as it is rightly said “a mother is never off duty”. Childbirth accompany a lot of changes in woman’s life such as new responsibilities, sleep deprivation, fatigue...
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This is a complicated mixture of things that occur in a woman body which are physical, emotion and behavioral, and usually takes place between four to six weeks after giving birth. The encouraging news is that it is treatable. Before delivery it may be very possible to identify the women at high risk of getting postpartum depression. this group will be given more concentration by a health professional during the period when they are almost giving birth. One of the...
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The end of gestation or pregnancy phase is marked by the birth of the baby, either through vagina or through a Cesarean section. Childbirth is also known as delivery or labor. The most common type of childbirth is the vaginal birth, a natural mode of childbirth. Cesarean Birth, commonly known as C-section is a surgical method of childbirth in which incisions are made on the abdomen and uterus of the mother. C-sections are performed usually when complications arise during vaginal...
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Depression is a mental illness effecting behavior as well as thinking and function. It can happen at any time during life and to any one regardless of age, upbringing, sex, race, or spirituality. Postpartum depression is depression that occurs after a baby is born and differs from the baby blues most women experience after birth. Baby blues occur in most women following the birth of her baby, the difference between postpartum depression and baby blues is the severity and length...
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The Historical Context of Postpartum Depression Treatment Throughout the late 1800s, isolation was seen as a normal treatment to “cure” women suffering from postpartum depression. This treatment was known as the “rest cure,” which consisted of isolating the patient completely to avoid any mental activity and provide rest. At the time, a well-known feminist writer, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, was prescribed this isolation treatment after the birth of her daughter that left her with a crippling depression (“Charlotte Perkins Gilman”379). “The...
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Postpartum depression or postnatal depression is a widespread problem occuring in the mother, but also affecting father and child. INTRODUCTION Postpartum depression is one of the most common problems occur in the women after giving birth to their offspring. A study has shown that in developed countries 10-20% of mothers were affected by PPD. It can be last for about a year (Beck, 2006). Postpartum depression not only affect mother, but it also imparts detrimental impacts on corporal and cognitive...
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What You Should Know? Pregnancy and motherhood are the happiest periods in a woman’s life. The baby birth can cause a jumble of powerful emotions, right from excitement and joy to anxiety and fear. However, it can also cause in something you might not imagine- depression. Having a baby is very stressful, no matter how much you love your baby. Considering the sleep deprivation, lack of time of taking care of yourself, newer responsibilities, there is no surprise that many...
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This essay will explore the influence postnatal depression may have on an infant’s cognitive and motor development, and whether the infant’s behaviours may be affected according to the way the mother interacts with the child. It is common for some mothers to experience postnatal depression (PND) both during their pregnancy and after childbirth. Postnatal depression can sometimes be confused for the “baby blues” which are mood symptoms, 30-80% may experience such issues after child birth and it can develop between...
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