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In Bergenfield, New Jersey, on the morning or March 11, 1987, the bodies of four teenagers, who died from carbon monoxide inside a 1977 rust-colored Chevrolet Camaro. The teenagers were described in the papers as “burnouts” who barely got by in school and at home and who did not impress...

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Self-harm plays a big role in cyberbullying, it is a way for the victim to cope with their pain. Not only can the victim have self-harm or suicidal thoughts the effects of cyberbullying impact the number of teens inflicting harm on themselves. Over the years that we have been struggling with, they have made so many movies on cyberbullying, to show us how bad cyberbullying is. The 2011 movie Cyberbully, it portrays 3 young female teenagers navigating their way through...
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Suicide is a subject that is not talk about often. Suicide does not only affect adults, but it affects teenagers and students as well. Suicide can happen to anyone. The age group which is presently becoming victim of such activity are mainly students and teenagers. A student or teenager will think of suicide or would commit suicide due to something that has occurred in his or her life or because the teen or student id going through a series of...
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Suicide continues to be a serious public health issue across the world. Reporting and portrayal of suicidal behavior in the media may have a potential to negatively influence and encourage suicidal acts to predisposed teens when exposed to such stimuli. Evidence continues to accumulate on the significant impact of media coverage on suicide ideation. Ayers et al. (2017) conducted a quasi-experimental study to find out if there is an increase in suicide search after the release of ​13 Reasons Why​....
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Teen suicide is a major epidemic of teenagers today. It is the third leading cause of death in all teens ages, 15-19, and the second leading cause of death in ages 19-24. Everyone feels overwhelmed by difficult situations sometimes. Many people put their problems in perspective and find a way to go with their life, but many are too depressed so they take their life. Despite age, gender, or race, teens go through so much and trying to maintain a...
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